tumblr_pk8x0cw34I1rg559so3_500.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710x馃尮 Basic Info聽馃尮

Name: Imogen Lilith Richmond

Age: Looks 24 but is around 200 + years old聽

Status: Single - Not looking聽

Species: Witch聽

Current Residence: New Orleans but she travels around a lot聽

Occupation: Owns a herbal store聽

Family: Mother (Deceased) - Father (Deceased)

Adotpive Mother and Father - Lord and Lady Ashford - Both are deceased聽

Lady Marybelle [Their daughter and her foster sister] - Refuses to talk or visit her聽

Friends: None. Imogen is a loner聽

Scars/ Markings: Ones on her back from being punished by Lady Ashford centuries ago

Hometown: N/A - She mostly resided in the Richmond Estate where she was born and then raised for the rest of her life at the Ashford Estate.聽


聽Her Personality聽

Imogen's personality is quite unbalanced. She possesses vices and virtues that collide with one another on a daily basis. She is very charasmatic and cunning. This was something she developed from her father whom she was not with a long time. Imogen can be caring, loving and protective. A few virtues she had gained from her mother whom she stayed the longest with. Due to some misfortunes in her life time, Imogen became very antisocial and mute. Her trust is very limited. She can be manipulative and cynical. Her personality traits crash so much she does not know who or what she has become. She questions herself more often than she should.


char路is路mat路ic /藢ker蓹z藞madik/ adjective: charismatic

1. exercising a compelling charm which inspires devotion in others.

cun路ning /藞k蓹niNG/ adjective adjective: cunning

1. having or showing skill in achieving one's ends by deceit or evasion.

lov路ing /藞l蓹viNG/ adjective adjective: loving

1. feeling or showing love or great care

pro路tec路tive /pr蓹藞tektiv/ adjective adjective: protective

1. capable of or intended to protect someone or something.

car路ing /藞keriNG/ adjective adjective: caring

1. displaying kindness and concern for others.


ma路nip路u路la路tive /m蓹藞nipy蓹藢l膩div,m蓹藞nipy蓹l蓹div/ adjective adjective: manipulative

1. characterized by unscrupulous control of a situation or person.

Anti-social behaviours are actions that harm or lack consideration for the well-being of others.

cyn路i路cal /藞sin蓹k(蓹)l/ adjective adjective: cynica

l 2. concerned only with one's own interests and typically disregarding accepted or appropriate

聽馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮馃尮聽 Abilities/ Skills 聽

  • tumblr_nyiliyPxOA1u7sppoo9_250.gif?profile=RESIZE_180x180Imogen is book smart and can memorize what she has read.-Literary Manipulation - The power to absorb all information a book contains.

  • She is a time traveling witch but this ability can only be used once in awhile. She can only use it a few times before it takes a toll on her. She will develop nose bleeds and eventually collapse from the impact. -Time Travel - The ability to travel through time and space.

  • Imogen possess the ability to see into the future. This ability comes at random and when it does, it also takes a small toll on her. Not as much as time traveling but she will feel a little light headed after it happens. -Divination - The practice of predicting the future.

  • She also has the ability to touch objects from a person and a wave of energy surges through her. This capability intertrwines with triggering her pshychic abilities. She is able to see into the future or past of someone depending on the object she touches. Premonition - The ability to receive a vision about the future of an object or person with or without touching them or those.

Other Abilities pretaining to her magic:

  • Aerokinesis - The elemental ability to create, control and manipulate the air and wind
  • Deflection - The ability to deflect the active powers of others
  • Healing - The ability to heal injuries and diseases of others, unless that person is evil or has already died.
  • Nature Enhancement - The ability to augment, grow or bring back to life plants
  • Psychic Echo - Connected to the power of Premonition, a Psychic Echo is when two psychics are physically and mentally connected.
  • Cryokinesis - The ability to create and/or manipulate ice and cold.



2944984316?profile=RESIZE_710xShe's a fairly light skinned woman with curly brown hair.

Her eyes are a light caramel color.

Imogen stands at 5'7". She is petite but has some muscle built to her body.

Her lips are plump and some people say they remind them of a rose whenever she wears red lipstick.

Since she usually wore big bulky dresses, one could not tell what her figured looked like but they had an idea. She had curves that made her shape look like an hour glass.聽

Her breast were another feature that was hard to keep hidden underneath her dress since the corset she wore daily would be tied rather tight, causing her breast to be pushed up.聽






(Trigger Warnings: Modertate (Not to much) Violence (Physical and Sexual), Some Racisim involved. Modified and Edited. Rated pg 13<3

midlands-english-countryside-990x557.gif?profile=RESIZE_710xImogen Lilith Richmond was born to Clarabelle Wilson and James Richmond on March 21st, 1761. Her mother was a maid at the Richmond estate that resided outside of London. Her father was the Earl at the time. He was well known around the area and had a high ranking. An affair between her mother and James bloomed in secret. He was in fact married and had two children by Lady Noel. They had to not only keep their love a secret but if it were to be exposed or found out, Clarabelle will take the hardest shame of all. Around this time slavery was still well and alive. Prejudice involving African Americans was still a huge problem in London. Now that Imogen was born, it made it even more difficult for the couple to keep their love under wraps. James had to contantly make sure that Clarabelle was alright. He had her seeing a doctor in a small town just a couple of miles away from the Richmond estate. Of course the doctor had to be an afirican american otherwise no treatement was going to be given.

