In any story with Ja'vassa, he'll carry any combination of arrows, potions, and weapons on him, but what's in his description is his most commonly carried weapons. His magic and scrolls, however, will always remain the same.

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    Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim
    Beyond Skyrim: Bruma
    Phenderix Magic World - Magic Evolved
    Heavy Armory - New Weapons
    Weapons Collection 2
    Katana Crafting
    Moon and Star
    Arcaneum - New Age of Magic
    Astral Magic
    Triumvirate - Mage Archetypes
    Konahrik's Accoutrements
    Samurai Sword Collection

    One-Handed and Two-Handed Weapons:

    Harkon's Sword
    Kahvozein's Fang
    Akaviri Katana (2)
    Akaviri Dai-Katana
    Daedric Dai-Katana
    Ice Blade of the Monarch
    Mehrunes' Razor
    Rain Cloud Katana
    Steel Glaive
    Steel Halberd

    Bows, Arrows, and Staffs:
    Auriel's Bow
    Ancient Nord Arrows (61)
    Bloodcursed Elven Arrows (188)
    Daedric Arrows (50)
    Dwarven Arrows (108)
    Dwarven Bolts (200)
    Ebony Arrows (220)
    Elven Arrows (1)
    Exploding Steel Bolt of Fire (N/A)
    Exploding Steel Bolt of Ice (N/A)
    Exploding Steel Bolt of Shock (N/A)
    Falmer Arrows (199)
    Forsworn Arrows (214)
    Glass Arrows (18)
    Iron Arrows (1321)
    Nordic Arrows (2)
    Orcish Arrows (166)
    Practice Arrows (15)
    Riekling Spears (N/A)
    Stalhrim Arrows (N/A)
    Steel Arrows (84)
    Steel Bolts (N/A)
    Flamelight Spire

    Potions and Poisons:
    Paralysis Poison (14)
    Potent Lingering Poison
    Potent Poison
    Potion of Blood (3)
    Potion of Extreme Healing (2)
    Potion of Extreme Magicka (4)
    Potion of Healing (24)
    Potion of Magicka (20)
    Potion of Minor Healing (16)
    Potion of Minor Magicka (22)
    Potion of Plentiful Healing (27)
    Potion of Plentiful Magicka (7)
    Potion of Resist Fire
    Potion of Restore Health (8)
    Potion of Restore Magicka (11)
    Potion of Ultimate Healing (6)
    Potion of Ultimate Magicka (5)
    Potion of Vigorous Healing (18)
    Potion of Vigorous Magicka (6)

    Flame Cloaked Spider (20)
    Frost Cloaked Spider (20)
    Glowing Spider (20)
    Oil Spider (20)
    Poison Cloaked Spider (20)
    Shock Cloaked Spider (20)
    Scroll of Frozen Orb
    Scroll of Gravisphere
    Scroll of Static Dome

    Arch-Mage's Robes
    Ebony Boots
    Ebony Gauntlets
    Gold Emerald Circlet
    Ring of the Erudite
    Anair Family Pendant (Dragon Priest Pendant)
    Dovahkiin (Stalhrim Mask)
    Dovahkiin Robes (Stalhrim Plate Robes)
    Dovahkiin Gloves (Stalhrim Greaves)
    Dovahkiin Boots (Stalhrim Boots)
    Stalhrim Scale Robes
    Konahrik Robes
    Konahrik Gleaves
    Konahrik Boots

    Currently Equipped:
    ARMOR - 214
    WEIGHT - 7
    VALUE - 6933
    When health is low, has a chance to heal wearer and damage nearby enemies.
    Konahrik's Armored Robes:
    ARMOR - 441
    WEIGHT - 92
    VALUE - 13866
    Offensive shouts do 20% more damage and Health regenerates 50% faster.
    Konahrik's Gauntlets:
    ARMOR - 185
    WEIGHT - 3.5
    VALUE - 3036
    Weapons do 50% more damage and Magicka regenerates 50% faster.
    Konahrik's Greaves:
    ARMOR - 185
    WEIGHT - 6
    VALUE - 3250
    Increases Magic Resist by 20% and Stamina regenerates 50% faster.
    Ring of the Erudite:
    ARMOR - 0
    WEIGHT - 0.3
    VALUE - 1803
    While wearing this ring, you will receive 100 extra Magicka, and Magicka regenerates faster.
    Dragon Priest Pendant
    ARMOR - 0
    WEIGHT - 1
    VALUE - 25
    Time between shouts is reduced..
    Akaviri Katana
    DAMAGE - 323
    WEIGHT - 10
    VALUE - 5584
    Absorbs 75 points of Health, does 75 points of fire damage; targets on fire take extra damage..

