Keiji Inugami -  Akuma no ryōken- Heruhaundo



Species: Human?


Relationship Status: Single

Romantic Interest: Pansexual

Alignment: Good/ Chaotic

Location: Hokaido

Former Home: New Jersey


Employment: Otaku Zaibatzu



Keiji has lived with his father ever since his mother passed away, he had been through many troubles that had led him being isolated from the world. His mother passed away from natural causes, but that didn't stop Keiji from feeling like it was his fault. One day in high school he went up to the roof side to have alone time taking his shoes off and putting his glasses aside. To him, he had no meaning in life, so he jumped...but death wouldn't take him. The next day he would be in his own room laying in bed wondering how he got there. After that he decided to take in a new light and decided to change. He would start to open up to people he didn't know and try to get along with them and their differences. He went to college and got himself a job working as a clerk for a manga store. 

When he is free he usually goes to a mall to observe new electronics and foods. He admires devices like phones, tvs and cameras. The college that he is applied to involves electronics and technology. You could probably say that Keiji is a total geek. At the mention of electronics he would go in a full sprint and explain how it operates and what you should get. He has a one track mind but also a kind soul.



Things were going well for Keiji, or so it seemed, you see there is so much he could take, the thoughts of returning to that dark part in his memories of trying to remember what happened that day in high school makes him go in a deep state of sleep letting 'Keido' out of his cage. Keido is Keiji's dark personality that influences him into doing menacing things, to destroying property, hurting people or worse. When Keido is done Keiji has no recollection of what happens and becomes in a heat of panic standing in the center of his work. He would believe that someone has killed them or they died from natural causes and call the cops. No one has caught him in the act for Keido makes sure that he cleans up his 'mess' when he is finished.


Keiji is kind, considerate, and gullible at times while keeping a smile on his face. When he is in college he mostly acts sophisticated and forgets about his surroundings. He is shy around others; mostly around girls. He keeps some people that he feels suspicious away from him in any chance he can get. He doesn't want to get too close fearing that one day he might lose them or get pushed aside.


Height- 5'8"

Eye color: Brown (left eye)  green/brown (right eye)

Weight: 140

Hair Color: Black

Face Claim: Xiah Junsu







The Mask of the Killer




Kenshi- The sword that the Akuma no Ryoken's favorite blade when ever he goes out and kills. He sees it as pleasure to cut down those who he finds guilty.


Twin Blades- Hand crafted, used whenever he goes to kill multiple people, made sure to cut through bone and flesh. even able to cut through metal.


Shuriken- custom made to always land its mark with a sensor that will turn around if necessary to hit from behind.


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Character Likes

Cats, dogs, anime, making friends, college, working as a store clerk,

Character Dislikes

Situations that seem stressful, when there isn't anything in the fridge (The horror!!!)

Character Inventory

Keiji- Books, pencils, pens, a bookbag Keido- Knifes, shuriken, kunais, a pistol

Character Abilites

Split-personality acrobatics keen-intellect

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Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, Anime, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action

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  • ||Sure. ^^ Do you have an idea on how they may meet?||

  • ||Hello, thank you for the add.||

  • "You kill the corrupt? Why is that exactly? Do you consider yourself superior?"

    She scoffed finding the situation ridiculous. A kid in a wolf mask had shown up at her castle with no recollection of how he got there. She would have attacked the fool earlier if her curiosity had not gotten the best of her. The mentioning of the name Mephisto caught her attention. When the two met she instructed him to return with a creature capable of traveling to a realm in order to retrieve what she wanted.

    "You have a multiple personality disorder?"

  • Keiji had to understand. Little was known of others coming here and chronicling events old and present on any form of document. Referred to as legends. So he has to also understand that knowledge on other worlds about Kobalt is a bit suspicious, no matter who lets any native know about this, let alone the king himself. Even if Keiji felt threatened, there had to be some mutual understanding here, surely the human could measure the severity of it all.

    Nothing is done when Keiji begins to back away. Where would he go, when he understand now how dangerous it is to even go back up. His best bet was to find his way back home by trying to communicate with the basilisk. No matter how difficult it proved. Maybe, just maybe, Keiji might find that same piece of mind that brought him here and take him right back. Easier said than done, surely. Whatever it is that happened to the human, something had, had to triggered it.

