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Character Appearance

Kaserith is usually described as a princess with olive skin. her hair raven black while her face bears a mark of a soul-patch. A red mark of the demon which is present in her body. She possess a slender figure

Character Personality

Once Kaserith was a joyful princess and naive at that front. But as her parents were killed infront of her she became the vengeful and angered princess. She is in constant fear and stress because of the monster lying inside her. She is resourceful and tactful when it comes to work.

Character Likes

Train and train with her mentor.

Character Dislikes

The Locents and the leader who are the cultists who destroyed her only kingdom.

Character History/Story

Belonged to the mighty Kingdom of Aldham, Kaserith stayed with her parents who were the rulers of the kingdom. They were powerful sorcerers and were revered for bringing Elemental to their kingdom, a rare accomplishment in their world. The King had the powers to weild the powerful elemental magic while her mother was adept at the art of healing. Despite being the prosperous kingdom, Aldham followed a simple rule- Peace. There existed many magical creatures like Orcs, Vampires, Elves, Human-demons, as well as Human-fairies and no one was banished from the kingdom only if they followed the code. Kaserith on another hand had no magical abilities and hence she was trained hard for the battlefield, albeit she was known for her kindness and compassion. Her fairyland was crushed when the group of bandits called themselves as Clements entered the land and conquered with their barbaric methods. Initially they bowed to the King and the queen, then killed them infront of Kaserith. Knowing she is not safe anymore she fled her homeland only to be captured by Lord Oponeus, aka the Darkeyes. Kaserith was almost bruised and left to die when Oponeus found her. He had heard the tales of Kingdom Aldham and their destruction, also he had learnt of the Clements. His only goal was to defeat the Clements and hence Kaserith was the only hope. He bounded her with a frighful demon known as Clutthu in order to save her and also to gain her powers. The procedure of bonding was quite painful and frightening, indeed a new life for Kaserith. Luckily Kaserith survived and she readily battled with Lord Oponeus, trained harder and went along with him for various quest. Vengeance was her only life purpose!

Character Inventory

She wears a black cloak. Her body is covered with armour provided by her mentor and her hair is silky black till her waist.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, Novella

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Realistic, Action

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