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  • Hello! My name is Story and I am a 22 year old college student who works a LOT. Please read these before you interact and stuff with me. ^^ Thank you!


  • Please be patient with me as I have a lot on my plate. I used to try and run five different blogs but that's too much so I decided to take those characters and put them on one profile.  


  • If you don't like the fact that this is a multi-account, I do not think we need to be friends at that point. It does not take away from my quality and how I am as a person. 


  • If your characters want to be sexual with mine, please take it to the inbox and MAYBE I will consider it. I don't write smut often. To add on to this rule, please do not make sexual comments about my characters and their FC's. It's incredibly disrespectful, toxic, and I won't allow that here. Sexual jokes can be funny to some, but things about how someone has some sort of fetish of some race is incredibly nasty and I want nothing apart of it.


  • To add to that last bit, 18+ themes are cool, but I will not accept anything that is racist, hateful, cruel, inhumane, or anything involving actual talk of murder, rape, etc. Keep stuff about murder and violence in our RPs and not in real life. I do not do anything involving rape in my roleplays and never will, and I guess it's not clear to some people that talking about other cultures and fetishizing them is not okay. If you talk about how you have (for example) "yellow fever" around me, we're done (because yes, I am Asian and to be more specific: Korean! It should not matter what race I am, fetishizing races and cultures is so wrong) Unless it's about the actual illness Yellow Fever, we're fucking over and I won't have anymore to say. Let this be my more official and documented warning as apparently context is not enough and common sense is out the window in society. 


  • I may write about things that are not kid-friendly. Please do not expect me to be kid friendly as most of my characters will not usually be. When I say not kid friendly, I mean that my characters will cuss, drink, sometimes shoot guns, etc. I will not in any way bring out anything nasty or hateful. I can do kid-friendly RPs but do let me know. <3


  • Unless we work something out, don't get mad if you see something that is mature like violence or dark psychological topics. 


  • If you want to have any type of romance with any of my characters please ask so we can plot that out. Otherwise, do not try to make unwanted advances.  Please do not comment on how "sexy" or "hot" my character's FCs are. That's incredible rude and disrespectful to the actress/actor. 


  • I do plan on adding more characters in the future but that will come with time.


  • If you have any questions or concerns, let me know! I am a pretty chill person so just talk to me and be honest. I would rather you tell me if I am doing something that you are uncomfortable with instead of finding it out when is too late.


  • Please note that if you add me and drop off the face of the earth, I will unfriend you after about a month or so of no contact. I don't want to just be a number to your friends list and have ntohing else to do with you. As the last point states, I am always willing to talk and listen and if you are busy with real-life I am totally fine with it. I just need to have some type of warning before someone just disappears for months on end. 


  • I have a LOT of issues with comprehension so please try to spell things correctly and use proper grammar if you can. I know sometimes English may not be everyone's first language so I will be more understanding there, but for those with English as their native tongue, please make an effort. Otherwise it ruins the RP for me.


  • DO NOT ask me about Lillian. If you talk to me about Lillian or ask me about her or comment on how you miss her, I will stop everything we are doing because I am really tired of people talking to me an asking me about her. No, she is not coming back, and yes she may be mentioned in RPs involving Hailey or Persephone. DO NOT ask me about her. She is not coming back and only will be discussed with two people on this site. Otherwise, no more. 


  • If you want to contact me through other social media or whatever, just ask! I love chatting with folks. ^^


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Hiya! You can call me Story. I am 22 years old working a full-time job with 40 hours each week. I have been roleplaying for almost ten years now and greatly appreciate a good story and good character interaction. I am almost always open to roleplaying and plotting. Just know that I am almost always on mobile though so things may get tough on my end for me to respond. But I hope we can be great friends! I own the accounts of Deirdre Lafayette, Nadiya Franks and this account with these lovely characters on here. ^^

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  • We can start a new story if you’d like, whatever works with me! Or we can keep going on the one we were doing. Also if you want to change my characters we can, Kane or Kye doesn’t matter to me :) just let me know!


