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Character Appearance

An athletic physique combined with average weight and height gives Job a healthy body, his white skin tanned and from countless sunburns under the sun. His hair is dark brown, and he has a single dull green eye. His right eye is damaged and milky white with a cutting scar going from his forhead down his face, over his eye and ending at the corner of his mouth. His body is muscled and slightly scarred from previous fights.

For clothes, Job wears a dirty white button up shirt under a buttoned up brown vest and a dark pair of trousers. He wears rough and beaten cowboy boots with dirty and rusty spurs. His shirt is tucked into his pants which are held up by gunslingers belt, with a holster and knife sheath placed on his right side and a swords sheath placed on his left. The belt itself is lined with bullet holders. Over his right eye is a dirty white bandage with the japanese kanji symbol for death written in red over the place where his eye would be.

Job wears a worn black cloth poncho, usually thrown over his left shoulder to reveal his right arm and his iron, though he does travel with the whole thing down. The poncho has been repaired from being cut in half and is covered in a dried, dark stain. Finally, a straw wide-brim cowboy hat always rests on his head, old and worn.

Character Personality

Job Shine is a serious, focused, and direct man. His demeanour is grim and cold. Despite this tough exterior, Job does try and do good and helps out people who need it and stands up to injustice. That being said, he does not go out of his way to do this and while he is willing to fight for those who can't protect themselves he is by no means kind or gentle with them, often holding them in contempt for suffering until someone came to help them.

Job is an extremely motivated, dedicated, and determined individual. He is capable and willing to push himself beyond his limits over and over again to win and get what he wants. He trains relentlessly to become that much faster, that much sharper, that much stronger. His greatest flaw would be his wrath, as he holds grudges and settles them wherever he goes. His loner attitude keeps him isolated from most people, though he does not actively push people away but does so passively. His only friend is his horse.

Character Likes

  • Quiet
  • Training
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Taking care of his horse, "Horse"
  • Napping
  • Being Alone
  • Killing bastards who deserve killing
  • Vengeance
  • Poetry (Haiku's specifically)

Character Dislikes

  • Cowards
  • Bullies
  • Animal Abusers
  • Hypocrites
  • People who don't shut up
  • Having his family murdered
  • Swimming
  • People finding out about his fondness for poetry

Character History/Story

What is there to say about Job Shine? He was born on a farm the oldest of many siblings, and he helped out his parents raise the family and around the farm. His father was from the city, a formerly a doctor by trade but he picked up the country lifestyle quickly. His mom was born and raised on the ranch. life was simple and good for a time. Then, a man with a red blade came.

He demanded to fight Job's mother, supposedly a renowned gunslinger in the past, but she refused. She said she left that life behind her, and that she would forfeit the duel in the swordmaster. The red-bladed warrior did not take kindly to this. At the end of it all, Job's whole family was dead and his home burnt to the ground before his very eyes. He buried his family there, on that ranch. He did not swear vengeance. That would imply that he had a choice not to, a chance to back down and away. No, Job left that ranch with his mothers weapons and favorite poncho with a single thing in mind;


Now he hunts down the trail of the red bladed swordsman with an obsessive passion, hunting down any an all leads in hopes of one day finishing what that man started.

Character Inventory

  • A Smith & Wesson Model 3 Revolver
  • A Cavalry saber
  • A Bowie Knife
  • A water canteen
  • Hardtack and Jerky rations
  • Basic camping equipment (including simple one man tent, bedroll, blanket, and mess kit)
  • .44 rounds, of various flavors and "specialities"
  • handkerchief
  • Saddle,horse blanet, and other riding amenities
  • Leather gloves
  • Horse the Horse

Character Abilites

Job is an exceptional gun slinger, capable of shooting with inhuman speed and accuracy far beyond the normal range of even skilled gunmen. Combined with his incredibly sharp reflexes, Job's quickdraw is something to be rightfully feared. His skill with his revolver also allows him to make incredibly difficult and dangerous shots and manueveres. He is also armed with various kinds of ammuntions, from armor piercing, flammable, explosive, and even a special and expensive ricochet round. Job's skill with the saber and knife are also nothing to sneeze at, as are his skills with his fists. All of this is refined by years of experience fighting all manners of enemies, sharpening his skills to peak condition and giving Job an excellent taste for tactics and strategy, mostly from trial and error.

J0b is also a skilled horse rider, having ridden on horses since birth. His bond with Horse means that the two can dominate almost any terrain. Finally, Job's sheer grit and willpower far exceed any of his other skills, perhaps even his skill with the pistol. He can push himself harder and further than is safe to overcome odds that would break other people, to the point of being a determinator.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)


Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Violence, Anime, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Action, Adventure

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