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"I hate the Force, I hate that it seems to have a will, that it would control us to achieve some measure of balance when countless lives are lost" - Kreia

Male -  Human - Force Sensitive - Archeologist - Historian 



Jason was lucky. Lucky to have been seemingly missed at birth by the Jedi Order, lucky to not have force sensitive parents and lucky to be born on a backwater planet where the Empire wasn't going to pay much mind. It was only because of these things that he made it as far as he did. 

His parents had moved from Coruscant to Dantooine before the Clone Wars, having made enough savings to start up a homestead on the much quieter, less populated world. Previously they had both worked as engineers, creating advanced androids and robots and so they were able to build a relatively large farming compound. The vast majority of their crops went to refugees from the clone wars. And so this was the life Jason was born into, two very intelligent parents who gave him an equally fine education, and taught that when you're in a position to help others, you always should.

Jason's parents knew he was force sensitive from a very young age. The floating toys gave it away. However, they chose not to inform the jedi as this would mean them losing their only child. Before long, the Galactic Empire had formed and a bounty was placed on the head of all Jedi and Jedi sympathisers and so their decision was made, his existence had to be kept a secret. This would ultimately prove challenging as the Rebel Alliance founded their headquarters on the planet. Jason trained himself mostly, he hadn't attatched any philosophical meaning to his powers and so he viewed the force as a skill which he would gradually get better with. 

Jason's luck was strong, even as a teenager he had heard the stories of the Emperor's inquisitors hunting down Jedi all over the galaxy and he knew that in time they would eventually find him. But for the time being, there hadn't been any sign of that. All this changed however, when his father  decided to expand their farming operation into a mining venture. Having discovered some rare minerals, he of course set some droids to digging through it to try and see how much of a cache they had stumbled upon. At first, it seemed only profit stood in the horizon, how wrong they were.  A couple of weeks after mining had commenced, they discovered what seemed like an underground bunker, the wall of one at least. They blasted their way through and found a tomb.

Jason was one of the first people who crawled through the hole to see what was inside, in truth it was him who told his father to survey the area, though it wasn't until now did he understand why this place called to him. The room was bare, some decorative pieces that had fallen apart in their centuries of slumber. But in the centre of the room was a large metal sarcophagus. Inside was a near perfectly preserved body, if the three deep scans hadn't confirmed that the body was in fact dead, they'd have assumed him alive or in sleep. Between the bodies hands would rest an object that would change the direction of Jason's life forever... An ancient lightsaber.


He grabbed it, how could he not? These things were worth their weight in durasteel and the crystals inside even more so. There was of course a moment of moral uncertainty.... He was by all accounts grave robbing, stealing the most prized possession of someone long since passed. But he couldn't resist and so he wrapped his hands around the cold metal hilt on the blade and pulled it from the corpse's fingers. For a split second there was absolute silence, the beeping of the droids gone, the air rushing through the cavern seemed to vanish. He turned over his shoulder, and was confronted by a Twi'lek standing, a green lightsaber thrust into the air. He stumbled backwards, only to bump into a Togruta with a glowing blue blade in the same posture. Before him, where a once preserved corpse lay, instead the sarcophagus was being constructed still. He threw the object to the ground and covered his eyes for what felt like an eternity, though when he eventually plucked the courage to open them, he found himself in the same empty tomb they had dug into just hours previously. 

Life could not continue as it had. If an object had a strong connection to the force, he could use it to leap into the past. He could watch history happen and he could learn from it. Though this moment of revelation was the beginning of an urge. A single object was only connected so much to the force, it only held so much and so while this lightsaber could sustain him with knowlege and history for the months and years that followed, it could not always provide him with answers, just questions. He needed more. And so he would start his galaxy-wide hunt for the artefacts of old. 

Though, years after, it appeared that he made a mistake. He thought that because his uses of the force were limited and infrequent, no one would have noticed him. The Inquisitorius had simply let him slip by. He was wrong. Unknowingly, the empire had ordered for his execution to be witheld as on his own, he was funding expeditions around the galaxy to try and hunt down ancient Jedi and Sith burial sites. By leaving him to his own ventures, the Empire was also learning of these without having to do the leg work themselves. He didn't know how long this could have continued for, however when he learned that he was indeed being watched by the Inquisitors, he tried to hide.  But he wasn't a match for the Emperor's lackeys.



