James Buchanan Barnes aka Winter Soldier

[Bucky ; Soldat ; The Asset ; White Wolf ; Ghost]

 106 Years Old

Enhanced Human

Former Hydra's Assassin 



8935819872?profile=RESIZE_710xPrior to his brainwashing, Bucky Barnes was extremely devoted, loyal, headstrong, and patriotic with a strong moral center.
Due to his advanced physiology,Barnes survived his apparent death but was found by HYDRA instead. Trained as a living weapon, Barnes became a new man so to speak, as his memories and identity were constantly being wiped until he was augmented into the perfect assassin, the Winter Soldier. As the Winter Soldier, he was brutal and ruthless with an utter lack of conscience, and remorselessly followed HYDRA's every order.
After over 70 years of being a brainwashed slave Barnes was cured of HYDRA's programming, he appears to have come to terms with his past.Even though Barnes has regained his identity and former values, he has also developed a guilt-ridden conscience, and became deeply ashamed and remorseful over his actions as the Winter Soldier. He has an absolute memory of every person he has killed, and knows and freely acknowledges with a tone of great regret that the fact he was brainwashed does not change the fact that he killed them.

~ Artificially Enhanced Physiology - Enhanced Strength ; Durability ; Speed ; Agility ; Stamina ; Reflexes
~ Bionic Arm - Barnes lost his left arm and had it replaced with a cybernetic one by HYDRA. After his original arm was destroyed, Barnes received a new vibranium arm from T'Challa.

~ Master Martial Artist: Winter Soldier is an exceptionally skilled and formidable martial artist and hand-to-hand combatant, excelling at improvisation and weapons handling.
~ Master Marksman: Barnes is highly proficient in handling firearms with remarkable precision, even prior to being turned into the Winter Soldier.
~ Expert Tactician: Barnes has been trained in military tactics and has spent decades as a soldier and covert operative, using quick thinking and resourcefulness to execute his assignments.
~ Expert Pilot.
~ Multilingualism: Barnes fluently speaks his native English, as well as fluent Romanian and Russian. His time in Wakanda allowed him to speak and understand Xhosa. He also fluently understands German and Japanese.

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  • (please please forgive me, I am so so sorry it's been so long.. I've been in the hospital again unfortunately. I'm um dealing with a lifelong illness and at the moment it's a bad period for me. 

    Um I do have a plot idea I just hope you will like it.. since WS trained the Widows especially Natalia/Natasha, maybe Brighid was also trained by him? But she was always in Natalia's shadow.. and um have you seen Black Widow, I can add another thought to my idea but I don't want to give any spoilers.. but without giving any spoilers my idea is; Brighid gets free from the Red Room, and somehow James and her come across each other? It's generic, but I'm still thinking and I'm trying not to give any spoilers... I apologize again it has been so long)

  • {truly? Oh my, then when I try to learn it will be difficult. I am hoping to learn that as well as Russian, and I'm finding the Russian difficult. I shall give it a very good try. I have been making progress with Russian, and I must admit I understood the Russian in your reply without first doing translation. I will place Lithuania down on my list to visit, and perhaps a few other countries there as well.. I will have a lot of vacation time lol. Oh I was mistaken, I do apologize... So my knowing Russian will be a good advantage when I travel, I will make it a challenge to only speak Russian instead of English.

    Lol just a small tidbit, I did visit a few areas of Scotland and I took so many pictures, I hadn't known I was almost an photographer but I did turn to be one. I hope to visit more of my home, I am hoping to go further north to the Highlands in a few weeks, unfortunately I will have to see how I react to the inoculations.

    Tis all the same lol, and unfortunately I fear that is common feeling, with my work and drama ensuing with that and my search for a new, I have been doing much the same. No inspiration and just staring at my comments, hoping to jumpstart my brain to write but alas I can think of nothing. I hope my comment was satisfactory my friend? It was a idea I ran with.. if you don't think it'll work, please inform me.

    I hope you have been well my dear and til next we may speak, many blessings to you and yours }




    A friend sent me this, about the English language... 


