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Character Age


Character Species

Neko demon

Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

6' tall, weighs 143 lbs, slim build, Pale skin, black hair, black eyes, two black triangular markings around each of his two eyes, black feline ears. Usually wears a green hoodie, blue jeans, a blue left shoe, and a red right shoe.

Character Personality

James is usually kind, and a bit of a goofball at times. Though he does have his down moments, especially after having a flashback or suffering from a night terror. He isn't quick to anger unless someones really testing his patience, or he is facing someone extremely evil.

Character Likes

playing music, having fun with his friends, food, theme parks.

Character Dislikes

people who try to hurt his friends, Dark Shocker, his curse Duality.

Character History/Story

James was once a member of the prestigious family known as the Joneses; known throughout the world for their involvement in much of western history. Although it was stressful enough for him to try and uphold his family's honor, his troubles would start to worsen once he got into college. One day, he was kidnapped by a group of thugs, and taken to an undisclosed location. There, he learned that he was in a base controlled by Dark Shocker: a mysterious, and shadowy organization hellbent on total conquest. He was then subjected to numerous agonizing experiments, which led up to him having a curse imbedded inside him. Once the curse began to rampage out of control, he was promptly shot to death. Since he was now housing a curse, he was barred entry from heaven and sent to the Pride circle of hell. Now a neko demon, James eventually swore to take down Dark Shocker. Not just so that no one else had to go through the torturous ordeal that he had to, but also to protect his newfound friends and lovers. If that wasn't bad enough though, he also is tasked with dealing with his awakened curse Duality: A shadowy manifestation of his negative traits, who strives to become the next demon king through any means necessary. It might seem like mountainous ordeals, but luckily James discovered an innate ability to aid in his cause: the power to transform into the multicolored hero known as Sōkan Man!

Character Inventory

cell phone, wallet, walkie talkie

Character Abilites

is an expert at martial arts, can transform into the multicolored hero known as Sōkan Man. As Sōkan man, he has enchanced strength, speed, and jumping power. he can tap into the abilities of the past heroes that came before him; that is if he has enough energy in his handy power meter to do so. These abilities range from handy powers like magic or explosions, weapons, flight, and even the power to grow into a giant! However, If he does choose to grow giant, the time that he is able to stay transformed decreases significantly.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)


Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Anime, Rated R, 18+, Comedy, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

Heya, you can call me Poke! I'm just your average guy, who loves to write action packed stories with a side of romance. Some of my inspiration would be thanks to manga and tokusatsu. Anywho, I hope this platform will give me to opportunity to write out the stories of my dreams! ^^

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