Lets start from the beginning. 

Born in a world where technology and advancements far superceded those on any other plat of land Kaimani found herself bored of what was expected of her. Sure, sirens were supposed to stay to their island, call to the seas and their sailors,but Kaimani didn't find any enjoyement in something easy.

She liked to hunt for her prey.

Perhaps it was becasue she was half Atlantian and had grown up to know their ways, or perhaps it was because she knew the thrill of the chase, either way Kaimani  saw the world in a vastly different light than her sister counterparts. 

There was no joy in using her call to entrance those who responded.


She's not the kind to play house with...

Nor will she be your happily ever after.

In fact, you should probably gaurd your soul, for she's the kind to destroy most of it when she leaves, if she leaves you alive.







Ever Changing Hair Color

Hues as blue as the ocean is deep.

Lithe, toned, small of frame. 


 Kaimani might look like she needs to be carefully watched over due to her small stature, but that is far from the truth. 


She's going to be the death of you.

Kaimani was created to be the character that rips into you and breaks you apart. She isn't here for something permanent. Nor is she here for that fairy tale. She's here to make things tumultious and devastating. If you think you can handle that then please, come play. 


I have very few boundaries, but there are some. I'll tell you if you try and cross them. 

Sex, Alcohol, Drugs and more. Expect that its going to be there. 

I'm not my character, so no, I'm not here to date you, I have my own life at home.

Dont take shit personally, if I'm writing with you I do care about you.

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