  • 9540784062?profile=RESIZE_400x

     Hoping to spread some good cheer my friend and hopefully give a smile :D

  • As James went out of the bathroom to search for clothes he would notice something off, the door was wide open while a cold breeze would enter the room. But that wasn't the only mysterious thing that happened, standing in front of a window with his back toward James was none other then Steve Rogers in uniform.  He would have his head down while being silent and not dare speak. He would then slowly turn his head to look at James for a moment. He would look at him up and down before smiling slightly before finally speaking.


    "It seems that you have been doing well for yourself, you are looking good." He would compliment James before stepping forward with his hands behind his back. "You haven't been sleeping well haven't you?" He would ask with a bit of concern in his voice while a frown was formed on his face. "I wish there is some way I could help you."

  • [thank you, I had thought but I hadn't been sure.. I um I don't have an idea of what her words could be though, but I don't think I need to think of any yet... Yeah, interrogating Zemo sounds good, maybe later then if they needed they could head to Siberia to collect any files on her? I hope it was ok I added Sharon, it seemed it might work, giving them a safehouse and safe location. 

    I just finished it the other day.. i was disappointed. For a feeling. I mostly sat there staring and was like uh what? It fell short.. agree with your opinion he was almost a clown. After Ragnorak Loki wasn't as bad a villain as he was in Avengers, and they could have used his Loki.. but in the show.. it was a wrong way to portray him. He fell in love with himself... Basically. A varient of himself, a female varient. But still himself. I had been pretty behind but just seeing that in the end.. I liked it sort of, when I had paused but rewatching from the beginning and watching to the end. I was let down with it. I almost wished I hadn't rewatched from the beginning, and just continue where I left off. What's next, I can't remember? Either movie or series. They're still doing Hawkeye series right? We won't get any Second Season of the shows until next year. I didn't watch What If? Yet.

    I was wondering why they were there... It was interesting. I liked their fight against John Walker, we learn a lot about him then. But still, all in all, why were they were? So Zemo had technically escaped, with James help, but they had legit reasons.. and yes I agree, James hadn't let Zemo from his sight at all, and if he wasn't watching Sam was watching Zemo. But then Zemo had a reason to stay, he said he killed the others in the Program and he didn't intend on his work to be undone, and the new serum threatened that. And the one time Zemo actually managed to escape, was during the fight between Dora and John, while Sam and James were entertained lol. 

    I'm not a big fan of Portman that much, at least not her as Jane.. and she left Marvel. Now she's returning. I just sort of think they're might've been a better pick. I agree with Multiverse of Madness, No way home. I also want to see Ten Rings but it's not on Disney+, and without doing a theater I'm not sure how to watch it.. black panther II I want to seen but I'm more curious what they are planning to do.

    Me too... I had the Moderna and I got sick, very badly especially on the second. I don't want a booster. At this point I'll refuse the booster.. they're actually almost forcing people to get vaccinated now, or threatening jobs or something so they do.. which doesn't seem fair..I'm well thank you :) ]

  • Shadow Slayer paid no immediate attention to Sam as he finally stood and leaned against the wall, he was weakened and not an threat like James was or antagonizing her like Zemo was. The audacity the man had to act as if a Handler and use Trigger Words upon her that weren't her own? Though Rebekah didn't exactly have an ego or able to exactly feel, but that still antagonized her, and went against her mandate. It hadn't been done before but that it had been tried, he was a Pretender and that was in the same level as James and being a Traitor and both would die. Who first would be determined. At the moment Zemo was slowly moving his spot to take first to die by Shadow Slayers hands, what else would the man do? But though he was antagonizing her, her fight wasn't with him and she wasn't actively fighting him, it was James she was fighting and so it was James that would die first. Once he was gone, the other two would be easy.

    Unfortunately during her time training under the Winter Soldier or even when they had been paired together and to now she had forgotten a few things and also slightly underestimated him and left herself in an almost vulnerable position, and adding with the alley and back street they were currently on and any matter of debris gave him the chance to establish himself victor. Though she had been turning to face James and finish him, she had turned her back to him giving him a chance to strike at her and in a incapacitating blow, not realizing he would be back so quick on his feet or already healing from the blow to his jaw. For James at least Zemo's stupidity actually gave him an opening against the female Soldier. Though she tried to move and land a blow on James to continue the fight, Shadow Slayer had no chance to do anything and when his blow of the metal piece landed on her head, enough that it bent the metal, it knocked her out. A last ditch half effort to turn and face him before she sagged and dropped to the ground unconscious. An Marinette puppet cut from it's strings. Where she had fallen she remained, probably having sustained a concussion due to the blow to her head, but she remained alive and for the moment harmless as unconsciousness claimed her. 

