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Character Age


Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status

Heterosexual — Single

Character Appearance

He has a tall lanky body that stands from 6,2-6,3. Pale skin that burns easily and freckles across his nose and across his shoulders. Issach has long hip-length curly ginger hair usually found in a messy bun or high pony-tail. His eyes are a deep blue and he has a glass-cracking shaped scar sprouting from the corner of his lips to all over his right cheek. The man is usually found wearing hoodies and jeans and is always found with his thick Velma styled black glasses.

Character Personality

• Quiet • Hot headed • Judgmental • Introverted • Stubborn • Stuck up • Neat freak • Picky • Bratty at times • Spoiled

Character Likes

• Fashion • The rain • Windy, warm, and cloudy days (as a combo) • Winter • Spring • Cats •Lily's are his favorite flower • His favorite video game is RDR and RDR2, he plays them on repeat in their order •Horror movies •Romcoms • Being in charge • Silence

Character Dislikes

• Dogs • Heat • Water/swimming • Birds • Bees • Romance movies • Romance books • Noisy/populated areas • Being told what to do • Vegetables • Cartoons • Messes • Physical contact without permission (hugs, back pats, ect. )

Character History/Story

Issach was born into a large first-class dysfunctional family in Europe, London. His mother was a kind but manipulative woman while his father was distant and cold. He had two other sisters, a younger sister which he resented (and still does) named Amelia, and his older sister Sarrah. Growing up he was homeschooled and didn't have much human contact besides the maids and tutors that would come and go. His sisters often left him out and would pick on him when they had the chance. He quickly became a mama's boy because his mother was the only one that would spend time with him. He would do his schoolwork at the salon while she talked with her friends, would help her pick her jelwery and watch her do her hair which made Issach start growing his own hair out much to his father's resentment, he'd even go shopping with her and be her little doll. For a while, things were decent, until Issach turned 13. When Issach turned 13 his father started paying more attention to him, and tried to spend more time with him. But due to the fact that the only ways of bonding Issach knew were dress-up, shopping, and other "feminine" things, they often butted heads. His father shamed him for being overly-femminem and started to pressure him into sports and scolded his mother for making his son a "daughter". Issach failed miserably at sports and started to rebel which only made things worse. Over the next course of years he and his father grew more and more apart and their family grew more and more distant. When Issach was 19 he started his own make-up company and fashion line with the help of his mother and it quickly took off and he started to gain a lot of fame and is now a B-list celebrity. When he was 22 he moved to America to expand his reach and has been living there for the past year.

Character Inventory

• Diary/Journal • Polaroid Camera • Wallet with his money, ID, drivers license, ect. • Apartment keys

Character Abilites

Fantasy setting — Hydrokineses 

Realistic setting — None

Scifi setting — None (but has a robotic arm)

Medieval — None 

Medieval fantasy — Hydrokineses 

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)


Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, Rated R, Child Friendly, 18+, Gore, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

Hey! I'm toast! I've been roleplaying for a good amount of years and I'd like to say I'm pretty good at it! I'm very flexible with genres and writing styles, but I'm unfortunately I'm not into a lot of fandoms. Though I'm almost always free and I love to roleplay so if you're intrested hit me up!

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