    So I feel super duper bad for having to make an announcement like this but honestly I am getting super duper burnt out on RPs. 90% of the RPs I have or am trying to plot just feel like business deals to me and I physically, mentally, and emotionally am just pretty dead with my real life stuff (such as my fibromyalgia and mental health being dumb). So I am not taking a hiatus but I will definitely be taking longer to respond to stuff and most likely I'll be online about 1-2 days a week if possible to respond and then I will hope and pray that no one bites my head off for not being online or responding readily to RPs more than that. I can respond to OOC stuff pretty easily so that won't be too bad but if you do have an issue with this, feel free to unfriend me and let me know that you don't want to RP. I'm a-okay with it and I know someone out there probably will not be too happy with this announcement but I need to do this for my own sake.

    This isn't about whether or not I have too many threads or whether I can keep up or not, it's more of that I just am tired of feeling like something I find fun and enjoyable is turning into some kind of business ordeal instead of being fun. I feel like this is turning into another job versus a hobby and that's not okay with me. I'ev got a lot going on just like everyone else so I am hoping you all understand. Thanks so much and thank you for understanding if you do (or at least reading this).



                                      Once the two women were inside, Catherine sat back to watch everything unfold before her, and act as if she wasn’t in there with them, well almost.  For now, she remained out of mind, out of sight somewhat, and when Tessa needed her once more, if Tessa would need her, Catherine would step right up, and beside her to be there in a heartbeat.  Support from whoever it was, it was needed, and if Tessa required the brunette’s, then it would be offered.  Yet for now, it was the medics that were with Tessa, asking her questions, and questions on top of questions, which caused the woman to watch Tessa, hoping she was okay throughout them, or as okay as she could be.  While Catherine seemed to get lost in that moment, it was then that the ambulance vehicle started moving, and the drive to the hospital, it was in progress.  And with that, all that the brunette could do was sit back, watch and wait—Waiting for? Their arrival to the hospital.

                                      Yet, while waiting for the arrival, she watched Tessa from time to time, she watched the medics as well, examine her, or check on her, or ask further questions, if they were needed.  What she also did? Was think back on her team who had arrived on the scene, wondering if they had found anything on the case of the missing boy, whether it be a small lead, or a big one, just something, anything that they could give her, and call in about.  Her mind and thoughts were all over the place it would seem, yet even if that were the case, they were all in the right places, when they wandered from Tessa, to the case, to the hospital visit—All of it important and essential in such a moment, that much was certain.

                                      Due to Tessa being preoccupied and all, Catherine would retrieve her cell, and open her photos application.  Photos she had taken of the scene, were on there, and she was looking back through them slowly, yet surely, trying to see if something would come up for her, something that she had not seen before perhaps—That one something, big or small, that would help her move forward later, once she got out there again, out and about that was on the case.  Nothing though, not for now, at least.



                                      After a good half hour, following a smooth, safe ride and transfer, the ambulance vehicle would arrive to the hospital.  Behind another ambulance vehicle or two, the driver would park and still its engine.  And, from there, the transfer of Tessa, it was in progress, as they were preparing for it, and preparing for the young woman to be safely transferred from the van to a hospital room, or to an examination room— They brought her this far, and might as well just keep the woman off her feet a little while longer (hoping there was no fuss on her part because of it), just until they knew for sure what was wrong, if there was more to it, than they originally thought, or believed.


  • [ So I think it is happening when I copy and paste from another source. Pain in the butt cause I don't always type responses on the site, but I'll try to be more careful with it. Sorry about that >.< ]


    Christian found himself listening more than he expected to, looking between them and trying to piece together what he could. Humans struggled to solve their investigations enough, Christian could only imagine the complication in applying the law to a land of supernaturals. Their doctors problem sounded interested, but it could be perfectly unrelated.

    Then he looked to the Mayor. He was asking the right questions, just of the wrong person. Christian had never technically put eyes on the demon. He couldn't decern if it were a vampire, or a human, had four legs or two. He knew it only by the feel of it's intentions. In his childhood, he assumed this feel of intention was the norm for all people, all humans at the least. In this moment he was painfully reminded that that was not the case. 