    It seems that not even the human knows about his otherself. But neither do the basilisks. Seiveril had yet to delve into the human's mind. He could, but there are reasons why he doesn't just yet. Seiveril holds up a hand as Keiji is talking. "Legends. No one knows of this world, I've never spoken to it to mere humans such as yourself. How could a 'nerd' even have read about it? Unless you've had someone who can come and go as they please and spy on my kin, then we will have a problem. For you see, the only one who has left Kobalt is I. No one else, take it as a place of absolute secrecy."

    Seiveril waves a hand absently when Keiji goes off talking again. "If there is dead bodies to be had, then know this, there is none anymore. Anything smelling of blood, and you smell of plenty and not just your own, you are quickly picked off by predators. So no, going up there would be bad for you, but you pondered how to get back. I gave a possible solution that perhaps whatever brought you here would take you back. Simply that. If you will not take it, then so be it. It is a choice you have to make." To the inquiry about Wi-Fi, there's a shake of the head.

    It is Aoba who slithers up, an arm stretched across Seiveril. Telling him she would deal with this. Seems that he was doing little good with the situation. "We are Basilisk, as you now know." She turns her head slightly, an eye to Seiveril behind her. "He our king, Seiveril. Diety of the Basilisks you see around you. We are what make the seventh underworld, and now command eighth, nineth as well the tenth and eleventh. We have a hold on a few others, but that doesn't concern this conversation. As for I, I am consort to the crown. Aoba, the king's sister. The voice to the throne when needed." She was after all of royal blood. If she hadn't, then the basilisks would have sought for her head.

    "We don't know how you got here, nor do we know how to send you back. Once we investigate the situation, please, stay." She added as she peered to Seiveril. He snickered at her with a rather humble expression, defeated if anyone could possibly read that upon his given expression. Dark tresses serve to hide this truth. But as the air lifts he turns to his subjects, "Our guest. Whom you will respect unless other otherwise, declared an enemy." Seiveril declares as he then peeks to Keiji. His expression clearly saying, give me a reason to.

  • With a thick sound Seiveril lands the thickness of his tail close to Keiji's feet. Mind you, he wasn't trying to startle him. Seiveril was throwing his weight forward so to close the distance. Speaking close to Keiji's ear as he assured the human. "I'm not saying you are to blame for your faults, those of which you are in control of." In a fluid motion the basilisk draw back. Sweeping a gaze upon his subjects. Their eyes reflect something, though not literally, something dark nonetheless. "None here can tell you why you are what you are and why you do this. We are all but curious, nothing more. Though it would seem you cannot provide the answers that we seek." His voice growing distant the further he moved away from Keiji.

    Rearing his face to Keiji's, their noses a mere inch from touching. Black eyes staring into the human's. Seiveril's third eye remaining shut, but he grazed fingers across it and that eye stirs. "Kill, not so much, unless I want it to. But it will forever preserve you from where you or anyone else can be fed upon till there is nothing left but stone. Your innards turned to soup, able to nurture us for months. Until the next prey lands in our lair. Just as you have. But don't worry, this doesn't mean you are here as our meal. You've asked and I've given you one of many answers." His gaze wanders down at his own person, upon the many bloodied scars.

    Directing his gaze up to Keiji's. Seiveril cants his head to the left. "Force this blood onto you? I don't take anyone by force and have them take this blood. Where is the fun in that? It is for the unsuspecting my boy. Nothing more. Many have wanted to lay a hand upon this basilisk you gaze upon. And this blood here is to serve me as protection!" With that said Seiveril threw his hands up. And uproar from his kin. They knew the tale of his forsaken blood. One he used without discretion and does so within his right. There wasn't a single soul that didn't deserve to get what he/she had coming to them.

    His blood nor his third eye were the only weapons the basilisk has. There were a long list of things he doesn't list openly. Directing his attention back the corners of Seiveril's lips curl faintly. "Is that all you think you can assume? Or is there more you can offer us? This wouldn't be the first time someone comes crawling here thinking they know all." And Seiveril has learned to up his defenses each time. His last time greater than none. From the third to the sixth underworlds have already fallen to Seiveril, gaining much more reign over Kobalt, as well as its power. Though he dares to reveal nothing.