I really don't like rules, I by no means want to limit or somehow block the creativity of our writing by having them. However, I have got a few things which I'd prefer in order for things to be clear and enjoyable.

1. I won't rush your replies and I ask that you don't rush me. I'm quite busy off of this but I will always try to reply in a reasonable time.

2. Spelling and grammar. I know that everyone says this, but when we're communicating via text, it really does make everything so much clearer.

3. Romance/Relationships are thread exclusive and highly dependent on the situation. I don't mind it happening, but if I don't think Jason would be interested, I'm not going to write it.

4. Try and have fun. Which is arguably the most important one. 

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  • // Battle Droid voice // 

    "Roger, Roger"

  • It was true that she was putting an awful lot of faith in Jason. However, the young Jedi had sensed a goodness in him, despite his prior actions and current predicament. Rey had a strong feeling that he was going to do the right thing, and if the past few years had taught her anything it was that she could learn to trust this feeling. That didn't stop her from being cautious however, especially when a strange pulse in the force seemed to come out of nowhere. For the briefest of moments, Rey actually thought that Jason was going to try and escape, and that her 'good feeling' was about to be proven dead wrong.

    However, when this seemed to pass and Jason went along with the guard, Rey felt she could relax a little bit. She still wasn't entirely sure what had happened just now, but surely there would be time to figure it out. She chuckled a little bit as his question as she began to lead him away. "Let's just worry about getting there first," she said as they left the brig and rounded the corner. Although she had only been there once, she could remember exactly how to get back to the artifact room.

    As the door slid open from the bottom up, Rey led Jason into the room. There were a couple guards standing there, as if expecting someone (maybe Jason) to try and steal the items. They saw Rey and the prisoner and were surprised, but she expected such a reaction. "It's fine, I'll handle things from here," she said in a confident, polite voice. "He's going to help us determine what these are, you can take your leave." It wasn't quite a Jedi mind trick, and yet there might have been just a slight influence from the force on Rey's part; something extra to help them feel at ease and that everything was under control. "If you say so, Miss," said one of the guards, and he and the other one promptly left the room.

    Now that they were completely alone, Rey had all the freedom to ask Jason whatever she wanted, and in return, he could do the same if he wished. "What was that, back there?" she suddenly asked, turning to face him with a more serious expression. "There was tension in the room, in the force...I've never felt anything quite like it," she said, blinking in curiousity as she hoped that he would be able to explain this mysterious phenomenon. She trusted him, to a certain extent at least, and she was hoping that he could lend her that same trust.


  • Rey couldn't help but smirk a little. He was a sharp man with a sharp tongue. He had clearly talked his way out of various situations. And while she wouldn't allow him to to twist her thoughts she had to admire his attempts at doing so. "Nice try," Rey said. "But the difference is that the Emperor lied, the New Republic has not. I can't force you to accept the new system, no one can...but perhaps you will come around to them in time," she said before shifting her weight slightly as she stood.

    "Hm, I do to some extent," Rey answered as he talked about the Old Teachings. "I think the Old Jedi made some mistakes along the way...and so I don't plan on following everything. I don't know if I'll become the Jedi that past generations would be proud of, but like you said, I can learn from the past and try to do better," she said, nodding at his statement from before which she definitely agreed with. She was once again flattered by him saying that she will be a good teacher. She wasn't sure why he was saying this, but she certainly hoped so.

    She could see and feel his reluctance in talking about the force as his voice became lower. Of course he had been taught to hide it, or figured he should. It was a survival technique. Rey was unsure if this new information would make the officers more or less trusting of him. She didn't want to weigh the odds and find out so she decided to keep it to herself. "I see...thank you for your honesty," she said, having been able to tell that he wasn't lying to her about this. Perhaps he had forged half-truths before, but not about the artifacts, and certainly not about his connection with the force.

