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Currently: Bouncing between down Town New York and Florida's Coast.

Health: 100%

Current Thoughts: "Ya know, I've always had a thing for the innocent ones."

 Name: Jett (No Last name given

Age: 235/ Birthdate: Dec. 25

Occupation: Ex-Butler

Personality: The Trickster at his finest

Species: Mixed breed, no name.



Jett was born a bastard child, and raised oddly normal for a supernatural. His mother thirsted for nothing but blood, being of Vampric descent. While his father was known world wide as none other than, Lucifer. Of course, Lucifer never had time for his spawns, leaving Jett to his mother. Due to the fact that Endora, Jett's mother, was a Vampire and Lucifer a fallen angel; Jett was birthed without an exact name for his species. He bare's no fangs or blood-thirst, as well as no wings from his fathers side. This leaves him...mostly normal. Our red-head retained most of his mother's traits and near to none of his father's, leaving him much weaker than most of Lucifer's spawns. None-the-less, Jett was gifted with his mother's abilities; ones that would put most demons to shame...A Healers Touch.


Although Jett was a wanderer for a good portion of his early years, it wasn't without purpose. Despising his father with every fiber of his being, Jett always longed for the power he was denied at birth. The throne would one day be his. Perhaps that day was closer than he thought, or would he be sadly mistaken.. After a meeting with a Starcaller known as Amir. Jett found that the two had similar goals. Yet Amir's strength and power-control already seemed strong enough to face his father without help. Silently Jett plotted. Amir wished to kill Lucifer, and it seemed he would attempt to with or without Jett. His father's death would mean, the throne open. With his mind made up, our red-head vowed to serve Amir. For the longest time, Amir knew nothing of Jett's true plans or even the fact that Jett, had Lucifer's blood running through his veins. His life as a butler for several loyal years came to an end, when Amir began to slip even further into insanity; ultimately casting Jett away.





Jett's talents, as a supernatural are quite unique. He isn't much of a fighter, unless you push the right buttons. Inherited from his mother, Jett is an outstanding healer. With the ability to use recovery magic as well as other supporting magics; this makes him a well sought after ally. Although Jett possesses such brilliance in the supporting aspects of magic, he's yet to use it on anyone other than himself and his Ex-Master, Amir.

Aside from his outstanding healing abilities, Jett retained a few of his fathers weaker skills, allowing him small offensive bouts if needed. Jett's single red eye ties in with the abilities that his father passed down to him. Though his natural eye color is green. Our-redhead's signature trait, however, is his speed. At normal speed, he's no different from that of an average demon. Though with a spell, spoken from his tongue, he has the ability to quicken himself and allies; literally multiplying his speed to unknown numbers. He's in no way the fastest creature in the world, but faster than most is better than none. Almost all of Jett's spells must be spoken from his lips, meaning they are extremely hard to replicate, unless his voice is present. Still, he's been known to teach Ceres, an imprisoned Fae of his past Master, a few of his minor spells.

(Just my Quick input):

Please understand that Jett is a healer, and a supporting type fighter, meaning he most of the time will not be alone when in battle. Also please understand that due to the fact Jett is a healer, I thought it would be a horrible idea to also make him extremely all around powerful. I am not a GOD-MOD  and absolutely hate it with a passion. Therefore- many of you may see Jett as weak, Please understand that when rping with me, I enjoy players like minded as myself, not  god-mods that bulldoze through an rp to 'beat the game'. So yes, you may consider Jett weak in your eyes, but to me, he is perfect and pretty much fully skilled.

