Kaylen Roche

The Wize | The Consular | The Old One

Anzati /'Aon.zat(ʇ)'/

Last Member of the Old Order

Council Member of the New Order


In the year 220 BBY, two anzati individuals came to meet- a bounty hunter by the name of Clarig, and a medic by the name of Deniya. He was a renowned hunter, who almost always caught his prey. Kaylen's mother however, was a medic. An odd profession for an Anzat, seeing as they rarely need to use anything but their own bodies to heal. However, when push came to shove, Deniya was a brilliant healer, and an excellent huntress.
After Kaylen was born, his parents took up residence in one of the larger cities to seek fortune. However, this quickly became their downfall, as jobs in the city ran out, requiring higher end employees to maintain its fortune. Without this, citizens quickly fell into despair. Kaylen's family was forced to abandon the city for better oppurtunities, and took to space to find a new residence. Not long after, the family took up jobs as medics and guards on a republic cruiser known as the Strada. It was from here that Kaylen was taken by the Jedi. At age three, the child had begun showing signs of Force-Sensitivity above that of normal Anzati. His parents, knowing what this meant, instantly attempted to hide Kaylen. Sadly, this failed, as on the day of Kaylen's fourth bday, a Jedi boarded the cruiser, searching for the Force-Sensitive aboard. Upon discovering the young Anzat, he took the boy, with reluctant permissiom of the parents, to the temple on Coruscant...
Kaylen spent the next twenty years training to be a Jedi Knight under the guidance of Master Salar'Su Diantii, a Chiss with exceptional teaching methods. For two decades, the Anzat trained as a Jedi Padawan, before finally being Knighted on his twenty fifth birthday. It was this event that marked what lay in the future.
Over the course of the next century, Kaylen found himself in various battles, fighting side by side with masters of all varieties. From hunting rogue Jedi, to helping start rebellions, the Anzat Jedi fought boldly, and proudly, for the sake of all. This would soon be snuffed out due to the Purge, or Order 66...
During the Clone Wars, Kaylen, much like Rahm Kota and few others, fought beside Militia, or fellow Jedi, rather than clones. They marched across planets, gathering troops from the people, and using them in battle. When the Purge came, Kaylen and his allies were saved by this, as no one was able to contact them, nor hunt them with troop chips. The Anzat fled into the universe, vanishing for years on end.
Eventually, Kaylen resurfaced, having hidden as a Jedi Hunter for years. In truth, he had taken lightsabers, and hidden the Jedi using the Force, giving them time to make holocrons and focus on the future. When the New Order came to being, with Skywalker having taken head as the Grand Master, Kaylen took his place once more in the Order. Now, he stands with the Jedi on Ossus, and uses his expertise and skill to help in the temple's reconstruction and teachings.



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