Pronounced " Kay "

 "Kitty-Prince"   "Kei-Cat"   "Prick"    "Asshole"   

"Gobbering brainy gun-loving, white-faced, arse cat" 

Also known as...

"Jason"   "Jay"   "Grasshopper"






Cursed.   Demon hybrid.   Semi-immortal.     Chaotic Evil/Neutral?  

Mild sociopath.   Arms collector.    Murder for hire. 








The wrong person walked into the wrong place at the wrong moment. What happened on that night, as a result, he lost his life. Or rather, what little of a life he could have had, at that point. The wrongful footsteps into an abandoned theatre building were made with the intention of refuge. When the night had ended in heroin withdrawals among other life-shaking events, when things couldn't have gotten any further down, he was to be proven wrong. Along came the restless spirit. First chilling the young man to the bones, the longer he remained in theatre after his first terrible night the more attached the spectral woman became to his presence. Attachment soon grew to a level of obsession, causing aggravation in return from the youth. It was a game of tolerance... up until the last of his fuse was lit. 

In eventually agitating the spirit which still lingered within the ruins, what it would bring him would be countless years of solitude to his name. What was once flesh withered to scarred bone that begged the question as to whether there had ever been flesh present at all. What were once eyes, became densely hollow sockets that showed not an ounce of reflection if shown light. What were once teeth were turned to predatory fangs. A loss of humanity was in place, as something far more demonic to have altered his being. From the moment he had woken up after the spirit's outburst, it served as a breaking point that started the transition from an unfortunate teen to a promising sociopath in the making. In a way, he lost everything. Yet he gained something far stronger than his former self.

He lost a life, what he gained was nine more. 

After that? Well...





" You thought you could kill me off that easy..?  "


During the earlier portion of his life, thereafter the curse, the cat built up a reputation. Murder, theft, drugs, vehicular homicide, you name it, he's done it, even several times over. Once being a bit of an anarchist, he has less respect for the law than the next person and worries little at times of whether his actions will catch up to him. Adding in some supernatural ability and the promise of immortality, it all seemed to come together as a dangerous combination... one that would spur on the destructive tendencies that kept him at bay for the next few decades or so.

As a result, Kei's demeanor is one that leaves much to be desired. At times, he can be arrogant and downright inhospitable. Hell-bent on independence, he seldom gives others the time of day unless it harbors some immediate benefit. Utterly desensitized from the violence he has faced, as well as caused starting at a younger age, empathy can be a lost concept. The ideals or opinions of others occasionally fail to register and can often mean little to the demon. Add in general aggression, bitter choice in words, heavy-handed sarcasm, and a short temper? Kei has a longer record of pushing people aside than he does keeping them around

Kei is also known to have a fixation on weaponry and has amassed himself a small collection over the years. Mainly knives and shorter range firearms, it doesn't exclude the occasional rifle or long barreled weapon. In addition, he has some past history with dabbling in explosives on a minor scale.







" We hunt to protect. We protect to live. "


Eventually finding himself in what was another rock bottom, it was a familiar face passing through the city that pulled him back onto his feet and gave him a second chance to change what his life had become. This came after an impromptu hunt with none other than the Huntress, Alice D. O'Malley. An acquaintance turned friend by strange circumstances, later turned into teacher and best friend he would trust more than anyone. It was the second time that she had suggested that he joined the ranks of the Hunters distinguished within the organization, to which, in search of a purpose other than dwelling on the streets, Kei finally accepted.

The process began with an opening interview. Explaining his tiredness for doing empty mercenary jobs on the street turned into the explanation of the curse to which he was plagued... and ended promptly with a gunshot wound to the side of the head right there in the interviewing room. With his justifications found as credible, in addition to the shock that persisted to Alice's 'demonstration' of the curse's ability, he was allowed forward. A week's preparation came to pass and he was onward to his first hunt in New Orleans.

Three hunts would come to pass: in which they traveled about the world, dealt with spirits, demons, and beasts alike. A man once thriving in a lifestyle without boundaries nor morality, now is doing what he can to walk a line between right and wrong for the first time in his life. The trials lead to injury, physical strain, and emotional trauma that, in the end, he didn't quite know he was capable of expressing. Regardless, the year process hit home in a manner that will stay with him from that point on.



Current Status

 Hunting in Egypt.   |   100% Health. Panicked.   |   "Now what the fuck!?-"


Glock 26/27 duo  |  Hunting knife  |  Gasmask

Flashlight  |  Food rations  |  Climbing rope & pick


Note-worthy Possessions

  -  necklace from Alice. Almost always worn.