    He was known as the coveting basilisk, more than some. "Friend or foe, I don't think you need to be asking much else, or learn more than you have to. Other than your well being is at risk the longer you stay here. It is to everyone's suggestion that you slink back up the hole you crawled out of, lay back down where you rose from and pray that whatever brought you here, take you back." His words fell like a haunting song. Each falling at the correct moment, swaying and alluring at the same time, but never with intention. Take it as any would, at your own will.

  • Dainty hands lift from the shoulders they rested upon, as the figure itself rose. With a deep breath, a voice resounded the chamber they currently occupied. "You are in the seventh underground within the world of Kobalt." A chant soon follows the declaration of his whereabouts by the soldiers around them. Scythes clashing against their shields. Echoing chants following the firsts by a secondary group, though these are hooded. The audience guarded in the back, the citizens of the seventh underworld, they stayed silent. Save for the occasional whisper from them.

    As the sounds died down did Seiveril speak again. "One such as yourself could not have possibly found their way here when you yourself confirm you were asleep. That is, if you've made it a habit of traveling to different worlds in your sleep." Seiveril cants his head, curiously. What manner of human had stumbled upon this world. Kobalt offers nothing here for a mere human, one whom would have fallen ill to the atmosphere itself. Poisonous as it is, though at a low dose, it would take a few days before feeling the gravity of the symptoms that would over take the individual. 

    Then there is the matters of the wildlife. Not many survive the cruel mistress that is Kobalt. You'd have to be one special little someone to be able to stay on your feet here. Yet, here this human was, walking about as if nothing in the world mattered. Which is why, everyone here was gazing upon him with such curiosity. At guard the royal guard were and the circle of cultists were. Together they form a barrier and together inpenetrable they are. Not even the sword of the gods would pierce their defense. As one, within this chamber and by the presence of the royal blood, they are eternal. 

    Aoba, the albino female chuckles to herself. A hand to Seiveril's arm. She was looking to him with a question obvious upon those frail features. Seiveril turns for a moment to her and voices his reply to her silent question. "A mythological creature known to have existed in early times upon Earth. Mainly a female, adorned with serpents upon her head. Her gaze could petrify any that looked her in the eyes." It would seem he was well educated on such trivial things, meaning, the one speaking had possibly traveled or had a traveller speak of these stories. But as Aoba absorbed the tale Seiveril soon said something else, "The Gorgon as they call it, was a creature that did exist. Defeated unfortunately. And it seems that our appearances has led him to believe we are of some relation to them." 

    Attention now on Keiji, "Isn't this right?" There was no answer in regard to Keiji's inquiry on his possible way home. "We are the children of the god king basilisk Raireil." He sounds proud and all lift their chins. Utter silence soon fills the chamber. The guard knock the butts of their scythes upon the ground, slicing through the silence. 

  • It was a mystery how the baffled human was able to fit through the burrows made by the young basilisks. Reaching the more bigger ones allowed a bit more leg room. Considering how steep they are, would prove a bit difficult and more energy to be spent simply trying to get around them. Keen on paying this much attention, finding the recently used passages that the young ones had just used prior to their discovery. These very lines that Keiji was following, would soon or eventually bring him out towards the farthest part of the homes. The structures are rather strange, spires that reach up into the dark infinite above. Pathways as narrow as the native's bodies.

    Keiji wouldn't know this until he truly saw these so called natives. Above the largest of the structures and the more intricate looking was like a beacon amongst the rest. There's an indigo glow about it. From afar, glow globes, but from close-up they are oversized mushrooms. At least that's what they look like. It is obvious that someone leaves here. How many? That's tricky. There is a narrow pathway through the black water that surrounds the center building. No one guards the large ajar doors. Before there would be two large basilisks clad in leather armor. In their hands, things that resemble a scythe.

    One would think, seventh underworld, even by the name, would be a place difficult to get to. One would have to step through some portal or gateway to land here. That's not how Kobalt works. Say if Keiji took the wrong path, he'd be landing himself upon some other underworld. Mistaken as one of the intruding basilisks, captured or killed on the spot. To later be discussed for his strange appearance. Being that he was being smarter than others he is able to find his way no problem. To which brings things to this point in time. Keiji as curious as he seems to be, finds his way inside and right to where he will start hearing the many hissing whispers.

