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Kazuya is at about 181 cm tall which is close to 6 feet. He bares a slicked back hairstyle and a red iris in his left eye. He has a great physique, only flawed by a multitude of scars on his face and body. He usually wears white karate pants and red footpads, along with his signature red atudded gloves. Someone he is seen wearing either a purple or black suit when not fighting, or at least not intending to.

Character Personality

Kazuya is generally a cold-blooded and brutal man who has a harsh way of dealing with things. He is also extremely arrogant and his cold-heartedness is complemented by his large ego and self-righteousness. Kazuya's character has gone through many transformations: from hero to villain, to anti-hero and back again. Whatever was left of his good side appears to be totally suppressed by his Devil persona. Kazuya no longer fights against his darker side and the two seem to have come to mutual terms, as Kazuya can transform into Devil when he chooses.

Character Likes

Ultimate Power World Domination his devil form his grandfather (during childhood) Anna Williams Bruce Irvin his father annoyed Heihachi's (his father) hateful looks his mother

Character Dislikes

His son his father his adoptive brother his half-brother Devil Jin Volcanoes

Character History/Story

At five years, Kazuya Mishima finds out that his mother Kazumi was killed by his father Heihachi. Attempting to seek vengeance he engages in a fight with him only to be easilybdedeated and thrown off a cliff to meet his doom. Due to the Devil gene inside him, he survives the fall and vows to kill his father and take over his company, the Mishima Zaibatsu. Many years later, Heihachi hosts the King of Iron Fist tournament to attarct the strongest fighters in the world, not knowing Kazuya entered as well, ending up in the finals and defeating his father, then proceeded to throw him off the same cliff he was thrown off 21 years before. It is during that time he meets Jun Kazama, whom he marries and gives birth to their son Jin. Unfortunately, his father survives and defeats him the next year in the second KoIF tournament, even though Kazuya used his Devil form during the fight. Presumed dead, he disappeared for 20 years, during which Jun died at the hand of the Aztec God of fighting Ogre ,before being revived by the cutting edge technology of Mishima Zaibatsu's rivals, G Corporation. Knowing of his son, Jin Kazama's existence, he now seeks revenge on his father and steal his son's Devil powers to further improve his own. He however, fails. In the Mishima family dojo, the Honmaru, he teams with Heihachi briefly to defeat Jin, but he mamages to beat both. As he escaped, a group of deadly robots called Jack-4's, raided the builsing to kill Heihachi and Kazuya, but Kazuya leaves his father for dead. Those robots were sent by G Corp, attempting to murder and backstab Kazuya. When a mysterious man takes over the Mishima Zaibatsu and announces the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5, Kazuya enters to track down those who betrayed him and discover the sponsor's identity. During the tournament, Kazuya crosses paths with Raven, who calls Kazuya a "coward who ran away from danger". He defeats Raven and interrogates him, it is during this little conversation that Kazuya finally learns who is holding the tournament: his grandfather, Jinpachi Mishima. It is unknown how far Kazuya progressed through the tournament. Despite not winning the fifth tournament, Kazuya discovers the division of G Corporation that tried to kill him, thinking that he may be too much of a threat; in retaliation, he kills them all in revenge to gain all the power for himself, becoming the head of the company and opposing the Mishima Zaibatsu, led by Jin who has begun world conquest and declared war on the world to destroy a greater evil. By this time, the world's population sees G Corporation as its only savior, though Kazuya plans to destroy Jin and take over the world himself with an iron fist. Kazuya uses the company's influence to his advantage: to stop Jin from taking over his plans for world domination, Kazuya places a bounty on Jin's head for whoever can manage to capture him dead or alive and decides to enter the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 (announced by Jin) to settle the score once and for all with his son. During the tournament, Kazuya along with the G Corporation arrive at a remote area somewhere in the desert and he feels an overwhelming power within a large corridor/temple and is soon confronted by an entity named Azazel, who is believed to be the reason for the Devil Gene but they are interrupted by the arrival of Jin who has also felt this power and believes that he must win this battle to save the world and destroy the Mishima curse or bloodline but he believes that in order to achieve this, Kazuya, Azazel, and himself must all die. Kazuya later encounters Lars Alexandersson, a rogue Tekken Force leader who he discovers to be his half-brother. The battle ends without an outcome with Kazuya merely leaving and warning his half-brother about their fate being Mishima. After Azazel was defeated, he focused back on Heihachi, vowing to kill him once more and discover the truth; why did his father kill his mother to begin with, starting this bloody family feud?

Character Inventory

Kazuya usually does not carry any items with him, except a phone he uses to communicate with G Corp personnel.

Character Abilites

He is an expert martial artist, excelling in the family's Mishima Style Karate. Additionally he possesses a Devil Form that he uses when in critical condition. When in Devil form, he gains the ability to shoot a laser from a third eye on his forehead. He also gains the ability to fly.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Violence, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Action, Adult

About the Writer (OOC)

My name is Wael Maraach. I am Lebanese-Australian born on October 13 1996. I'm a metalhead amd video gamer, also a comic book fan.

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