  -   Two pistols- Glock 26/27, a gift from an old friend.

  -   A pair of titanium knuckledusters from Agnes.

  -   A sealed envelope in his bag.







Alice is hands down the closest friend he has to his name. She has been there to pick him up from some of his harder times and is ultimately the person responsible for getting him onto a straight and narrow path with his life. As a result, he's willing to do whatever he can in order to keep her around. He will try and do so, whether that means having her back for each hunt, or being invested in taking as much hell from her as he needs to in order to get past the wall she's put up around herself.  (x1)  




Agnes is Jason's one and only biological child. Due to the fact that he had never wanted nor expected to have kids, he was absent for almost the entirety of her upbringing. Fast forward fifteen years, the two had clashed from the moment they had met as Agnes got her due revenge, the two fighting even up until present meetings. There is no telling whether the two are on good or bad terms, as it changes by the week. As of recent, the relationship between the two has improved with Agnes' time spent in holding at the Hunter Society's Headquarters. 



A seasoned killer and a trained thief- what better combination is there? There’s no telling how the two interact with having such little in common between them, or how Jason ever came to take a liking to the man. Either way, the two have gotten into their fair share of mischief, and have emptied several glasses at the bar on occasion. More or less from alcohol-induced talks, Cooper is a person Jason’s found himself opening up to, offering information Alice or Agnes wouldn’t get a hold of so easily. 




It was heavy rain that dragged the Catwoman into the theatre, and no matter the demon's attempts it seemed Kei couldn't force her back out. When Kyle stated her plans for the renovating decrepit building, Kei's own wishes be damned, it formed a bitter rivalry and territory dispute that he won't be giving up anytime soon. Still, just as irritable as he is about her stopping by on occasion, he harbors curiosity as to just who the woman is, and just what might make her 'tick'.





" Home is wherever you set your shit down.

      Doesn't mean much to me.  "

Once his primary residence in times of homelessness, later a common return point within the city. For those that may wander in, the interior is coated with a layer of dust. Some regions may be disturbed, should Kei be passing through between his hunts. The backstage corridor houses a row of doors down its hall where several remain locked due to his presence there. The parts that are occasionally maintained are surprisingly taken care of, despite the decrepit state of the theatre itself coupled with the man's destructive nature. The theatre also hosts a large population of stray cats that have come to stay. The numbers, as of current, stand somewhere in the thirties. The strays were dwelling in the building long before Kei's presence, and are likely to remain there far past his time should nothing disturb their sanctuary. He has taken care of their wellbeing to the best of his ability in the past, and still returns to do so, on occasion. The demon has always considered it as 'paying rent' to those that were there long before him. 

When not busy with hunts that take him just about everywhere, Kei can be found in locations about the city. He rents a single bedroom apartment on a month-to-month basis that serves as a home base and jumping point. Other locations include the Hunter Society Headquarters, stationed deep in the trees of Georgia where few are likely to wander on accident.




xxxxx - xxxxx - xxxxx - xxxx



Alrighty, so I'll say it here now so you can't get nearly as mad at me later.

An advisory warning: Kei is an offensive character. He is built to be an asshole. Expect violence, language, gore, and so on to be a possibility in writing. Also be aware that he has a habit of meeting people and then essentially 'tossing' them if they no longer seem beneficial. It's a built-in character flaw, he's workin' on it. Expect harsh words, blood, possible falling outs, and general abrasiveness from him if you choose to move forward in writing. With all that being said I give you full permission to kill Kei as long as it fits into the plot reasonably. *Shrugs.*

Also please know and be prepared for the fact that I inevitably tend to choose favorites on who I respond to first. Some plots are older than others. Some hold more gravity on the character than others. This comes less as a personal reason and more for the priority of keeping character development rolling.

Secondly, as the writer, I prefer long-term plots unless we plan otherwise. This means I'm looking far into the future, and anything that happens within plot has the possibility to affect Kei's overall story, and even tangle with other stories. Note that the Hunter Society is a concept created and owned by Alice D. O'Malley. Finally, I am a site Admin (as you may already know by now). Feel free to come to me with any questions you have regarding the site, coding, issues in the community, or if you just feel like bullshitting. I'm around. 


 FC: A heavily edited Diego Barrueco. 

