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Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

6'8 feet tall short dark brown hair Green eyes well trained body Several scars along his body light skin

Character Personality

distant, cold, calculating, determined, yet can act kind but it may be a lie, but can also be genuinely kind to those he knows he can trust and he can also trust others, however even among the league of assassins those numbers are few, the only ones who he fully trust and will show kindness towards is Talia Al Ghul and Nyssa Al Ghul others even those few he may call friend there is a small voice inside of him that warns him of possible betrayal.

Character Likes

assassinating his targets completing his missions with perfection killing the league of assassins enemies Killing criminals and uplifting the innocents following orders

Character Dislikes

uncontrolled chaos corruption and bribes bullies bigots enemies of the league of assassins people unwilling to kill the guilty one and protecting the innocent one people who lacks discipline

Character History/Story

to be written soon

Character Inventory

advanced dark red Batman suit which he stole from Bruce Wayne and modified it with the league of assassins own tech and removing any influence or control that wayne tech could have over the suit, he kept the logo of the bat to honor the dark knight and to inspire true fear among the criminals of Gotham. One long two handed samurai sword, Two short samurai swords several kunai knifes several shurikens Climbing gear in form of small pistol like firearms much like those the batman uses, but modified for the leagues own needs

Character Abilites

extreme intelligence IQ over 220 Photographic memory trained in every single form of martial arts that exist including the leagues own secret martial arts of the ninja great endurance to pain great movement and running speed Acrobatic skills and agility can speak multiple languages

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Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Action, Adventure

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  • (Would you like to plot?)

  • (Thank you for accepting! I hope we might be able to plot at some time :) - @Helena K.)

  • Greetings. Thank you for the friendship request. You have an interesting character there. Our characters should meet.

  • (Hm its fine.. I had just seen one person had been responded too and that was it. What do you have in mind, if anything?)

  • (Do you wish to.plot?)

  • "Now Gamora, I chose you specifically for this mission because I know I can trust you." Thanos voice boomed throughout the room she was standing in. Lately Gamora and her sister Nebula have been training intensely lately, more than they have in the past. The kinds of trials he has put the two sisters in get harder and harder. Of course Gamora in the end comes out on top while Nebula fails by a few mistakes. Sometimes her sister would be gone for a few days; Gamora not knowing where she has gone. What she does notice is Nebula coming back looking different each time. 

    "You will be go to earth and retrieve something for me. Ghost as they call him because he disappears whenever a raid from Earth's higher ups happens has obtained some foreign technology;powerful. I need it." He gave the woman a slight glare. "I will not take failure as an option." 

    "Have I ever failed you?" She said, looking at the monster that stood before her. Thanos gave her a grin, patting the top of her head. 

    "Go on now. No time to lose. Here are the coordinates to where you need to be. " He handed Gamora a holographic map that popped up as soon as she took it from him. The woman bowed her head and proceeded to take one of the space pods out to Earth. 



    By the time Gamora arrived on Earth it was late at night. She was able to land in a deserted area where no one was around. The summerhouse was barely surrouned by a populated area which made it even more easy to escape with causing a scene. The woman found a pathway leading to the house, before attempting to find a vantage point where she could scope the place out. To her dismay, the Japanese style and the men dressed in fancy suits disgusted her. They all looked like morons; ready to be beat down without even knowing it. Her eyes scanned from one end to another, noticing something red glowing in the distance. Gamore thought it was some kind of red lasers they were trying to use to surround the area so she did not pay it much mind. 

    After a couple of minutes, she got a little bit closer; stealthy sliding down the rocky hill that stood like a wall around the area of the summer house. As she approached closer to some of the gardens delights of the Japanese theme exterior, Gamora spotted something else moving along the shadows. She quickly rolled underneath into a nearby cheery bush; her foucs in Night blade's direction where he had landed. "Who is this?" She whispered to herself. Gamora could only hear Thanos' voice in her head. "I will not take failure as an option."  Knowing someone else was here, disrupting her mission angered the Zehoberi. Gamora managed to make it to the otherside of the garden wihtout detection, pulling out her detractable sword in the process. She snuck up behind Night Blade, the blade of her sword now underneath his neck. 

    "Who are you?" She whispered lowly but loud enough for him to hear. 


  • |/Thank you for the add. I just returned from an long hiatus, please excuse the mess My Lady here is still under construction, however I'm open for plotting if you'd like.\|

  • (I'm ready to plot anytime, I have an couple of ideas:

     Niki is out on an mission given to her by Hydra, your character could be her target, or someone else. Adding onto that she could sustain an concussion that knocks her briefly free from their hold and the trigger words.

    Another idea is she is AWOL from Hydra and on the run, they could be looking for her and wanting to repeat history by framing her to bring her back, like what happened in Captain America: Civil War?

    Or third she is an willing participant and an swiftly rising to become an leader.. If you have another idea, I'd be excited to hear it. Hope to talk soon. )

  • // Awesome! Cant wait to read it and begin this journey with you!

  • // nope I dont have a minimum amount. Write as much as you like. I tend to over write sometimes xD

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