a Demigod, half god half mortal, a rebel that wanted change in the high heavens and hell but neither would accept this, cast out and banished from his own homeland, imprisoned in a mortal body for over 10.000 years, and doomed to be so forever for trying to change the balance between heaven and hell. Banished and forgotten by both the high heavens and hell, but not out of the game and HE has not forgotten what they did to him and he will take back his place someday.

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27 (immortal)

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Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Action

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  • (Hey friend. Happy new year to ya!)

  • (Take your time ^^ I'm really in no rush. I'm just mostly focusing on school and work so no hurries.)

  • (Sorry it took forever for me to respond! This semester has been killer for me because speech is... ick... I suck at speech. Either one of us could start really. I am not picky at all.)

  • //Penthesilea can be in either time, though if it is in the ancient times it should be after Troy.. What ideas do you have?//

  • //hello... Are you still interested in plotting?/

  • (That seems like a pretty great idea honestly :) Perhaps Nadiya and her team would be going there to gain some info about something? Or perhaps info on Kato to see whether she wants to recruit him?)

  • (I actually made Nadiya as my own replacement for Shepard actually. :) She’s a combo of Shepard and Isaac Clarke aka the main character from Dead Space. I also will be bringing in her younger sister Kenna Franks from time to time.)

  • (That seems really good to me because I am replaying ME2 to try and remember what even happens in the games since it's been since 2009 since I even had played ME1 until a few months ago. Nadiya is actually an older character of mine that I redicded to revamp a lot compared to how she first was. Funny enough, I actually am getting really close to the end of the game anyway so that'll line up almost perfectly. ^^)

  • (Seems solid enough for me honestly. ^^ Would this be aorund ME1 or ME2?)

  • (That honestly sounds likea pretty good idea to be honest with you. So we have Kato as a biotic, but is there a certain mission he is on? Is there anything in his story that he must do? Also, if you want you can also check out my other accounts I have because I also have a character that is a demigoddess and I totally love fantasy. XD)

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