    Spells, Shouts, and Powers

    Ash Rune
    Ash Spell
    Detect Dead
    Detect Life
    Drop Zone
    Iron Flesh
    Mass Paralysis
    Ocato's Recital
    Perilous Path
    Prepare for Adventure
    Raise Wall
    Reynos' Fins
    Enhance - Speed
    Enhance - Speed (Greater)
    Enhance - Speed
    Enhance - Weapon Speed
    Enhance - Weapon Speed (Greater)
    Chase the Horizon
    Eye of the All-Maker
    Force of Nature
    Impenetrable Grove
    Night Gate
    Pull Through Shadows
    Sacred Hearth
    Shadow Dance
    Shadow Stride
    Stave of Binding
    Stave of Ferocity
    Step Through Shadows

    Call to Arms
    Curse of the Silent
    Dispel Magic
    Frenzy Rune
    Illusory Flames
    Mind Vision
    Pale Shadow
    Shared Trauma
    Gather Shadows
    Iron Maiden
    Life Tap
    Orum's Aquatic Escape
    Reveal Secrets
    Spirit Guardian

    Astral Bite
    Astral Blitz
    Astral Rune
    Astral Wind
    Blazing Soul
    Blood - Eradication
    Blood - Hemorrhage
    Blood - Ravager
    Blood - Ring of Ruin
    Blood - Sanguine Offering
    Blood - Seep
    Blood - Transfusion
    Caster's Sigil
    Chain Lightning
    Chaos Fireball
    Choking Grasp
    Cosmic Gale
    Creeping Cold
    Crippling Chill
    Crystalline Spear
    Cyclonic Rift
    Distortion Flux
    Dragon's Teeth
    Earth - Avalanche
    Earth - Boulder
    Earth - Quake
    Earth - Sand Burial
    Earth - Sand Storm
    Earth - Sand Strike
    Eden Grid
    Elemental - Concussive Strike
    Elemental - Firespark
    Elemental - Firespark Cloak
    Elemental - Frostfire
    Elemental - Frostfire Cloak
    Elemental - Frostspark
    Elemental - Frostspark CLoak
    Elemental - Trinergy Cloak
    Elemental Blast
    Elemental Bolt
    Elemental Burst
    Elemental Flare
    Event Horizon
    Eyes of Kyne
    Fingers of the Mountain
    Fire - Blaze of Wrath
    Fire - Blazebolt
    Fire - Bomb
    Fire - Channel
    Fire - Concussive Strike
    Fire - Dragon Blast
    Fire - Dragon Breath
    Fire - Fireball Repeater
    Fire - Firebolt Repeater
    Fire - Flying Bird Bomb
    Fire - Slasher
    Fire Rune
    Fire Storm
    First Light
    Forbidden Sun
    Frost - Channel
    Frost - Concussive Strike
    Frost - Dragon Blast
    Frost - Dragon Breath
    Frost - Entombment
    Frost - Ice Storm Repeater
    Frost - Icicle Repeater
    Frost Cloak
    Frost Nova
    Frost Rune
    Frozen Maelstrom
    Frozen Orb
    Gelid Gale
    Glacial Ray
    Graviton Sphere
    Hangman's Noose
    Howling Blast
    Ice Shiv
    Ice Spike
    Ice Storm
    Icy Spear
    Icy Vortex
    Incendiary Flow
    Induced Charge
    Inferno Jet
    Lightning - Channel
    Lightning - Charged K Beam
    Lightning - Discharge
    Lightning - Strike
    Lightning Bolt
    Lightning Cloak
    Lightning Rune
    Lightning Storm
    Lightning Strike
    Luminous Crescent
    Magicka Flare
    Magus Dart
    Mara's Wrath
    Mending Warmth
    Plasma Bolt
    Poison - Bug Beam
    Poison - Immobilizing Gas
    Poison - Spider Bite
    Poison - Spit
    Poison - Toxic Cloud
    Prismatic Beam
    Punishing Fire
    Radiant Helix
    Rift Bolt
    Scorching Hands
    Scattering Crystal
    Shock Nova
    Sleet Storm
    Sol Invictus
    Soul of Winter
    Static Dome
    Static Orb
    Stellar Birth
    Touch of Death
    Twisting Tempest
    Umbral Barrage
    Umbral Orb
    Unbound Fire
    Unbounded Flames
    Unbounded Freezing
    Unbounded Storms
    Unstable Current
    Vampiric Drain
    Wall of Flames
    Wall of Frost
    Wall of Storms
    Water - Concentrated Steam
    Water - Geyser
    Water - Hydro Touch
    Water - Liquid Orb
    Whirlwind Cloak
    Wind - Force Omega Blest
    Wind - Blow
    Wind - Cyclone Ball
    Wind - Force Strike
    Wind - Gale
    Wind - Gust
    Wind - Rapid Squalls
    Azra's Wrath
    Consecrated Ground
    Draining Mist
    Draining Shroud
    Draining Touch
    Eldritch Blast
    Holy Fire
    Holy Shock
    Hurl Into Oblivion
    Solar Ray
    Storm of Vengeance
    Witch Bolt
    Chaos Tempest
    Comet Barrage
    Sol Illictus
    Tri Disaster
    Ire of Jhunal

    Atronach Mark
    Azure Reconstruction
    Banish Daedra
    Bound Battleaxe
    Bound Bow
    Bound Dagger
    Bound Sword
    Command Daedra
    Conjure Ash Guardian
    Conjure Ash Spawn
    Conjure Avenging Wraith
    Conjure Boneman
    Conjure Cat Totem
    Conjure Deadeye Captain
    Conjure Dremora Churl
    Conjure Dremora Lord
    Conjure Familiar
    Conjure Flame Atronach
    Conjure Frost Atronach
    Conjure Mistman
    Conjure Seeker
    Conjure Storm Atronach
    Conjure Wrathman
    Consuming Power
    Dead Thrall
    Dread Zombie
    Expel Daedra
    Flame Thrall
    Flaming Familiar
    Frost Thrall
    Power of the Master
    Raise Zombie
    Reanimate Corpse
    Soul Cloak
    Soul Trap
    Spectral Arrow
    Storm Thrall
    Call Gray Wolf
    Call Hound of Hircine
    Call Rattlesnakes
    Call Raven
    Call Snow Leopard
    Conjure Gremlin
    Conjure Leviathan
    Conjure Magister
    Conjure Ravager
    Conjure Temple Grim
    Create Earth Totem
    Create Tree Totem
    Create Water Totem
    Summon Sun Fylgia
    Summon Wind Fylgia

