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Name: Jezebel Marquette

 Nicknames: Jez, Bel

 Species: Human

 Height: 5'5

 Hair Color: Red

 Eye Color: Green

 Titles: Personal Slave to Nicolae Alesci

 Sexual preference: Bisexual

 Home World: Neclides



 Once Upon A Time...


The question had been asked many times where did the first vampire come from? Some claimed it was a genetic mutation that caused some humans to need blood for substance and as a result gaining them an edge over their peers. Some say it was a deal made with some sort of supernatural creature eons ago, others claim alien beings that came to the world, some claim they had always existed older than mankind itself. The only thing clear is that for the people of Neclides they are the ruling class.


So, much history was lost in the sands of time much of it being destroyed in the great war. A war that some claim to be nothing more than a fantasy created by those that liked to believe there was a time when humans held more value. The stories say that once a long time ago Neclides was called Earth and human populated the planet in great numbers. It was said during that time most vampires no matter what their origins were nothing more than stories to mankind stories that they got wrong.


It was said that humans could not see eye to eye with each other and they often fought. They grew becoming more and more advance and as they grew waging war became more advance as well. The world became more and more crowded as the population grew due to advancements in medicine. It became harder for the world to sustain the population that and growing mistrust among the great nations caused a war to break out the war to end all wars. The world was devastated and 90 percent of the population wiped out.


This is where the stories say the vampires stepped in. Whether from a world called Neclides or taking over Earth and claiming it as their own only the clans know the truth. It is said that they feared their food source would be wiped out so they stepped in to keep that from happening. Having always thought of humans as nothing more than lesser creatures they used this as a prime example of how they were right. Taking a firm hand over the humans and every other creature they established themselves as masters of this new world. Or so the stories say.

How much truth is in any story is unknown. The vampires claim they have always ruled and any records are locked away only for their eyes so one can only take what is said with a grain of salt unless the truth comes to light and the truth is for as long back as known history vampires have ruled.


New World Order...


They set up a new government with vampires in control. The council being made up of eight of the oldest houses. Lines that had the purest blood those furthest from tarnish that made up the council, the heads being members and branching out to smaller lines. The ninth house was the creme de la creme, the ruling house, or the noble class. The untainted line of the Alesci family. Some say that the council holds as much power but most know that is a joke. The council merely enforces the will of the noble class as it has been for generations.


It was this class that made the rules. The rules that stated humans and wolves and all other creatures served vampires. That vampires were the elite. Humans served in many ways those with rare blood types were sold off at a young age by a complicated game of trade and diplomacy ending up with the highest ranking nobility as personal pets bonded to their masters and being brought to live with them at a young age. So, they could be taught proper manners and behavior like a favored pet with a few differences--like drinking blood from them. Other humans served as personal blood slaves to individuals or families caught during the trials and picked by the vampires as being worthy to compete.


The rest either served as blood donors on regular intervals to blood banks and/or preformed jobs. Normal things like farmers, food service, and other things you might find in the world around you depending on skill and intelligence levels. This made up the bulk of the human population blood also coming from synthetic means used to supplement the need for it to avoid taxing the human populous too much.


Wolves or werewolves whichever one prefers became like guard dogs to the vampires. They valued them to guard places or things or their families when the need might arise. Often forcing them to stay in wolf or wolf like forms treating them like dogs in a manner of speaking. They were always seeking out ways to enhance their natural abilities to better serve them often stripping them of their own connections. Sometimes turning them into nothing but beasts to obey their master's commands.


Those that rebelled were dwelt with quickly and rebellion was almost unheard of though rumors of some wolf packs wandering the wilds were almost always heard. Those that didn't fit into society were outcast being forced under ground to live and fight for their very survival. These people were ignored thought to not be even worth the time to glance at. People ended up there for many reasons from failed experiments to offending a vampire somehow--which could be be the way they look or not obeying an order.


A Shooting Star...





Growing up she was aware that they were always moving. It was just her and her mother. Her father had been dead since she was a small child though her mother hardly spoke of him. She figured the vampires just liked to move them because the world moved on their whims even if she did not always understand why. The rest of the world seemed to take things at face value but she was always questioning. She sought out information wherever she could find it. From books to watching people perform tasks she was a quick study and soaked up how to do things with ease.


