Set the world on fire.

General Rico "King of Chaos" Rodriguez

of the Medician Armed Forces


Scorpio | Aquila | Fratre | Luden | Rick


Saboteur, Mercenary, Terrorist, War Criminal

Former Agency Operative, Former F1 Driver


48 Years Old


180 lbs.

Tattoo of a scorpion on his upper left arm.

Practicing Catholic.



Dual citizenship: USA, Medici

Speaks English, Spanish, Italian, and Medician.

Bisexual | Single



-Confirmed unworthy of mjolnir. Yes, this means he's tried it.

-Has kissed a cow.

-Has ridden at least 5 missiles in his lifetime.

-His watch always reads a quarter to five. Rico time.

-Rico can sing very well, when he actually tries. Humming? Not so much.

-Taught Lara Croft how to drive out of fear for his life.

"Some day, they'll write books about all of us."

Born January 25th, 1968 in Mexico, his father's homeland.

Grew up in the Mediterranean nation of Medici, his mother's homeland.

Raised by two revolutionary parents.

Became an F1 driver at the age of 15.

Escaped the execution of his parents.

Escaped the military coup that led to their deaths.

Met Agency operative Tom Sheldon on boat while escaping.

Did not know of Sheldon's role in these events.

Fled to the USA.

General Di Ravello, the man behind the coup, had a promise with Sheldon and The Agency for an alliance with the United States. The killing of Rico's parents was planned and executed so that Rico could be recruited by The Agency.

"You know, Sheldon, one day I'm going to ask you exactly how it was you and I met on the boat that night my parents died. And I bet I'm not going to like it."

"Here's a message for your buddies at home: Stay there."

Joined the Agency at the age of 18.

Scouted for field duty at the age of 21.

Specializes in "regime-change" operations.

Considered to be a "high-maintenance" operative.

Marked as having "loose-cannon" tendencies.

Known to work best with old CO Tom Sheldon.

Does not take orders from other Operatives well.

Known for the effective but flamboyant combo of grapple/parachute travel.

Proficient with most firearms.

Capable driver, pilot, and captain of land, air, and sea vehicles.

"Don't take it personally. It was just a design fault, that's all."

Major Career Operations Timeline:


Panama (Operation Just Cause)

San Esperito

-retires, disappears into Mexico-

-Tom Sheldon goes missing with millions of dollars of Agency money-

-returns to locate and potentially kill Tom Sheldon-


Interactive map of Panau

-pushes the Roaches into power-

-retires several years later, heads home-

Major Freelance Operations Timeline:


Interactive map of Medici

-pushes Rosa Manuela into power-

-stays to support the Rebellion-

-betrayed and tortured by Rosa Manuela and the Black Hand-

-led a rebellion against the Manuela government-

-overthrew Manuela, became head of the Medici armed forces-

-oversaw the first democratic elections in 30 years-

-maintains peace-

Medici Facts:

-South of Marseille, West of Sassari
-Home of the Medici Grand Prix
-Area: About 400 square miles
-Regions: Insula Fonte, Insula Dracon, and Insula Striate
-Industries: Bavarium, Oil, Tourism, Automotive
-Government: Republic

After his rescue from imprisonment and torture at the hands of the new government he helped to put into power in his homeland, Rico led a small army of about two thousand men and women against his former allies, the Black Hand, and the mysterious EDEN Corporation. The numbers seemed hopeless, but he did not give up hope.

He could never quit that easily.

In the end? They did it. They won. Manuela is dead, the Black Hand has been forced out of the country, and the EDEN Corporation's technology is under control. While much of the technology has been given to the Medician military under Rico's guidance, and other rare pieces are in his hands, Tom Sheldon made off with some Bavarium shielding for the Agency, effectively betraying Rico's interests yet again.

"I will admit, I am awesome."

A new storm is brewing on the horizon now, and Rico will face his greatest challenge yet...

Known living contacts:

Tom Sheldon | Maria Kane | Jade Tan | Mario Frigo | Annika Svennson |Teo

Luchianov | Crashie | Bolo Santosi | Razak Razman | Samathna Nishimura | Lara Croft

Special Technology:

The Grappler- what started as a high-powered magnet only able to attach to vehicles has evolved into a gauntlet. The initial home-made one is a trophy, now. The newest he wears was designed and 3-D printed by Dimah Ali Umar al-Masri, a former field agent and old friend. This new model, in the words of Dimah, has a "lesser chance of violent limb detachment." These things are important, in the long-run. The Grappler has a built-in screen that lets Rico get in touch with his black market contacts.

The Parachute- Always fond of showboating, Rico's favorite parachute style is one bearing a bold scorpion emblazoned on it. He grew fond of the motif during his stint in Panau, where he operated under the guise of an international gun-for-hire called the Scorpion, or Scorpio to the locals.

