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Anzati /'Aon.zat(ʇ)'/

Last Member of the Old Order

Council Member of the New Order

"Flowing through all, there is balance.
There is no peace without a passion to create.
There is no passion without peace to guide.
Knowledge stagnates without the strength to act.
Power blinds without the serenity to see.
There is freedom in life.
There is purpose in death.
The Force is all things and I am the Force."


In the year 220 BBY, two anzati individuals came to meet- a bounty hunter by the name of Clarig, and a medic by the name of Deniya. He was a renowned hunter, who almost always caught his prey. Kaylen's mother however, was a medic. An odd profession for an Anzat, seeing as they rarely need to use anything but their own bodies to heal. However, when push came to shove, Deniya was a brilliant healer, and an excellent huntress. The two came to know each other via a war in the Outer Rim, which spanned across various worlds. Clarig had been brought in to hunt down refugees and escaped prisoners during the war, and whilst on the battlefield, met Deniya. She had been a medic for the enemy, and while against the war itself, was more than willing to assist in its end. The night following their meeting, Clarig tracked her down to a large camp outside of an abandoned fort. There, he snuck in and spent the night wooing her, until at last they came together. This merging of life gave form to Kaylen and his three siblings....

After Kaylen was born, his parents took up residence in one of the larger cities to seek fortune. However, this quickly became their downfall, as jobs in the city ran out, requiring higher end employees to maintain its fortune. Without this, citizens quickly fell into despair. Kaylen's family was forced to abandon the city for better oppurtunities, and took to space to find a new residence. Not long after, the family took up jobs as medics and guards on a republic cruiser known as the Strada. It was from here that Kaylen was taken by the Jedi. At age three, the child had begun showing signs of Force-Sensitivity above that of normal Anzati. His parents, knowing what this meant, instantly attempted to hide Kaylen. Sadly, this failed, as on the day of Kaylen's fourth bday, a Jedi boarded the cruiser, searching for the Force-Sensitive aboard. Upon discovering the young Anzat, he took the boy, with reluctant permissiom of the parents, to the temple on Coruscant...

Kaylen spent the next twenty years training to be a Jedi Knight under the guidance of Master Salar'Su Diantii, a Chiss with exceptional teaching methods. For two decades, the Anzat trained as a Jedi Padawan, before finally being Knighted on his twenty fifth birthday. It was this event that marked what lay in the future. Over the course of the next century, Kaylen found himself in various battles, fighting side by side with masters of all varieties. From hunting rogue Jedi, to helping start rebellions, the Anzat Jedi fought boldly, and proudly, for the sake of all. This would soon be snuffed out due to the Purge, or Order 66. During the Clone Wars, Kaylen, much like Rahm Kota and few others, fought beside Militia, or fellow Jedi, rather than clones. They marched across planets, gathering troops from the people, and using them in battle. When the Purge came, Kaylen and his allies were saved by this, as no one was able to contact them, nor hunt them with troop chips. The Anzat fled into the universe, vanishing for years on end.

Eventually, Kaylen resurfaced, having hidden as a Jedi Hunter for years. In truth, he had taken lightsabers, and hidden the Jedi using the Force, giving them time to make holocrons and focus on the future. When the New Order came to being, with Skywalker having taken head as the Grand Master, Kaylen took his place once more in the Order. Now, he stands with the Jedi on Ossus, and uses his expertise and skill to help in the temple's reconstruction and teachings.




Like many of his fellow Jedi, Kaylen was and still remains a powerful Force-user, and a skilled duelist. During his time with the Order, Kaylen was known to be among the greatest duelists of the age, rivaled only by masters such as Obi-wan Kenobi, Yoda, Mace Windu, Count Dooku, and Plo Koon. He possesses a mastery of Form I (Shii-Cho), Form III (Soresu), and Form IV (Ataru), each allowing him great precision and strategic advantage in combat. Yet his greatest form of combat, comes in the form of Jar'Kai, which allows him to make use of both of his lightsabers. These weapons can also be noted to be unique, given the material they've been constructed from- beskar, a metal capable of deflecting blows from even lightsabers and explosives; aluminium, a malleable and heat-resistant fiber; and a set of Durindfire gems that were gathered from a Black Market merchant.


When not making use of his lightsabers, Kaylen can be seen making great use of the Force to defend himself or attack another entity. He is considered to be one of the most intense and 'dangerous' Force-users of his era as a result of this, given that he is capable of feats that others can only dream of. Such things include shattering rock and metal with the simple tactic of Force Push, creating fire with a thought, accelerating the healing of those injured through minimal effort, and even making use of Force Lightning- a renowned Dark Side ability. Despite the allure of the Dark, Kaylen has been found to be quite resilient and tactful, and refuses to fully fall in with its promises of power. However this may be, he does believe in the use of both Light and Dark teachings, and has been called a heretic on many counts for such ideals. In current times, he has pushed the Council to the decision of altering its code and teachings to allow for the study and use of the Dark Side, acknowledging it rather than ignoring it as they have for so many ages.


May may describe Kaylen as compassionate, kind, and protective, but with a tinge of naive narcissism. During his early days as a Jedi Knight, Kaylen became renowned for his proclivity towards helping others selflessly. This bolstered his ego and part of his narcissistic tendencies, pushing them further to the surface. However, this was not his only trait that came to fruition. His others range from his love of other species, care for sentient flora and fauna, and his interest in the arts. He adores traveling around, meeting new people, visiting new places. If asked what he loves most of all, or what he has chosen for his goal, Kaylen will state that he's made it his life goal that he visit every planet in the Core and Outer Rim before he reaches his first millennium of age. Despite such ideals, he is also identified as a maverick, given his attention to the Dark Side. While others shun and suppress their desires for it, Kaylen puts himself at the edge, while restraining himself. He believes that to fully understand the Force, as the Jedi strive to, one must comprehend both sides- the Light and Dark. To this end, he searches and often studies ancient Sith holocrons, learning from them while also comparing them to the Jedi's. Through his studies, he has gained an understanding of the Force that few may obtain, and spreads it to the rest of the Order as best he can...