She seemed to have great instincts almost always knowing the right paths to take to avoid trouble. She began to realize she saw the world differently than others. Most seemed content to serve but she wanted more. She wanted to find her own path and knew she was just as smart as the elite. She found value in everyone she met and saw no one as less and she began to wonder if what they had been taught was true.


Her mother realized this as well as the secret to why they always moved. Jeze was a rare blood type that had been promised to the eldest son of the head of the Alesci family--not wanting to be parted with her only child she fled. Breaking the law her life would be forfeit if caught so whenever someone caught wind they would move. In time Jezebel got upset with always moving. Her mother said that the sky was always the same and shooting stars like her existed everywhere and wherever they were was home. Words she took to heart no matter where she might roam as long as she could see the stars she was home.


Despite her mother's best efforts she was tagged for the trials and her mother waited for the other shoe to drop. Knowing they would find the faded mark from childhood at least she had gotten to have her daughter till she was 18 and that was a feat. However that would not happen. A bribe was sent hoping to embarrass the main family and cast doubt on Nico as his father's heir she was not returned but sent to be claimed by another which would have been considered a mark of shame. Things didn't go quite as they planned.


The Trials...



The trials are something that anyone that is 18 can be picked for. It is at this age that a human's place is decided with a few rare cases. Those deemed worthy of going through the trials are given a rare chance to pick their own life to be free. During the trial you are put into a room for the night and the vampires try to lure you out with their powers. Vampires have many powers among them the power to whisper into a person's mind. They can seduce with their voice and some say even enter your dreams. So one must be able to resist the call. If you left the room they could chase you and if you were caught you became a blood doll of that vampire. You became their property. However, if you made it to the top of the tower or to daybreak you are free. No one would ever be able to claim you.


She hoped to do the impossible something no one had ever done and make it through the night. The thing they don't mention is the game is rigged. In each room there is a servant who lets the vampires in forcing the girls to have to flee. Jeze like the other girls was led to a room. She watched as one by one they fell asleep listening to the echoing voices from the hall as it occurred to her they seemed to be closer. One of the girls was opening a secret panel in the back of the room as vampires came pouring in. She darted hrough the front door moving down the hall realizing what had happened.


No matter what they said she didn't stop. The powers not working on her as she made her way to the elevator to go to the top of the tower. There stood only one and no stairs as she realized upon entering the damn thing only went down deep into the underground. Pushing the button as she hoped that she could make it through hoping an elevator existed that would allow her to go back up. It was a risk but the only other choice was back through the vampires that were following after her.


The elevator led down to the underground where the lost of the world dwelled. They say that the worst of them was the demon of tunnels. It was said he was a bulking monster and had scars all over his body. He could kill a man with a punch and took what he wanted feeding on the flesh of his victims. It was this day she came across the demon. He was suddenly there in her path over 7 foot tall if she had to hazard a guest. His body covered with scars and patches of fur. He wore only a black pair of pants his feet bare and hard like leather. She might have studied him more if the shock hadn't caused her to pause in her step.


Glancing behind her the sound of pursuit coming from behind as she darted past the monster. She heard a roar as he followed her but not for long as he came to round of those chasing her tearing through them. She moved watching those around her trying to see how they hide to avoid detection from the beast and copied it the best she could as she kept moving. The vampires not faring as well against the beast causing them to retreat. She moved slowly forward. The vampires probably had other ways out but there it stood an elevator. She frowned and wondered why others didn't use it to escape this place. It became obvious when she came to stand and it scanned her taking in the stamp on her hand before the door open and she stepped inside. Taking one look back her body beaten and sore as she rose up towards the top. The sun following after her as she wondered if she would make it first or not.


The sun chased the elevator as she watched it. The elevator stopping as she jumped out pushing her legs to move and she reached the landing only seconds before it rose over the tower. The vampire on guard stood there stunned at the dirth girl standing there. She had done it. The first to ever beat the test. She might have jumped up and down but she passed out from exhaustion the world going dark.


