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A • D e c e n t • I n t o • M a d n e s s

A short twenty miles from the Romanian-Hungarian border lay a quaint little town nestled comfortably in the Pannonian Basin. The town was home to a Russian immigrant, who became infatuated with a local girl when he stopped in the town for a few months looking for work. Overcoming the scrutiny of the locals for being an outsider, the two were eventually given the blessing to marry and took up residence not far from the town’s church. Their first child came shortly after, a boy they named Grigori. Grigori was scrawny from the very start, easily bruised and easy to pick on by the local children. His face pushed into the mud more often than he’d ever admit to. It took an entire ten years before the family had their second and final child, just about when they’d given up hope of any others. Sofia. They were told she was a gift from god, a blessing onto the family, and Grigori believed it wholeheartedly. From the moment she came into the world, little more mattered than her, he was going to protect her no matter what. The bond between the two remained strong as they grew, with his firm belief that God had granted him his sister Grigori took particular interest in the church, eventually training to become a priest. Sofia was the light that proved to Grigori of god’s existence and benevolence, he wanted to preach that word to all the townsfolk, something good waited for them if they only believed.

For the most part, life was relatively normal in the small religious town. A few poor harvests were balanced out with a boon of crops the following years. While war raged south of the mountain range, the town remained untouched, though many men left their families to go fight. The town was left vulnerable, but even with the full force of their small guard house, nothing could stop the evil that descended from the mountains. It started with one or two, the occasional person picked off in the night, seemingly by wild animals. Grigori and his people prayed for salvation from the curse that had fallen upon their lands, but instead of a saviour, the murders only increased. Eventually they caught sight of the creature that plagued their town, no wild animal, at least not on the surface, instead it was what appeared to be a man. Very few lived to tell the tale of the savage drenched in blood hidden in the night, but word travels fast, panic spreads, many thought their homes a safe haven were quickly proven wrong. The creature had travelled from Romania, eating his way across the country. Worst of all, he seemed to enjoy his reckless killings, while those that tried to stop him soon found themselves being torn apart as if they were wet paper. 

The survivors huddled in the church at night, seemingly the only safe haven the creature dared not approach. Little more than thirty people in total remained, no one was spared. For days the creature mocked the frightened townsfolk, though growing hungry with his lack of prey the creature seemed to finally move on, their prayers had worked, finally, their god had answered and saved them from such an unholy creature. Cautiously things returned to normal over the following week, the dead were buried, the remaining survivors tried to build their lives back up from the plague that had descended upon the town. The people had got their hopes up too soon. Grigori heard the scream at first, immediately rushing to a familiar voice he’d heard throughout his life. Surely not, he thought, not Sofia. Bloody red eyes met him as he flung the doors to the church open, seeing the creature they thought was gone sink his fangs into his poor sister’s throat. Her blood streaming down the creature’s chin, he wasn’t doing this to feed, he was doing it to send a message to the priest. Before Grigori could even reach the creature in an attempt to fight him, knowing it would be a losing battle regardless, he dropped the still writhing body of Sofia, his body bursting into a swarm of bats scattering into the night. Never to be seen again.

Grigori fell to his knees, clutching his sister, desperately trying to stem the bleeding from her throat, but it was too late, the monster had almost drained her, her breaths grew quicker and shallow and within minutes her body fell limp. The one source of light in his world had been taken from him, his beloved sister, his gift from god, snuffed out in a single night by a monster in the shape of a man. Hollow and empty, Grigori was sure to bury his sister near their parents, life seemed meaningless. His entire world was shattered, god didn’t love him, or any of the townsfolk, nothing was done despite their desperate prayers to free them of the creature tormenting them. The night plagued Grigori with frantic dreams, dark rituals and symbols he’d never seen before. A vision perhaps? Whispers of ways to bring back his sister, though it would not be through his former god. These dreams only grew more intense each night, the thoughts not giving him peace during the daylight. There must be another way. Grigori dove into his research, finding rituals of necromancy, for those without natural-born power, they could use blood. A small sacrifice, it seemed, to return his sister to him.

