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So I am sure many of you probably already figured it out but I am no longer going to be rping on any of my accounts on here (other than Riko Tokemi which is for my My Hero Academia OC). I just have no inspiration to try and dedicate myself to these muses on my accounts and I am sorry that you all were left without any notice for so long. I tried really hard to try and get myself back into the groove but being in EMT school and gearing myself towards my future and family has taken priority over these accounts and my roleplays. I'll keep these pages up if people want to chat OOC or whatever but I no longer will be RPing with anyone with ANY of my characters on my Deirdre Lafayette account, Nadiya Franks account, or this Multi-Character account. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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  • /I apologize for the long silence.. Would it be all right to plot a new story, I forgot our original plot/

  • [Maybe Keaira was on the run from the Nine?]

  • "I-I-I-I hope they still have that hot tea I l-l-l-like.. " ฯ * Adding to the ploy Cali spoke as she uneasily stepped closer to the woman, not liking at being so close to another person especially if she didn't know them but she realized this woman was only trying to help. * ฯ "I-I-I'm doing good, I would l-l-like that and I think my Malinois would as well.. " 

    ฯ * Mostly playing along with the ploy Cali responded as sincerely as she could, a smile on her face before it fades at the sounds of kissing and the jokes coming from the men. Looking down to her Malinois her dyed blue and green with purple strands hair fell in her face hiding her expression and her darkening eyes, Cali wasn't a human as the woman may think or believe but an Fallen/Dark Angel and an trained killer. Petting the Malinois's head she tries to calm both him and herself, and not wanting to scare the woman, one of the first nice person in awhile that actually seemed to care. * ฯ "W-W-What do we do? "


    ฯ * Fear, true fear echoed in her voice, and though the woman may think it was because of the situation and the men, but the real reason because Cali didn't want to lose control, if she did then her past would return and her old Master maybe able to track her, though he had left her, she had ran from him after he had, and went into hiding. * ฯ

  • (I'm sorry.. I was in a car accident, sudden snow squall thing.. I hate winter.. I like that, with Tessa.. I looked at your characters. Maybe one of the cop one? I can add Deirdre and do Tessa there? )

  • (Hey everyone! I have been super low energy and am working with doctors to try and figure out how to help my Fibromyalgia and other issues better. I am slowly sending out responses to RPs and more so I will do my best to get it done over the next couple of days. I did luckily get Deirdre's all set so I will be working on this profile next. <3 Thanks for being so patient.)

  • "Still." Vadik huffed a little. Despite his untrusting tone, his body did relax a little. Marzia did have a point after all. Mikhail was a master at hiding in plain sight. Vadik himself also remembered having a hard time ever finding his friend when they would play hide and seek as young boys or even during training exercises when they were older. 

    Another scoff came from Vadik when it was mentioned that this Hope character was better than the rest of the Templars. "Just because she has helped us so far doesn't mean that I trust her. She could just be a very slippery snake. The Templars are full of those. Its why they are so powerful. They can gain people's trust far too easily." A deep sigh was let out and mismatched hues looked down at Marzia's hands now as she gently touched his. Vadik found himself relaxing a little more under her soft touch. He also appreciated how patient she was being with him when it came to translating Italian.

  • His attention shifted between them as they spoke, both thinking and absorbing their story. Logistics and politics were the trouble, two main reasons he'd quit professional bounty hunting and ended up on the wrong side of the law. But while it was all innate for him, he needed to give them something real, something that would hold up on record.

    "Sedition." The hunter responded at the end of their coversation. The mayor had asked for crimes or patteners to the demon. While they spoke, he had made the rare attempt to make sense of what the demon felt like.  It was difficult work, sifting the jumble of anxiety and dissatisfation. But eventually, some things became clear, and as he spoke, others became vivid even. "He's a corward -- probably ain't lookin to get his hands dirty. He'll be lookin for another pair of hands. And if he knew I was comin for him, and stopped here anyway...I'm willing to bet it's more than one pair. All respect, if you wait for it to commit a crime, that'll be the one, and by then it'll be too late."

    He looked to the Sheriff. "I don't know this doctor from a hole in the wall, but between the three of us we seem to know more about what's going on than what to do about it. If she's a problem, she'll expose her self and we can put er on the list. Otherwise...your lookin at me as your best lead into all this." 