The Wingsuit- Another invention of Dimah, the wingsuit is a new tool in Rico's arsenal. It is not bulky, and many will not even notice its presence. The jacket he wears and the harness he keeps on have the secret prepared for use whenever he needs it. He has been in possession of this for less than a year, but he has taken to it like a natural. When used effectively with his Grapple, he is quite nearly able to fly. Landing can be rough, even with the installation of an air brake. Faceplanting happens. A lot.

The Bavarium Mod Wingsuit- Not always activated and only used in severe circumstances, the cyan blue wingsuit gives Rico a booster pack powered by the deadly element. It acts like a rocket engine, but it does have a cool-down period between uses. When about to crash into the ground, Rico is able to kick off and stay airborne with this mod active. SAMs register him as an aircraft and will attempt to shoot him down during use. The mod features a machine gun and rockets, both usable over his shoulders. Most importantly? Landing is now possible, rather than faceplanting or hoping the air brake works. Like all Bavarium equipment, the wingsuit's power pack glows blue when in use and when at rest. This was designed by Dimah Ali Umar al-Masri for Rico shortly before her death.

The PDA- Outdated, somewhat bulky, and utterly reliable. The PDA works on satellite service rather than cellular, meaning Rico is able to contact those he needs to anywhere he goes without fear of losing connection unless extreme circumstances arise. The PDA also gives Rico a detailed map of his surroundings, and allows him to mark waypoints to plan his journey and make his way back should he get lost.

The CommLink- Another recently updated piece of technology, Rico's CommLink allows him clear and instant chatter with others wearing the same and on his encrypted frequency. It has proved invaluable since his work in Medici. It is worn in the ear. It was a gift from Tom Sheldon and every former rebel has one.

The Voice Modulator- A stolen piece of Black Hand tech, Rico can distort his voice to match that of his enemies, should he need to use it.

The Eviction Drone- Using Bavarium-based ammunition, the Eviction Drone is stolen eDEN Corporation technology. It is white with partial grey paint and blue Bavarium lines. It is armed with machine guns and missiles. It is equipped with both anti-air and anti-ground weaponry, making it a very strong ally all-around. A faithful "pet," it follows Rico wherever he goes...even though it is likely to crash into buildings in cities or high slopes in the mountains.

The Bavarium Splitter- The first of Rico's Bavarium-powered weapons, the rifle features the distinctive blue glow of Bavarium and a very sci-fi appearance. The weapon exposes regular ammunition to radioactive and reactive Bavarium in the chamber, which causes a violent explosion. it is an extremely lethal weapon at close and mid-range, and has become Rico's favored rifle.

The Anvil Omni Directional Industrial Mech, AKA Lifter- A large, four-legged workhorse, the Mech features a gravity manipulation device on the left and the right is modified to suit the tastes of the user. The Bavarium Splitter variation acts like the rifle of the same name that Rico is so fond of now. The Autocannon fires powerful laser blasts and is best against other vehicles. The Fire Leech is a missile mech. The mech gives its users a custom HUD and is as durable as a tank.

The Power Core- This tool acts as a key to power generators featuring Bavarium technology, and it glows blue like the rest of the technology featuring the mineral. It is, in essence, an EMP-gun. It is not effective against vehicles but it will disable other Bavarium-powered weapons and mechs to allow for easy hijacking and taking enemies down. It has been shown to work against normal helicopters.

The Loochador- A modified (and stolen) piece of Black Hand technology, this jet-powered and armored boat is armed to the teeth. In stock condition, this boat was meant for stealth, but that's not Rico's way. The Loochador features two missile launchers on large frames that extend off of the vessel, two miniguns on rotating connectors on the front, and a revolving radar antenna on the top. The boat is incredibly agile and can reach 140 knots on rough waters with the help of Rico's nitro mods.

The EDEN Spark- This is, in all honesty, a goddamn lightning gun. The weapon resembles the build of an assault rifle and is held with two hands, the stock against the shoulder. The front of the weapon is shaped like an antenna. Described by Sheldon as "a crazy science weapon," the weapon shoots a laser beam at a target which then calls for a bolt of lightning to shoot down from the sky and destroy what has been pointed out. The lightning strike can be moved and controlled with serious effort. The Spark does run out of power, but it recharges itself.

"You were good. I was better."

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Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, Novella

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Violence, Realistic, Comedy, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

I've written Rico since 2015. Let's go to war.

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  • "Then, it's a good thing you know a storm bringer or two isn't it?"

  • "...If I say yes will you take me with you?" She's grinning, just happy to talk to him.

  • "I feel like I know you from somewhere. Have we met?"

  • "You make my life sound horrifyingly boring, Rick. Do you need a co-pilot? I can hack cameras. Throw rocks. Ride a horse."

  • "What's shaking good lookin'?"

  • "'re really handsome..."


    James has a type. Sue him.

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