    Bane of the Undead
    Blood Boil
    Bone Spirit
    Carrion Wind
    Channel Energies
    Circle of Protection
    Circle of Strength
    Circle of the Moons
    Close Wounds
    Death Cloud
    Fast Healing
    Finger of Death
    Grand Healing
    Greater Ward
    Guardian Circle
    Heal Other
    Heal Undead
    Healing Blossom
    Healing Hands
    Holy Hands
    Horrid Wilting
    Lamb of Mara
    Leech Seed
    Lesser Ward
    Mystic Wind
    Nature's Balance
    Necromantic Healing
    Poison Rune
    Repel Lesser Undead
    Repel Undead
    Sealed Resolve
    Slay Living
    Steadfast Ward
    Stellar Core
    Stendarr's Aura
    Sun Fire
    Tree Rings
    Turn Greater Undead
    Turn Lesser Undead
    Turn Undead
    Vampire's Bane
    Welling Blood
    Wild Healing
    Aura of Might
    Aura of Thorns
    Aura of Vigor
    Bramble Growth
    Mass Immortality
    Parasitic Growth
    Shield of Awe
    Spirit Fire
    Spirit Storm
    Spirit of Thornbriar
    Spirit of the Oak
    Spirit of the Sun
    Visions of Healing
    Visions of Opportunity

    Animal Allegiance (2/3)
    Aura Whisper (3/3)
    Battle Fury (3/3)
    Become Ethereal (3/3)
    Bend Will (3/3)
    Call Dragon (3/3)
    Call of Valor (3/3)
    Clear Skies (3/3)
    Cyclone (3/3)
    Disarm (3/3)
    Dismay (2/3)
    Dragon Aspect (3/3)
    Dragonred (3/3)
    Drain Vitality (3/3)
    Elemental Fury (3/3)
    Fire Breath (3/3)
    Frost Breath (3/3)
    Ice Form (3/3)
    Kyne's Peace (2/3)
    Marked For Death (3/3)
    Slow Time (3/3)
    Soul Tear (3/3)
    Storm Call (3/3)
    Summon Durnehviir (3/3)
    Unrelenting Force (3/3)
    Whirlwind Sprint (3/3)

    Bones of the Earth
    Embrace of Shadows
    Mora's Boon
    Night Eye
    Secret Servant
    Secret of Arcana
    Summon Karstaag (3/3)
    Summon Spectral Assassin
    Vampire Lord
    Vampire's Seduction
    Vampire's Servant
    Waters of Life

    Vampiric Abilities
    Vampiric Grip
    Summon Gargoyle
    Corpse Curse
    Mist Form
    Supernatural Reflexes
    Detect All Creatures
    Night Cloak
    Poison Claw

The Nightwalker Dragonborn was one of three children born to merchants Ma'dul and Monna Anair in the city of Torval, the capital of Elsweyr. He was the middle child, having been born in between his elder brother Josarr and his younger sister Chiara, both of whom he'd develop a strong relationship with. From an early age, Ja'vassa had found himself developing an interest in magic, though this was no surprise as the arcane arts had long played a role in the Anair family; many of the family's ancestors were powerful and respectable mages in their own right, though this Khajiit was widely considered by many to be a prodigious mage. He was especially gifted in Destruction magic, having mastered numerous expert level spells before he had even turned 14 years old. During his early years, whenever he wasn't busy studying magic, he'd often be seen with his parents; they had taught him many things that would no doubt become useful in his life. His mother trained him in combat, training in the usage of swords, war axes, and bows while also trying to help teach him how to put his prodigal skill in magic to good use, and his father taught him basic survival skills like hunting and gathering.

Growing up, he didn't have too many friends as he devoted much of his time to his studies and training, though whenever he wasn't busy with this, he often found himself in the company of a close friend by the name of Armani. Her and her family have long had connections with the Anair clan and these two wound up growing particularly close. At around 16 years old, he had discovered that he'd be joining his parents and siblings on a trip from Elsweyr, through Cyrodiil, Hammerfell, and eventually to High Rock to act as traveling merchants, meaning he'd have to leave Armani behind for a little while. This greatly upset them, but they figured it'd be alright. They'd have plenty of stories to share when they meet up in the future, something both greatly looked forward to. Before they'd leave for Leyawiin in Cyrodiil, Ja'vassa would give his close friend a circlet he had received from his mother years prior, promising her that when they reunited, he'd settle down with her, effectively confessing a deep love for her. Without much hesitation, Armani happily accepted the proposal and she would see him off on his trip.

The trip through Cyrodiil and Hammerfell would last nearly two years and were mostly uneventful. They spent a couple months in Bravil, Skingrad, Kvatch, Anvil, and Chorrol in Cyrodiil before spending the next few months in Rihad, Taneth, and Elinhir in Hammerfell. They made a decent living in the two provinces, though they found themselves less successful in the Nordic province. They tried their luck in Falkreath, Whiterun, Dawnstar, and Solitude, but the results were the same each time. They were denied entry to the walled cities and were quickly escorted through the smaller towns. With their lack of success in Skyrim, they intended to make way for Evermor in High Rock, though the roads in the Reach were treacherous and they'd unfortunately find themselves stopped by a small group of Forsworn warriors who were determined to kill every last non-native person in the hold, regardless of who they were. While the five Khajiit made for dangerous opponents, they were no match for the numbers of the Forsworn. In an effort to keep the Anair clan going, Josarr urged Ja'vassa and Chiara to flee while he and their parents held off the Reachmen.