    This was deeper than Christian hoped to be absorbed when it came to this town: known by the locals, the law...the Mayor. Hell, even the demon knew Christian was coming before he got near. This hunt wasn't just different, it was all the norms turned on it's head. All the more reason for his concern. 



    Elsewhere, two figures met. One, outwardly, a normal human man, clean cut and well dressed. The other, tiny, pointy eared, new to town and short one drink he had paid for, but left at the bar. The smaller of them spoke first.

    "You'll stand out as a human like that."

    "I'll appear as I please, when I please. You have fourty seconds left."

    "You brought someone with you. That isn't part of the deal."

    "A mortal."

    "Who speaks with the Sheriff."

    "Also a mortal."

    "And the Mayor? Prove you can do what you say. Deliver us a body, one of theirs, and my people will move on to step three. Until then...well, I imagine my fourty seconds is up." 

    The small man turned on his heels, and made for the long way back to the bar. The demon, in his mortal form, watched him leave with glowing anger. He would fry that one, when he was in power, but until then the imp had a point. The hunter had followed him and a lot faster than he assumed. And while the hunter looked and smelled mortal, the demon knew better, knew something was very off about him. But the Sheriff, why she smelled just fine. It was about time to shake things up a bit. 

  • (Oh lol you can say somes of the jokes :). I like that.. Maybe a bank robbery with hostages maybe, that Sapphie witnesses?)

  • [Oh I apologize, Winter Storm is an alias for Ava, her codename you could say... If she's out as an vigilante. Luna is another for her, its a name the Expendables know her the most as.


                                     At one of the medical officer’s questions/comments, Catherine simply laughed with a light manner, though sincerely as she teasingly shrugged his way as if she was implying, 'No comment', or something along those lines, though grinned brightly to some extent after it, towards Tessa, to let her know that much was a joke in return.  Whatever happened from thereon out, Catherine was grateful, so very grateful that the medics were there for Tessa.  And, even more, she was grateful that the young woman seemed to not let her past affect what was here and now, in the moment in the terms of medics.  Yet, soon shaking it off, the woman let Tessa get tended to, for the entire drive and more- Nothing however, not even those silly faces had gone unnoticed, which caused Catherine to shake her head in amusement, or even more, as she snickered from to time to time.  Tessa would pull through this, and whatever more was to be ahead of then.  Not just the examination process, but everything, even the case related part of it, and together, they would get through it—No questions asked, all of it and more were Catherine’s honest thoughts, and beliefs.




                                     Not immediately as in not upon immediate arrival, yet in time, after Tessa had her tests/x-rays done, Catherine could see her.  Not sure if the young woman would be awake, or not, so the brunette tread carefully as she stepped into the room.  Tessa’s hospital room that was, and once she did, the woman noticed that the young woman’s gaze was upon her, and she was still awake for now, despite everything.  "Hey, how are you feeling..?"  Catherine said simply, and softly, offering the smallest of smiles as she walked a little further into the room, to eventually stand at Tessa’s bedside.  "You don’t have to fight against resting, and sleep, you know.  It’s been a very long night, and if your body is begging you to let it rest, then promise me you will rest, Tessa.  I’ll be here, one way or another, well if you want me to stay—Rest is important though, especially now, considering what the two of us have in front of us."

                                     A slight pause, and small smile would be shown towards the young brunette, and then, despite her having hidden it well, Catherine slowly yet surely retrieves something cold, ice-cold from behind her back, which thankfully had not started to melt yet.  Tessa’s ice cream, and a little spoon resting upon it would soon surface.  Her words accompanying the action of her handing the ice cream over to Tessa would be this, "I think this might be just the thing that would help you settle and rest, or I hope it does, especially if you are staying overnight… So, what do you say? You didn’t change your mind, right?"  A soft, friendly snicker fell from Catherine’s lips, while the ice-cream was now in full view of Tessa, the woman just waiting on her now to accept it—From there, whatever would happen, whether Catherine would stay, or would go, that was yet to be seen—Though for now, the woman was here, for however long it would take, even if it meant an hour, or hours—Catherine had said she would be here, so being here, she intended to do, and the woman would not go back on her word, especially not here, not now, not in this moment.


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