Preparations completed, in the dead of night Grigori headed to his sister’s grave, intending to dig it up and try to draw her soul back into her body. There was a problem, however, the grave lay freshly dug, an empty coffin sat at the base of the hole without a body in sight. The body had been stolen, the thieves long gone. In a rage, Grigori threw his ingredients to the ground and howled out in frustration and anguish. Every step forward brought two steps back. What god would punish such a devout follower so? After another night being plagued by dreams, Grigori dove back into research. A soul could be found, even brought back, but it would require much, much more power. So began his many lifelong attempts to gain such power, with each attempt another hurdle showed up, but never was the new warlock deterred. Becoming old and gray, Grigori was forced to drain the life of others to give himself more time, in his eyes, a small price to pay.


P r e s e n t • D a y

(coming soon)



 R e s i d e n c e

Grigori has grown more comfortable among the dead, they don't ask questions. Deep within the Catacombs of Paris, the warlock has set up a comfortable living space within the vast network of tunnels. Hidden from tourists and trespassers, close to more bodies than he could ever wish to experiment upon.


S p e l l s

All spells require blood to cast, whether that's Grigori's own blood or the blood of those around him, it matters not.

  • Mist - A cloud of red mist forms, blocking the caster from sight.
  • Ignite - A small flame forms on the palm of the caster's hand.
  • Levitate - Can cause bodies or objects to float in air, will only last so long as the caster concentrates on the target
  • Suffer - A wave of burning pain is inflicted upon a target. The stronger the pain, the more energy it will consume from the caster.
  • Persuasion - The caster can convince even those with a strong mind to do whatever he asks, no matter how detrimental to the target's own wellbeing.
  • Blade circle - The caster surrounds themselves with a circle of levitating blades which can be forced outward to impale nearby foes, or focused on a single target.
  • Raise dead - Nearby deceased bodies reanimate, to have control over them, it will take considerably more of the caster's energy.
  • Summon familiar - Draw a small to medium animal's spirit out into the mortal plane to serve the caster temporarily.
  • Summon demon - A ritual, seldom used as demons are unpredictable and can often overtake the bodies of the casters that summon them.
  • Life drain - The most deadly of spells, the caster draws the very life force from one victim and forces it into their own being.


L i t t l e t h i n g s

  • Grigori despises most vampires.
  • Blood does not need to be flowing to be used as fuel for his magic, though it will cause it to burst out of the source, typically much more painfully than simply slicing a palm.
  • Grigori doesn’t lack empathy entirely, but he is fairly numb to most situations.
  • The rejuvenation ritual is now a yearly occurrence. It removes the scars from frequent blood-letting.
  • While Grigori does have a soul, it belongs to the demon that has been haunting his dreams.
  • A permanent scar remains on the centre of his chest - a sigil of ownership.
  • The warlock can withstand a high amount of pain with a straight face.

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I add private accounts out of curiosity.

Make my character suffer to your heart's desire.

That being said, permanent effects on my character need to be discussed prior.

While his story is written based on real places, they are easily replaceable by fantasy settings, should the story call for it.

Dark romance is fine, as is smut, so long as it suits the story. Understand my character is unlikely to make the first move.

Unsurprisingly, this character deals with dark and heavy themes. Not okay with a certain subject? Tell me ahead of time.

Grigori can be neutral, or an antagonist in your story. His old morals only rarely break through.

The character and the writer do not share the same ideals, don't get us confused.


Don't know what to write? Here's some ideas.

  • Demons: Grigori unintentionally summons a demon character, has it gone wrong, or are they under his command?
  • Blood is key: The more powerful the being, the more powerful the spell. Grigori hunts your character in order to access their blood, or perhaps they make a mutually beneficial deal.
  • Sacrifice: Weaker characters may have found themselves in the warlock's clutches, ready to be used to extend his lifespan. Can they escape, or convince him to let them go?
  • Spell gone wrong: A spell has gone wrong, Grigori is severely wounded or drained of blood. Will your character extend kindness toward a total stranger with an ominous aura?
  • Warlock's little helper: A promise to help Grigori in his research, perhaps they are bound to it after witnessing something they shouldn't, or perhaps they have something to offer the man that he hasn't encountered before.
  • Test subject: How unfortunate, your character has found themselves locked away in Grigori's residence, doomed to be a test subject to his dark magic. Can you convince him to take it easy, let you go? Or are you a willing subject?
  • Imprisoned: Grigori has been captured and is on trial for his nefarious deeds. Will your character break his chains and run with him, or are they the judge, jury and executioner?