After hesitantly nodding, Ja'vassa promised to keep Chiara safe the best he could and would soon flee with her. With no supplies and only a couple of septims, they fled for Whiterun, but like before, they were denied entry, even after explaining the situation to the gate guards. With no other option, they would return to Cyrodiil, taking residence in the city of Cheydinhal. The first few months were a little rough, though thanks to a variety of odd jobs, they were able to make a decent living and were able to afford a small home on the outskirts of the city. Nearly a year had gone by since the tragedy hit them and they were desperate to discover the outcome of the fateful night. After scrounging up whatever money they could along with whatever supplies they could find, they'd return to Skyrim to search for any clues. Bodies, rumors, anything would be useful to them, however returning to the frozen province would prove to be a fatal mistake. Not long after returning to Skyrim, they had found themselves unwittingly caught up in an Imperial-Stormcloak ambush. In the confusion and suddenness of the battle, a costly mistake would wind up taking Chiara's life. A stray arrow from the Imperials struck her, embedding itself deep into her chest. Though Ja'vassa was a skilled destruction mage, he hadn't had much skill in restoration magic just yet and as such, he had no hope of saving her. They only had the time for a few words and their final proclamations of love and admiration for each other. Chiara died with a smile on her face, leaving Ja'vassa brokenhearted and alone.

As he unintentionally aided the Stormcloaks in battle, he would end up being rounded up and detained. Fortunately, the Imperial Soldiers had at least let him bury his sister, but not before he would take the pendant she wore around her neck, he kept it as a way to preserve her memory. He made no fuss, no attempt to fight the soldiers as they threw him onto a carriage with several Stormcloak prisoners. After a brief journey on the horse drawn wagons, he'd be escorted to Helgen where he was scheduled to be executed. He didn't want to die yet, but it didn't seem he had a choice. Just as the executioner prepared to lop off the Khajiit's head, out of nowhere, a massive dragon intervened. Interrupting the execution, saving the Khajiit in the process. In the confusion and chaos, he had managed to slip out with an Imperial officer; though he had little love for the Imperials at that time, he was gracious for the help. He'd join Hadvar on a bit of a trip to Riverwood to meet with uncle, to pick up supplies, and to later inform the Jarl of the news. Fortunately, Hadvar vouched for him at the city of Whiterun and for the first time, he would be admitted to the city.

After explaining what happened at Helgen, he would be employed by the Jarl to aid in several tasks relating to the Dragon Crisis. After being sent out to help a number of guards in fighting a dragon spotted near the watchtower, he would discover who he truly was. After killing the dragon, he'd absorb the beast's soul and according to the men that helped him, and later by his greatest allies in the Greybeards, he'd discover that he was Dragonborn. With this revelation and as thanks for what he's done for Whiterun, he had been named Thane of Whiterun, a title rarely given out to non-Nords and had used the opportunity to purchase a house within the city. With that all out of the way, he would officially visit High Hrothgar to find out what it meant to be Dragonborn and to discover his destiny in the process. The former was a resounding success, but even to this day, he's not exactly sure what his destiny is.

Following his involvement with the Greybeards, he'd find himself involved with a dying faction known as the Blades, a group who would unintentionally point him in the direction of the dragon that saved him in Helgen, this beast would later be known to him as the World-Eater himself, Alduin and would soon become his greatest foe. With the help of both the Blades and Greybeards, and later of Jarl Balgruuf, he would end up getting the chance to travel to Sovngarde where he would meet his winged foe in one final showdown. He would either win the fight or all of Skyrim, perhaps even all of Tamriel would be destroyed. It was a hard fought match, though thanks to his relentless courage and persistence, he'd end up emerging victorious. With Alduin now destroyed, he ended up gaining a new ally in the World-Eater's former lieutenant, Odahviing. He'd also have his first encounter with Hermaeus Mora who would later become his patron deity

With the World-Eater out of the way, Ja'vassa had decided to begin traveling across Skyrim to see what it had to offer, with these travels leading him to the College of Winterhold. He was eager to continue mastering the school of Destruction, though he also wanted to properly train in the other schools, particularly Restoration in an effort to avoid losing someone else like he lost Chiara. His work in the College would be rather smooth until he would join a senior professor on an expedition to the ancient Nordic city of Saarthal. Traveling the ruins of this ancient city was no different than exploring any other ancient ruin in Skyrim. The occasional fire trap and draugr sprung up, but near the depths of these ruins, they had discovered a strange orb, one that seemingly radiated pure magicka. Stunned by the discovery, he was quick to make his way to the College to inform the Arch-Mage, though in doing so, he ended up attracting the attention of a Thalmor agent acting as an advisor to the Arch-Mage.

