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Character Age

566 (Turned at 20)

Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

The Dragonborn will often be seen in a variety of different outfits, depending on what he's doing. If he's out traveling, he'll often don a suit of armor, sometimes he'll wear heavier armor, sometimes it's lighter, it usually depends on what his aim is. If he's on a mission that'll likely involve heavy combat, he'll don the heavier armor, but if he's out scouting or going somewhere that stealth is needed. Whenever he's busy in the forge, he typically just wears a simple blacksmith outfit or some miner's clothes, when he's busy doing his research,he'll often just wear one of his Akaviri style kimonos. Regardless of what he's doing, he'll always be seen with a weapon on hand; a variety of swords, war axes, or polearms when he's on the road, and a dagger when he's just doing some work. When he's out hunting, he'll replace the sword or polearm for a bow and quiver of arrows.

Character Personality

On the surface, the Nightwalker Dragonborn comes off as cold and standoffish, though this would be far from the truth. Ja'vassa is a strong willed Khajiit with plenty of pride in his skills and accomplishments, never being one to shy away from boasting about what he's seen and done. He has a kind, generous heart and though he'd deny it, he'll rarely turn down someone in need, often going out of his way to ensure they're taken care, this goes doubly for his servants and guards in Sjel Blad Castle. Though he can be harsh and stern, he does this in order to push a person closer to the goal, as a way to encourage them to continue moving forward. He is a curious, studious wander that has a love for his research, with much of his free time being devoted to his studies; these primarily revolve around the Dwemer, Dragon Cult, Falmer, and of course, the arcane arts. He's known for being a perfectionist and will not rest until whatever he's doing is absolutely perfect, this ranges from his usual studies to his training to even more mundane, simple tasks like that of cooking or cleaning; Ja'vassa refuses to settle for anything less than perfect. While earning his love and trust can be difficult, it'll be worth it. Those who have proven their worth to him and to those who have earned his trust will have earned themselves a fiercely loyal ally, though breaking his trust isn't a great idea. Much like many Khajiit, he boasts a high intelligence, being an adept problem solver and tactician; he is highly perceptive and can often tell when a person is being honest or not, though he can be rather impulsive and rash, often jumping to conclusions in spite of his high intelligence. He is extremely resourceful in battle, often using whatever he can to ensure victory. He has a love for sweet foods, sweet rolls and candy being particular favorites of his, he is also known for an obsession with gemstones and jewelry. The Khajiit is well known for generally having a cool, calm, and quiet disposition. Ja'vassa can be rather vengeful at times, having been known to hold grudges over relatively small things. He greatly enjoys giving and receiving affection, especially from those he loves; frequently purring whenever he's pet, though he quickly denies this. He harbors strong desires to form a new romantic bond, but following the loss of Armani, he fears doing so. He can be rather oblivious to a person's romantic or sexual feelings towards him, often not catching their advances unless thier pointed out to him. He adores children, especially his own, being fiercely protective of them. Beyond his own, he can often be seen visiting the children in Honorhall whenever he's in Riften, acting as a bit of an adoptive father or older brother towards. He is fiercely loyal to his patron deity, Hermaeus Mora, though he also worships numerous other Daedra. Unlike most Khajiit, Ja'vassa rarely refers to himself in the third person, though his accent is distinctly Khajiiti, his speech patterns more closely resemble that of the Nords of Skyrim, this is a result of him spending most of his life in the frozen province of Tamriel. He has a love affair with the Akaviri style of weaponry, being the reason he carries so many katanas and similar weapons.

Character Likes

Cheese, his children, sweet rolls, boiled cream treats, moon sugar, studying, exploring ancient ruins, traveling, magic, fellow Khajiit, Bosmer, Bretons, spiced wine, Honningbrew Mead, being pet (he won’t outright admit this), and companionship (he also won’t admit to this).

Character Dislikes

Orcs, Dunmer, Nords (generally), most alcohols besides his favorite wine and mead, being separated from his children, bandits, vampire hunters, getting things stuck in his fur, and being utterly alone (though he also denies this), and people trying to dig into his past.

Character History/Story

For his full bio, check this out:

Character Inventory

Full profile here:

Character Abilites

In battle, the Dragonborn is a fearsome opponent that should never be taken lightly. His wizardry is nearly unmatched and with centuries of experience under his belt, he's had plenty of time to perfect his magical skills, having completely mastered Destruction, Restoration, and Conjuration magic, though his Alteration and Illusion skills could use some work. His wide variety of spells at his disposal gives him a bit of an unpredictable edge, as you never know what kind of magic he'll be blasting your way in the course of battle. His Shouts and the Vampire Lord adds to his unpredictability. Don't think you've beaten him just because you've managed to get up close, he is a master swordsman, being capable of using both standard swords and greatswords adeptly, though he prefers the former. His naturally high speed and agility as a Khajiit provides him with plenty of opportunity to get in close to deal damage, though his defensive skills leave a lot to be desired. He frequently leaves himself open for counterattacks. If for whatever reason his magic isn't working, he can use a bow and arrow, though his archery skills have plenty of room for improvement. He is known for being highly resourceful, using every single tool at his disposal, whether it be one of his weapons or even a random rock he picks up on the battlefield. He is an adept hand-to-hand combatant, boasting razor sharp claws that can pierce through an opponent's flesh with relative ease. While an extremely deadly foe, defeating the Khajiit isn't impossible. His strength is average at best, so if he's forced to get up close, overwhelming him with superior physical strength won't be too difficult. Boasting resistance to magical attacks can often force him to get up close, leaving him vulnerable to physically strong foes and while some of his equipment helps to mitigate his weakness to fire, he's still especially vulnerable to it, especially during the day. Though he's adept with hand-to-hand combat, disarming him of his weapons leaves him vulnerable. Facing him in a one-on-one confrontation is effectively suicide, but with superior numbers, overwhelming him won't be difficult. While underestimating Ja'vassa is dangerous, overestimating him is just as bad.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Anime, 18+, Comedy, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

Just a writer from the middle of nowhere that enjoys writing, sports, and Pokemon.

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