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  • You do not need to look far in the city of lights to find darkness. An unhappy nosferatu sat on the rooftop of the Shangri-La hotel with a cigarette in one hand and his cell phone in the other. The screen lit up his face showcasing the bags under his eyes. Monty would probably scream if he looked in a mirror right now. Unlike most vampires, the reluctant leech chose to travel by train from London to Paris. He left his coffin at home deciding a weekend trip did not warrant dragging that old thing along.

    Traveling during the day was possible for him, but it came at a cost. He felt weak and fatigued. Monty recalled falling ill with the flu as a child. This was a similar feeling. By the time he reached his hotel, the nightclub owner looked like shit. He wore one of his expensive Italian suits deciding that his style did not have to suffer. This was supposed to be a relaxing weekend away from all of the chaos. The problem is, he was hungry. Back in London Monty tried to feed on some of the local livestock. Every now and then one of the regulars at the club would offer him blood. He never refused appreciating all the help he could get.

    Some of that assistance came in the form of a text message from an old friend. These texts messages would contain addresses in London. Every time he arrived at these locations, a recently deceased human was waiting for him. He did not have this little luxury while on vacation. He left Malphas in charge of the nightclub while he was away. Taking a few days to relax seemed like a good idea at the time, but Monty was already regretting it. He could feel his strength coming back now that the sun was down, but this feeling would not last if he continued to avoid feeding. He flipped through his phone for a moment surprised at the lack of messages. Maybe the club was busy tonight and Malphas just forgot to text him? Even if there was an issue, Monty doubted anyone would tell him about it. This was "vacation" time.

    What was there to do in Paris aside from eating the food? He closed out of his messages and decided to ask Google. Several tourist attractions showed up and one even managed to catch his eye. The Paris catacombs sounded promising. The tours were closed for the evening, but that certainly did not matter. He could take his own tour. Deciding against public transportation this time, Monty morphed into bat and flew through the city. He landed in an alleyway a block or so away from the entrance careful to avoid any unwanted attention. Two couples were standing by the entrance, obviously drunk. They were laughing jokingly daring each other to sneak into the catacombs. They had the right idea. Monty strolled right up to the group not missing a beat and looked the entrance over.

    "See babe? This guy is going to sneak in." The punk took a sip from his bottle of whiskey before holding it out to Monty. "You thirsty pal?"

    The vampire smiled at the guy and jumped over the set of chains. "You have no idea."

  • || How would you like to start? Just him sleeping? If you have a starter in mind we could always wing it and see where it goes! Pause if need be and what not. ||

  • Apologies for the lack of replies today, I'm not feeling great.

    Need to reply to plotting with Viridian and Mimzi

    Reply to inbox also.

    I have discord if anyone wants to chat OOC, just inbox me.

  • ||yes I do as well. ^^ ||

  • (I like the Villianous lean. 

    I am alright with Grigori trapping Viridian to get his blood. It wouldn't be the first time some one has trapped him for something. I could see Viri also using Giovanni as a way to humanize himself in Grigori's eyes. Get some kind of emotional connection to him. Viridian is a powerhouse though he'll need something to hinder Viridian - as a little hint wolfbanes will always work on him. It won't kill him unless in high quanities but enough to keep his fairly sick, weak, and his abilities tamped down. I am still hesitant Viridian would help Grigori - willingly with giving his blood - but maybe he could be convinced the more he sees what Grigori does with it, how he learns about Grigori's sister. Does Grigori have anything else he needs help with than beyond blood? Based upon what I see on your page that seems to be the biggest one. 

    I appreciate it and good to know the sister does not make an appearance.)

  • (Correct. Viridian isn't really the villain type. He more on the lawful good side and the type to get sucked into more nefarious activities based on who he is around. He'll test his own limits, break a few laws here and there, but not to be the villain in anyone's story. Could be an anti hero given the right cause. Very little corruption aside from Giovanni. He's loyal though So once he makes a friend he will be morally gray in order to watch out for them. With that said, I am looking to push him a little closer to the morally grey area himself. Part of his character development as he moves to be Fenrir (the challenger of the Ulfric). 

    As for powers, I could see that. Being a Scion he releases a scent that draws others to him, sometimes that he his victim to their wishes and other times for good things. Perhaps instead of smell it could be the blood itself calling out to Grigori. Viri isn't one to volunteer his blood so it would need to be taken by force. 

    I do like the idea of Grigori being the more villain type to Viridian. Maybe at some point too he befriends him? Or Grigori tries to befriend him first to get blood and then when that doesn't work moves to trying to do it by force? I could see them being friends/enemies, love/hate relationship/friendship style based on what I am seeing of the two. 