Ancano would prove to be a great threat to the College as his tampering with what they called the Eye of Magnus would end up causing major damage to the nearby town of Winterhold. With no other options, Ja'vassa was sent to collect a powerful weapon known as the Staff of Magnus to combat the crazed elf. His search led him to Labyrinthian where his expedition here would culminate in facing off his second Dragon Priest, this one being the Priest, Morokei who wielded the Staff of Magnus. The battle between the two was fierce, nearly resulting in Ja'vassa getting killed, though with a well placed Fireball spell, he emerged victorious. With the staff in hand and once he managed to recover for a bit, he would return to Winterhold to do battle with Ancano. Unfortunately, prior to his return, both the Arch-Mage and the Master Wizard were killed in the events. The Khajiit was able to avenge them as the arrogant elf proved to be no match for the Dragonborn's destructive prowess. With the events in Winterhold calming down, he was given the title of Arch-Mage. With the new title, he'd continue his magical studies, aiming to become the strongest in all of Skyrim, perhaps all of Tamriel.

A few weeks would pass and he would be approached by an orc who claimed to be of the Dawnguard, an order of vampire hunters and they were seeking people to help them, after hearing the tales of Ja'vassa's exploits, he felt that he'd be a great addition to the order. With his recommendation, he'd wind up seeking out Fort Dawnguard where he'd meet Isran and be sent out to recover some rumored vampire artifact. After arriving in Dimhollow Crypt and fighting his way through hordes of vampires, skeletons, and draugr, he'd uncover a strange woman sealed in a tomb, this one holding an Elder Scroll. After listening to her and telling her where she was, he'd end up leading her back to her home; an ancient not far from the shores of High Rock. He would meet a number of vampires, including the leader of the ancient Volkihar Clan, Lord Harkon. As a reward for finding his long lost daughter and the Elder Scroll, he offered to give Ja'vassa the same power. He was interested in being able to continue his studies, and having the eternal life that came with vampirism would make that an easy task. He accepted his gift, betraying the Dawnguard in the process.

After accepting the blood, he would begin to work for the Volkihar Clan, carrying out various tasks that would include him searching for a Moth Priest and another Elder Scroll, this one being held by Serana's mother. The search for Valerica led him to the Soul Cairn, a depressing region of Oblivion. The search for her mother was successful and it even yielded Ja'vassa a powerful ally in the undead dragon, Durnehviir. After retrieving the Elder Scroll, it'd become clear to him and Serana that the information the scroll contained would likely lead to dire consequences should Lord Harkon discover it, so the two began to plot against him. This led to them traveling to an ancient, Falmer overrun cave in the northwestern reaches of Skyrim and after exploring it, they encountered one of the last remaining snow elves in Tamriel. Before they could receive Auriel's Bow as mentioned in the scrolls, they'd be required to undertake the path of Auri-El's initiates footsteps and eventually slay elf's brother.

This task took nearly three days as they aimless wandered the Vale, fighting off hordes of Falmer in process. Fortunately, their journey would not be in vain as they were successful in slaying the vampiric snow elf, claiming Auriel's Bow in the process. With the legendary weapon in hand, they'd return to Castle Volkihar to confront Lord Harkon. Following a brief conversation, they'd wind up engaging him in fierce combat. Ja'vassa's fire magic proved to be a powerful asset against his vampiric foe, along with Serana's help and the power of the bow, defeating him wasn't nearly as difficult as they anticipated, though it still left them exhausted. With the battle over, Ja'vassa would end up taking not only Harkon's place as Lord of the Volkihar Clan, but he'd also take Harkon's sword as a prize, he still wields the blade to this very day.

His reign as lord of the clan didn't last long as he'd soon relinquish the title and pass it on to Serana, deciding that it was time to return to his homeland and reunite with Armani. At 22 years old, merely six years after initially leaving Torval, he'd return to his birthplace with plenty of new stories. Fortunately, his family's home was still standing and he would end up taking residence there once again, soon being met with his childhood friend. Like he promised, he and Armani would end up settling down just a couple months later. Roughly a year after settling down, the two ended up marrying and were expecting children. Four years after defeating Alduin, he would welcome their litter of kittens; four of them to be exact. Armani gave birth to their daughters Kisavi and Tsalira, along with two sons; Ri'saad and Ranara, the former being named after a close friend of Ja'vassa's in Skyrim. Despite the tragedies befalling him not long prior, Ja'vassa was able to reach a peaceful place in life and found immense happiness in his wife and children.

Nearly three years had passed since they had their children and their lives were relatively normal, Ja'vassa and Armani lived as merchants, primarily dealing in alchemical supplies. Their happiness would be cut short during one of Ja'vassa's hunting and gathering trips; he infrequently left the city to hunt for food and supplies outside Torval, though his latest trip would end in disaster. For reasons that are still unclear, a number of bandits descended upon the city, torching buildings and taking anything of value, the Anair family home wasn't safe from this tragedy. The house was burned to the ground with Armani and their children inside. After smelling the smoke and witnessing it rise, the Dragonborn hastily made his way back home, slaughtering any bandit who got in his way. He'd find his wife impaled by falling debris, one of their sons dying due to the fire. Angered, hurt, and brokenhearted, he was only able to say a few goodbyes to his wife, taking her body and along with the body of Ranara, fleeing to back to Skyrim with the injured, fortunately Kisavi, Tsalira, and Ri'saad had survived the attack.