A Bright New Day?,,,



She woke up chained to a bed floating in and out a voice speaking to her. Remembering strands of long dark hair falling across her face. She was unsure of where she was and how she had gotten there. The intent was clear. They could not believe she had done it. A human had beaten the well crafted system and they wanted to know how. They had no intention of keeping their word and she had no intention of playing their game. She had to wait for the right moment. A moment that would come as she once again did the impossible. The red head female escaped and disappeared for a time into the world alone.


This caused the ruling class to panic. They needed to bring her back either under their thumb or dead. Because if people believed in her that belief would start a fire and spread across the land. They sought out any that might know her. Her mother among them brought in and killed her face stolen. Vampires could peel the face off a person and wear it like a real mask morphing into that person. Hoping to use it against her to lead her out of hiding.


However, Nicolae would find her first and offer her a deal. He was the vampire she remembered leaning over her. He said if she agreed to be his--he would in turn give her freedom. Or as much as he was able to within the fulfilling her part. She decided that he was different since he tried to talk to her. So, she took a chance and decided to trust him just as she found out about her mother her dead body in the courtyard. It drove her mad and when he said her mother was a traitor even more so.


Having noticed her faded mark when they made the deal he realized the truth of her past. That she was the little girl lost to him so long ago hidden by her mother. He told her this and she became mad but she still agreed to keep her word as they made their way back Nico seeking answers to why she was even in the trials to begin with. As he sought out answers to what happened she settled down to rest hoping he would keep his end and hoping he could see her as more than a lesser being in time.


She thought that if she could maybe change was possible. He had tried to reason with her instead of argue after all. If he didn't she could always escape again and in the meantime learn as much as she could. She might stumble on some secrets she could make use of in the future. No matter which way the wind might blow she was ready for it.












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Hi. So, this is a multi character account with Jezebel being my main. I will just default to her unless another character is asked for. I am working on profiles for the others that I will link as I get them done. Feel free to send me a message to ask me questions if anyone looks interesting. Have a great day.

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  • He laughed at her words. "You look lovely." There were some of his kind that would find it fitting that she looked like a big child due to the fact they viewed human as children, and while there were times Nicolae hold that belief---mostly when he was mad he did not think she looks like one now. "What sorta thing? A beautiful woman preparing a meal for me? What kinda a man doesn't like that sorta thing?" He kept his eyes upon her as he said his next words. "And I would have. I was angry and people are vindictive when they are such."  

  • He would not have tried. He would have succeed. He did not care who stood in his way. He would have dragged her back. "I had no reason to believe you would be honest with your words." He regarded her for a few moments. "You do not." He said nothing to her words. He simply listen. Simply allowed her to saw her apology. "It is only a sore spot because you made it that way." 

  • Since coming back from his fight with Jezebel, Nicolae had been in a foul mood. Not as sour as he had been when he first returned, but it was clear that his temper was short. Most decided to give him his space, or at least as much space as one could provide with someone of his position. Only those closest to him did not act this way. They tried everything their power to cheer him up, and it was because of those effort that his mood has improved in the manner that it had. In fact, it was one of those attempts he was returning form. His sisters had decided to throw a party. It had been fun, and for a few moments he had forgotten his hurt. 

    However, everything must come to an end. He retreated from the party to retire in his room for the reminder of the night. He had plans to do nothing but read---plans that were quickly cast to the wind the very moment he stepped into the door. The first thing he noticed was the food set upon the table. His initial thought was that someone was trying to seduce him. Than he thought it might be someone trying to cheer him up, but than he noticed Jezebel standing there. "So you returned." He honestly hadn't known if she would. Some part of him expected he would have to hunt her down, and drag her back here kicking ans scream. There was even some part of him looking forward to it. 

  • Why would they be offended? Because she had not known him as long? That didn't matter to them. She had known him. That's all that matters. She had known him and during that time he had somehow touched her.  "There is nothing to be sorry about." They continued the funeral. More people said words about his brother until everyone whom wished to speak had spoken.

