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Human Shifter

5' 11" | 30 years old (Immortal) | Riverport, Massachusetts 

Chronon Active | Suffers from Chronon Syndrome
Bisexual | Married

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2017 - Post Shifter Timeline 

Jack has always been an underachiever. Laid back, content with being passable, he spent his childhood getting into trouble with his best friend Paul Serene. The two were inseparable, often getting in trouble together and finding ways to make things complicated for the both of them. While Paul decided to move on with his life and attend college, Jack himself preferred to travel, spending most of his early twenties in Southeast Asia and visiting temples.

Jack is enhanced now with the ability to manipulate time. Weaker than Paul Serene, he has quickly gained control of his powers despite slowly succumbing to Chronon Syndrome. His symptoms are minor and he is in good control, however his body is reacting quickly to his illness. His anger and hatred for Paul Serene has kept him from asking help for almost a year, however as his symptoms have worsened, he's sought out the help of his former best friend and enemy.


Time Vision
Jack is able to see into the future and see important objects that stand out in the time line. He can use this ability freely without wearing himself out.

Time Stop
Jack is able to manipulate the chronon field around objects and people to freeze them in time. The only way to avoid being frozen for this moment with no memory of what has occurred during it is by wearing anti-stutter technology or somehow possessing the innate ability to not be affected.The time stop is cast with the throw of a hand. A blue bubble forms around the affected area, an effect of the Chronons being frozen in place. The field will last for ten to fifteen seconds before collapsing. 

Time Dodge
Jack can cause a disruption in time to dash left, right, forward, or back to avoid a direct melee hit. He is able to do this three times before running out of energy and needing to recharge this ability. He cannot be hit while mid-dodge. He cannot fire a weapon while mid-dodge.

Time Rush
Jack can cause and sustain a disruption in time to run an extended length of time while everything else is frozen around him, allowing him to take cover and hide to confuse attackers or get behind them. During this rush, he can also break out of his fracture to melee attack and disable an enemy's Chronon gear to render them unable to move in a stutter or knock them out. He does not have time to kill in this moment, but he can get in a strong hit before he loses control. 

Time Shield
Jack is able to throw up a spherical shield around himself that is capable of deflecting bullets. The shield lasts for 30 seconds total if he maintains it. He can, however, drop the shield and throw it back up and use this time in increments instead. When the shield time has been depleted he must recharge it. It takes him approximately 3 minutes to be able to use the shield briefly again, and 5 before he is recharged fully.  If an enemy tries to breach the shield, they will be caught in the disrupted Chronon field and slow down, giving Jack time to shoot, run, or move.The shield does not move with Jack, an once he exits it, it falls.

(Power descriptions credit to Paul Serene)

Jack is married to Paul, finally, after almost thirty years of knowing one another. At first angry and hurt, Jack wanted nothing to do with Paul after the events of the Fracture, but slowly his feelings of love have crept back up. To say Jack ever had a crush on him is a stretch, but he always cared about Paul, and as time went on those feelings took a different term. Now he can safely say he needs him more than ever, and with his best friend finally back in his life, he finds handling his sickness easier and his life feels just a little more normal.

He loves him. He cares for him. It's all that matters.

On October 26th, less than a year after stopping the fracture, Jack asked Paul to marry him. Paul said yes.

His family consists of two: his husband, and his brother, Dr. William Joyce.

His parents were killed in a car accident when Jack was just sixteen.

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Jack takes treatments to ease his chronon syndrome, however, should he miss a treatment or stop them all together he will revert into his shifter state. Jack hasn't fallennto this monster that is a mess of timelines yet, howveer, there's always a chance he might. Powerful and beyond sane, the shifter form is dangerous to anyone near him. Jack, in this state, will have lost any and all control of himself.



It's not a Lake

It's an Ocean




Multi/Para Rp. One Paragraph minimum. Less is ignored. Semi Selective.

21+ | Though rare, sexual situations may occur ONLY when story calls for it.
That being said, Jack is only shipped with Paul Serene.

12 year vet. Super picky.

I work part time and go to school full time. I'm a busy person.

All I ask for is patience. You add, you start. Sometimes I will offer otherwise. 

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  • Is he crying? Yup. He's crying a little bit, looking shaken, terrified, and completely in love all at once. When Jack reveals the trashy little plastic ring, his first thought is Seriously? You didn't think to ask me for money or a credit card? You still could have surprised me that way. His second is Is that even going to fit on my finger? ANY of my fingers? His final one is I guess he doesn't know my ring size. That's it. Right.

    He holds out his hand, his lips twisting into a smile. His answer comes without hesitation.


  • There's a lot to carry in, and Paul slips into helping Jack do so, nodding as he speaks and just accepting the changes to his life. He doesn't mind so much, and he can spare the space. His extravagant building is, after all, incredibly spacious. His penthouse itself is not the largest, but it was certainly a massive space for one man alone. Two will make it feel like home. A...very clean, very well-cut modern sort of home. That's not Jack's style, but it's going to have to be livable, because the idea of Paul settling for anything less at any period of his life is preposterous. He's never going to settle down. But this was accepted long ago.

