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Human Shifter

5' 11" | 30 years old (Immortal) | Riverport, Massachusetts 

Chronon Active | Suffers from Chronon Syndrome
Bisexual | Married

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2017 - Post Shifter Timeline 

Jack has always been an underachiever. Laid back, content with being passable, he spent his childhood getting into trouble with his best friend Paul Serene. The two were inseparable, often getting in trouble together and finding ways to make things complicated for the both of them. While Paul decided to move on with his life and attend college, Jack himself preferred to travel, spending most of his early twenties in Southeast Asia and visiting temples.

Jack is enhanced now with the ability to manipulate time. Weaker than Paul Serene, he has quickly gained control of his powers despite slowly succumbing to Chronon Syndrome. His symptoms are minor and he is in good control, however his body is reacting quickly to his illness. His anger and hatred for Paul Serene has kept him from asking help for almost a year, however as his symptoms have worsened, he's sought out the help of his former best friend and enemy.


Time Vision
Jack is able to see into the future and see important objects that stand out in the time line. He can use this ability freely without wearing himself out.

Time Stop
Jack is able to manipulate the chronon field around objects and people to freeze them in time. The only way to avoid being frozen for this moment with no memory of what has occurred during it is by wearing anti-stutter technology or somehow possessing the innate ability to not be affected.The time stop is cast with the throw of a hand. A blue bubble forms around the affected area, an effect of the Chronons being frozen in place. The field will last for ten to fifteen seconds before collapsing. 

Time Dodge
Jack can cause a disruption in time to dash left, right, forward, or back to avoid a direct melee hit. He is able to do this three times before running out of energy and needing to recharge this ability. He cannot be hit while mid-dodge. He cannot fire a weapon while mid-dodge.

Time Rush
Jack can cause and sustain a disruption in time to run an extended length of time while everything else is frozen around him, allowing him to take cover and hide to confuse attackers or get behind them. During this rush, he can also break out of his fracture to melee attack and disable an enemy's Chronon gear to render them unable to move in a stutter or knock them out. He does not have time to kill in this moment, but he can get in a strong hit before he loses control. 

Time Shield
Jack is able to throw up a spherical shield around himself that is capable of deflecting bullets. The shield lasts for 30 seconds total if he maintains it. He can, however, drop the shield and throw it back up and use this time in increments instead. When the shield time has been depleted he must recharge it. It takes him approximately 3 minutes to be able to use the shield briefly again, and 5 before he is recharged fully.  If an enemy tries to breach the shield, they will be caught in the disrupted Chronon field and slow down, giving Jack time to shoot, run, or move.The shield does not move with Jack, an once he exits it, it falls.

(Power descriptions credit to Paul Serene)

Jack is married to Paul, finally, after almost thirty years of knowing one another. At first angry and hurt, Jack wanted nothing to do with Paul after the events of the Fracture, but slowly his feelings of love have crept back up. To say Jack ever had a crush on him is a stretch, but he always cared about Paul, and as time went on those feelings took a different term. Now he can safely say he needs him more than ever, and with his best friend finally back in his life, he finds handling his sickness easier and his life feels just a little more normal.

He loves him. He cares for him. It's all that matters.

On October 26th, less than a year after stopping the fracture, Jack asked Paul to marry him. Paul said yes.

His family consists of two: his husband, and his brother, Dr. William Joyce.

His parents were killed in a car accident when Jack was just sixteen.

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Jack takes treatments to ease his chronon syndrome, however, should he miss a treatment or stop them all together he will revert into his shifter state. Jack hasn't fallennto this monster that is a mess of timelines yet, howveer, there's always a chance he might. Powerful and beyond sane, the shifter form is dangerous to anyone near him. Jack, in this state, will have lost any and all control of himself.



It's not a Lake

It's an Ocean




Multi/Para Rp. One Paragraph minimum. Less is ignored. Semi Selective.

21+ | Though rare, sexual situations may occur ONLY when story calls for it.
That being said, Jack is only shipped with Paul Serene.