  • They were not rumors. He had seen with his own eyes some of the things that are done to half-breeds. It is rare for one to escape from such a fate, and it is usually only because they have family to protect them. If she had voice her thoughts aloud he would have told her that she was right---they were connected and perhaps someday he would. It soon became her turn, and each person here listen to her as she listen to him. "He touched your life. It does not matter if it was for an minute or three hundred year. You have the right to speak of him as we all do. "

    He blinked at the hug, but did not shy away from it. In fact, after a few moments he return. "Thank you." He did not know if she would actually keep her promise, but it was a nice sentiment nonetheless. Through, knowing his brother he somehow knew that she would and it was the reason he sent her here.

  • It was a hope that he shared. No, not a hope---a dream. One that he was currently was trying to make into a reality. These stories filled the air with laughter and joy as much as it did with tears and sorrow. They knew they would not form any new memories with his brother. It soon became his turn. He sat there for a few moments in silence. None one pushed him to speak. They just waited. "You all know the circumstance of my birth. Well, most of you." He directed his eyes towards Jezebel as he said those words. And those words elected a laughter from those gather. He return his attention those gathered around. "I acquired my wolf form late. I was so afraid. I was afraid that I was more vampire than wolf. More than that I was afraid I would not have a place to belong. It was a fear that ate away at me. I was lashed out. I was a holy terror."

    More laughter erupted from those gathered. "One day my brother had enough. I don't remember what caused him to snap. I was just being my typical pain in the ass self and he screamed at me "What the fuck is your problem?" I screamed back. "I'm not a wolf." I didn't have to say more than that. He knew. He understood just what I was feeling. My brother was good at that. Getting others with only a few words. Understanding their emotions.  All his anger and rage towards me vanished. He took me into his arms and told me "It doesn't matter if you are wolf or not you are my brother. You will always be my brother and I will always love you. The rest of the world can reject you and I will remain by your side." He lowered his head, allowing the emotions to wash through him. "And he did. He was the biggest champion for my cause. Pushing me when I lost the strength to push myself. He believed in me when I didn't believe myself. He had a way of making you feel like you can do anything. Be anything. The world will be emptier without him and now we have to figure out how to continue on and not to fall without him holding us up."

  • He did not consider the news she had brought terrible news. Nor did the other members of the pack. As strange as this might. As much as they all were grieve sicken over this news there was a bright light within it. They now knew a beloved member of their pack was free from whatever pain and horrors had been brought upon him from the vampires hand. There was joy in that thought. "As would I, but that does not mean there aren't those that won't grieve our passing." He had the same feeling. He did not know what the future will bring, but he knew she would be apart of it. He moved to where the pack would say good bye.

  • He did not know what his brother had to endure when the vampires experimented upon him. but it was probably more painful beyond anything he could imagine. That pain probably didn't end once the experiment stopped. His every breath might have filled with it. If that was the cause it was only natural that he wished it to end. But, like Jezebel Mykos did not know. He only knew that his brother was dead---truly dead--and he was filled with a grief he had thought he had dealt with long ago. "No one will care if you show up with his blood on your cloths. It will only show you had hold him in his last moments. There is a bath over there." He pointed to his right. "It isn't much, but it might suit  you better than a lake. Sadly as much as I much as I wish to deny it our actions does have consequences. Through, if you believe this Nico can be spoken to I would try. I just hope you are right in your judgement. I would hate to find you strung up somewhere."

  • She nodded, a soft smile of her own curving into place upon her lips. "There is nothing wrong with caring for others. However this arbitrary rule system. The treatment that befalls our wolves..." She broke off with a shake of her head. She was going to have to have words with the Prince. "I wish we could all just exist in harmony." Perhaps that was a stupid wish, she'd ask Myko his thoughts. Maybe her brother could tell her if her hope for the future was a stupid one or not. "Of course. I have a feeling we may be seeing a lot of each other." The vampire returned in kind before heading off in the opposite direction, she had duties to attend to.
  • "You are right of course. I feel I'm beginning to effect changes within my own house. Time will tell whether those changes spread." She tilted her head to one side, a grin tugging at her lips. "I have a feeling the Prince has many voices trying to influence him to remain with the old ways. He may need a good shake to see things differently." Willa thought of her own foray out into the wilds to meet with the wolves, of her own connection to them. Could accepting her brother, joining their voices together help? She honestly knew not. She only knew she hated what she was learning of her own people's practices.
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