    But it's an albino being that almost resembles a human being, were it not for what trails behind her. A tail. With a crook finger she beacons with a smile. She slithers in the direction he's meant for and hurries. Not really expecting Keiji to keep up with her pace. She is gone, but the path isn't broken or difficult. Soon enough if he's broken into a sprint or kept walking. He would find himself within large chamber. All around, hugging the walls are the natives. And there are so many of them, their ... tails seemed to overlap those around. No one would be able to see the floor. Or walk it. So there was only one path for Keiji this time and it would lead to the center. Skirting the others in the center looked like important figures. But they were just guarding what sat in the center.

    Curled upon the mass of his own tail was a figure that stood out most. Riddled with scars that seemed almost painful, yet fresh by the visible blood that stained each one. Pitch black eyes that possessed no whites. No one did. Nearby that lone figure was the same albino from before. Her small hands rest then upon Seiveril's shoulders as she leans in to whisper something in his ear. There's hardly a reaction from him as he keeps his sights on Keiji. The room is alive, whispers of all sorts and all eyes upon the male.

  • Twilight

    A world that rarely sees the sun, days are short and nights are long. With the multi-colored mists standing in place of where there should be clouds, fill the skies tonight. Same deadly shrieks, yells and howling horrors that are known to fill the air, are there tonight as well. Things from the beyond were lurking, but so were the slithering natives of the seventh underworld. With Keiji's sudden arrival, startle the young basilisks from their evening catch. With dark colored eyes and a straight spine, waist up, their tails curled and ready for use. They spy the stranger, hissing under their breaths. A stranger, they tell themselves and he has friends.

    Leaving their catch, they make their ways quickly towards the dip in front of the large black rock. Using both arms and tail to scale down the steep drop. It is no secret for this passage, all knew where these types of holes led to, and who used them for quick travel. At times they were filled in to keep the monsters from emerging. But new ones would soon appear, there was no keeping them down in the depths. Much larger ones were created by the adults of the seventh underworld. These very ones were done by the younger ones.

    Being a stranger, Keiji would not get any help. Even if he didn't need it. His presence would be quickly reported. For the basilisks would not be stopped. For past that small entrance, were miles of tunnels that web out almost infinitely. They were king when it came to these tunnels. Anything else that hoped to gain a meal down here, would wind up on the dinner table themselves, rather than the basilisk. The three young basilisks quickly reach the royal sanctum.

    Escorted to the inner belly of the royal sanctum they are presented to their current ruler, Seiveril. Who, gazes upon them wth a risen brow. Rising from his seat, standing tall as he would any other time. Approaching the three he then asks what was wrong, they seemed startled. Speaking quickly and almost recklessly, they mention the arrival of intruders, strangers of the likes they have never seen. When told to describe the strangers, and they do, Seiveril knows what strangers these individuals are. "Humans." Was the word the slips his lips.

  • "Excuse me?" English. Like that'll work, almost anyone who's heard of him would know his voice.. His accent is almost nonexistant, he's been working on that for a very, very long time. He eyes this kid before abruptly rolling his head back and cackling hard into a laugh, almost as if the question was so funny he can't help himself. He eventually breaks off into a high pitched snort, before his face immediately falls into a frown.

    "No. Buzz off, you're gonna ruin the show," show? Another snort, before he looks back to the crowd. "I'd say it's 'out time they got all them Yakuza off the streets. Just sucks they gotta do it by killin' eachother. Heh."

    Another fit of laughter, something more or less forced.

    "You should't ask people ashit like ya know who they gonna be, ya know? Bad taste..."

  • Goro Majima is unimpressed. He always has been with anyone and everyone who isn't Kazuma Kiryu. There's just SOMETHING about The Dragon that facinates him, and the fact that Kiryu is handsome is just an added bonus. But he's moved on. And so has Majima, who has settled into the role of "house husband" with little fanfare. The trade of flamboyant mania for something a bit less out there has been an odd transition, and it means that he can curb his tendencies easier and keep to himself. 

    In fact, most people don't recognize him anymore. And that has to make him relax just a bit.

    But even as the news scrolls by, he can't help but wonder if anything with a recent string of murders has to do with him. Sure, they're people he knows, but not anyone he certainally cares about now. Not when he has more important things to worry about.

    Is that why his curiousity brought him out to the crime scene?

    Maybe that's just all it is.


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