-We are the subjects of legend and the objects of reverence within the vampire world. But I can only be who I am.-





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Character Age

4136 But looks 23

Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance


Character Personality

Adult Language... Sexual Innuendos... Sarcasm & Charm..... I make a killer naked breakfast...

Character Likes

I like to bite my wife

Character Dislikes

You in my business.

Character History/Story

My name is John Matthew, and I used to be lost, a boy without parents or any path to speak of. That was before they found me. Tohrment, a warrior of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, and his shellan, Wellsie. My world changed when I discovered I was like them, a pre-transition vampire, brother to the Queen of our race, son to Darius of Marklon. For the first time I knew unconditional love. Then my happy life was hijacked. I live on my own after being fully trained at the Brotherhood compound to be a warrior. Vengeance is the blood that runs through my veins. I’m anxiously awaiting my chance to seek retribution for the lives stolen. There’s nothing to be done with the past. -I am a Vampire Warrior, also known as a Brother. One of the many highly trained warriors who protects their species against all enemies, inclusive of werewolves. -As a result of selective breeding within the race, Brothers possess immense physical and mental strength as well as rapid healing capabilities. We are not siblings for the most part, and are inducted into the Brotherhood upon nomination by the Brothers. -Aggressive, self-reliant, and secretive by nature, we exist apart from civilian vampires, having little contact with members of the other classes except when we need to feed. I can only feed from a female of my species but can bond with with anyone; which can make things difficult for any female. I can be killed by only the most serious of wounds, e.g., a gunshot or stab to the heart, etc.

Character Inventory

Daggers. Guns. Knives. Knowledge. Killer good looks

Character Abilites

Wait and see...

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, One-liners, No-Preference

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

I am Rated R/18+ For Mature Audiences Only I'm a simple person that has a very wild and vivid imagination. I can set your mind ablaze on many levels, make you fall passionately in love and feel the depths of my passion in a matter of paragraphs. I'm not looking for cyber sex, or silly RP's that involve people just idling about talking about lore, how dark a forest is, how blue the ocean is, how good the drinks are, or the weather. If you want adventure, passion, thrills, absolute sorrow, intense anger and vengeance. I'm your man. Let me take you on an adventure that brings out the true writer in you.

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  • I'm back. I think I'll be making some changes.


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  • Limping slowly she walked with her hand tracing along the warm brick wall, trying to lead her own way through the dark subway train tunnel. In the distance a dark red emergency light blinked on and off, being that was only her source of light at the moment it was all she had to work with being none was answering her. The smell of burning flesh grew stronger the closer she'd gotten being the crash sent bodies flying in every single derection, covering her nose with her hand Emery almost choked at the smell almost tasting it in her mouth. An immense amount of pain ached down on her lower abdomen & along her lower thigh, all she needed at this point was to get out of her and treat her wounds very soon.



    The light blinked above her barley lighting up the surrounding area.. she'd thought the light would at least give her an idea on what she was going to do and how she was going to get out of here before another train arrived or something. Emerys hazel hues gazed around slowly, it was as if she was looking into a never ending black pit of nothing at this point.. witches were definitely not blessed when it came to sight being they were they closest thing to human to really any of other type of Immortal beings that lived in this world. Standing around wasnt going to do anything, she had to keep walking possibly to the next red blinking light 300ft down the tunnel or so? Continueing on Emery body felt cold being she was loosing some blood at this point, her body shook while every nerve felt as if she was bathing in a tub of ice cubes. Emery in the mitz of feeling the pain and getting a bit dizzy lost track of the wall.. GodDamnit!! Emery cursed under her breath walking slowly before her body ran into something hard, something that was rather furry and warm. . . Emerys heart rate picked up as she breathed slowly, a warm musky snout of some sort sunk down to her level along her neck area as it smelled her skin & hair. Emery stood so very still, being she was hurt her magic wasnt very strong but she needed to do what she could! Thrusting her hands forward Emerys hands bruned with a firey rage as she screamed loudly hearing a loud yelp, Emery ran as fast as she could almost not even feeling the wound on her thigh or lower stomach from all of the adrenaline running through her body.


    Emery ran hearing the beast behind her growling deeply, where in the hell was she going to go next?! She was running in complete darkness blind .. This wasnt going to end well, she could feel it in her gut. Before her leg could make another stride Emery tripped falling to the ground before her, sharp rocks and gravel beneath her body stung on impact. Emery turned over catching her breath as she laid on her back holding her head before feeling a large mass crawling overtop of her slim body... 


    This was it, this was how she was going to die from the mouth of a beast!

  •  Just wanted to let you know I changed the face claim of my character!!  If you know the vampire diaries I’m sure you will know who Phoebe Tokin is, except for my character she is a witch :) Just wanted to let you know!