Lady Noel discovered that Clarabelle was with child. She noticed that her and her husband's disappearances became more frequent than usual. When Lady Noel found out about the love child, all hell broke lose. Lady Noel wanted Clarabelle to be beaten to death. She wanted the baby to die along with the mother. This was all spewed out of rage and hurt from the nobal woman. Clarabelle did not find out until one of her good friends who was a maid herself had told Clarabelle about Lady Noel's plan to harm her and the baby.聽 Out of fear for her own well being and her child, Clarabelle did the unthinkable. She bewitched Lady Noel into killing herself. She used some dark magic to do so. James was unaware of his lover's power and what she truly was. He only found out because Clarabelle confessed to hexing Lady Noel. Out of fright James ordered for her to be tried for murder and to be lynched for it.聽 He held off on lynching the mother of his unborn until after the baby was born. James did not want to do this but he was spooked by what Clarabelle had told him. He had the woman locked up in a dungeon like interior that was below the estate. A couple of months or so later, Imogen was born and right after her birth, Clarabelle was lyhnched. Her body hung in the trees lifelessly as some nobal women who were friends of Lady Noel looked on. They spit on her body and even continued to beat the dead woman with their umbrellas.聽

Now James Richmond was left with a crying newborn babygirl. He had to get ride of her immediately. The man wanted nothing to do with this evil spawn from the devil. That's when he deciced to take the child to the Ashford estate where she would live at for the rest of her life. Lord and Lady Ashford were good friends to James. Lord Ashford was in debt with James. That debt made a perfect time to give them the child to look after. Although all the man felt was hurt and despair, he couldn't help but see Clarabelle in the child. James took Imogen in a carriage with him one night to make the drop off. Imogen cried all the way there. James wished his love was still alive but the thought of her just frightened the poor man. He was even more afraid that his daughter inherited the evil powers her mother possessed.聽 Lord and Lady Ashford agreed to adopt Imogen although the pair was not happy, espescially the lord's wife.聽

Imogen has been at the Ashford Estate for a few years now, not knowing that within her resided a power like no other. Something that was 122740-belle-tom-wilkinson-gugu-mbatha-raw.gif?profile=RESIZE_710xso taboo if it was shown or discovered.... she would be killed on sight.The treatment she received from the Ashford's was anything but pleasant. They found her kind to be beneath them and she was abused physically and emotionally on the regular. Imogen was around six years old when Lady Ashford kicked the child down the stairs. Imogen fell for what seemed like forever. She ended breaking her leg severly. Part of the bone poked out of the child's leg and Imogen screamed in panic. Lord Ashford who came home from work saw the child on the floor. He demanded that she get up and quit whining. When Imogen could not comply, Lord Ashford picked her up. That was when he discovered the child had broken her leg and needed immeidate care.聽

From there, Imogen went into surgery done by their own family doctor right at the estate. The doctor ordered for her to stay on bed rest for a few months. Lady Ashford did not like that at all and the terrible adoptive mother waited for the child to become healthy both physically and emotionally so she could tear her down once more. Imogen heard the Lady speak with her companions one night over tea. A few months had gone by and Imogen was able to move around using crutches to help her. She overheard their conversation. "Why do you have that negro child living in your estate Lady Ashford?" One of her friends asked while she sipped on some tea. "My stupid husband had a debt he owed to James Richmond....this was the only way he could fulfill it." The Lady answered in such a shameful tone. "That must be hard for you....having to raise a monkey alongside with your precious Marybelle." Another woman had added on. Lady Ashford let out a long sigh, agreeing with the comments made about Imogen. "I hate that little bed wench so much...I just know she will grow up to be a terrible burden." Lady Ashford set her tea cup down onto the small table.

Tears welled up in Imogen's eyes. She was ready to break down right there but decided to hold it in. When she turned around, her focus was now on Marybelle. "How long have you been standing there?" The girl asked her. Imogen did not answer Marybelle, instead she decided to try and walk away. Marybelle refused to be ignored. She ended up tripping Imogen and her crutches went clattering against the marble floor. That sound echoed throughout the hall, alerting the women that someone was outside. They emerged from the small tea room, looking at what the deal was. "Hi momma." Marybelle said while waving. Lady Ashford smiled but it soon faded when she saw Imogen on the floor. "Why is she on the floor?" Lady Ashford asked, looking over to her daughter for an answer. "She tripped..." Marybelle replied while helping Imogen back up, handing her the crutches. "I see. Off you two go then. " The Lady said but her eyes were glued onto Imogen. They were filled with fury.聽

