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Age:  34 (But Dead) 

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Status: Single


Carefree and too laid back for her own good, Jade likes to observe and comment rather than take the lead. Her companions find her annoying, and lacking empathy for serious situations. Jade likes a cigarette, coffee, and anything on a Portuguese roll before putting any effort into anything.


-Staying in the correct time line
-The 70's
-Hot drinks

Character Dislikes

-Being picked up


Jade's father was an all-powerful wizard who was adored by all for his works in the magical community. He ran his own school and saved thousands from countless wars. However, he had his own ideas about reproduction and his legacy. Michael, her father took advantage of his popularity and saw many women, leaving them behind as his extravagant celebrity life took him away. When Jade's own powers bloomed with age, her mother insisted that Michael take her into his magical school. Though Jade soon realized she was not special. Michael had many children at the school, some with the same story. Jade also found she could not win her father's attention unless she showed natural magical talent. When she did not, she lost his love. Soon, when Michael deemed Jade dangerous and a threat to herself and others with her reckless magic, he stripped her of her powers. Michael wiped her mind and left her in New York where he expected to find Jade's mother. But she had been missing for months. Women went missing in New York all the time... He left Jade in an empty apartment, with an unmarked credit card for her. When Jade woke up, she was in a government base. Michael may be a powerful wizard in his world, but in the Non-Magic world, Jade's world, he was a threat. Every time Michael entered her world, he left behind a massive energy bubble and it was gathering attention. He was deemed a threat, and now Jade was being questioned. After being told she had been abandoned, Jade partnered with Science when stripped from Magic. She worked with physicists, becoming a time-traveling spy, keeping tabs on the visits witches and wizards made in her world. Jade has invented the most discreet method of space and time travel, using it to keep stock of the happenings around her universe. Jade traveled so much, that her very molecular compound changed because she is lost. Jade can no longer find her original timeline or her universe. She dies and is back at a different train station each time, sacrificing reality and her memories at the same time.


-Multiple watches on her wrists and pockets



-An unmarked credit card

-An extra pair of socks


 -Time Travel
-Reset Death

I am open to new roleplay threads

Threads are Selective/Open

Character Relationship Status


Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, 18+, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

My name is Chell! 26, Nonbinary and located in the USA I like the comic Saga, eating marinated meat and rice, and playing open world video games. I work at a dispencary and I speak two languages.

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  • Very interesting premise.
    Drop a line sometime.

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