    His last question stumped her quite a bit, and Rey paced slightly to herself as she thought about what to do next. Really, what should she do with him? Did she even have the authority to release him? Then again, would anyone question her? Perhaps his fate really was in her hands, more so than she had realized upon first meeting Jason. Eventually Rey stopped pacing and she turned to look at him with a soft smile. "I think...Jason Tarkov...you have a bright future ahead of you, but you need to get there first," she said before walking over to the guard that stood about 10 feet away.

    "Can you open the cell? I'm going to take him to the artifacts. He won't escape, I promise. Tell Captain Nexus that if he has any concerns he can come find me," she said, her voice calm and confident as the guard looked between her and Jason. He seemed unsure at first but then decided that she obviously knew what she was doing. "Very well," he said before walking over to the cell and activating his key card that would cause the red barrier to disappear. From there, he walked behind Jason and brought his wrists into electronic cuffs.

    "No funny business, you hear? Do what she says," he said before giving Jason a light shove in Rey's direction. He clearly didn't like him very much but trusted Rey enough to go along with this. The young Jedi simply smiled at them both before leading Jason away from the brig and down the hall. "Come on, we're going to do some research." He might have been able to tell that she was quite excited about this, for who knew what kind of information was contained in these Holocrons...

  • (I can only do so much with a code lol but at this moment I have a friend helping me with that. But now I am completely unsure of my idea for Ceros ;-; xD not that it's bad, I'm just tempted making a Marvel/Star Wars cross over. Keep Dathomir her birthplace and have her kindnapped andn brought to earth. Ever since I read that in a timeline earth is part of it I wanted to make it a permenant thing.)

  • As they spoke, Rey was indeed starting to feel a small tug from the force; coming from him. It had been so subtle up until now, and yet she wondered why she hadn't sensed it before. Either he was force sensitive, and didn't know it, but was merely using it in an intuitive way. Or he knew exactly what he was doing and was attempting to read her thoughts. The threat was so minimal that she didn't even try to block him out. She wouldn't anyway, because she wanted him to see that she was trustworthy. However, with this new discovery Rey found herself a bit speechless for a moment or two. Should she bring attention to it? And if not now, when?

    Although she could not deny the inevitable truth in his words, there was one part of it that the Jedi wholeheartedly disagreed with. She ended up shaking her head, almost in disappointment as he spoke about the non-existent differences between factions. "No, I'm afraid you're wrong. The New Republic is different from the First Order in ever way. They don't seek to dominate others, they want to help strengthen worlds and relations to form a safer, stronger galaxy."

    That isn't all she would say, because of course he had a point, several in fact. "However...given your occupation and skills, I can understand your reluctance to share your work with a governing body. You're probably right, you know. They might see it as evil or dark, and try to hide it away...or maybe they wouldn't. I hope they wouldn't," Rey said, rather honestly. Of course she had criticisms about the New Republic system, it wasn't perfect, but it was also fairly new. There was always room for improvement, and from what she saw, there were many people trying to change and improve things to be better than the system that came before it.

    Humbled and slightly surprised at his next question, Rey smiled slightly and suddenly realized that she had not yet given her name. Perhaps he already knew it, but she wanted to give it all the same. "You can call me Rey. As for rank, just Jedi...or Jedi Knight Skywalker if you want to be really formal," she said with a very slight chuckle, feeling herself starting to loosen up a bit. "According to the Old Ways, I can't become a Master until I've trained a student. I'm not sure when that will be, or if I'm even ready for it," she said with an honest shrug. It was then that she thought this might be a good segway into her previous thought.

    "You know about the force...don't you Jason?" she asked, seemingly out of the blue as she made eye contact with him. "I feel it within you. You don't have to hide it, not from me," she said, slowly and gently as she walked as close to him as she could without touching the barrier. Everything was starting to make sense now, or so she thought. "That's why you wanted the Holocrons, isn't it? And that lightsaber...you didn't make it, but it's yours now. You've made it your own," she said, knowing that she was very close to the truth, if not dead on. Now these events were starting to fall into place, whether Jason was a true historian or not, he had the ability to use these items as a force-user could. Rey couldn't help but wonder...did he wish to become a Jedi?


