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Izzy has deep purple eyes, something she doesn’t bother to cover with her glamour. With her glamour up, she has somewhat fair skin, and long brown hair (sometimes with purple highlights depending upon her mood). She stands at 5’9 and looks athletically built, not slim but not overweight either. Without her glamour she has long, deep purple hair and a slight dark shimmer about her. 

Izzy is usually very kind and caring, having a soft spot for most of her friends. That said she is also incredibly mischievous and can be dangerous should someone get onto her bad side. She has an easily fueled temper and in some cases when she forgets to control herself will stoke the fires. She tends to occasionally be mothering in nature but as of late has been more carefree, doing as she pleases.

Izzy comes from an interesting household. Her mother having been Karen Darkshade and her father being second hand to the Head of Dark Court, power runs through her veins. Her mother having been busy taking care of business elsewhere Izzy spent her life living with her father and his wife, Izzy’s stepmother. Izzy had an older half brother that cared deeply for her but an unfortunate turn of events lead to his passing away. As a result Izzy has a deep seated want for justice in regards to the situation and spent many of her years after his passing on Earth rather than in the Fae realm with her father. To this day she still prefers to be anywhere but her home realm.

 After her brothers death when Izzy was young a lot of things happened. Izzy went into what is essentially known as a temper tantrum by those who know her. She disappeared from her fathers radar for a long time, the only exception being when someone turned up who had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting Izzy. She did many horrible awful things during that time, most of which she accepts was awful but does not necessarily regret.

At some point within her life she met someone who helped calm her temper tantrum. He was cool and collected and managed to reign Izzy in, forcing her to see the damage she had done and being the one who allowed Izzy to be the caring person she is today until he disappeared as well.

Between then and now Izzy has had a lot of accomplishments and made a lot of friends, having ran her own little town in one of her territories she met many people there and has a bad tendency of being a mother figure. She is often found with at least one child living in her home at any given time.

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Somewhat tall, she has pale skin and dark hair. Her purple eyes tend to stand out, as she can't be bothered to glamour them to hide the color. On her back is a set of purple butterfly wing tattoos which on occasion spread out to large matching wings which carry her.

Character Personality

Sassy, and sometimes off putting but can be kind.

Character History/Story

You really don't want to know...

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  • Sehale’s toes wiggled in the shelter of her shoes, swallowing hard as her own hand grasped her arm with worry. Fingernails picked idly at her caramel skin. Arched brows twitched. Izzy was right, she hadn’t heard of her. Yet she figured if she was a fae who was capable of impaling another, the mestizo girl was definitely intrigued. Maybe she would check this out. “Probably.” Sehale was physically and mentally fifteen, yet she had only been born a year ago. Magic was fun like that. “My name is Sehale O’Cahan-Versailles…” She cracked her neck loudly. “Is throwing temper tantrums something you do often?”

  • Sehale blinked at the woman, and upon further insight, the young girl could tell this woman was Unseelie. "...I see." She murmured, glancing to the ground, however her serpentine gaze was always drawn back to the impaled man before the both of them. "...who...who are you?"

  • Sculpted brows knitted ever so slightly as the woman before her laughed. She was Unseelie? Sehale squinted. Izzy lacked the mischievous, malevolent look but who was she to judge? She didn’t say a word, but flinched as Izzy was soon outside. The mestizo girl peered out of the window, just in time to see the man impaled by a spear of rock. Her serpentine eyes widened, lips parting and Sehale soon slipped from the window, landing behind Izzy. “Y-You…you killed him?”

  • Sehale scrambled to her feet, her head throbbing with pain. A palm pressed to her forehead, a small groan escaping her. Hazel eyes widened when she heard oncoming footsteps, and she glanced around frantically for another escape. Out the window wasn’t an option, she would fall right into Seelie claws. It was too late, a pale woman stood before her. Sehale quickly stood, and already by Izzy’s scent, she knew this was another Seelie. Fuck.

    Hesitant, she eyed the woman. “…I don’t know, that’s your choice if you want to hear it.” The young Unseelie murmured. “…call your people off, I didn’t do anything. Or are you just as vicious as they are?” Defiance was ever present in her tone.

  • ((Finally got to your starter! Sorry about the wait, loves))


    I guess this is what I get for opening my big mouth. Sehale couldn't help but think as she barrelled through the woods, the teenage fae hybrid breaking branches and trampling lichen as she ran. It had been a few Seelie that had spotted her on the way back from a roadside 7 11, and picked a fight. Sehale, as always, snapped right back. More and more of their kind seemed to emerge from the forest, and that's when the young Unseelie had taken off.

    Now, Sehale was practically running for her life, a horde of Seelie on her tail- literally. The mestizo girl had taken on her wolf form, a deep charcoal color that blended in well, however camoflauge wouldn't help her when trying to escape other fae. At last, hope arrived when she saw light. It beamed from a window of a cabin, bright like a beacon of hope. Eagerly, the wolf rushed forward, shifting back into human form. 

    Easily, the Fae clambered up a nearby tree, her light body weight making it easy to climb, yet her angelic and fae strength made it easy to pry open the window and tumble inside- as loud and ungraceful as could be.

  • (Well Deirdre is old too... Do you prefer modern day? What time period do you prefer?)

  • (I can ^^ I just want to check one thing and that is, what time period will this be in?)

  • (Have no fear XD I am not familiar with the show Merlin all that well anyway. Katie McGrath is amazing in the show Dracula too. ^^)

  • (Hello! I saw your OC and wanted to see if you wanted to try and rp and plot together. ^^)

  • https://images.fineartamerica.com/images-medium-large-5/abstract-gothic-art-original-landscape-painting-imagine-by-madart-megan-duncanson.jpg

    Izzy was right about the painting. It was by far his favorite hobby and had been since he was young. "I figured you would not mind the mess and I am glad you decided to stop by." He smiled as she stepped inside and quietly shut the door behind her. Zev followed Izzy as she walked in enjoying every ounce of attention she gave him. He was much larger than the average wolf and often used his size to his advantage.

    The apartment was clean for the most part aside from his studio. The hybrid had covered an entire wall with white paper. By now most of it was coated with an assortment of colors. "No need to apologize. I am just glad to see you." He gestured to the couch. "Take a seat. Do you want something to drink?" He washed his hands in the kitchen sink rinsing the leftover paint off.

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"Izzy laughed. A lot. "I can see how you would be able to make that mistake, most people confuse me for them. " She gave Sehale a wink and from her back a set of deep purple butterfly wings sprouted. She climbed out of her own window, arms crossed as…"
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