* Note that skills with "quotes" around them must be spoken from his lips *

  • "Haste" - Once spoken, any allies he is directing the skill at will gain a speed boost. 
  • "Blood Boil" (Name and Skill inherited from his mother) - Once this word reaches Jett's Enemy's ears, their blood will begin to heat causing them to lose focus and fight more poorly. Note: This ability takes a lot of stamina to maintain. 
  • "Bloom" - Any plants in the area will open and secrete a pollen that, if inhaled, puts the breather in a sleep/drowsy state.
  • "Crush" - Once spoken any allies it is directed to will gain a strengthening boost for their skills and physical strength. Side Effects: The listeners eyes may radiate red.
  • "Whither" - Upon speaking this word, rain will begin to fall. Once the drops touch the ground, they become toxic. With enough rainfall, toxic puddles will gather upon the ground. Touching the toxins, could result in illness, melting flesh, and/or draining of energy. 
  • Sacrifice - Jett will mutter in tongues to himself. All of his energy will leave his body and travel to his targeted ally. All of his energy enters the target, knocking Jett unconscious in the process. The target gains a huge power boost and a restoring aura that quickens the healing process. 
  • Resolve - With the snap of a finger, Jett is able to echo his voice through his mind. ~ Telepathy~ This skill is used to speak long distances or cast his spells if he is unable to speak. 
  • "Cleanse" - Upon speaking this word, his hands will begin to radiate a warm green aura. This green light is a healing aura. If Jett lays hands on an ally while in his healing state, their wounds will begin to heal.
  • "Stone Skin" - Upon speaking this a transparent shield forms around his target, defending them from on-coming attacks. The barrier is easily broken but can easily be put up again.
  • Kiss of the Snake charmer *Special Skill*(Name and Skill inherited from his mother.) - This ability is passive and uncontrollable by Jett. Removing his eye patch. Jett reveals his crimson red eye inherited from his father.  Jett's gaze becomes contagious. If one locks eyes with him. Their body falls under his control for a set period of time; Usually around 5 minutes. *If the user has a more powerful mind than Jett, this could backfire causing serious harm to our red head. 
  • Calling *Special Skill*(Skill inherited from his father.) - Muttering in tongues, after a small channel time, Two identical clones of himself spawn on either side of him. 
  • Enhanced Senses - I.e, speed, strength, hearing, sight. All supernaturals usually posses these traits.

Jett doesn't have many ties with anyone at the moment, nor did he ever. A lover is almost out of the question for him. Taking after his father, our red-head enjoys the thrill of a one night stand. He see's Sexual desires as a necessity rather than a need for a relationship. Taking after his father, Jett prefers both men and women. However, he prefers women to men any day. Jett can always be sucked into a relationship, its just very unlikely.

Orientation: Bi-Sexual

Relationship Status: Single : N/a.

Current Interests: 00








Sister Dearest





Jett is an excellent chess player.

 Jett looks strikingly similar to his father in his earlier years. Only eye color truly sets them apart.

 Endora, Jett's mother was murdered by his own father.

 Jett's fighting style and abilities leave him vulnerable to physical attacks. 

 He is a excellent chef.

 Jett is a gambler, which is currently his source of income. 

 Jett keeps his father's identity a secret. 

 Jett's enemies often refer to him as the Trickster. Implying his fast speed and cunning ways in battle. 

 His title The Rook was given to him by his old Master. He cherishes it. 





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      The city that never sleeps sure did sleep in this part of the neighborhood. New York was no place for a Fae, especially not in the slummy parts. Yet Ceres hadn't technically been a Fairy for a long time now. She'd lost those precious wings of hers. Caught in the crossfire a little over three years ago, left her in captivity to a very evil man. As quickly as she was acquired, however, she was discarded. That was the day she lost her wings. A wanderer she had become, and yet through her, the Void conquered another victim. She was now tainted with the infectious power that the void possessed. It granted her that strength, but also ate away at her from the inside out, both mentally and physically. Luckily the physical part wasn't all that visible. She was now a Void Mage; servant of a Mistress named Valkyrie. Her Mistress was the supposed Void's King. However Ceres had yet to dabble in the affairs of their faction. Locked away in her own dreams, she'd wished she'd never made that deal with Valkyrie. Now she was cursed to roam as a vessel of the void. 

      What's the best thing anyone could use to get their mind off something? Drugs... What kind? She didn't know. She was told by her fellow homeless man that he only survived because of drugs and boos, both of which were supposed to 'take your mind off things.' That sounded good enough to her. So here she stood, somewhere near Bronx, on a street corner. Her attire blended in with that of the darkness. A black pair of leggings broke at her knees. Below, Ceres's feet were bare. Although she was homeless, this was by choice. She'd been barefoot most of her life, a preference most Fae choose. A black sleeveless jacket hung to her frame. Her hood was down, exposing her sun-touched skin and radiant blonde hair. The two of which stuck out in this part of the city. 