  • She hadn't expected him to be so forthcoming about his name and the following information. Then again, she could safely assume this wasn't his first time being interrogated. Rey didn't want to think of it that way, though. It made her seem like a thug or a corrupt officer who's power had gone over their head. When it all came down to it, she just wanted to have an honest conversation - equal to equal.

    "Hm...so you're in archaeology?" Rey clarified as she stood there calmly, arms gently folded across her chest as she looked up at him. It was difficult to tell if he was lying or not, even with her force sensitivities. He certainly had the look of a man who had lied to get out of situations in the past, but was this one of them? "That's admirable work, especially for artifacts that are quickly becoming lost to time. More and more people are losing their faith in the force. They think it's just a children's story," Rey said, almost sadly as she dwelled on this. Her expression reverted as she made eye contact with him yet again.

    "I have to ask, Mr. Tarkov, or Jason...whatever you prefer..." she said with a slight smile. "Surely an archaeologist and historian such as yourself would have had a permit of some kind for your expeditions. But...considering where you are now, I'm guessing you don't," she added, obviously hinting to the fact that she suspected he wasn't being honest. Or at the very least, there was more to this story than he claimed. She wasn't going to intimidate or threaten him, that wasn't who she was, and it certainly wasn't the Jedi way.

  • As fate and luck would have it, Rey happened to have a very good relationship with the New Republic. They often teamed up together to bring down dangerous fugitives and First Order sympathizers. Wherever injustice occured, Rey was never far behind. After the fall of the Emperor she had dedicated herself to wiping out any remaining evil in the galaxy to restore the balance. It was lucky that one of Captain Nexus' superiors was well connected with Rey, and lucky still that she was not on mission when she received the strange call.

    She had been relaxing at home, which was rare for her. Although she would have liked to continue her day off, she couldn't deny that the details of this call were very intriguing. "Thirty Holocrons you say? And a lightsaber?" Rey repeated to the officer through holographic communication. "Yes, that's correct. The problem is, no one on our team has any idea what to make of them. These things simply aren't as well-known as they used to be. We figure...if anyone can crack this, it's you, Rey."

    She paused, allowing the information to sink in. The young Jedi had never been asked to do this sort of thing, nor did she have any experience with interrogations. Even so, she couldn't help but feel drawn to these artifacts and the individual who was caught with them. If this was the will of the force, she would go to him and do her best to solve this peculiar mystery. "Alright, I'll come. Send me the coordinates to the patrol vessel and I'll be there as soon a I can."


    Once she was on board the ship, Rey was taken directly to the artifacts in question. "Take your time," the officer said as he stood by the door and left her alone with the holocrons and lightsaber. The young woman furrowed her brow as she looked at them all. Of course she had heard of them and read about them in the ancient texts, but Rey had never seen a real holocron before. And this man somehow managed to get his hands on thirty of them. Of course, the Sith ones would be forever sealed. Rey would need to use the dark side to open them, and she would rather not. The Jedi ones, however...she could open them, maybe.

    Her attention was then drawn to the lightsaber hilt on the other side of the table. Rey reached out and gently picked it up, wondering if she might be able to sense its history. All she could tell, however, was that it was an ancient design, most likely used during the days of the Old Republic. She noticed the biometric scanner as well. "That's a clever touch..." she whispered to herself, assuming that only its current wielder would be able to activate it.

    "Find anything?" the officer eventually asked. Rey gave a small frown before turning to look at him. "Maybe, but I think I'd like to speak to the prisoner before I draw any conclusions. Can that be arranged?"

    "Of course. Follow me," said the officer as he led her out the door and down the various hallways that would eventually lead them to the brig. Most of the cells were empty, so it was pretty obvious which one held the man that Rey wanted to see. "This is him, I'll be right here if you need anything," he said before standing off to the side slightly and keeping watch.

    "Thank you," Rey said kindly before turning to face the man in the cell. He was younger than she expected, perhaps not much older than her. Although she had many questions, there was really only one that the Jedi could start with. Rey cleared her throat and approached the energy barrier. "Who are you?" she asked, her tone both serious yet genuinely curious.

  • (Hello. Thank you for the invite. )

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