Like many of the other children, Kaine doesn't remember his life before boarding the Zariman Ten-Zero. Even the events had to come with time, in dreams and hazey memories of what was or may have been. He remembers that he didn't want to be on the ship, that the Golden man forced him to board and him them away.  He also remembers the he didn't trust the man in the wall.

Kaine was one of the many children that found themself trapped in the void. For reasons that did not come to light, and unfortunately may never be known, a collection of children would be apart of an experiment performed by the Orokin Council. The days or years, with time being relative, spent on the ship were a gruelling existence. Constantly on the move, hunting for food and resources and defences to hold abck the enraged crew. They were all so young, yet they had to grow up fast to survive. For most, the voice told them all the secret hiding spots and even how to eject beams of void energy from their bodies as a weapon. But Kaine couldn't trust him, something wasn't right and so stayed with a group of 3 other kids who would explore the power and the potential on their own.

It was during this time that Kaine saw for himself the devastating consequence for not being able to control it. During a fire-fight he accidently struck one of his friends and nearly took her life. He was conflicted, his body was filled with such rage and anger at the attackers but he couldn't control his power. But he snapped, releasing waves of power, vapourising the attackers. Once the dust had settled and his head was cooler, he promised himself that he wouldn't lose restraint again, though this is a promise he would come to break.



 The Tenno

The Orokin Empire spanned the entire solar system. They moved from planet to planet via solar rails situated in orbit around each stellar body. They sought a more efficient means of travel, one that could take them beyond this lonely system and out into the greater galaxy. A military ship was assigned the duty of testing a new void-jumping engine, however the ship entered the void near the Saturn Gate and all contact with the vessel was lost. After many failed searches and expeditions to the area, the entire ordeal was called off and the ship was deemed lost with all hands. 

However, the ship had 'folded' perfectly, ending up in the void as intended. The Zariman Ten-Zero, the military ship in question, housed hundreds of military personnel but also had many children on board. While the ship was completely undamaged by the journey, void energies would seep into the vessel. The adults, which made up most of the crew, were slowly driven mad. They would band up in groups and scour the halls in search for others to kill. Soon these groups turned on themselves. The children also banded together, but where the adults had lost their minds, the children heard a voice. An entity known as The man in the wall, told them how to survive. Where they needed to hide, and as time passed and the void seeped into their bodies, how to use their new-founded abilities. 

In time, the children would be the lone survivors of what the Orokin called, The Void Accident. The Zariman would reappear in real-space and the Orokin descended like vultures, sealing off the area and starting a deep investigation. Initially, nothing was found. The ship returned in the exact same condition it had left in, the only difference being that the entire crew seemed to have been missing. Initially, Lead Inspector Kaleen declared the Accident to be a result of a mechanical failure, all the crew’s family were informed. And then she discovered the children. She breached quarantined and attempted to comfort the terrified kids and was terribly mutilated as a result. The children could not control their power, especially now that they could not hear the voice in the wall. Kaleen did not surrender however, taking this case to the highest levels of the Empire, demanding an answer as to why the children were on a military ship and the only answer she received that "they weren't placed there, that would have breached protocol."

The Orokin witnessed the raw potential of the children, colloquially being called Tenno after the ship, Ten-Zero. They were afraid, many thought them abominations and thought they should be put down. Scholar Margulis thought differently. She adopted the children, spending time with them and working with them to try and control their powers. Several people died, Margulis herself being blinded, but she never gave up. In time the Tenno thought of her as their mother, and she saw her children. She discovered the concept of Transference. The Tenno struggled to contain and control their powers, but they could transfer their consciousness into a mechanical shell designed to focus the energies and powers. These shells would become Warframes.

The ruling council did not agree with Margulis' research however, they resented her efforts to make these children seemingly more powerful by giving them control over their abilities. In time, the council would be pushed so far as to execute her, her last thought being of her children. She was in theirs and such was maybe the first nail in the coffin for the Golden Lords. Balus, Margulis' husband, would continue the research into transference though resented the Tenno, blaming them for the death of his wife.

The Orokin would face a new enemy, The Sentients. A race of organic-machines waged war against the Orokin for reasons lost to time. In an act of desperation, the council threw every resource it had towards the Warframe project. In return, the Tenno gave them victory after victory. The Sentients were poisoned by the energies of the void, the same energies the Tenno channelled. During an awards ceremony, all the Tenno were summoned and granted honours for their service. In this moment, the Tenno had their chance to seek revenge for the death of their mother. They assassinated the entire Orokin leadership and forced the empire into disarray. 

The Sentients also launched a campaign against the Orokin, creating an individual in the likeness of Margulis with her mind and love for the Tenno, so that they might trust her. She was Natah. Designed to gain their trust, she would turn the Tenno against the Orokin before destroying them. However, Natah had the heart of Margulis. And Margulis would never harm her children. She sealed the Moon, home of the Tenno, in the void so to protect it from the Sentients and sealed all the Warframes in the system so that in the future, when the Tenno were needed, they would return. During this long sleep, Natah would reimagine herself as the Lotus.



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