    Sam had gone silent after James had said he prefered to not kill her, though he wasn't sure if that were even possible. Remembering his own fight against James when he was the Winter Soldier, and how close that had been and it was combined efforts of himself, Steve, and Nat that had prompted him to withdraw. "You know... I'm just glad we weren't driving when we met her.. " He muttered as he pushed himself from the wall and started to walk to James, referring to how had he first met the Winter Soldier. "You both get style points but Senior wins.. I'm very glad we weren't in a car.." Pushing himself from the wall he walks a few steps to James, as he made a small berth around the female Soldier. "She's not actually dead is she? You didn't actually kill her? That was a home run hit to the back of her head.. or is she gonna do some horror flick move and leap right up..?" Glancing to her and then to James he frowns, his head hurt and his arm was bleeding from where Shadow Slayer's blade had caught his arm. "You good?" He asked concerned, this wasn't like the fight in the Club where he actually had to act like the Soldier and almost seem to follow Zemo's orders but fighting against this female Soldier had to have bring stuff up. 



    "Very good James.. congratulations." Zemo spoke up, composed and standing there to the side, not having approached quite yet. A smirk on his face as he nodded to James. "Seems she is not on the same level as the Winter Soldier, a disappointment perhaps."



    Sam didn't quite spin around, still feeling just fragments of dizziness but he did turn quickly to glare at Zemo as he shouted. "Man, shut the hell up!" 


    "I don't wanna hear it.. what did you do besides antagonize her? What was that anyway? Try and order her and then use Bucky's old Trigger Words on her.. you didn't think she would have her own? If we didn't need you to find Nagel, I'd have her kill you!" Turning from Zemo he looked to James and sent a glance down to the woman. "We might want to get moving, before she wakes up, and before anyone else arrives.. although I don't know what we're going to do...



    Unfortunately Sam spoke true, as he was finished speaking three men rushed them, a brutal reminder of there trouble originally before they had the run-in, literally, with Shadow Slayer. But before those men could prove to be more than a threat each was cut down by a snipers bullet. And from the shadows a woman stepped out, shoving down her hood in the same motion revealing herself to be Sharon Carter. "Well this is too perfect..."

    She drawls slightly as she glares at Zemo and then looks down to the unconscious woman similarly dressed to James almost. "Who...who's that? What's he doing here?"

    She asks first about the unconscious Shadow Slayer and then also demanding why Zemo was there, as she turned to point her gun at him. She had heard of Shadow Slayer, though for the next generation of Winter Soldier the female Soldier had been more of a ghost than the Winter Soldier himself, many didn't quite know that the second generation Soldier was a woman. Anyone who knew didn't live to tell and there had never been any footage of her either. 

  • - During those three hours Soldier had been off fulfilling his task Morganna had remained seated on the couch, her position barely changed since the time she had first sat herself down. Definitely relaxed and comfortable, making herself at home as if it were her own, even going ahead and having changed the channel on the television set to a channel more her liking and not whatever James had on previously. 


    Lifting her head the Sorceress smirked seeing the Soldier enter within the room, carrying the bag hopefully with the prize she had requested and also seeing him now covered in the blood, her enhanced sapphire hues able to pick up the tell tale signs of blood soaking his dark clothing. Rising Morganna approached the Soldier as he lifted the head of Joaquin Torres from the bag and allowing her to see that yes his mission had been completed as she had commanded. Smirking she took the head from him and placed it back in the back, whispering a spell as her eyes flashed gold she sent it to Sam's room where he would find it on his desk as soon as he returned, and then then fun would begin. 


    Returning her attention to the Winter Soldier before her she grins proudly, nodding she pats his shoulder as one would pet a dog. "Yes I see Soldier, I am proud. You have proved yourself to me. Go clean yourself up..." Falling silent Morganna stood a moment in thought as she slowly smirks. "You see James, you will always be the Soldier, it will never leave you... You deluded yourself for so long... Zemo was right about one thing you do fall so quickly back to form, like a fish to water. Now... I have an much more serious task for you, you will remember everything even when you will be playing James Barnes, but you will always remain my Soldier... You will never tell anyone it was I that brought the Soldier back, and you will never tell anyone of who I truly am. Tomorrow, Soldier when Sam returns you will act as if you really were James Barnes, as he would expect you, he will ask you to help search for what happened to Torres and find the one that killed him, not knowing it was you... For now no one will know the Soldier is back, until I seem fit a time." 