     6:30pm Subway Train Out Of The City Placing her ear buds into each ear music played calmly easing her mind while she was now going to be surrounded by hundreds of people down below. Emery made her way down the stairs into the subway below full of trains and busy people trvaeling throughout the city especially on a Friday night. Emery was very sensative when it came to the world around her.. sensative to others thoughts, emotions, loud noises or constant voices all around 24/7. . . It could almost make her feel as if she was going insane at points, so the sound of music helped tone everything out while her brain focused on the sound of the melody flowing to her eardrums from her earbuds.


    3146783385?profile=RESIZE_710xThe lights below flickered while everyone around her waited for the next train impatiently, keeping to herself Emery stood awaiting for the next train she could feel was near being she felt the vibrations of how close the train was with her feet. Emery had long light brown wavy locks, Her eyes a piercing green, being they changed every so often more depending on her moods they never stayed one certain color. Emery was slim with gentle soft curves in the right places, she wore black tight jeans with dark brown womens combat looking boots tide up tightly around her ankles; with a maroon red tangtop & holy ripped jean jacket. Emery wasnt one to wear purses or backpacks so she carried most of what she needed with her in her pockets. Keeping her eyes forward she felt the vibrations of the train coming closer an closer, something didnt feel right.. deep in her gut something felt off but she didnt know what.. Soon Emerys thoughts where interrupted as the train stopped quickly before everyone letting out all of the people that were already on board out. Inside the train was packed, many people unnecessarily close as she stood holding onto the tall pole connected form the roof of the train to the floor, her hand gripping the pole tightly as her eyes closed and memory went blank for only a split of a second but felt like twenty minutes. She was having a visoin. SLAM Quickly Emerys hues shot open while the subway doors closed tightly, her breath frigid and fast glacing around the the huamns around her that where soon all going to be lifeless.. This train was going to crash, and there wasnt anything Emery would be able to do other than brace herself for impact.. Emery looked almost as if she'd seen a ghost, well many of them as a matter of fact.


    The lights flickered quickly as the music that 3146846093?profile=RESIZE_710xplayed throughout the train fuzzed out almost sounding distorted or twisted from what the origonal music that was just playing seconds ago. Emerys knuckles white she held the pole tightly GOD DAMMIT The lights flickered off while eveyone went quiet, the tracks screeched loudly going off of the tracks while trying to switch to another but obviously malfunctioning incorrectly. The train slammed forward going fast while screams echoed throughout the train, sparks flew up from the metal on metal underneath while the train lashed from side to side bashing into each brick wall sending people slamming to the ground or into the glass windows. Emery fell to her hands as she quickly gripped a different pole, her sences going crazy hearing screams, prayers and cries all around her. Suddenly the train slammed into brick wall once more sending Emery slidding down the floor catching herself on one of the chairs holding on tightly while the glass window above her shattered loudly sending glass shards flying overtop of her and many others. The train quickly hit impact with another train before them, then everything went black. . . Emerys hues opened slowly, her breathing hiched and body in pain. Smoke floated throughout the air as she coughed.. her eyes starred up at the brick ceiling above her. Silence all around her while Emery leaned herself up slowly onto her elbows glancing around, being there wasnt much light it was hard for her to see.  A sharp pain hit her thigh and lower abdomen with two large shards of glass emerging from her flesh, Emerys cried out softly pulling them out one at a time throwing them to the ground... With her lower lip bleeding all she could feel was the pain in her body and the warm taste of blood in her mouth, but soon her body would heal on its own time. Leaning along the wall Emerys hues glanced around, was anyone alive? She couldnt hear a thing, Emery spoke out softly her voice soft and unsure " Hello, Anyone . . " Emery braced herself along the wall standing to ther feet while she began walking, her boots crunching the glass and metal beneath her feet.

  • Honestly there are really no limitations with me, I’m really up for anything exciting to add into our story. Whether it is horror, action, sexual/romance or mysterious!! Whatever works, just let me know what you are okay with or if you have any limitations. Now for the time period I’m great with anything, but just to make it easier we can do today’s era :) The pictures you put are wonderful, I love doing the same as well. 

    As for writing I do like length but sometimes it’s hard to do para’s constantly, so I don’t mind! Just as long as it’s very detailed and interesting :) just something I can work with!! Also I have a starter in mind but it’s more action, it’s about a subway train crash that Emery is in. We could have it to where sense John is following her whether you’d like him to be in the train when it happens or not, he finds her injured and hurt and then from there that’s how they meet. Whether he helps her, or whatever that’ll be there first incounter!

  • Honestly there’s so many ways we can go with a story for the two! Idk if you’ve read my characters information, but she’s basically been on the run sense she was eighteen when she left her coven. Her coven is trying to find her, so they can take her powers and of course kill her sense Emery refuses to give her soul to the dark lord “the devil” in order to keep her magic.

    Possibly John is sent to capture Emery for the witches, of course Emery wouldn’t be that easy to catch! Let me know if you have anything else in mind to add in, that would be helpful :)

  • Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!


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