Following her death, Ja'vassa took a dark turn in his life. He was angry, unsure of what to do anymore, so he took to a life of crime; joining with the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood, stealing and killing to ensure he had enough money to feed and cloth his surviving children. This would be the norm for the next four years. He ended up working his way into Solitude's court, becoming one of their Thanes following his work in stopping a potential resurrection of the Wolf Queen. He'd purchase a home in the city, believing Solitude would be a much safer place for Kisavi and Ri'saad, though he quickly discovered he couldn't have been more wrong. Due to his betrayal of the Dawnguard and involvement with their great enemy, and by the virtue of being a vampire, he was a frequent target for Dawnguard assassins, though each attempt on his life failed. They were getting desperate and in a last resort to break the Khajiit, they targeted his children. There was no honor in killing a child, but they had run out of options. While taking a bit of a trip to the city's marketplace, a Dawnguard marksman had managed to fire a well aimed crossbow bolt in Ri'saad, burying it deep within his neck. The young son was killed almost instantly, though this attack would end up backfiring horrifically on the Dawnguard.

In Ja'vassa's grief and anger, he'd end up taking it out on the group itself, attacking them directly at their fort. Fueled by his anger and desire for revenge, he left his daughters in the protection of the folks in the Blue Palace before making his way to the ancient fortress. Once there, he wasted no time in killing every last person that resided in the valley. It didn't matter to him if they were refugees, normal civilians, or members of the faction, as long as he could watch them bleed out and hear their final screams of pain, he'd be satisfied. Within mere hours, this once powerful faction of vampire hunters was reduced to nothing, Ja'vassa's victims torn apart; blood decorating the walls of the fort. Once he was finished with them, he took the time to ensure the faction would never revive itself by destroying the fortress, leaving it behind as nothing more than a smoldering pile of debris. The smell of blood and smoke lingered in the air for several days.

With the Dawnguard destroyed, Ja'vassa's fight still wasn't any close to being over as he'd be assaulted by some strange cultists from Solstheim, claiming he was a false Dragonborn. Their attack on him ended in failure as the Khajiit quickly cut them down, though now worrying for his children's safety, he'd once again place them under the protection of the Blue Palace in Solitude before departing to the island in the hopes of finding out what was going on. After arriving on the island, he was met with some suspicion by some of the Dunmer living there, though he didn't care, he wanted to get to the bottom of who attacked him and who sent them. His investigation led him to meeting the Telvanni Master Wizard, with his search being pointed in the direction of the great temple in the center of the island. Following another uneventful trip to this legendary structure, he'd encounter a woman who was visiting the temple for similar reasons. Seeing that he and Frea had similar desires, they decided to tackle the expedition together. It served as another typical dungeon crawl for Ja'vassa; avoiding the traps, killing the draugr, rummaging through chests and urns for any treasures, the usual.

As they delved deeper and deeper into what seemed to be an endless temple, they'd come across a strange book radiating a dark energy. Curious, Ja'vassa opened the book and within mere moments, he found himself transporting in a strange land, though he didn't have much time to explore as he was quickly rendered incapacitated by the namesake of the legendary temple. After a brief conversation, he was sent back to Tamriel where he'd explain what he saw to Frea, soon joining her on a trip to her village. Once they explained their findings to the Shaman, Ja'vassa was sent to a nearby mountain to learn a new Word of Power, and with it, he'd attempt to cleanse the island's Stones. Once this task was complete, he'd meet up with Neloth once more, joining him on an expedition to collect another of these Black Books.

With the second book in hand, he'd encounter Hermaeus Mora once again, kickstarting his lifelong servitude to the Prince of Knowledge. He'd be given a new task from the Daedra; he'd be sent off to obtain the secrets of Skaal and in exchange, he'd be given the Word of Power needed to challenge Miraak. This was successful, though it ended up sacrificing the Shaman in the process. With the final Word of Power, he'd return to Apocrypha to do battle with the First Dragonborn. The trek through the Daedric realm was tough enough, having to avoid falling into the strange oily sea, fending off innumerable daedra, all while trying to complete numerous puzzles and challenges. Once he finally arrived at the Summit, the battle with Miraak would put everything he's learned over the years to the test. Ja'vassa was a prodigous mage and talented warrior in his own right, but his skills did him no favors against someone who had thousands of years worth of experience. The only thing keeping him in the fight was his superior speed and agility. Sword clashed against sword, spell against spell, shout against shout. It was an epic battle, far more difficult than anything the Khajiit had faced before; even Alduin presented less of a challenge. It was only thanks to the aid of Durnehviir and Ja'vassa's timely transition into the Vampire Lord that he would be able to push Miraak to the edge of defeat, and just as it seemed the First Dragonborn was about to gain his second wind, Hermaeus Mora stepped in; impaling Miraak with a sharp tendril.

The vampire watched in surprise as the Daedra betrayed his former champion, though he sighed in relief as it seemed the battle was now over, leaving him the victor. He would be named Herma-Mora's newest champion and would return to Solstheim, soon making the trip back to Solitude to reunite with his daughters. Once back in Solitude, his life mostly returned to normal; he'd raise Kisavi and Tsalira the best he could, though he'd soon be approached by some of General Tullius' men who requested his help in the war effort. He held no love for the Imperial Legion or the Empire, but he particularly disliked the Stormcloaks. Knowing full well what would happen should Ulfric and his army win the war, he accepted the offer and would leave his new housecarl in charge of the girls while he joined the Imperial effort against the Stormcloaks.