    "I-" Suddenly, he's in a kiss. It takes him a moment to respond, but his eyes close and his body melds against Jack's habitually. It's the only person he'd ever show that kind of weakness towards. When it's over, there are a few words that don't register immediately. His eyes flicker open midway through them, but his expression only shifts a few seconds later. His hands are still lingering on Jack's hips. Abruptly shaken out of his stupor, he waits a few more beats of his own pulse before he speaks.

    "Did you...?"

  • Paul spends his afternoon and evening reading over emails and reports sent in from his various labs. His life revolves very little around doing anything for pleasure anymore and very harshly around keeping Monarch moving as they approach 2021- D Day. Without a countermeasure, and with the inability to replicate the device or ask Will to build another, since the older Joyce destroyed his notes and would never be willing to have the conversation, Paul  is acutely aware of the need to make the entire Monarch building a functioning anti-stutter zone to protect as many people as possible. This, however, creates a larger problem. Food. Water. Resources. Like any apocalyptic scenario, these precious commodities WILL run out. Monarch cannot host more people than it can adequately grow and produce resources for, and that simply means that making do and cutting down numbers to keep the program selective are the only choices to survive the coming storm.

    That is...if the storm ever DOES hit. At this rate, it feels as if they may have bought themselves some much-needed time. Perhaps the events at the swimming hall managed to push doomsday back, even if just for a little while. But in the end, they know what waits for them when time stops. They know they'll keep on moving despite that fact. The choices they'll have to make and the sacrifices that will come are going to be enormous, and Paul is concerned about his own ability to function and continue to make rational choices in the face of total irrationality. In the end, once everything else is stripped away, he's...simply just a man.

    No more.

    No less.

    When Jack arrives home, the sound of the elevator makes him finally tear his eyes away from his screen. He's stood to walk, pace, and move documents several times, but by in large, he's spent the time in his office getting work done and catching up on what he's put off to reconnect with Jack. Despite Monarch largely being a paperless office, some things simply must be physical. The clutter is organized, however, into neat stacks. He's always been so methodical.

    "Yes. Unfortunately."

  • "Try to enjoy yourself. You can take my car if you want to. Next week we'll get you your own. You know the code to the box downstairs to get the key fob." The kiss means the world to him. It shows. He wishes their situation was more even. Paul adores Jack like a longtime lover, and he knows Jack only sees him as...well, what, exactly? Less than that, for sure. But he'll be patient. If he pushes, he might lose the chance he's waited his entire life for.

  • "Your every waking moment doesn't need to be with me. Maybe you should take some time for yourself today." Paul walks towards the table he's prone to keeping recent research on in the downstairs area of his penthouse and rummages through what he left there, trying to remember what he was thinking about at the time. He may not be a real scientist, and, like Hayden, may not have a PhD, but he's learned a lot by being active and hands-on in his own company's work. He had to be, if he wanted to pull all of this off.

    "It might help you."

  • Paul accepts the hand and uses Jack's help to stand, thankful for it. In moments of weakness, sometimes he loses the strength he's worked so hard to build. Jack's apology feels crooked to him somehow, fundamentally askew. He doesn't want to sound like he's thinking about that, though, so he decides to put it to rest with a simple sentence and leave it be.

    "You do, for a moment. But that moment of anger is justified, Jack, after everything I've done. Thank you for giving me another chance." He squeezes the hand he's holding. "If you'd like to go elsewhere I can help set you up somewhere that isn't the farm."

  • Paul's embrace becomes complete the moment Jack presses in for it, his arms wrapping around his friend's back and holding him closely. His fingers struggle to grip at Jack's leather jacket, but he funds a way after a readjustment. Hearing those words makes his hug tighten. He'd wipe a tear from his eyes if his hands were not busy, but there is absolutely no way he is letting go.
    "I'm so glad. I'm so, so glad."
  • "Hayden takes far harsher flak than what you fire at him. He has for long enough that I think it won't manage to lead to a grudge. But taunting the man who is treating your illness..." His thumb gently rubs a circle on Jack's cheek.
    "That's playing with fire. That's reckless, even for you. He chose to be here. He gave up a lot to do so. But so have you. So have I. Monarch is built on sacrifices. Usually, not fatal ones."
  • "You've barely been on treatment for a week. You have to give it time. Today was the last one you've had to do in your straight cycle. You're so close to regulated. You can't give up now. Please. If for nothing else, for my sake. Because no matter what, I'm staying by your side. I don't care if that ends up hurting me again. I just don't care. I've spent 18 years in the shadows, and now I have the chance to have what I never could before. I don't care if you're good for me. What could I possibly deserve, anyway?"

    Paul shifts to a knee and reaches out, his hand stretching towards Jack's face.

  • Paul is desperate for any touch at all. He finds himself staring at Jack once he's been pushed away for the moment, struggling to find the right words to cope with what it is he's feeling beyond what he's already blurted out like the heartbroken fool he fears he has become. Why else would he let this- ANY of this- happen to begin with?

    "No. It's not. None of it is. None of it has been. For any of us."

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