James Buchanan Barnes aka Winter Soldier

[Bucky ; Soldat ; The Asset ; White Wolf ; Ghost]

 106 Years Old

Enhanced Human

Former Hydra's Assassin 





Before...Sergeant James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes is a World War II veteran, a former officer of the 107th Infantry Regiment and best friend of Steve Rogers since childhood. Barnes enlisted in the army and assigned to the 107th in 1943. His regiment was captured by HYDRA, where Barnes was given a variant of the Super Soldier Serum, this is how it all began. Barnes, along with whoever still remained from his regiment, was later rescued by Rogers, who had become Captain America during Barnes' absence. Upon joining forces with the continuing war, Barnes and Rogers formed their Howling Commandos, to battle Red Skull's forces. 

9732866883?profile=RESIZE_400xHowever, during their attempt to finally capture Zola, in the Austrian Alps, Barnes was caught in their ambush and plummeted hundreds of feet from a train. As no body was ever recovered, Barnes had then been presumed deceased.Unbeknownst to his team, Barnes' enhanced abilities allowed him to survive the fall, albeit with the loss of his left arm. Once he was found by the Soviet Union and HYDRA, Barnes was subsequently brainwashed and armed with a new cybernetic limb in order to become their operative, known as the Winter Soldier. Over the next seventy years, he would eliminate anyone who posed any threat to HYDRA. Trained as a living weapon, Barnes became a new man so to speak, as his memories and identity were constantly being wiped until he was augmented into the perfect assassin. As the Winter Soldier, he is brutal and ruthless with an utter lack of conscience, and remorselessly followed HYDRA's every order.

9732880864?profile=RESIZE_710xAfter...Eventually Barnes got cured or rather Shuri managed to remove code words that turned him into the Winter Soldier. Little did she knew that he could still easily slip into that specific mindset, he still had triggers that could turn him into a basically feral animal in a blink of an eye, most days he desperately tried to cling to humanity, however its easier said than done. Some days he finds himself thinking how easy it would be to just go back to being a weapon, without a pressure to always make a right decisions , without the need to choose...He craves the oblivion of being the asset. Not that he could tell that to anyone, so he pretends to be a normal human, he spend time speaking to a therapist who despise him, he goes on missions which usually gives him a bit of a relief allowing him to focus on something familiar.


~ Artificially Enhanced Physiology - Enhanced Strength ; Durability ; Speed ; Agility ; Stamina ; Reflexes
~ Bionic Arm - Barnes lost his left arm and had it replaced with a cybernetic one by HYDRA. After his original arm was destroyed, Barnes received a new vibranium arm from T'Challa.

~ Master Martial Artist: Winter Soldier is an exceptionally skilled and formidable martial artist and hand-to-hand combatant, excelling at improvisation and weapons handling.
~ Master Marksman: Barnes is highly proficient in handling firearms with remarkable precision, even prior to being turned into the Winter Soldier.
~ Expert Tactician: Barnes has been trained in military tactics and has spent decades as a soldier and covert operative, using quick thinking and resourcefulness to execute his assignments.
~ Expert Pilot.
~ Multilingualism: Barnes fluently speaks his native English, as well as fluent Romanian and Russian. His time in Wakanda allowed him to speak and understand Xhosa. He also fluently understands German and Japanese.

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  • [Oh I'm so sorry they were sad! Busy actually, I ended up working most of the holidays and then just the extra running around that the holidays make you do.. I'm glad it's just regular work schedule now.]

  • "Not long ago, I just managed to get here after taking the local train.  You were shouting I wondered what was going on, I ran as fast I could inside getting in through the window. I didn't bother taking the front since the danger seemed more evident." He muttered, if James takes a small look out the window he noticed it was definitly opened on his end.  Sam would watch as James stumbled onto the couch. His hands were on his waist as he would take a deep breath.


    "Do you mind telling me whats going on, or is it none of my business?" He would ask curiously while taking another look around seeing if their was a break in of some sorts. When he noticed their wasn't he would take a deep breath as he was trying to figure out what the heck is going on. "Lately you haven't been yourself James, whats causing you to act like this? You know that I am here for you man."

