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Character Appearance

5'7" with leathery brown skin marked with lines that makes him appear as if he's made of wood. Typically hidden behind a smiling mask and a well made suit.

Character Personality

Friendly, questioning of most things that he doesn't understand but well versed in the ways of being a medic for most typical species. After fighting many wars as a field medic he's learned that.

Character Likes

Peace for the most part, but learning new things is always a plus. He will always question things he does not clearly understand.

Character Dislikes

Fighting. He can enjoy a good fight some times but he prefers to not fight without good reason.

Character History/Story

Kamen is a mimic, created by a very powerful alchemist to live a life of freedom after many years of solitude. He’s only held this humanoid form for 9 years, and he goes by that age. Don’t worry, he’s mature for his age. He is a monster, and he is proud of it. This makes him capable of many things a regular person isn’t. He’s super strong, super durable and his monster lineage gives him several special talents like the ability to mimic any physical feat perfectly as long as he witnesses it with his own eyes.Due to extended use of the essence of creation, Kamen has finally ascended to the status of being the physical embodiment of the Philosopher’s stone, allowing him to tap into alchemical abilities unlike any other could ever possess. Kamen’s family disappeared during one of the last business trips he made before he was supposed to retire from his family’s business and while he has searched for them for some time he relented and went back to living as he normally would when alone. He severed the connection to the mother of his daughter, so that the distance between them wouldn’t cause his health to diminish due to the pain of separation and therefor the monster is once again free to do as he wishes. When he severed the connection, he grew slightly stronger than he had been previously.. His body has finally reached it’s true adult stage in terms of how his own kind matures and has ascended from the level of Mimic to that of a Greater Mimic. It doesn’t really change anything about him, other than the fact that he’s a tad more resilient than he already was and as well he can go for slightly longer without being active without having to worry about falling into the hibernation that he can’t wake himself from.

Character Inventory

Smoking pipe Emits plumes of magenta hued vapor. A silver badge Worn on his lapel which bears the insignia of Messiah Corp. An infinity symbol positioned vertically with a line drawn directly through where the hoops interconnect, horizontally. x2 M93R pistols Heavily modified. Chambered for 7.62×25 Tokarev which fire specially crafted hollow points that contain enough of a specific kind of charged explosive that his gun fire can literally knock quarter-sized holes in tank armor. Pillow stuffed with special spider silk that also happens to be what keeps it stitched together. This silk is extremely resilient, allowing Kamen to use the pillow as a weapon. It happens to be his preferred weapon due to his pacifistic nature. But that doesn’t mean that he won’t hurt someone, he simply avoids it if he can.. Wrist watch It becomes a sword that can throw extremely destructive red lightning.

Character Abilites

Kamen can at will change the chemical composition of anything he sees. He is also an expert gunman, capable of using his own personal guns as he sees fit to do so. He can use his own hair to make copies of things, as his hair is technically a series of limbs called pseudopods and while they do not have the same strength as the original article in question they do certainly look as they might. At will he can control a room he enters, at least the room and it's objects for the sake of giving him the appearance that he chooses though this is not a skill he uses very often. Super strength, super durability. He's hard to hurt, and he's relatively strong compared to a basic individual but he does his best to make the impression that he's not so different despite being a monster.

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Paragraph, Multi-Para, Novella

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Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, Anime, Rated R, Child Friendly, 18+, Comedy, Action, Adventure

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I'm friendly, I like making jokes, I know a lot of stuff about a lot of stuff. Just shoot questions at me, I do like that a lot.

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