聽When Imogen turned 16 years old, she didn't think her life could get any worse but it did. This day will haunt her for the rest of her life. She will soon not want to celebrate her birthday nor would she want to think of it. Lord and Lady Ashford surprisngly threw her a garden party. As Imogen had expressed before, she loved working in the garden. It was her favorite place to be. When the flowers bloomed during the spring time, she enjoyed seeing the different colors that spread through the Ashford's garden. From the lillies, to the roses and tulips. For once, Imogen found her peaceful place. This party not only represented her growing up but it also symbolized that she was one of these flowers, blossiming. The Lord and Lady had invited just about everyone to her party. Imogen truly thought they had a change of heart since she was getting older. Maybe they were trying to find a way to love her just like they loved Marybelle.聽

She was wrong.....

tumblr_nakszxkyER1rp57r0o8_250.gifAs the party came to a close, the guest once more wished the young teen a "Happy Birthday" before departing the Estate. Lord Ashford told Imogen that he had a special surprise for her later on tonight. The teen smiled at her adoptive father and gave him a huge hug, whispering the words "Thank you...I love you very much papa." to the man. He generally gave the teen a hug back, allowing it to feel reassuring and truthful. By 9:30 p.m. Lord Ashford awoke Imogen who was sleep in bed with the other maids in their chambers. "Come with me, Your surprise awaits you." He told her. She almost leaped out of bed, ready to see what he could possibly have in store for her. Imogen grabbed her dress, slipping it back on and pulling her curls back with a clip. She then slid into her shoes and grabbed her cloak, putting it on and pulling the hood over her head to cover her face.聽

Imogen approached the carriage that had one laterun that lit it up as the driver of the carriage held it up for her to see. She hopped inside the carriage still thinking Lord Ashford would be taking her to the surprise. To her dismay, there was an older white gentlemen sitting across from her. He was older than Lord Ashford and old enough to be her grandfather. "Papa..who is this?" She asked Lord Ashford who just smirked. "This is your surprise and how you will help me pay for my debt to the Earl." A snicker escaped the man's lips. He shut the carriage door. Imogen in panic tried to open it back up but the older man grabbed a hold of her hand. He was stronger than she had expected him to be. "You aren't going anywhere my dear. You are mine for the night. " The man licked his lips making Imogen cringe. She wasn't sure what kind of deal he and her adotpive father had made.聽

She sat quietly, wondering where the carriage was taking her. The man eyed Imogen down like she was some fresh piece of meat just 2945164577?profile=RESIZE_710xput out onto the market. "My name is Duke Worthington." He said while bowing his head to her. Imogen said nothing to man, she kept trying to figure out exactly where she was being taken to. The Duke didn't take it to kindly that his one night stand was ignoring him. "Talk to me bed wench!" A hard slap to the teen's face soon came after his harsh words. "I....I..." All she could do was stutter in that moment. Imogen had experienced abuse from Lady Ashforth but never from a stranger. "Speak you illiterate negro. Don't waste my time here." Duke Worthington spewed out of hate. "I'm Imogen" She finally responsed to him, her head hanging low. "Ah Imogen...a pretty name for a pretty negro such as yourself." He grabbed a hold of her hand, tracing along her skin and admiring it like she was some kind of exotic animal. The teenager wanted to cry but she held in her tears.聽

When the pair finally arrived to the Duke's small cottage, Imogen wanted to make a break for it. She looked everywhere for an escape route but there were guards posted at every corner of the property. "I got protection as well as lookouts just in case you were to try anything." The Duke told her while he tugged her along with him. As soon as she stepped foot into the cottage, the Duke pushed her onto a mattress that laid on the floor. Imogen now realizing what this ordeal was all about tried to get up but he had pushed her right back down. She was about to scream but the Duke had pulled out a whip, lashing it at her. "If you scream I will do more harm to your delciate body." He said as he walked towards her. "Undress yourself. Now!" The Duke demanded her. She could only comply but the tears she was holding in began to pour out. The Duke watched as Imogen stripped from one layer of clothing out of the other until every article of clothing was off her body. The Duke wasted no time, he got on top of her, grabbing onto one of her breast and squeezing it tight. Imogen yelped in pain from the amount of pressure he was applying to his grip. "Hush now." He told her while unzipping his pants. The Duke got in between her legs and shoved himself inside of her. Being a virgin, she was tight and the amount of force coming from him as he thrusted in and out of her, made her want聽 to scream but she kept quiet. The Duke knew he was hurting the girl but did not care, he was getting his enjoyment out of this. He not only slapped her but choked her a little bit. He planted unwanted kisses all over her face and inserted his tongue inside of her mouth. His salvia slid down the corners of her mouth and under her chin. Imogen felt dirty and wanted this to end.聽

Unfortunately for Imogen what lasted about聽 four hours,聽 seemed like centuries to her. By the time the duke was finished, he was zipping his pants up. "Oy, you are bleeding. Clean yourself up and I'll be taking you back home." He said while throwing a warm wash cloth to her. She applied it to herself trying to sooth the pain that ached from there. Imogen did look down however and saw some splatters of blood on the mattress. She was digusted by the sight and wanted to throw up. After a couple of minutes of her gathering herself together and getting dressed, the Duke came back. He motioned for her to get inside of the carriage so they could hurry back. It was around 1:30 a.m. Imogen had arrived back at the Estate. She got out of the carriage and ran inside to the maids chambers. She did not look at Lord Ashford who emerged from the front door. All she knew was a trnasaction had been obtained and she was the source of it.聽