    Plus, with Grigori's desire to get his sister back and Viridian's one day trying to release Giovanni from his sentence they are both after something similar and going about it in different ways. They'd appropriately challenge each other's view points and mindsets. )

  • -Paris works for me. The Diamond Coffin is an enchanted nightclub. Technically it is located in London, but those in possession of a specific gold coin can open an entrance to the club anywhere around the globe. All of the employees have coins like this including Monty. I can place him in Paris for the start of their story. Present day works right?-

  • Mal'ak stops and watches Grigori step away, hearing what he was saying. Talk about a vessel, it's not a vessel he needs, no. In fact, what Mal'ak needs is something greater. Grigori was going to need to get his hands dirty and his very existence torn. "We don't need a vessel." Not yet anyway. Because that vessel was going to come at the end. For now, Grigori needs to lay out a path of death. This evil that has happened upon the warlock was seeking sacrifice. The targets weren't going to be simple either but it was going to be one that perhaps struck close to home with him. It was doubtful he was going to regret it because, in the end, it put him on this destructive path. At least, contributed. As such, Mal'ak then steps up to the warlock and continues, "What you need is blood, lots of it." It might not sound like much, but he was going to find out it was more than how it sounded. 

    There is no doubt that the request must sound easy enough, being that he works with blood itself. What's important is, how, he knew that he would fit the bill perfectly? Well, this isn't something that was going to come to mind any time soon. These puzzle pieces were going to be something that would later fall into place for Grigori and when that happens, it's going to be too late. For now, Mal'ak spreads his arms away from his body. "You'll need a lot of sacrifices, by your hand." The words leave easy enough and plain enough, kill without hesitation. Grigori was already doing that for his own needs, wasn't he? But now the number had to go up. Might as well think of it as a chess game, unable to stay in one place without being found and accused of murder. 

    Mal'ak would stray from the topic as he looked to Grigori's chest, the warlock had previously asked, to which Mal'ak had ignored. He'd given no information other than what he'd forced onto him was insurance and just that. He would now, however, tell him a bit something more concerning that. He'd walked up a bit closer, invading that perpetual personal space, stretching his arm out somewhat as he then places a finger upon the warlock's chest ever so lightly, speaking. "That will help with our communication." Lifting his gaze he continues, looking Grigori straight in the eye. "What you see is a mere human host. Or if you will, a body bag. It will soon lose its purpose when you, Warlock, have acquired my passage." the evil was making it sound rather difficult. It wasn't.

    He needed to sully this warlock far more than he was already. Increase the crime he had only started in his mad search for what Mal'ak already had in his possession. Telling the warlock would only slim the chances of success. Leading him blindly was the creature's best bet. A practice he was well versed in. Mal'ak dropped his arm back to his side, "You won't contact me, I will contact you. You will be taxed with taking care of this host, for it is a host that is unaware of what lies dormant." That simple and complex all at once. Grigori will have to babysit and watch that the host doesn't get injured or die for that matter. Because it can and losing that communication meant losing his sister at the same time. 

    "For instance..." With those words spoken, Mal'ak collapses to the ground unceremoniously. As if a switch that had been flipped. Coming to, he looked around, as if shaking off a drunken stupor. There was no serious question to his sudden discovery of being somewhere foreign. He appeared like this was nothing new. And it shouldn't have. There was much activity that was going on in his head that kept him sedated, antishock if you will. This was common, nothing out of the ordinary. He was still Mal'ak and that aura that the warlock had felt, was still there, but not the voice that came with it. What Grigori must do is entirely up to him and it was crucial to make sure what he did was proper.

  • -That sounds good to me. The two may actually bond over their hatred for vampires. Monty's hatred for them certainly has not softened since becoming one. He would offer his blood in exchange for Grigori's. He does not believe in taking blood by force. That is really interesting about his sister. Quite an unfortunate realization he is going to have at some point huh?-

  • Let's do that. Daemoira isn't beyond helping a stranger or even tricking them to stay with her. Perhaps in carrying for him if he is injured he eats faery food or drinks the wine, which until released by the one that feed it to him is bound to stay near. Maybe even tried to run and keeps ending back up at her cottage. I could see her being convinced to give him her blood, either in exchange for something or it of curiosity. Would you like to start us off? |

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