Name: James "Jamie" Walsh

Garou Name/Alias(es)/Nickname(s): N/A

Age Appearance: Early- to mid-forties

Species/Tribe: Garou (Werewolf)/Fianna

Hometown: Liverpool, England

Current Location: Flexible

Occupation: Flexible

Auspice: Theurge 

Breed: Homid - human-born

Orientation: Demisexual, panromantic

Status: Single

Held Items:
- Magpie's Swag - a brown, leather satchel that's bigger on the inside
- "Pipes" of the Otherworld - a guitar that plays sad music a little extra sad
- Probably snacks
- Books
- Silverless tableware

Personality: Jamie is generally pretty friendly and hospitable, though he doesn't really have much to give. Living each day by the change in his pocket, Jamie finds the thing he has to give the most of is his emotional support and tales of mythology and history alike. He's a little distanced from strangers, albeit politely, and fiercely loyal to those with whom he's formed a bond. He aligns most closely with true neutral, deciding that the world (from both human and Garou perspectives) is bleak and one man's actions have little effect on its flow. His self-esteem isn't terribly high and he fears frenzy, though his calm heart lends him the level head he needs to keep his rage under lock. He is the diplomatic sort, usually preferring to talk things out or walk away rather than fight, though he will do so quickly, efficiently and with much calculation should be be forced to. His most notable trait is his brilliant curiosity, his exceptional level-headedness, his lack of faith in himself and a perpetual tiredness that not even a sun nap can cure.

Short Biography: Jamie hails from Liverpool, England, born to a single human mother. She raised him with the peace-loving, pacifistic ideology of her time. This clashed with his Garou nature and struggling to get by on one parent's pay, Jamie found himself dragging through school and mixing with questionable people. While he was still considered the "well-behaved" of the bunch, he'd picked up a few tricks, tips and skills. When he was in his mid-teens, his first change hit with a sharp sting that would completely alter his life course. The experience was nothing short of traumatic and Jamie felt shamed into leaving. From there, he traveled, trying to find a place to belong, but being among humans felt dangerous and being among Garou felt wrong. Even still, he chased the mystery and history of the world, hoping to glean some purpose and peace from it.

As he began to teeter on the edge of middle-age (on the human lifespan), Jamie could not quell the weighty concern that he had wasted half of his life running from himself and the company of others. In one final push to break free of his own fear, Jamie began pursuing his Garou heritage, using his proficient skills in information-gathering and his deep knowledge of human history and mythology to dig up the truth about the world without human-tinted lenses. His search for belonging refreshed when he learned he was still quite young and had many years to pull himself out of the proverbial pit his shame had buried him in.






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