About two years later, the same situation happened on her 18th birthday. Imogen was presented as product to be sold for sex and money. The Ashford's were going broke and they needed another source of income. Since Imogen was developing rapidly in "
all the right places" as Lord Ashford would say, she was presented as the third party income revnue they would use. Marybelle who was going to an expensive private school in England at the time was the source of their over spending and debt. Lord Ashford made sure Imogen always looked presentable to the suitors who wanted a taste of her. She was used for her body and her skin. She was a black woman in a day an age where black women and men were treated unfairly and seen as bottom class, or below that. Imogen was a free woman but was still treated as a slave. Since Lord Ashford had to leave for some business outside of London, his dirty downlow corrupt聽 business had to come to a halt.聽聽


Imogen found herself staying in the maids chambers longer than usual. The Lady was forbidden to lay a hand on her by Lord Ashford who wanted to keep his product looking fresh and untarnished. Some of the maids had tried to encourage Imogen to get back to work as the Lady was getting fed up with her laziness. She felt that Imogen was taking advantage of this ban that the Lord had put upon her. That was far from true. Imogen wanted to be left alone, deep in her thoughts.聽 At night she would stay up, staring at herself in the mirror, wondering why her mother would ever curse her with this skin tone. There would be times where Imogen beat on herself and rub continuously at her skin. She wanted to wipe it all off and become someone different. She hated herself, more so her skin color. Since Imogen had been unsuccessful of cleansing herself from the damage her skin has brought to her during this lifetime, she just cried softly to herself. The other maids tried to comfort her but were unsuccessful. The self-hate that Imogen developed about herself had been permanent.聽


"I don't know that I find myself anywhere."

When Lord Ashford came back to the Estate he brought along with him a young gentlemen by the name of Oliver Vanderbuilt. He presented him as someone who was interested in investing in the Ashford estate. When Imogen came to the Lady, carrying a trey of tea cups and a tea pot, Oliver's gaze soon went over to her. Lord Ashford took note of the sudden interest and introduced Imogen to Oliver. The man took a hold of her hand and gave it a gentle kiss. "Pleasure to meet you Imogen." He spoke to her. By this time, Imogen was around the age of 21. The only time a man approached her or took interest in her was for when they wanted to experience or live out their sexual fantasies with a black woman. Imogen being unsure about this wanted to back away but her feet stayed planted on the polished floor.聽

2947014122?profile=RESIZE_710xSoon after the encounter with Oliver. Imogen found herself leaving the estate to attend dinner parties and other events as Oliver's right hand lady. Whispers and murmurs occured when she stepped forth as his right hand woman for the night. Other women still threw themselves at him, wanting the attention he was given to Imogen. They became jealous of her and would call her a negro whore. Her reputation as the prostitute of ashford estate was alive and well. Even though she hasn't been bought in 3 years, there were some men she had slept with who were at these functions. Right by their sides was their wives who were oblivious to the vicious sexual cravings their husband's desired.聽 Imogen wasn't sure what this feeling was she was having for Oliver but it was growing inside her. She never thought she would fall for a man, especially a noble. They all seemed the same to her. Arrongant, impulsive, beastly and sex crazy. Oliver showed her a different side, the more gentle side of a man. He courted Imogen for about six months or so.聽

The woman found herself in love...but with an illusion. Imogen was blinded by the amount of attention she was receiving from Oliver that she did not know what his true intentions were. It was during their daily walk around the Ashford Estate that he revealed his true-self. He never loved nor cared about Imogen, in fact he hated her. His prejudice towards her showed when he grabbed a hold of her arm. "So negro woman, why are you truly here? " He asked Imogen, thinking she was the one making the Ashford's go bankrupt. He wanted nothing to do with these people but his father Earl of Vanderbuilt sent him here to help out. This interfered with the man's plans to go to law school. "What are you talking about?" She answered back while trying to get her arm from out of his grasp. "You are a free loading negro woman. I had to give up my plans for law school to be here at this shitty estate. I gained your trust...have I not? I could see it in your eyes that you love me Imogen." Oliver kissed her forcefully and with such agression. Imogen managed to pull herself away from him. "I can't believe I fell for are just like the rest of them!" The woman shouted at the man.聽