As expected, he played instrumental roles in many of the battles over the course of the next year. After taking Riften, Dawnstar, Winterhold, and Falkreath, all that was left was to take Windhelm. He would be on the frontlines for this fight, slaughtering any Stormcloak soldier who dared to stand against him. They'd soon reach the Jarl's Palace to do battle with Ulfric himself. While Tullius and Rikke would deal with Galmar, Ja'vassa dealt with Ulfric. In comparison to the battle with Miraak, this fight was a breeze and it was only thanks to Ulfric's use of the Thu'um that he was able to keep up for so long. After being brought down, Ulfric was faced with two options; be arrested by the Imperials or be cut down by the Dragonborn, he wound up choosing the latter. With the Civil War effectively over, Ja'vassa had returned to Solitude to relax and rest with his children, knowing his next step would involve fending off the Dominion.

It was during this time that he'd begin training his children in a similar vein to what his parents did, both Kisavi and Tsalira had requested they be turned like their father, they wished to spend an eternity by his side. Though reluctant, he had given them his blood, soon training them in the way of the Vampire Lord. Their life would remain rather stable for sometime, no major battles or conflicts needed to be resolved quite yet, given the small family plenty of time to relax, travel, and study everything they wanted. It wasn't until nearly 15 years later that Ja'vassa would find new reasons to fight against the Thalmor. During a routine exploration, he and his two children would be ambushed by Dominion soldiers who aimed to kidnap the girls, and they would be successful in taking Tsalira. With her captive, they had hoped to use her as a hostage or bargaining chip to force him to join their side, though this attempt failed, they wouldn't see Tsalira for nearly five years.

After running out of ideas, Ja'vassa heard of rumors of a hidden Thalmor prison camp situated near Bruma in Cyrodiil. Hopeful that his child would be there, the Khajiit set out and fortunately, the rumors were true and his daughter was indeed being held captive there among a number of convicted Talos worshippers and Thalmor dissidents. Without any hesitation, he began his assault on the prison; slaughtering as many of the soldiers as he could, those that fled were spared as his focus was on rescuing Tsalira. With the prison destroyed and his daughter in his arms, he'd make his way back to Solitude, but not to relax, but to hold a council meeting with High Queen Elisif, General Tullius, Jarl Balgruuf, and Emperor Titus Mede II. He wished to build himself a massive fortress in Whiterun hold, letting it serve as his home and as a place to train new soldiers and warriors to help in the coming battle against the Dominion.

In exchange for guaranteeing his allegiance and loyalty to the Empire, Skyrim, Whiterun, and its people along with his aid in the coming war, he'd be granted the land and sole authority over the fortress. The construction of what would become known as Sjel Blad Castle lasted for almost two centuries, but the wait was well worth it. Over the timespan in between the start and finish of its construction, Ja'vassa delved into intense research and experimentation, and with the help of the Daedric Lord of Knowledge, he was slowly able to develop new and powerful spells that would aid him in battle, his daughters joined him in this intense study sessions, learning everything they could. He would also discover new fortresses and bases to use should something go wrong at Sjel Blad; these include an ancient Dwemer castle known as Clockwork and a strange, floating sanctuary that'd be known as the Sleeping Tree Sanctuary. The latter of which would provide him with a powerful airship, this becoming his primary mode of transportation across Tamriel. His research led him to discovering plenty more that would no doubt help him in the fight against the Thalmor; ancient magics, powerful weapons, and even a fourth Elder Scroll.

Along the way, he would make a startling revelation for himself. During a trip to Wayrest in High Rock, he had encountered a trio of Khajiit sisters who were doing some research on their family's history. They would soon discover that they shared family names; the trio of sisters were also of the Anair clan much like Ja'vassa, upon this discovery, they would join each other on this research trip, curious to know if this was just a coincidence or if there was something much more. With a suggestion from Ja'vassa, they would make a trip back to his hometown of Torval, specifically towards that of the Anair family home. Despite the attack being centuries behind them, the house remained in ruins. Fortunately, the basement of the home remained untouched. They had uncovered an old book detailing the family's, leading up to Ja'vassa and his siblings. The book found in his old home shared a lot of information with that of the book Anurabi carried. After discovering that their shared name was more than just a coincidence lifted a huge burden off of his shoulders. His failure to discover the fate of his brother and parents haunted him, though now that he discovered that at least one of them survived the attack was a relief.

With this revelation, he'd take the sisters under his protection and once Sjel Blad Castle was finished being constructed, the three would be the first members of his Inner Council. Today, Ja'vassa is doing his best to care for his daughters, the folks of Sjel Blad as he works on preparing for the coming battle with Aldmeri Dominion. Despite his long and close connection to the Prince of Fate, he's unsure of what'll happen following the war, though for now, he'll just focus on the present.


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Character Age

366 (Turned at 20)

Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

Depending on the situation, Ja'vassa can be seen wearing a variety of outfits. Whenever he's on the road, he'll either wear a pair of ebony boots, gauntlets and the Arch-Mage's robes, typically finishing it off with an enchanted circlet or he'll occasionally go for a leather coat decorated with a hardened steel pauldron, leather gloves, and leather boots. Whenever he's out on important business for Sjel Blad Castle, he'll don a set of armor similar to that of what the ancient Dragon Priests had worn; one of the sets being primarily made of Stalhrim that he's simply named the Dovahkiin set, while the other set of robes is often reserved for far more important occasions, the set of Konahrik robes, for the times he isn't really doing anything outside the castle or anything beyond spending time with his children, studying, relaxing, or meditating, he'll wear a set of robes similar to what the Greybeards usually wear, insted, his is just a dark green color. Regardless of what outfit he's wearing, he'll always be seen wearing a strange pendant around his neck and will carry Harkon's Sword on his side, though he'll occasionally be seen carrying a variety of other weapons, usually just other Akaviri style katanas. Ja'vassa's fur is a light, silvery color with black markings. Running up his right arm is a long, lightning-shaped pattern, this oddity occurred after he was struck with the Staff of Magnus during his battle with Morokei.