12 year vet. Super picky.

I work part time and go to school full time. I'm a busy person.

All I ask for is patience. You add, you start. Sometimes I will offer otherwise. 

Jack Joyce © Remedy Games, 2016-2017

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  • "I realized it when we were in High School and spending a lot of time together after your parents' funeral. I don't know when. I just...realized eventually I was in love with you. I was terrified to say anything." When they're out of the garage, Paul takes Jack's hand. Soon, they're cruising down the interstate and headed for the jeweler. It's a local place, top-notch. Paul won't settle for less.

  • "Yeah. There was. I just...was always terrified to ask you. Because I'm so...different. I was worried I couldn't be what you wanted. I don't mind sex when it's with you. It can be fun. But I just...don't have the drive. I don't...I don't think I ever could love anyone else. Just you. Only you, always only you." Once in the garage, he unlocks the car, hands shaking. From what? Excitement? Nerves? Both?

  • "Will will get over it." Was that a pun? Was that a fucking pun? Paul heads for the elevator, already grabbing keys out of his pocket. He has extras for his car, after all, and forgot to put the fob back the last time they went out anyway. "I'm still amazed you want to do this. After everything, that you still want me. It makes me as giddy as I was in high school when you kissed me that first time. You changed my world then." It's sappy time, apparently.

  • He reaches for his phone and dials someone he apparently knows. It's curious- why is he close to a jeweler? Maybe he had rings made for employees at some point. Regardless, he's on the phone in moments, chatting quietly.

    "Hi, Mark. I know it's late, but I need...I need to come in, I need something special, and I don't want to wait. Yeah, it's one of those spur of the moment, life-changing things. Yeah, I'm getting engaged. Yes, you can meet them. Please open the store?"

    A pause, only momentary. Paul's face shifts into a bright smile.

    "Perfect. We'll be there."

  • "I can't believe we're doing this. After all these years, I just...I can't believe it's really happening. Fuck." Paul's quiet exclamation is so gentle it hardly sounds like an offensive phrase. His hand squeezes Jack's, and he struggles to keep from going in for an embrace.

    "I want to go tonight. Let me make the phone call to get a jeweler in. I don't want to wait any longer."

  • "Did you ever see this coming? Did you ever think we'd be here? God, Jack, did you ever even think you'd come back to the States to begin with?" Paul takes a sharp left, nearly drifting as he does so. Someone is excited. "We'll both pick one. Because it will be for tomorrow, okay? I'll pick yours and you pick mine? That's traditional, right? I think it is, anyway." He's so nervous.

  • The slam makes Paul jump. He's nervous and giddy, but for good reason. His answer is as hurried as everything else has been for some time now tonight.

    "I don't know. I don't care. It's our choice, not theirs, and...I can't believe you asked me! Damn it, Jack, I thought you'd never want to! I've dreamed about this for years!" His voice is rising too, and his excitement is physical, verbal, and emotional. In short, he's a trainrweck, and happy about it.

  • "The courthouse...? No, the rings. Let's get the rings. Then we can get married tomorrow when the courthouse opens." Paul isn't helping. But he's so excited it's honestly adorable. Don't let him down, Jack.

  • "Let them hound me. Let them talk. I don't care, Jack." Paul is smitten. That much is clear. "Let's go. Let's do it. If we're going all in, if we're doing this now....let's do it right." He reaches out to take Jack's hands and give them both a firm squeeze. "I love you, I've always loved you, and that will not change. I don't know what else to say tonight. You've won this round."

  • "No. No, I...assumed I'd have to propose to you. A very long time from now." He's surprised at how quickly this all came together. Pleased, too. It makes him feel good to know his affections are not just one-sided. Jack developed them differently, true. But in the end...does that even really matter?

    "But...Jack...I can't wear a plastic ring." He's grinning now, giddy with emotion. "Let me call a jeweler. They'll keep the store open late for us. I'll pay, of course. You can get one too if you want. I know that isn't very old-fashioned, though."

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