As Imogen began walking away, Oliver went after her. She was fed up with the abuse she had taken from over the years and finally lashed out. "LEAVE ME ALONE!" Her screams echoed throughout the garden. Oliver went flying across the way, he hit the ground pretty hard when he landed. The woman was surprised by what had just happened. She was also afriad that whatever made him go flying could have killed the man. Imogen ran away from the garden and back to the Estate. She hurried into the maid chambers and told them if anyone was looking for her that she was in the kitchen the whole time. Imogen quickly changed into her uniform and hurried off to the kitchen. It didn't take long until Oliver was found laying unconcious on the grassy plain. Lord Ashford came into the kitchen, he turned the woman around. "What did you do to him?" He asked out of anger. No words left Imogen's mouth. "Answer me damnit!" She wasn't sure if she tell the man that Oliver just randomly flew across the garden by an invisible force of some kind. If she told him that, it would give him more than enough reason to ship her to the psych place. Eventually she admitted that Oliver fell over a rock in the garden and he hit the ground hard which is why he was unconcious. Lord Ashfrod was trying to figure out if wanted to believe her or not but there was no time. He left Imogen in the kitchen and didn't question her again about it.聽

tumblr_okwcp2wcMA1rob81ao8_250.gifImogen thought about running away countless of times. The only thing wrong with that was she would have nowhere to go. She would be broke, homeless and most likely treated worse than she was treated here. Despite the downside of living here, Imogen came to the conclusion that she would steal. Around 3:20 a.m, everyone was asleep while Imogen was still up. She decided to go into the Ashford's main building and find some pounds to steal. She knew that Lady Ashford usually kept a few pounds laying around. Imogen was able to sneak into the lady's chambers and rummage through her vanity where she kept a secret stash for herself. Lady Ashford had a drinking problem that her husband had no clue about. Imogen caught the Lady acting out of chracter one day due to her drunkeness. 'While stealing a few pounds and slipping them into her apron, a maid who was up had caught Imogen. She yelled at her calling the woman a "Theif" and a "Crook". Lady Ashford woke up, catching the maid tugging at Imogen's apron and seeing the pounds drop to the marble floor.

Lady Ashford got out of bed, slipping into her silk robe and walking up to Imogen. She could see the fire in her eyes fueled with hatred abd resement. "How dare you steal from me!" Lady Ashford shouted at Imogen who just stood there. She did not know what to do in that moment. Lady Ashford's hand connected with her cheek. A slap so hard that it stung her face. She then pushed Imogen out into the hallway. "Take her outside. She will pay for these actions!" The Lady yelled. Cora, the maid who caught her took the young woman out into the front yard. The cold night breeze swept pass the two women. Imogen was trying to break free from Cora's grasp but she was much stronger than her. Lady Ashford came out with a whip and Cora threw Imogen to the ground. Her dress collected mud. Cora then ripped the back of her dress open, revelaing the brown woman's skin. A few moments later, Lady Ashford lashed out on her with the whip. Marking up her once delicate skin. She had at it for hours until her husband Lord Ashford came out and stopped the woman.聽

Imogen was left outside by herself in the cold. Soon it begain to rain and the little droplets found themselves seeping into the fresh wounds Lady Ashford had left on her. Imogen cried out in pain, trying her hardest to get up from the ground. She kept slipping due to the muddiness. Her feet sank into the dirt that turned gooey and slippery. She made her way towards the stables where the horses resided in. She slept there for the night. The next morning, Cora came out to get Imogen. She wasn't off her duties just because she was injured. Cora and another maid named Lola helped give Imogen a bath and gave her fresh new maid clothes to wear before she started to work again. The young woman was stuck in a state of shock due to her wounds being left unintended all night long. Cora and Lola made sure they cleaned and dressed her wounds well enough so they wouldn't bother her while she was on duty for the Lord and Lady.聽

1.jpg?profile=RESIZE_710xIt was on a sunny and warm spring day when Imogen was directed to go back out into the stables. She was tending to the horses, prepping them for their daily ride from the Lord and Lady. She was so deep in her thoughts and planning another聽 way to escape this horrid life when a rip in time opened up right before her eyes. At first she was afraid of what it was and how it got there but then she gathered up the courage to find out. She ended up landing in the 21st century somewhere in New Orleans to be exact. Her old time period clothing made tourist and the people who lived there think she came from a museum or something. Imogen was more so shocked than confused. Imogen snapped her head back so fast looking for the time rift but it was nowhere to be found. She was now stuck in this new era. The woman was beyond frightened especially by the cars that zipped down the open roads. Some folks took pictures of her like she was some kind of attraction. Imogen had to figure a way out of this place and fast.聽

She continued to walk down the crowded sidewalks of New Orleans looking for a way back home. She must've lost her mind because the witch was determined to go home rather than stay. This era she knew she didn't belong in. And soon she would find out that there is more to her than meets the eye.聽

Society has a habit of disregarding one of its own even when opportunity provides.



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Clarabelle Williams (Deceased)

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James Richmond - Father (Deceased)


Lady Ashford - Adoptive Mother (Deceased) Image result for belle tom wilkinson gif

Lord Ashford- Adoptive Father聽 (Deceased)聽


Marybelle Ashford - Foster Sister聽


Oliver Vanderbuilt- First and last man she fell in love with 聽

More Coming Soon...聽

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    A loud splashing sound could be heard as hasty feet made contact with the wet cemented ground; it had been raining only minutes prior, only for the moon to shine down in the now clear night skies as if nothing occurred. Perhaps the view was a peaceful sight to most, but for the unknown man running across the damp alleyway 鈥 it was anything but. Fear was easily displayed in both his expression and his hurried movements as he made his past through one alleyway and onto the busy streets. For a few brief moments the man glanced around his surroundings 鈥 noticing cars travelling casually down both sides of the road along with a small crowd of people walking along the sidewalks. His mind calmed momentarily...until a familiar sight of blue caught the corner of his eye. Terror once again struck him as he attempted to flee again, only to collide with an unsuspecting couple passing by.