    "Er..." He rubbed his head. "I ain't actually put eyes on em yet. He's a male, that's for sure." Christian paused. It had been ages since he tried to explain this last, since he considered it was something that needed explaining. He looked to Vesta. "You might know what I'm talkin about. The way guilty people kind of where what they done on their sleeves and can't seem to do anything about it. When a criminal is calm, but you know in yer gut they're a threat. That's the way it is for me, mayor." He turned to look at the vampire again. "All the time. I can see it. And the worse of can feel without seeing. I ain't sure why the demon stopped here with you people. But it knew I was behind it. It must have a good reason." 

    "I'm only human, Mayor, but I won't quit until I've caught up with em and put em down." He shook his head a little and corrected himself. "Can't." 


  • Christian was doing is best to study the pair, or rather, study the Mayor. Putting his trust in something -- someone, rather -- he couldn't feel with his gut was new for the hunter. He followed them to the large building, looking over the arcitechture and art work. Clairefae was quite a unique town, he was almost sorry he had never come here before. A little more sorry he was here now.

    It wasn't until Vesta shut the door that Christian realized his predicament. Sure, it ws one thing to find people who understood supernatural things, and maybe even that some of them had to be stopped. But these people were still the law and government. They would probably expect him to be able to verify his claims, especially if it was going to justify his killing the demon. That was going to make for an interesting turn in the conversation. 

    "So I'm tellin you all this because I don't think he's come to your town just to hide. And if it ain't looking to hide, it's probably looking to do some real damage. You got any other new comers to town lately, besides me of course." That wouldn't pin things down much -- who was to say the demon's allies were not long time residents here? -- but it was a start. The little man in the bar, and the others like him came to mind but Christian had no way of knowing who or what was normal to this town. 

    On that note, he recalled their mention of a change in the nature in this place, and struggled to guess what that might mean. "It's probably best you get ahead of this before the first...person...turns up dead." Christian had been near enough to the demon to know, experienced enough with the sort to know, no matter how they went about it, they always left dead in their wake. 


  • "If it was anyone else offering to translate for me I would decline. I never have been able to trust translators. You never know if what they are saying is actually true or not." Vadik huffed. He didn't like having to rely on Marzia to translate things for him but Vadik knew that he had no other choice here. He had to learn more Italian if he was going to be in Italy for a while, and the sooner the better.

    Vadik would turn his gaze back out the window, sighing a little, his mind going back to Hope and Mikhail. "How long should we give Hope before we write her off as a lost cause?" He asked, slowly turning his gaze back to Marzia and the doctors.

  • Mount Olympus - Home of the Olympians


    It's grand empty halls rang with the sounds of sword training, grunts and groans of concentration and of impact when a sword managed to land, walking the halls Ares smirked in pride at hearing his favorite daughter hard at training, exactly where he expected her to be. Making his way to the training courtyard he pauses silently in the doorway to spy on his daughter, without her awareness, or so he had thought.


    Side stepping an attack from one of Olympus's guards Penthesilea spun and brought the butt of her sword down on the guards' collarbone, on a mortal it would have broken it but on the guard it badly bruised it. Aware of Ares' arrival she paid it no mind allowing everyone to know she was unaware, no need for everyone to know that she had changed. Leaping she landed and in the same motion she had slashed taking the head from the practice dummy and suddenly attacked another guard, seeing an opening in his stance that not even an expert swordsman might have noticed, coming in to his right she made him lose his grip on his sword and kicked at his knee to make him fall..

    Ares grinned and turned leaving his daughter in peace, heading toward to the balcony to watch the mortal world below, plans swirling in his head as he does, plans centering upon having Penthesilea's help. 


    As soon as Ares departed the Amazon side stepped and glanced toward the door with a frown, neither of the guards could see, unsure as to why Ares would watch her train like he had. Shaking her head she flipped backwards, as soon as she lands she kicks out, disrupting one of the guards sudden attacks and twirls her sword to go in for his shoulder. Feeling a surprise kick landing at her back she allows her body to sink to her knees in reaction, spinning her sword to strike behind her to halt the second guard's attack. Rising back to her feet she twirls her sword and decapitates another practice dummies head, spinning she turns to face the guards and nods her head, hiding her smirk as they do something they never had done before, and would probably never do again. Surrender. Inclining her head respectfully when the guards bow and then take their leave from the training room. Watching them leave she smirks once again and then seconds later she departs as well heading to her room, only to be halted by a loud shout of her name.