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Can make pancakes without burning them

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  • ( Pssst.. If you're down, I'm totally down to write with this guy. )

  • Kyle could see Kei was not liking the idea of hers.. He showed his worry and concern toward the cats in the theater, for which she thought made him at least somewhat a respectable type person or thing. But his concern wasn't entirely on the cats, even though he was trying to make it look like it was. This was about territory. Territory that he claimed belong to the spirit's. But more importantly it was territory that belong to him. For which he made obviously clear, from the moment she arrived. And the fear that played upon Kei's facial expression. Kyle had already proved who was Alpha Cat here, by having all of his toys taken away from him.. She figured maybe she could try to explain what her plans were for all cats here. She wasn't about to put their lives in jeopardy. But she knew Kei wasn't going to be sold on it. Plus the spirit had yet to say anything on the thought, considering it was probably owner or main star of the building. As her eyes left Kei's and looked around for a moment expecting the Spirit to intervene in at any moment. But nothing happened, which gave Kyle the go ahead to continue.

    ~The Next Things That Occur, Happen Quick~ 

    But then all of sudden other cats in the theater started to act very edgy, and took off like a unwanted presence just arrived. And the smell of wet dog could be detected faintly.


    Kougar: "I assure you, I have something in mind that..."

    Kitt: Was still in the isle near to Kei, also Picked up what the other cats could.  "HHhSSSSssssss!!!" 

    Kougar: Stopped mid sentence, and looked to Kitt -as if- a quick exchange of words had taken place. And Kyle looked back to where Kei was sitting, but looked past him.. To where people would flow into the theater.. And saw one set of glowing eyes.. And resumed her sentence and turned her back to Kei, as she pulled the knife she had tucked into her thigh high boot leg, that belong to him.

    "That will protect the cats from stray [T r a m p s.]"

    And Flung the knive driving it into the theater on the right of Kei, just as this Thing started running down the isle toward the stage. Kyle lashed her Whip, making a Loud Cracking sound as a Warning like a Ring Master. She gave Kei his weapon back. But maybe it would be a mistake. She knew this creature wasn't going to play favorites, anyone was up for dying as it snarled viciously making its way closer by the second! Kyle would take her chances of arming Kei, rather than leaving him with few options to defend himself with. Power in numbers if he chooses.. Or it could very well get really ugly in a triangle faceoff!!


  • Alice had this in her head that she would never fail for the exact fact that she had other things that she needed to do. Things that she had to get done in life before she would let the claws of Hell drag her down or by some miracle Heaven take her. She wasn't a religious person. She knew that there were angels and she knew that there were demons, but did that really mean that the places that people painted out were actually real? Or just bits and pieces of it? So far she befriended demons more than angels. An angel stabbed her threw her bloody hand for fuck's sake. So far Demons had her brownie points.

    "Well, when I really was fallin' I felt shock. Shocked that I was gonna die because me arse was thrown from a window. Then, fer that split second there, acceptance. I was dyin' that was it. I wouldn't be able to save ya, er Nes. The hunt would be a fail. The Wendigo would pick off the rest of the town. Then I felt fight when Nes stalled me in the air an' I had that moment to fight. I did. An' here I am." Where else would she be if not? With Jorgan and her parents or trapped in that Asylum to live out even her death int he place that birthed her insanity?

    "Now yer jus' bein' stubborn." Alice accused him thickly. "What ya jus' said there is the textbook definition of any ol' basic bitch oot there. Am sure ya cannae find a likeness to me. I certainly don' have balloonin' tits now do I?" Alice shot crisply, adding a snort at the end of that for the hell of it. "Far as I knew I wasn't yer type." She was going through every stage of denial that she could possibly think of to make him see the truth of it. But he was coming back like an annoying rubber band and she didn't know how to really handle it besides snapping and seeing if he took the bait. But at this point he was used to it, wasn't he? Bugger.

    "Yeah, well I don' have ferever, Jason." Alice barked cruelly. She sat up just then too. Rolled off the bed and stood at the edge of it to stare at him with hardening features. "Am dyin' one day sooner er later. Be that in battle er old age. I'll be a blip in yer ferever. So find someone that ya cannae spend that with. She went to her closet and dug around in it for unknown reasons. "I lied when I said hidin' am buildin'. Brick after bloody brick, am buildin'. I don' need yer feckin' emotions, er words, er waitin'. I never did." She pulled out a small article of clothing right along with a towel and flip-flops. "So sod off before I change me mind aboot that dinner, aye? Go do yer bloody session with that dit already. Am goin' fer a dip." 