    "Hey!" A woman shouted as she fell to the ground with the frantic man. The man she was with then pushed the other male onto his back before helping the woman up. "Watch where the hell you're going, dude!" Though instead of engaging in an argument, the man turned to his left 鈥 noticing that the sight of blue was slowly getting closer. His eyes widened in realization as he quickly jumped up before running recklessly into the busy streets, nearing getting run over by cars that had no choice but to swerve out of the way. The couple, meanwhile, could only stare at the odd man as he made his way into another alleyway. At first they assumed he was nothing more than a local drunk, but as the woman looked down the pitch black alleyway that he came from she couldn't help but wonder why he was running. To her, it seemed like the male had seen a ghost.

    Maybe that's what the culprit of all this was, a phantom 鈥 an unknown specter lost in the fragments of his memories...but such was a tale for a different time. For now, there was a job to be done. He had been trailing his victim for the past hour, at first gaining amusement from the man's feeble efforts..but now the thrill was fading away. The sight of blue that he tormented the male with was sparks of azure fire that surrounded his damaged purple arms. The woman who glanced down the alleyway failed to see anything in the shadows, but unbeknownst to her, she and her boyfriend were being closely watched. Thankfully for the couple, they put the incident behind them and continued on their way. Had they tried to intervene, they would have become casualties. No witnesses 鈥 that was a golden rule when it came to his profession, if one could call being a reaper such a thing.

    And it was through the shadows that the reaper remained unseen, using his ability to bend with them to make his way past the busy roads and down the alleyway where the man continued to run: until he was met with a fenced dead end. Grabbing onto the wooden barrier, the man attempted to climb over, but his body was weak from his prior running. Instead the scared male fell onto his knees, his pants growing damp from the droplets of water that remained. He looked down at his trembling hands, trying to figure a way out 鈥 only to hear an unwanted voice. "So you finally realized that you can't escape death, huh? Took you long enough..." The reaper known as Vanitas spoke in almost a tired tone as he nonchalantly approached the male, but the desperate man had one final trick.

    When Vanitas was close enough, the man pulled a knife from his tattered pants before slashing upward: cutting his assailant in his right palm. A small grunt emitted past the reaper's mismatched lips before the armed man launched forward, recklessly swiping his blade forward 鈥 this time to no avail. Darkness once again proved to be one of the reaper's greatest allies. "Hah, now you're the one fleeing from me?! "The man taunted, having gained a brief upper hand. "Your kind are all alike, nothing but disposable pawns to be used! Slaves to some unknown agenda! You really think she c--" He was interrupted mid-sentence upon feeling a familiar hand on his right shoulder. "You talk too much..." was all that was said before the man felt something penetrate his chest, looking down to see a sharpened blade formed from the shadows being the cause. Crimson ooze squirted out from man's abdomen before he turned to look at his murderer. Blood spilled out from his mouth as he tried to scream, but instead his body grew limp and fell to the ground.

    Vanitas stared down at his victim as he laid in a puddle of his own blood. He was waiting. The dying male could only shiver before finally succumbing to his fate, his body now motionless and emitting a faint blue aura. It was then that the reaper extended his left hand out before the faded aura slowly began to absorb into his palm. Another successful job, it seemed. He was claiming yet another soul and all without anyone in sight, or at least so he thought.

  • ( Well here's the gist-- Leon was just summoned from Hell from followers who believed Leon could have become so much more with his power, but Leon is definitely not the cult type and leaves them in confusion as he tries to adjust to the new world and the darkness now within him, but yes he will be looking to obtain his humanity back which will call for him hunting down the Witch that sent him to Hell in the first place.聽 He could end up in New Orleans, maybe get hit by a car to bring him attention, cus before he died cars weren't as fast lol. In getting to know Imogen if she happened to be there and helped him, he'd learn of her abilities and yes, try and use that to his advantage. what do you think? )

  • That sounds like a fantastic idea!! When the two meet they are both on the run, Emery from her coven and Imogen from聽Lady Ashford when they find one another and are obviously scared and not very trusting at first. From there we can just see where our story leads, unless you have anything else in mind love?

  • Kane laid down the axe onto the ground before he sighed removing the sweat from his brow along his arm, before he'd than heard Miss Imogens soft tone surface from behind him while he turned gazing down at the little witch before him " Good Morning, how'd you sleep? " Kane smiled warm, his tone kind and welcoming. When Imogen thanked him for allowing her to stay Kane shook his head slowly " No need to thank me, I wanted to help " Kanes hues looked out towards everyone around than back towards Imogen " Follow me, I would like to show you around "聽 While Kane showed her around a calming silence laid over the two for a moment before he spoke " This is my home, these are my people. We've been here for decades, my grandfathers father owned this land long ago and it's been passed down.. Now to me " Kane smiled warm gazing around, to the right were a group of women were washing cloths in large pails of water with suds bubbling at the surface; while down the hill kids played in the small creek laughing and chasing one another around. Most of the people around were of all colors being many were werewolves and some werent, everyone just needed a home and thats what Kane had given them.. but in return help keep there small pack / village safe.