    "Penthesilea!!"  Ares shouted for his daughter, his plans confirmed in his head, he would have his daughter's help for what he intended.



    Sighing she pulled her hand away from her door and shook her head, unhappy at being called, what could it be now? Turning she started to make her way to where her Father's voice came from, deciding to take a shortcut, cutting through the Throne Room. Ignoring the empty thrones she passes by the dias where Zeus and Hera would sit, when they were in attendance, however Zeus hasn't been on Olympus for quite sometime. Walking past her brothers - Phobos and Deimos, as they talked she ignores them and only smirks when they glance back to her, knowing they were jealous. Arriving to the balcony where her Father stood she pauses respectfully and bows her head. 

    "Yes, Father, you called?"


    "Yes Penthesilea, thank you for coming when I called. I have a task for you.."


    "Yes Father...?" The Amazon's accented voice responded carefully, hiding her inner thoughts at being called for a task, of course it would be, why else would he call her?


    "I know Penthesilea, but you are the only one I trust for this task. I wish you to go to Rome 1490, in the mortal world, spy on a group named the Templars. Find out about them, I have plans later on and I must know about them."


    Letting her lips turn into a smile Penthesilea nodded her head respectfully and bowed slightly, while her face was averted and unable to be seen she scowled, unhappy with this task. Who was she, some lackey? Why could not one of his men or her brothers handle this task? Rising she made sure a smile was pasted upon her mouth. "Yes Father, as you wish.."


    "Thank you Penthesilea."

    Ares accompanied his words with a hearty slap to her shoulder and back, a move he would give to his soldiers to show support.


    "Yes, Father..." Penthesilea responded with a small smile, hardly responding to the slap knowing what it meant, stepping back then she bows slightly knowing that he would want the respect shown, even though it chafed at her at having to bow. Stepping to the side she walks to the gap where the railing ends on the balcony and looks below to Rome, studying it for a moment before she leaps, freefalling for awhile until she uses her powers to teleport into an dark alley where she would be hidden. Standing there she curls her lips in disgust, shaking her head she concentrates and changes her armor to appropriate style clothing to blend in, choosing robes of red.


    Walking to the street she looks around with dark eyes, studying the people around her and frowning as she looks in either direction, not sure as to where to start. Knowing her information would be given later on, catching the sight of three women watching her Penthesilea looks over and smirks, recognizing them, shaking her head slightly in warning to them not to approach her she steps back, it wasn't safe for them to approach her, she knew Ares was probably still watching her for now. Turning she tucks her hands in her pockets and walks along, enjoying the dusk for the moment.

    Frowning then she glances to the side in an hidden glance as she then smiles slightly at the information just given telepathically, changing her direction she steps to the building where Marzia was, entering easily with a matching mask now hiding her features as dark hues glance around to try and understand what all was going on. This destination having been given to her by one of the three women she had seen, who were actually Amazon sisters of hers. 


                     Catherine couldn't help but to smile, though not as to poke fun at Tessa with some of the things spoken, but she was amused at times, sincerely so, though kept it well hidden.  'Was it too soon to be that comfortable around another, after only having met them one, or twice? At a moment such as this, was it the right time to be amused, well if amused was the right way to describe what she had been briefly feeling?' It wasn’t known, but rather than dwell on such things in that moment, that was pushed aside.  And, all too soon, the older brunette simply nodded to speak ever so softly and sincere, "You got it—I’m right behind you, every step of the way, do not worry…"  In a soft, cautious manner, Catherine continued to watch Tessa as she listened, but nodded once more soon after, "How about ice cream, huh?!  That sounds good I think, while we plan our next move.  If you want coffee though along with the ice cream, then coffee can work as well.  Sounds good- I used to be a coffee person, but I switched it up, and tea is my go-to now." 