    He had time to get something small out before she was charging out the door, slamming it behind her, and leaving him to soak up the moment that had turned from zero to 100 in a second.

  • Sly wheezed out a nervous laugh. "Yeeeeeaaahhh, well. Ahem. You know how Nikki can get. My being human and all. Not to mention she gets all stiff when I mention you because you tried to kill me that one time. Or I always come home drunk or bruised up whenever we hang out. But you know." Sly's smile stretched across his teeth, he tried to make it genuine and not show his worry. "It'll be great. Fantastic. Perfect. We've got Ben here to help us after all."

    Bentley couldn't help but to smile at his friends worry about what his girlfriend might think of this. The poor guy. He was glad to have such a supportive wife. And now with their baby, they were settled out for them while they raised her.

    "Why, thank you." Ben seemed confused on if he wanted the praise or was nervous about it from the cat-man. It was then that Sly got Anna and the Nerd was working over his things on the computer and the scrolls.

    Bentley fixed his glasses and let the men take a long look at the screen. "I can find a building nearby to let you guys stake out the place, which, you'll want to do so that I can get some close intel too."

    Sly paused with Anna. "Wait, you aren't going, are you?"

    "What? No way. Penelope would kill me herself. There's such thing as face time and hacking, you both will just have to help me get in, that's it."

    "And how do we do that?"

    "Let's worry about that later, for now--" Anna had screamed her delight. Sly praised her loudness for such a little girl. "We'll have to be ready for it. There's no room for error." He didn't need to remind the man about what would happen if either of them died. Sly just wondered what the hell Javare's end goal was.

    There was a beep, then the slide of a door and Bentley stiffened. He quickly pulled back the computer and acted as though he were working.

    Sly looked over to greet the wife that was stalking up in her 5 foot nothing glory. Her bed head of strawberry blonde locks around her as she trotted up to all the men and her daughter with a suspicious look in her brown eyes. "Why did my daughter cry out?"

    "She got excited," Sly confessed. "Just happy."

    Her eyes went to Jason and her lips pursed. It was hard for someone so tiny to look angry. "Scared me half to death." She didn't know Jason, it made her worry. "You, who are you? What are you?" She started taking into account that any friend of Nikki's and Sly's was not human. And she wasn't fond of vampires at all.

  • As quickly as she went into the theater, she was gone. Whenever Jason had the opportunity to visit his bedroom in his theater, it was...cleaner. Something lay on his bed, a note.

    "Happy Father's Day, ya old punk."

    That spiky handwriting could be placed immediately. Beneath the note we're a pair of titanium knuckle dusters.

  • If she knew who he meant by hag it made her smile. She didn't like to think illy of Pam but sometimes the things that she did were just.... Ah, well, topic change.

    She grinned despite herself. She often did think of what would happen if she were turned. What would she be like as a vampire? She could accomplish so much, and being a hunter while she did it? She would be unstoppable. No more again, no more exhaustion, no stopping, no feelings, nothing. She would be free. With the HSHQ blood was easy to come by, so she would have no trouble staying out of the shit hole. Man, life would be good. But, as far as she was in being human, she enjoyed that a little too much. And she would like to experience, ahem, as a human too. If she ever thought to do it.

    "Its when ya go an' things never come back. Yer gone, they're gone, an' whatever is left after to judge ya is there to take ya, send ya off to where ya belong. Heaven, Taco Bell, Purgatory." Silently he wondered where she would go. Then even more, where Jorgan had gone. It wasn't really a loss, but she did miss him and was glad when she didn't get that from Jason too. It was so empty to hear from anyone. "Death would be the greatest adventure." She finally concluded, because who knew where you went after.

    Talking was fine, talking was a safe distance away from feelings. She could mask talking, she could say what she thought was best needed to be heard and they could go by and be safe about it. But more? And feelings, and touching, and things? Human want, passion, and emotion? She didn't know how to handle that let alone do it. She couldn't have people caring about her or she them. That's why they made good partners because if he died he would come back, she didn't need to worry about the fatality of it. She was safe from that torment because she couldn't do it again after her parents. And now she had to do it again with her sister one day. She couldn't be growing soft now.