    "Go there and stand on the corner, Someone'll meet ya there before too long."

      Those were the instructions she was given by the homeless man. A few people crossed the street further down the road. At least there were lights down there. Where Ceres stood, everything was dark. Very few street lamps worked, illuminating figures every now and then that would eventually disappear into alleyways. The tall buildings that surrounded the supposed 'meet-up point' were also black, or so they seemed against the darkness of the night. Not a single light illuminated in the windows. This was a bad area, she could tell, though fortunately for her, she seemed to fit right in nowadays. And so, she waited...

  • (Hello ^^ I hope you have been well.)

  • Mephistopheles would smile a little as he would look closer to the others eyes for a brief moment. He would then tilt his head as he would hum to himself. "You  seem to know this place pretty well, and to top it all off you know of Amir. Which is rare since most demons don't usually stick around this place...or come back." The demon would take a moment to process his words and soon began to grin to himself.

    "Ah, the Morningstar that betrayed him, owe my what in interesting turn of events.  If you are here then that means you are here for something of interest?" He asked while crossing his arms and clicking his tongue for a brief moment. He would then lift his cane up to spin it for a moment. "So do tell me what brings you here my boy?"

  • //Yeah! No problem at all, start it however you wish to. I’m really not picky.


    Ryn had been going from coast to coast in search of her only child a daughter named Amare. She was becoming restless in her search it has been years looking for her. Only when the darkness wanted to torture her more it would allow certain memories to surface. Knowing she had a child out there that had been snatched from her very arms only caused to darkness within to boil. She would often become frustrated not being able to remember all the details. She has once been in love with a man that had saved her from a circus Taj. Though it turned out he was not Amare's father. A devil by the name Janos the Blackrose had tricked her disguising himself as Taj. He took her that night seeming hours on end till he knew his seed had been planted. From then on out he watched her from the shadows making sure no harm came to his unborn spawn for he had plans for the child.

    With Ryn being the daughter of Poseidon thier child would have great powers along with a siren's call that the gods wouldn't be prepared for when Amare was ready to strike. Ryn bares a mark much like that resembles a tattoo a devil's mark from Janos himself. From her right side of her neck down just below her right hip, in the shape of a dragon. Long as she bares that mark she can not hide from him when he beckons her she has but no choice to go to him. Luckily for her he didn't have her on speed dial. Opening those crystalline jewels finding herself floating on the surface in her mundane form with her powers a sheer white gown covered her.

    She found this tactic much easier to explain if someone seen her float upon shore seeming to be unconscious there wouldn't be as manmany questions asked if she had just walked up on the shore from the ocean. With a wave of a finger she made an illusion of a boat sinking into the sea if searched for it wouldn't be found. Slowly she allows her body to descend upon the shore waves washing over her turning to her side coughing up water so of anyone would of seen her they would think she was merely choking. Inked tresses spilled down along her spine the ends grazing the small of her hips clinging to her flesh. Turning to her stomach pressing slender fingers against the sand in attempt to push herself up to a sitting position though worn out she just crashes back against the sands out of breath. Unaware that anyone is near.

  • Can't wait to write with you again! <3

  • The Demon would smile at Jett as he would then shrug his shoulders as he moved a bit closer to him. "What do I want, well that is an interesting question. You see I am here because you are here, a Morningstar here is something that brings me curiousity.  Tell me what brings you to these parts?" He asked while raising a brow for a brief moment to get a good look at Jett.

    "You have the looks of a Morningstar, and most definitly have the personality without a doubt."  As he said that he would held out his hand as he moved toward Jett. He was smiling a little while tilting his head to the side. "Master Amir would be excited to meet a Morningstar in his own way."

  • (Yea would love to write with you. Just send a starter when your ready)

  • (Ahhhh okay. I just wanted to see what exactly was going on beause Tessa has others hunting after her because she is the successor of Merlin. XD So I just was curious and yup! I was wrong on location though it is in Korea and not Japan. XD


    르와지르 호텔 서울명동은 전세계에 걸쳐 75개의 체인을 보유하고 있는 호텔&리조트 전문기업인 일본 솔라레호텔그룹의 특급호텔입니다.

    *Teddy bear hugs*

    I've missed you ^-^

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