Skills And Powers Of The Jedi

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    • Okona had to hide his sneer as he walked the Upper Level, his head low and his white hair hidden beneath a hood.  Everywhere he looked, he saw rich masters and their flocks of servants, each one fitted with a collar that trained them to obedience with pain.  It took all his willpower not to step in when he saw a fat man with a shiny white cybernetic prosthetic fitted to his leg turn and strike a kid just a few years younger than Okona himself across the face with a steel cane clutched in his meaty, ringed grip.  The boy hit the ground hard, tipping the tray of drinks he'd been carrying back onto himself, soaking his shirt and trousers.  Some of the glasses smased when they hit the platform, causing heads around the party to turn and fix the boy with disapproving looks.  

      "Damn fool!" the fat fucker snarled, "look what you did! I don't know why I feed you at all, the good you do me!"

      "I-I'm sorry, s-sir.." the boy stammered, hurrying to clean up the broken glass.  But before he could get too far, the fat master raised his steel cane and struck the boy in the back of the skull with a sick wet cracking sound.  As he fell, the master hit him again- and again, and again.  No one did anything to stop him. 

      Okona let go of the railing and frowned, seeing that he'd crushed the metal within the titanium grip of his prosthetic.  Crushing the masters throat would have been easier.  But he was here for a reason, he reminded himself.  And it wasn't to start shit with the gluons, no matter how much they deserve it.  And no matter how damn bored he's been lately.  Action later, work now.  

      He looked around the hotel, pale grey eyes scanning for a Uniform.  A security officer or a spaceport official, someone he knew had access to the space-port at the top level of the hotel.

      Just as he'd pinpointed exactly what - or rather who - he needs, a gruff male voice jumps at his back. "You there! Turn around, nice and fucking slow you little prick." Oh.  Nevermind.  Action now, work later. 

      Okona struggled not to grin as he turned around on his heel, nice and slow, he kept his arms down at his sides and his stance loose, like he wasn't worried at all.  In truth, he's not.  This is an old enemy he's long since outgrown, if only the idiot got the memo..  Captain Daniel Surge, a young brash jack-ass that works for the Man and loves to take whatever he wants.  Both of his arms had been replaced with cybernetic prosthetics, one equipped with a flamethrower and the other with a chainsaw, he also had an ugly cyberoptic jammed in his eye-socket with recent scar tissue around it from the surgery.  He is a few years older than Okona, with dark brown hair and stubble crawling along his sharp, wide jaw.  He'd be handsome if it didn't look like he was on the verge of shitting out a plasma charge - pretty much all the fuckin' time.

      "Surge! Long time no see buddy, how's the eye doin?" Okona looked from Daniel Surge to the four mechs he'd brought with him, two armed with laser rifles and the other two with staffs of some sort, then back to Surge.  The man had taken a deep red shade of outrage and humiliation that made Okona tingle with happiness. 

      "Kill this fucking abomination before he's seen!" Surge roared, drawing his weapon and unleashing a hail of furious red laster blasts in his direction.  As expected of him.

      Okona activated the built-in plasma shield on his prosthetic and grinned as it snapped to life with a low frequency hum.  It leapt from the wrist, and split into four sections.  Taking the shape of a diamond with squared off ends.  Surge's red blasts struck the shield with a 'thuck thuck thuck' as he raised it infront of his face and charged like he was mad with plague, roaring as he swung his shield around and knocked the weapon from Surge's hand.  He followed up coming in low, catching him under the jaw with the edge of his plasma shield, flinging him away from his mech's to crash into the wall. 

      He ducked, sensing weapons fire to his right, and rolled away as rapid bursts of green energy pelted the floor where he'd been, just seconds ago.  Then he sprung to his feet and lunged at the mechs, who were nice enough to stay grouped together for him to take them all out at once.  

      As he came close, he reached for one of the staff wielding mechs and plucked the weapon out of it's grip -- by pulling it towards him and flinging the robot over his shoulder to smack into Surge, as he was struggling to get back to his feet.  They crumpled to the floor together, the mech ontop of Surge.  Poor Surge.

      He twirled the staff as he swung back around, swinging it like a bat to catch the remaining three mechs in the same blow, sending them careening over the railing to plummet to the level below.  One of them landed on a glass sculpture, shattering it to a hundred pieces under it's weight and elicited startled and furious screams from the party, much to Okona's great pleasure.  The music grinded to a halt, like in one of the funny holoflicks and every eye turned towards the balcony. 

      Oh, fuck it.  Okona leapt up onto the railing suddenly, drawing back his hood.  The revelation of his handsome, arrogant smiling face earned even more screams and gasps of shock and awe.  He milked it for all it was worth, slowly pushing his fingers through his white hair to muse it up after being flattened by his hood, then he sighed, and let his gaze wander about the room.  He debated saying something, anything.  But in the end he simply activated his stealth field and dropped off the railing as he faded from visible sight, making his way towards the lift. 

      Because of Surge, he'd gotten exactly what he came for-- and more.  "Thanks, old friend." he said as he strode passed the man, grinning briefly at his unconscious form before he turned away and strode down the corridor.

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