    "Then ya talk." She stated coolly. Its fine that way. She scoffed just then and turned her head to look at him. "Am sure ya cannae find some firecrackin' Irish crazy chick oot there in Ireland. Perhaps even Scotland if yer lucky. She might even be a hunter too." Alice was trying to be reasonable, to be safe. Keep her feelings out of it and crush his own to keep him safe too. "Hidin'?" She prompted. "I've been hidin' fer twenty years of me life, ya really think you can break past that wall there, lad? You'd be tryin' fer a lifetime. I don' know if ya wanna be tryin' that ferever with me, lad. Save yer breath." And your feelings, and emotions and loss, and hurt, and from her in general.

  • Lucky for him or she would have filmed, taunted, and poked at him the entire time for it too. Just to add that last fuck you to him for the fact that he was still walking about all alive and shit. She might see just how much he could possibly take form it. Could he take anything? Or would he just die out from full exhaustion? She wondered just how much he could take actually, but she wasn't about to test it out; nor did she want to see that happen.

    "Lucky.." She snorted. "Warst that would have happened was that I be killed an' come back as a vamp. I don' think they would be stupid enough to turn me into one. Am bad enough as a human but as a vamp? That Wendigo would have needed to be scared of me. Not to mention the cold would have no effect. Win there." Alice having any sort of strength or power should be something that they all should fear to be honest. What kind of powerhouse would she be then? What would she accomplish in life?

    What if he had met him? When they went on the Trials would it have been the four of them then? Or would Jorgan be lending assistance? Would he give his praise or beat Jason into a full-on hunter? Training for the obstacle course and pushing him through hell? Alice would pay to see it. The father she never liked to admit having. Would he see that budding between her and Jason and go papa mode on them? Would she let him? Ah, she couldn't help but to smile. "He was a cool guy," Alice admitted. "It's hard knowin' he's gone." When she never got to say goodbye either.

    "Yer no virgin, am sure you cannae handle it." The cruel woman, but she thought him unstoppable. Sure, yes, he can die, but was there ever going to be a full end for him? That warning though, it did make her wonder if there was something she might be missing if he was saying that because he knows. Her train of thought was-a-ging, until it wasn't and she felt short-circuited because of stuff he was saying and emotions that he shouldn't be showing. She should stop it here; save them both the horror in the end.

    So when he went on she kept her eyes down, away from him and let the silence hold for as long as she felt she could. Or before he did something that he would regret. She could slip a mask on herself. Turn into that hard hunter that she used to be until emotions and belittling hearts got in the way. Maybe she should turn into a vampire, then she could shut off that humanity switch and never have to worry about it again. Her face flushed red when he seemed almost closer than he had been. In turning himself he broke that safe distance she'd had and her hand came and pulled into her body. She was quick to flop onto her own back, both hands secure, safe, and away on top of her stomach. "Worlds a big place." She retorted simply and without bite or care behind it. "Am sure you'll find another to shake yer core when am dead an' gone. Ya should do that now. Be safe aboot it an we cannae both go on killin' things like normal."

  • Alice barked a laugh. "Tough luck there, laddy, the broodmummy an' all her babies am sure were havin' their heartstrings tugged when they were eatin' ya up until the last blow." That was him officially blowing up. Alice would have stayed to watch but it was survival for the fittest and he would make it out fo there while she wouldn't. It was a great trade in her mind. And hey, hamburgers in the end. Extra cheese an' what not. "Comin'?" Alice asked even herself than shrugged. "Eh, perhaps. It was uh... I was.. I was twenty er so. The vamp was hostin' traffickin' fer girls. Personal blood banks. Pretty Edward lookin' vamps capturin' girls so I had to play the part. Got meself caught an' the vamp did stuff. At one point since hunters blood is gross to vamps he was snoggin' me an' I bit oot his tongue an' shoved a stake up his throat. Warked like a charm. So aye, ye had it comin' didn't mean I wanted to snog em, er puke out his blood after." That was the worst part, not even the other stuff.

    "If yer tryin' than its warkin'." Alice went on. "Jorgan taught me that. Taught me to be grateful fer things that came me way. Told me to stop an' look at the stars every once in a while, slow down an' just look. Ya can go yer whole life thinkin' ya know exactly where yer supposed to be exactly where ya are but there's always something that cannae stop ya, trip ya, an' make ya look up again and count yer breath. Ya will get by. Ya just have t' have the courage fer it." It wasn't all the time that she slowed down enough to give life advice. That was something only a hunter who had been through years of hell would know what to door say. It just came with the job and consoling.

    "Are ya givin' me permission to kill ya as many times as it takes? Ohhh, Jaaaay~, ya might be careful fer what yer sayin' boyo, I might just do it." She was still crazy, that kick never left her, only came in waves.

