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  • Hello! My name is Story and I am a 21 year old college student who works a LOT. Please read these before you interact and stuff with me. ^^ Thank you!


  • Please be patient with me as I have a lot on my plate. I used to try and run five different blogs but that's too much so I decided to take three characters and put them on one profile.  


  • If you don't like the fact that this is a multi-account, I do not think we need to be friends at that point. It does not take away from my quality and how I am as a person. 


  • If your characters want to be sexual with mine, please take it to the inbox and MAYBE I will consider it. I don't write smut often. 


  • I may write about things that are not kid-friendly. Please do not expect me to be kid friendly as most of my characters will not usually be.


  • Unless we work something out, don't get mad if you see something that is mature like violence or dark psychological topics. 


  • If you want to have any type of romance with any of my characters please ask so we can plot that out. Otherwise, do not try to make unwanted advances. 


  • I do plan on adding more characters in the future but that will come with time.


  • If you have any questions or concerns, let me know! I am a pretty chill person so just talk to me and be honest.


  • I have a LOT of issues with comprehension so please try to spell things correctly and use proper grammar if you can. I know sometimes English may not be everyone's first language so I will be more understanding there, but for those with English as their native tongue, please make an effort. Otherwise it ruins the RP for me.


  • If you want to contact me through other social media or whatever, just ask! I love chatting with folks. ^^











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Paragraph, Multi-Para, One-liners

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Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, Anime, Rated R, Child Friendly, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

Hiya! You can call me Story. I am 21 years old working a full-time job with 40 hours each week. I have been roleplaying for almost ten years now and greatly appreciate a good story and good character interaction. I am almost always open to roleplaying and plotting. Just know that I am almost always on mobile though so things may get tough on my end for me to respond. But I hope we can be great friends! I own the accounts of Deirdre Lafayette, Nadiya Franks and this account with these lovely characters on here. ^^

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  • (Jennifer Connoelly. I always found her cute. That is your Marzia girl, right? I think she and Emilia should meet. One assassin of the brotherhood and one from the Void. The blade of Dunwall

  • :: Strokes her face with her soft angelic feathers. ::  Hello, Mortal



  • Nathaniel Rose, a interesting character indeed, a serial killer nonetheless taking cover from his day job as a federal agent believing no one will ever catch on that one of their own is whom they hunt down for a living. Little does Nathaniel or Nate know that the beuro and law enforcement have been getting arousing suspicions that one of their own is behind these homicides lately that include mainly female cops as well as detectives being strangled to death and half way disposed of in acid. Nathaniel is a professional, he has had many jobs before in the past and one of them being a cleaner for a black-ops program called Division where they would take out all the governments dirty laundery under the radar and when it came to claeners, well they would do exactly just that. Strip the deceased body down, burn the clothes and any jewerly and give the body a acid bath to the only thing left was a horrible smell that was once flesh and bone. 

    Nate's motto lately has only been half way disposing the body, to show the public what he can do. He enjoys doing sick shit like this, he can't help it though, his mother is even more twisted than him and she experimented on her own son and messed with his brain, literarily. Shoving needles up through his nose and re-working his brain affecting his personality and more, Nate honestly isn't the one to blame for this crazy shit. Somewhere's though, hopefully one day someone will be able to fix that, and perhaps not even surgically but physically through emotions and re-wiring his heart. As corny as that may sound, hey, what's left to lose? 

    For the mean time though unaware of the government he serves is catching wind and passing along the intel will be some certain detective about to take this dangerously insane case where they will have to track him down, but will they survive?

  • A cop type should work for mariko. Since beside being a mutant lab rat and weaponized Symbiote. She is a thief and hacker and engages in some crime stuff in order to get by.  Maybe Hailey want to adopt the poor abused teenager. lol. 

  • (Yes. Hailey. I think your assassin creed type character wouldgo perfect with my dishonored character on my other name. The one I was debating Alicia debnam Carey from the 100, as a PB. Using her Lexa look.  

  • [Thank you for add]

  • (Thank you for accepting, I am hopeful we might be able to plot - @Helena K.)

  • (No problem! And all of those characters sound amazing! Well lets begin shall we?! :D so before I send the starter are we going where she has got wind of a Federal Agent who is killing cops and she is tracking them down?)

  • (I like the boom. I enjoy our two space characters. I can use my witch or my assassin with one of your others on here, if you desire. 

  • (So. Who we using here?)

This reply was deleted.

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