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118 Years Old

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Atlas K. Domurat is a man of extraordinary size. He stands at 8 feet tall, and what you can see of his flesh is rippling muscle. This is the result of numerous physical enhancements in the form of chemical and technological additions. However, he bears brutal scars, mementos of his progress towards creating the perfect living weapon. His right arm, leg, and eye are all missing; instead, he wields monstrous cybernetic limbs and a robotic eye dotted with a gleaming red light. These limbs are by no means sleek; they are disproportionate, even when compared to his own enhanced physique. They are covered in aesthetic imperfections, a clear indicator that these were designed with function in mind, not fashion. Jagged edges, protruding screws, and uneven cut lines are just some of the many properties that lend to it an essence of primitive design. , however well it may work. Underneath his often ragged lab coat and worn-out prison uniform from a previous time, the true horror of his experiments is revealed. His chest, as opposed to being a statuesque model of metal and flesh to form the perfect chiseled frame, is instead a mass of flesh and various metals connected through messy stitching and a hefty sum of scar tissue brought about by a variety of physical ordeals including burning, cutting, and grafting. His long, dark chocolate colored hair is matted and unkempt, often dyed with red splotches of blood from himself and his test subjects. His goatee is in a similar fashion, and his teeth have all been pulled out and replaced with roughly cut metallic blocks. Surprisingly, his eyes are his most "normal" feature. His one good eye possesses an iris of deep silver, and a vast fountain of knowledge and understanding can be seen sparkling below the surface. His robotic eye is uncharacteristically placed in an extremely neat fashion; the precision and neatness of the procedure causes it to almost appear as though he was born with it.

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