    " We don't discrininate, most are welcome but it takes a lot for just anyone to join us " Kane looked down towards Imogen, his hues concerned for the young woman and what type of life she's lived outside of this forest. " I was born very far away from here, Hawaii was my home once.. its not a very populated island. My father died and my mother decieded to make the long travel back here to her family, so sense then I've been here helping grow our village. I'm not welcomed in most areas.. But here I am. "聽 A warm smile laid over his features while they walked down the hill towards a large valley leading down into the forest.聽Kane stopped walking while he turned towards Imogen " I have an empty cabin that'll be done being built in a few weeks, you're more than welcomed to stay as long as you need.. But you're welcomed here, you are safe here. " Kane new and felt her energy, she had a kind soft soul.. he already knew he could trust her in his home with his people.

    A group of men walked out from the forest, Kye which was Kanes cousin walked over grinning warmly towards Kane and the new woman beside him. " Kane still up for the gathering tonight? " Kane grinned warm with a node " Yes, It'll begin by dawn " Kye nodded while his chocolate honey browns laid over Imogen " Pleasure too make your acquaintance Miss, I'm Kye Monosa Kanes cousin. " Kye had shorter soft curled hair, his face fairly handsome with soft light skin.. Kye wasnt as tall as Kane but still much taller then Imogen standing at about 6'1 and very much in shape " I'm hoping you'll join us tonight? " Kye grinned while he walked off with the group of men towards the village, Kane looked towards Imogen with a smirk " Our gathering is tonight at dawn, you may join us if you'd like? " Kane knew this was all probably a bit much for Imogen all at once.

  • At this point it was all up to Imogen if she wanted to stay or leave, although Kane was more than welcome to help her there was no way he'd be able to talk anyone into staying that didnt care to. After placing the pot inside of the fire to cook Kane than rose to his feet once more, collecting his thoughts for a moment he watched as her hand lightly let go of the door knob.. Kane could feel and hear her heart that was once racing slowly slowing it's pace which seemed to be a good sign the woman wasnt so frightened as she had been moments before. Imogen than spoke from across the room towards Kane while his hazel hues laid over her " Alright, great.. I'm Kane Monosa " Slowly making his way up towards the woman once more he placed out his hand gently聽 " Imogen, right? I heard the men yelling it after you passed out from hitting your head " When her hand would touch his Kanes palm was very much warm being a werewolfs the temperature in it's body was much higher than the normal human or Immortal beings around. " You may make yourself at home, I'm going out for a bit to collect more wood in the shed for the fire for tongiht. "聽


    Warm steaming soup was poured into the bowls placed upon the table, while Kane sat at the opposite side of Imogen he ate as the silence between the two settled throughout his home before his deep voice sliced through the air " You were running, running for your life " Kanes hazel orbs looked across the table at the young woman before him " You collapsed before me when I heard the men on there horses chasing after you, so I carried you here .. to my home. Cleaned the wound where you had hit your head, than laid you down to rest until I knew you'd wake. I'm not here to harm you, so remove that from your mind. " Kane looked towards Imogen, his voice was stern yet in no way aggressive being he didnt want to scare her but just wanted it to be clear he wasnt here to harm her in anyway. Just to help.聽The night grew later and darker by the hour while the storm outside grew heavier, Kane let her finish her food before showing her where she may stay for tonight. Up his large wooden oak stair case Kane walked Imogen to the guest bedroom, inside was a large queen size bed covered in furr blankets along with a bathroom off towards the right with everything she would need to bath or use for the restroom. A large glass window covered one side of the wall peaking out to the large dark forest miles out from his home, with dark red drapes that hung to the wooden floor. " You may stay as long as you would like, we may talk more about everything tomorrow. Goodnight Miss Imogen " Kane slowly closed over her door while making his way towards his room, lying back on his bed Kane sighed while his hues looked towards the fireplace in his room.

    Morning rose while the sun peaked through the windows of Kanes cabin home, the sound of childrens laughter came from outside while they played in the valley, along with women and men voices all talking amongst themsleves while doing there daily work duties. Planting & picking crops, cleaning cloths, just all around helping out to keep there land and home nice. Kanes pack all lived in homes on the mountain above the forest, being it was there land many never entered nor visited " The Monosa Pack " Had a long history in this area, storys that had been kept quiet for decades at a time kept hidden. Kane was just outside choping wood, eariler this morning he'd slid a note underneath Imogens door leaving her cloths outside folded on the floor neatly.. A soft pink long dress along with shoes and everything a woman would need of course sense the women in Kanes pack were more than kind enough to hand off clothing they no longer needed. This day and age was the world of slavery, Kane had an idea what Imogen was running off from but it wasnt something he'd ever force somone to speak about.