    She paused as she got comfortable, stared at him, arched one dark brow than chomped her teeth together, making that undeniable clacking noise. "I do." Bite what, he might not know, or maybe he did, it took the imagination to truly know that for sure. Maybe he was thinking that because that smile he had pulled on his lips concerned her. What the hell was he looking so jolly about? She stared, pressed her lips in a line than huffed herself. It was her bed, after all, he might want to watch out.

    How rude. Her mouth stopped moving yet hung on the finishing the sentence. She looked at him without emotion, her eyes looking between his own when he went on. She'd seen some demons get drunk. Hell, one snagged her first kiss because of it. Not cool. She had to ignore that bit of her life. Not many of her kisses had been genuine until as of current they had been, but she ignored that too. He said sorry about this already, she reminded herself. Why continue? Then, the spill. The one she'd been avoiding because she was no good with words, she was an action person, words made her uncomfortable. When you're going to kill someone kill them, don't stand there talking about it. 

    Her features hardened, and her head shadowed as she looked down at the quilt. She was out of words for the moment. A minute ticked by until she said. "A hunters life is an undeniable death. Maybe today, maybe years from now. One day I'll die." She was hiding behind the quote that protected her feelings for such a long time. It kept her emotionless and safe. "Am a human, yer a demon. You'll live, I die. That's no' fair to yerself to want to do it, because one day it'll be gone."

  • They're





  • "Last I checked ya weren't a vamp, so ya don' have to be worryin' aboot that, do ya? I only stuffed a grenade in her eye socket, an' it was fer the greater good." Alice mused, ignored the distress that he was in over it. She knew ways to make men cringe and it would forever amuse her that she could get him to too. And just to rub salt on the wound a bit more, "hey, it's no' like I was bitin' off dicks er anythin' calm down. Ya are special." Not that she would even let one near her mouth, and if there was one, you could bet that she was going to bite it off, she had a zero tolerance for that as one might expect.

    She knew how sensitive topics that concerned parents could be. Alice didn't like to speak about her own for the sake that it brought upon horrible memories. The good childhood ones that seemed like a blur and she could only really remember two years of them, then the night she fell upon her eaten mother and her torn up father. The cloaks, her sister being torn from her arms and soon the blame. Her history was a spill of blood on a white bed. You could put sheets over it but the stain would forever be there, deep inside.

    "Then make em." Alice retorted stiffly. "Anyone cannae go there whole lie wonderin' why they ain't happy, er what they could possibly do to make it better fer 'emselves when that lies with ya. Yer parents sucked, they ain't a lie aboot that, but if ya had a chance to make yerself happy, take it. Make the plunge. Don' be scared one day to just go fer it, ya gotta be brave. Ya cannae act like ya knoo' everythin', an' maybe ya do. Maybe yer dad is somewhere in a ditch cursin' that he ever had ya. Er, maybe that day ya ran away he realized what he lost. Almost like ya did to me." She stared at him, letting him take that in and understand. Maybe he is sorry, er maybe not. It'll always be yer choice to try er not, that's all am sayin'; but I'll stop now, an' you too.." She left it there, dropped it in full He could have his choices, and she would respect them no matter what they were.

    "Are ya satisfied in what yer doin' the? I feel like yer just stirin' the pot there, Jay." Maybe deep down in there she wanted to. Perhaps, even take that pung she was just tlaking about. That would just be ludicrous though. Who wants that kind of torture and companionship? It was the exact opposite of what she was going for as a hunter. C'mon, O'Malley. Get your head in the game.

    She felt his chest rumble under her hand. She looked down, and released his shirt only to splay her fingers across his chest. She herself laid back to the bed again. Restin on her elbow with her hand under her head again. She was a bit closer now, seeing as where her hand was. A little higher than his shoulder yet still able to look down on him. "Ya say that,  but most run when others are in bent shape." Just like the foster families always did to her in the long run. But he wasn't them, neither was the entire world, she couldn't treat him like that forever.

    "Poutin' aboot it? Why would I? I knoo' I was hot as hell, I aspire to be. Am the best damn thing walkin' when I know I am. But, there is the matter that ya were also drunk. An' there was mistletoe. Two other things to prompt ya to do it. The other two were also prompted by cause. I did the one to make a point to yer bloody daughter an' Nes. The last one was because we lived through most odds were against it. There was always a reason. No emotional push besides maybe the last one."

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