                     Little by little, Cat would learn things about Tessa, while Tessa would learn things about Cat, well if one would look at it like that.  And, from there, the woman stayed closed, meaning she stayed right behind the younger brunette, before stepping ahead a little just as she had spoken moments ago, and all too soon, she was making her way up to the entrance of the ambulance.  Once coming to a standstill before it, alongside Tessa, there was one thing that the woman wanted to say.  And, so with a slight turn of her head over to her right, she offered a smile, a nonstop warm, sincere smile, to show that it wasn't a serious matter, and to take it lightly, very lightly, but on the same token, it was serious as well somewhat, but only because she meant her words, and everything that was about to be spoken.  "Hey, I need to clear one thing up; Please don't let my friend apologize when there is nothing to apologize for.  She is not a pest, especially not to me, nor is she, in this moment, just so you know.  And, never could she be—That is just impossible!  When you can pass it on, and let her know that for me, please."  Trying to help as much as one could, especially in a moment as this, that is what Catherine was doing, while also meaning her words, every single one.  It was said with one hundred per cent honesty, though with pure reassurance and softness as well, while a smile was shown, as it to comfort the younger woman in this moment, in her own small way of sorts.

                     With that, the woman assisted Tessa in letting her right arm lift a little, to then wrap it around Catherine’s neck.  And, from there, the woman started to carefully and slowly lift herself and Tessa up, yet the brunette's movements were halted.  At first, she wasn't sure why, though soon found out, when those who were inside the van lowered a platform for the two, in which Catherine guided Tessa onto in time, continuing to hold her upright, just until they were inside and properly seated.  Or, in this case, Catherine seated, and Tessa perhaps lying down, after claiming one of the stretcher beds inside.

                     Not too long afterwards, the platform was slowly and automatically guided upwards, just until it was level with the ambulance floor once more.  From there, Catherine assisted Tessa in moving from it, to then guide her further inside, where she was then transferred to a seat, or to the bed instead, mostly everyone in the back, letting her have a choice, or so it seemed.  Not sure if the medics would cut in, and offer her a suggestion, but Catherine longed for Tessa to have a choice, well while on her watch, at least.  As for what would be decided from others aboard, if anything would, time would soon tell perhaps.


  • Again, Christian took the briefest of moments to study the man. The hunter was beginning to feel uneasy about him again, but for an entirely different reason this time: The man seemed genuinely concerned for his people, and Christian feared he may have been beginning to trust him. Every Vampire Christian had met had given him reason not to trust their kind. But in their defense, every Vampire Christian had met, he had tried to kill. Christian nodded slow, looking the man in the eyes. "I'll do just that." 

    But his words hardly got out before a familiar voice chimed in -- Vesta's. Christian stood looking between them as they spoke. Something definite was happeneing, and it was big enough to create a noticable change in the environment. It occurred to Christian that it wasn't likely his demon was unrelated to all this. Nor was it likely getting rid of it would rid these people of their problem. But was that his problem?

    "Aw, hell. I figure you two got a right to know." He looked at Vesta. "I ain't been straight with you. My business here isn't with someone, it is someone. They showed up in your town a few hours before I did and I'm here to find em. I used to be a bounty hunter, long time ago. But I ain't workin with any law on this one. Theres a few more things you all ought to know." He let the words hang in the air, hoping one of the two would offer a more secure place to talk. It had been a long time since Christian did anything in junction with the law, it was almost uncomfortable. 

  • "Ahh.." Christian responded as the Mayor began talking, explaining. He was clearing up quite a bit for the hunter. Christian wasn't a rarity in town. He was as much an outside as a Vampire was in his hometown. Fortunately, this place was looking to preserve life. The people of Christian's home would have hunted and burned a vampire if given the chance. The Sheriff's background made sense -- it explained why she was so comfortable here. 

    Christian watched as the two fae parted. All the better, he thought. Something was making him uneasy, but Christian couldn't tell what. He was hoping to use process of elimination. But even with the fae at a distance away, and the Mayor the only one to focus on Christian couldn't be sure if what he felt was simply the lack of any humans being near him, or some real negative imbalance. 

    Christian considered not answering for a moment, not wanting to give up any particular information about himself. But it was probably obvious, and being secretive would only attract more attention to why he was here. "Yeah," he nodded "Human all around. I hope that doesn't...unsettle things 'round here. I don't plan on stayin long. And you, sir?" Christian noticed the man made no attempt to call himself human, and while the hunter

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