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Character Name

Oona, the Golden Faun

Character Age

24 ,in human years

Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

Before we discuss the appearance of Oona, we must discuss the appearance of the race of the Faun. While the Centaurs are the guardians of the grasslands and moors, Merfolk of the waters, Dragons of the mountains and sky, and Elves and Mortals of the lands of Men, the Fauns are the guardian fae of the forests and woodland. Fauns are a strong race of fae. A healthy male can stand 6'7", at the least, and the females a good 6'0" if you don't take into account the horns that arch over their pointed ears (the male horns are significantly larger than that of the females). Fauns have a generally human appearance, only their nose are flatter, their faces angular, their eyes larger, and most of their bodies are covered in a layer of thick fur that can range from the colors brown, grey, black, red and, very rarely, gold, silver, and white. The fur of males is generally more course and covers more of their bodies than it does with the females, who have fur that poachers desire for the fur of a female Faun is softer than any sort of Elven silk. Trailing behind them are thin tails like that of a lion that are utilized as a second hand and also a whip-like weapon when provoked. Our little Oona is a Faun with fur as golden as the rays of the sunlight shining on the forest floor in the afternoon, and she is the first Golden Faun of her bloodline. Her eyes are a shining brown, like the melting sap of the pine tree, and her horns are like the crown of a forest princess. She is short for her kind (standing at 5'7") but what she lacks in size she makes up for in her spunk, ferocity, and determination. She often likes to wander in the towns of Men and Elves, so she wanders under the glamour of a young, Elvish woman with golden hair, large brown eyes, and an emerald-green tunic with brown leather pants. When in the rain, the glamour can fade away and reveal the Faun beneath. Face Claim: Mia Wasikowska

Character Personality

Oona is a very upbeat Faun. She is full-grown but she loves to act like a child, although she is still wise for her age. As much as she loves to just lay on the sunny back of a babbling brook with her Pixie companions, she will not hesitate to run into a battle to protect her beloved home. It doesn't take her long to become trusting of other fae creatures, but she has a deep, riveting hate for the Elves and Mortals. For hundreds, if not thousands, of years, fae creatures of the woodland have been discriminated against by Elves and Men. Oona had been raised to hate them just as much as they hate her. But nonetheless, she is still openminded when it comes to meeting any creature from any race.

Character Likes

Naps in the sun, runs through the forest, sleeping in, fresh berries and nuts, swimming in a pond, playing her reed flute and singing Faunish folk songs.

Character Dislikes

Elves, Men, destruction to the forests, bloodshed, stuck up know-it-alls

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Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Comedy