  • While Kane tended to the fire as time passed on he felt Imogens heart pace pick up, he knew she would wake soon.. Being she didnt know who Kane was or why she was alone in his home with him it was more than obvious she was going to be scared. Kane was ripped away from his thoughts hearing a soft sigh pass her lips, her body wiggling underneath the fur blanket he laid over her hours ago to keep her body warm.. Imogens eyes opened while Kane turned slowly looking towards her, his hazel eyes concered when she quickly had gotten up from the couch.聽Before he knew it Imogen shot up and made her way over towards the door when she realized there wasnt anything around for her to defend herself with, so running off would be her next option. A deep voice rose above the quietness of Kanes cabin home while he stood too his feet slowly.. Kane was a very tall man standing at the height of 6'3, his chizzled body covered by the cloths that covered his bare tanned skin while he walked closer towards the woman before stopping a few feet away so she wouldnt feel the need to run " Miss are more than welcome to leave, the door is there at your free will. But I highly advise you to stay, at least for now.. Unless you'd like to continue running miles in the forest alone where plenty of men are searching for you. " Kane took a slow breath watching her hand that laid over the door knob than slowly shot back to the little witch before him, he knew what she was the moment he seen her being witches had a smell only few would know of.


    Turning Kane walked into the kitchen taking a large bowl full of meat, veggies made with bone broth while he made his way back into the living room beside the fire hanging it along a metal rod so it would start cooking over the fire. " If you'd like to stay I'm making some soup, youre body needs it. " Imogen was very thin, did whomever she was with feed her well? Or had she just been lost in the forest for days before he'd came upon her.. Kane didnt know, but he wasnt one to just ignore somone whom needed help, especially a young scared woman before him.

    Rain began to patter along the windows of the cabin home as lighting struck, the deep growling thunder rolled making the cabin home shake from the earth up. Kane would wait to see how the woman would react, although he wanted to help he wouldnt keep her here against her will, sense Kane wasnt that type of man.

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    The borders around Kanes territory were protected at all times, around the border of his land were men from his pack and each one of those men were at every check point they were posted at for the day or night watching over there land so none that didnt belong would ever enter. Kane watched his men transform into there wolf forms and seep into the dark night of the woods to do there duty and protect there land. The moon shined bright down over the forest as Kanes hazel hues looked over the treetops from the backyard of his cabin home. While the women and children stayed back at the bonfire making there late night supper Kane had decided tonight was the night.. While his eyes closed Kane took a deep breath in while the sound of every bone, ligament and piece of tissue in his body would be heard transforming into his inner wolf.

    Kanes large paws soaked into the soil of the earth while he made his way through thr forest until a large howl echoed throughout the forest from his pack members meaning someone was near!! Making his way east Kane smelled the air, something was different.. the smell of a young womans sweat coated his nose? Something he hadnt ever smelt around here before, normally there wouldnt be any young women walking these woods alone. That was until Kane heard the panic of a young woman running up ahead of him, her faced looked as if she'd seen a ghost.. While blood dripped from her forehead down to her cheek while she looked so very disoriented. Before he could do anything the woman collapsed before him while she passed out into a deep sleep.. " SHE WENT THIS WAY!! GET HER!! " Kane growled pinning his ears back letting out a large puff of air from his muzzle while fog drifed into thr air howling deeply for his pack to attack, the sounds of screams and cries echoed throughout the forest while Kane than shifted into his human form. Quietly Kane kneeled down beside the young woman his fingers slowly pushing back her dark hair that covered her face, she had a soft tanned complexion with dark curly locks, her lips so very full.. The womans features so calm and relaxed than what they had been just a few seconds ago. Lifting her weightless body up bridal style he let her head rest on his chest while his arms held her legs making his way back towards his home.


    -聽 聽 聽-聽 聽 聽-聽 聽 聽-聽 聽 聽-

    The fire place warmed Kanes home while he kneeled down beside the fire place stoking the fresh wood, while the flames burned bright it lit up his living room area where Imogen laid. He had placed her on his couch with a thick fur blanket covering her body. . . The blood from her forehead聽 was washed off along with her small cut along the upper part of her forehead bandaged & cleaned properly. Now was the waiting game, who was this woman and why was she running through his woods? What had she done, why were over 20 men hunting her down like an animal? Only time would tell until would awaken.

  • (Thank you for accepting, Your character is very interesting! I'm hoping to possibly plot.. Niki is still pretty much under construction..

    She's the daughter/clone of James Buchanon 'Bucky' Barnes, since Hydra's Winter Soldier Program went defunct, they wanted to create an new assassin better than all the rest and made Niki, their secret weapon.

    I do have some possible plot ideas: Niki is out on an mission given to her by Hydra, your character could be her target, or someone else. Adding onto that she could sustain an concussion that knocks her briefly free from their hold and the trigger words.

    Another idea is she is AWOL from Hydra and on the run, they could be looking for her and wanting to repeat history by framing her to bring her back, like what happened in Captain America: Civil War?

    Or third she is an willing participant and an swiftly rising to become an leader.. If you have another idea, I'd be excited to hear it. Hope to talk soon. )

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