Character Personality

On the surface, the Nightwalker Dragonborn comes off as cold and standoffish, though this would be far from the truth. Ja'vassa is a strong willed Khajiit with plenty of pride in his skills and accomplishments, never being one to shy away from boasting about what he's seen and done. He has a kind, generous heart and though he'd deny it, he'll rarely turn down someone in need, often going out of his way to ensure they're taken care, this goes doubly for his servants and guards in Sjel Blad Castle. Though he can be harsh and stern, he does this in order to push a person closer to the goal, as a way to encourage them to continue moving forward. He is a curious, studious wander that has a love for his research, with much of his free time being devoted to his studies; these primarily revolve around the Dwemer, Dragon Cult, Falmer, and of course, the arcane arts. He's known for being a perfectionist and will not rest until whatever he's doing is absolutely perfect, this ranges from his usual studies to his training to even more mundane, simple tasks like that of cooking or cleaning; Ja'vassa refuses to settle for anything less than perfect. While earning his love and trust can be difficult, it'll be worth it. Those who have proven their worth to him and to those who have earned his trust will have earned themselves a fiercely loyal ally, though breaking his trust isn't a great idea. Much like many Khajiit, he boasts a high intelligence, being an adept problem solver and tactician; he is highly perceptive and can often tell when a person is being honest or not, though he can be rather impulsive and rash, often jumping to conclusions in spite of his high intelligence. He is extremely resourceful in battle, often using whatever he can to ensure victory. He has a love for sweet foods, sweet rolls and candy being particular favorites of his, he is also known for an obsession with gemstones and jewelry. The Khajiit is well known for generally having a cool, calm, and quiet disposition. Ja'vassa can be rather vengeful at times, having been known to hold grudges over relatively small things. He greatly enjoys giving and receiving affection, especially from those he loves; frequently purring whenever he's pet, though he quickly denies this. He harbors strong desires to form a new romantic bond, but following the loss of Armani, he fears doing so. He can be rather oblivious to a person's romantic or sexual feelings towards him, often not catching their advances unless thier pointed out to him. He adores children, especially his own, being fiercely protective of them. Beyond his own, he can often be seen visiting the children in Honorhall whenever he's in Riften, acting as a bit of an adoptive father or older brother towards. He is fiercely loyal to his patron deity, Hermaeus Mora, though he also worships numerous other Daedra. Unlike most Khajiit, Ja'vassa rarely refers to himself in the third person, though his accent is distinctly Khajiiti, his speech patterns more closely resemble that of the Nords of Skyrim, this is a result of him spending most of his life in the frozen province of Tamriel. He has a love affair with the Akaviri style of weaponry, being the reason he carries so many katanas and similar weapons.

Character Likes

Cheese, his children, sweet rolls, boiled cream treats, moon sugar, studying, exploring ancient ruins, traveling, magic, fellow Khajiit, Bosmer, Bretons, spiced wine, Honningbrew Mead, being pet (he won’t outright admit this), and companionship (he also won’t admit to this).

Character Dislikes

Orcs, Dunmer, Nords (generally), most alcohols besides his favorite wine and mead, being separated from his children, bandits, vampire hunters, getting things stuck in his fur, and being utterly alone (though he also denies this), and people trying to dig into his past.

Character History/Story

To be filled in later

Character Inventory

To be filled in later.

Character Abilites

In battle, the Dragonborn is a fearsome opponent that should never be taken lightly. His wizardry is nearly unmatched and with centuries of experience under his belt, he's had plenty of time to perfect his magical skills, having completely mastered Destruction, Restoration, and Conjuration magic, though his Alteration and Illusion skills could use some work. His wide variety of spells at his disposal gives him a bit of an unpredictable edge, as you never know what kind of magic he'll be blasting your way in the course of battle. His Shouts and the Vampire Lord adds to his unpredictability. Don't think you've beaten him just because you've managed to get up close, he is a master swordsman, being capable of using both standard swords and greatswords adeptly, though he prefers the former. His naturally high speed and agility as a Khajiit provides him with plenty of opportunity to get in close to deal damage, though his defensive skills leave a lot to be desired. He frequently leaves himself open for counterattacks. If for whatever reason his magic isn't working, he can use a bow and arrow, though his archery skills have plenty of room for improvement. He is known for being highly resourceful, using every single tool at his disposal, whether it be one of his weapons or even a random rock he picks up on the battlefield. He is an adept hand-to-hand combatant, boasting razor sharp claws that can pierce through an opponent's flesh with relative ease. While an extremely deadly foe, defeating the Khajiit isn't impossible. His strength is average at best, so if he's forced to get up close, overwhelming him with superior physical strength won't be too difficult. Boasting resistance to magical attacks can often force him to get up close, leaving him vulnerable to physically strong foes and while some of his equipment helps to mitigate his weakness to fire, he's still especially vulnerable to it, especially during the day. Though he's adept with hand-to-hand combat, disarming him of his weapons leaves him vulnerable. Facing him in a one-on-one confrontation is effectively suicide, but with superior numbers, overwhelming him won't be difficult. While underestimating Ja'vassa is dangerous, overestimating him is just as bad.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)


Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Anime, 18+, Comedy, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

I'm just a moth from the middle of nowhere that loves writing, sports (Kansas City sports), and video games.

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