  • (Sorry about the delay. Past three days have been very busy. I did forget to ask a question, though. What version of Bucky is he right now? Winter soldier, Bucky with Sam? I wanted to ask because I don't want to assume anything in my starter.)

  • (Sounds like a good way to start off to me. Give me a bit to come up with something and I'll send a starter your way asap. :))

  • 9993884287?profile=RESIZE_584x

    [Hello! I know it has been months, I had to disappear without word for some things. How were your Holidays? Thanksgiving and the others? ]

  •  Sam sighed as he waved his hand to get the attention of someone so the alarm will be cut off, within minutes it is abruptly silent as it shuts off. Looking to James he sighs. "Yeah that's Torres, I'm trying to figure out what's going on, were you here yesterday did you see anything or hell hear anything? The cameras aren't showing anything.. "


    He grabbed ahold of Morganna's arm, almost thinking she was going to faint, looking to her he frowned deeper than before. "Whoa Miss Luthor.... Your going to be okay, no where were you yesterday? I'm sorry I just want to get everything straight..."




    Morganna looked pale as she clung to Sam's arm, a English aristocrat/business woman not used to such a horrible sight. "I was visiting Lex at L-Corp, and we went to visit the other companies to double check plans, we're discussing acquiring a new company.."

    Somehow every word she spoke was true and for any CCTV footage at either of her companies, or even here before they shorted out that she had been no where on camera. Furthermore her brother Lex would also establish that she was with him the entire time. He was the only one besides James now that knew she was le Fay, and no matter what she did Lex would help or or establish a alibi. "Oh God.. Torres he was a nice man, this was so horrible who could do something like this to him?!"



    Sam closed his eyes as he motioned to James. "James escort her to her rooms please, stay with her until I can organize a guard... She doesn't need to see anymore, I'll check out to make sure everything checks out as I'm sure it will.. I apologize Miss Luthor, you will be safe I promise."



    Nodding as she turns away, out of sight from everyone she smirks to James and nods, silently saying then she was proud before her expression crumbled and she appeared to be in shock. "I...I should call my brother... L-Lex c...can arrange a guard, I have my own set b.. bodyguards, he thought everything would be ok here so he didn't push me to bring them.."

  • [LOL. I wanted to make it as realish as possible, I used actual names of people known to be in HYDRA or at least ones I saw as I looked on Wikipedia. It's fun to write with you as well. You do great as Bucky! Lol it would have been fun to see Rocket actually try for his arm. 

    Maybe we can add to the story. Kidding. Kind of. 

    Actually that doesn't surprise me. I have a friend that doesn't like either. I have never seen an entire theater that packed and hearing all the cheers and boo's like I did in Endgame. In Black Widow I wish they did Budapest, like Nat and Clint always talk about.

    Oh that's right I forgot thank you. 

    Oh yeah lol I didn't think about that. I guess there are a lot of people from US or England. :)]

  • "Yes sir, thank you sir. " Rebekah responded automatically as she remained there, watching as he stepped outside the room before she looked down. 


    Hearing a different man enter she looks up curiously as she figures this must be the man Winter Soldier had spoken to, looking down again she is sitting quite relaxed, or as much as she can be, obeying her orders not to move. 




    Sam: "So.. uh your a Soldier, thank you for not attacking us while we were driving I lived through that with Bucky, when I first met him. Once was enough. " He grabbed the chair Bucky used and dragged it back a foot or two, keeping distance between himself and the female Soldier.






    Confused Rebekah looked up to him before she looked passed him, not quite making eye contact. "Sir? I am called Shadow Slayer. Who is Bucky?" She questions him, before saying she was called and not her name was. She wasn't sure if she had a name. 




    Sam: "He just left.. he was the Winter Soldier.. " He frowned as he fell silent then not sure what else to say next. For once he was at a loss. He watched her and tried to reconcile this to the female soldier that had attacked them earlier. He remembered from dealing with Bucky but he didn't know all of it. 