    Circling around him Morganna stood behind him, leaning to whisper in his ear, another spell, not quite lessening the Trigger Words hold on him, but keeping them in place so he could act as James if necessary but still remain the Soldier at all times. Returning to the couch she sat down and leaned back comfortably, folding her hands in her lap. "Tomorrow when Sam asks you for help, suggest it was John Walker that had probably killed Torres... And say that I can help you.. "


    Rising again she prepares to leave, to allow him to get changed and cleaned up, but just before she stepped out the door or even opened it she looked to the Soldier. "Remember you will speak nothing of my true identity, and you will protect me at the expense of your own life at all times...."


    Opening the door and preparing to depart she waves a friendly farewell, her smile warm as if they were just friends and she was departing as if they had just had a friendly hang out for a few hours, that after she had supposedly helped with his arm and the salves they had talked and become friends. "Good night James, I hope you can manage and get some sleep tonight, I hope the melatonin will help.. it's slow dose so it won't impair your senses.. I hope you like the salves, I'll see you tomorrow."


    Shutting the door behind herself and leaving James alone, she heads to her room as if to call it a night herself, but she doesn't stay and after whispering a spell to make herself invisible she walks back to James's room only to go past and walk the trail the Soldier took as he returned from his task, cleaning any trail of blood that he may have left. Her entire plan wouldn't go well if blood from Torres's torture led back to James's room, so she cleaned it all up and also inspected the scene of where Torres body lay. Smirking, then soon grinning she nodded in approval, leaving the scene for Sam or someone else to find tomorrow she walked back to James's room. The hallway clear, no traces were left an there was no evidence to anyone else that James was the Soldier again or that he had killed Torres. Pausing outside the door, still keeping herself invisible and unable to be sensed she eavesdropped on James, curious as to what he might be thinking of feeling.. -

  • - James was incorrect in a few things, there were some memories that she didn't retain but she did remember a lot from there shared past and more so wanted to keep her distance from James and let him try and remember on his own. Perhaps though he might've taken it she was upset of the few times they had recently fought while he had been as the Soldier, and unlike any others she understood a lot more about what James had been through, so she wasn't upset in the least but haven't yet approached on her own. But it seems that having a choice in speaking to James was no longer within her decision making, as he had entered into the kitchen area as she was sti there. 

    Looking up as James entered and headed to the coffee, and glancing to her own mug finding it was empty she stands to get a fresh cup after he was finish. - "Good morning James.. If you don't mind, I would love another cup as well when your done."

    - Noticing as he kept an eye on her Natalia understood that as well as she made soft noise on purpose and when she came to a halt she was more than an arm length away not wanting to make him feel cornered. Her hands out in the open her coffee mug in her hand. - "Perhaps a spar later?" - She offered as she gave a small smile, as she tried to think on what else to say. Wanting to let him know she didn't despise him with their past with the Red Room or even their most recent fights, but words seemed to fail her. -

  • "Yes... That is true. And no I don't." -smiling a little less Natasha leaned back, tilting her head as she watched him.- "I know that feeling James.. maybe, we can try to help each other try and find what freedom feels like?"


    [Hi James. I owe you an apology, it's been so long. I've been hit rather hard with some news so I haven't been able to be online. I'm working on the response now.

    I heard there was? I think almost maybe those gossip website,Im not exactly sure but I will check YouTube when I can if there is. ]


  • [very good idea, I like it! Wanda had used her powers on Winter Soldier, perhaps Strucker using Wanda as a punishment? And also to help make him resistant to magic powers? Oh and also maybe help HYDRA brainwash him and remove his memories.. so Wanda could feel bad and try to be friends with him, maybe try and return more memories to him and also help him remember?

    I will start when I am able to think, I apologize.. I have had zero artistic abilities lately and just tired. I do have an idea if how to start, Wanda at the end of Westview looking for Sam and James.]

This reply was deleted.

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