    Zemo: He looked up knowing James would be seeking him out, taking a sip of his tea he debates on what to tell him. "She is your apprentice, after the Winter Soldier experiment they tried one last time with her. I believe you gave her a name, Sashenka.. after she was removed from Siberia I don't know where she was kept."


    He shrugged knowing a lot more, including some very interesting information, about who her parents were and a lot more but he wouldn't share just yet. 

  • Sam would soon stepped forward taking a knee as he would run his hands against James cheeks as he would look him in the eyes. He would then take take a deep breath before finally speaking. "I have been trying to get in touch with you, I called you multiple times but no answer.  James, what the hell is going on?" He asked as he would just stare into James eyes expecting an answer or at least try to say something.


    Sam  would  soon take a moment to hold out his hand to James while staring at his eyes. He could see the fear in his companions eyes, he never seen anything like this.  He would then take James hand and tries to get him up so that he could stand.  He would then frown for a moment before shaking his head. "I have never seen you like this before, this is a whole new side of you." 

  • *Having just defeated Thanos, Steve took it upon himself to return the Infinity Stones back to their respective times.  What should have taken mere seconds, wound up taking more like 5 years.  He had no issues returning the stones, the problem occurred on his way back.  For some reason the time traveling bracelet malfunctioned right after he returned the last of the Infinity Stones.  As he travelled back to what he thought was the present, he was sadly mistaken, for you see, he overshot his return by nearly 5 years.

    When he finally touched back home, or what he thought was home, he knew something was off.  First thing he noticed was that there was no one around, the platform where he departed from was in shambles and the area around the platform had been overgrown with the woods.  Banner, Sam nor Bucky were around and there was an air of fragility hanging over the area.  When he got to his feet, the first thing he did was look around and noticed that there was no semblance of life in the area, except for the creatures that lived here in the woods, so he decided to head for civilization and find out exactly what was going on.

    As he walked through the woods, he passed an old log cabin, but that isn’t what it was, that was Tony’s house.  He walked over to it, trampling over the underbrush that had began to grow on the steps and the patio.  It looked as though no one had been living here for years, as he thought to himself, just how long was he gone.  Making his way to the door, he pushed it open, the door literally fell off its hinges and landed with a thud on the grass covered floor of the cabin.  Shaking his head, he moved in further, stopped and shouted*

    Is anyone here?  Come on out, I’m not going to hurt you..

    *No answer, so he moved further into the house and came across a newspaper on what must have been the kitchen table.  Still in one piece the date was November 17, 2019, but that can’t be right, it should be 2016.  Also, the headline read in bold letters “Captain America Missing”, missing, I’m right here, what in the world is going on.  Then below that bold headline is a mention of a new Captain America, replacing the old and wearing the familiar Red, White and Blue, and below the man’s picture is a name John Walker – your new Captain America for a different age.  Slamming the paper down on the table, the table shatters into a million pieces.  He quickly gathers his thoughts and looks around the place, looking for a phone to make a call, but there isn’t one.  The he realizes he is still wearing his Cap uniform; he knows he can’t walk around like that so he starts to rummage through the drawers looking for any clothes he can wear to hide his uniform.  After about an hour search, he finds an old pair of jeans and a tee-shirt.  Putting them on he then heads on out the door and tries to find a piece of civilization so he can attempt to make a phone call.

    Walking through the woods, it takes him at least an hour to reach a paved road and then looks right seeing the town, a small town well lit and his destination.  He doesn’t walk, he runs the few miles and reaches the outskirts of the town.  People are bustling around not paying any attention to him, so he decides to look for a phone.  Finding a payphone in a gas station down the block, he goes into the booth, closes the door behind him and then attempts to make a collect phone call to his only friend Bucky.*

    Operator:  Hello, how may I help you?

    Yes, hi, I would like to make a collect call to the following number *He thinks to himself, what if he changed the number, he had to chance it*  917-555-2387

    Operator:  Please hold while I try that number

    *Now comes the waiting, will he answer or is it a dead end, and what does he do next*

    ((Sorry it took me so long to get this out to you.  If you can't work with it, let me know - Steve))

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