Martin Li -  Mister Negative 



Species: Super-human


Relationship Status: Single

Romantic Interest: Pansexual

Alignment: Crime Lord of the Demons

Location: New York



Employment: F.E.A.S.T, Demons, White Dragons of China Town




Not much is known about Martin Lee or if it is truely his name, but most know him as a the founder of F.E.A.S.T helping out the homeless with the help of May Parker. He made a name for himself by giving a place to stay to those who had no where to go. He met May Parker on a strange coincidence, she was there for him when he needed her most and for that he was truly greatful. He was married once, but his wife  passed away from a strange events.  But that was what most have known about his past.

Soon it was learned that he was a crime lord that has been lurking around while the Kingpin was in charge. It was a shock to every when the big secret was revealed. It all started when the Demons; a crime organization marked as a terrorist group came to New York.  They have caused many damages to the great- active crime city. Later on it was revealed that Martin Lee was the leader of the Demons and was marked as priority target from Osborn's military ops known as Sable. Not only that but the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man was on his tail as well.




How it all started

Martin Li was an illegal immagrant that was shipped to New York by Oscorp. He was tested on, drugged and used like a personal guniea pig. It had been months  that he finally escapped using the powers that he has gotten from all the experiments. From that day on he vowed to make Norman Osborn pay for what he has done.






When he is normal he is a kind soul who tries to help out as much as he could. He would seem easy to talk to, someone to trust. He would also be loyal to those he deems as someone to care about. But when he is Mr.Negative he is anger incarnate , reasoning will not reach him and his emotions are expanded ten folds. Those who dare to stand with him will regret it in the end.


Height- 5'8"

Eye color: Brown (left eye)  green/brown (right eye)

Weight: 140

Hair Color: Black

Face Claim: Lee Byung hun






As a result of his exposure to the drug D-Lite, Mister Negative can generate and control the Darkforce & Lightforce, manifesting it as the photographic negative of black or white electrical energy. He uses this unique form of Darkforce for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to:

Limited Shapeshifting: He uses this energy to change from Martin Li into Mister Negative. His Mr. Negative persona possesses an undefined level of superhuman physical characteristics, likely due to the Darkforce & Lightforce energy. Mr. Negative displayed superhuman strength, sending Spider-Man flying through two buildings with a single blow.[20] Mr. Negative also demonstrated superhuman reflexes during his battle with the Hood, dodging bullets or cutting them in half with his sword.

Object Empowerment: Mr. Negative's touch can imbue objects (most often his dagger and other blades) with Darkforce, making them stronger and more durable. An empowered object takes on the appearance of a photographic negative and glows with energy.

Person Empowerment/Healing Touch: Mr. Negative's touch can imbue people with energy for various effects. Martin Li's touch has healing properties: he cured Eddie Brock's cancer and a subsequent touch charged the remnants of the Venom symbiote in Brock's body with the power to bond with Brock's leukocytes and create another symbiote, a hero named Anti-Venom. (Since Martin Li's healing touch was the source of creating Anti-Venom's suit, Mister Negative's touch can reverse that ability which disables Anti-Venom's healing powers until Anti-Venom is free from Mister Negative's energy.) Aside from Brock, homeless people who've stayed at Martin Li's shelter have rapidly recovered from any illnesses or injuries they suffered from. It is possible that healing touch is Martin Li's opposite of Mr. Negative's corrupting touch.

Person Empowerment/Corrupting Touch: Mr. Negative's touch has brainwashing and corrupting properties: his touch can change people's personalities and temperaments and make them serve his interests. A corrupted person's clothes change in appearance to photographic negatives, and all who are corrupted praise their new master with proclamations like "Mr. Negative was never born, so he is ever living," or "He is attached to nothing, thus he is one with all." Negative's touch inverts the morals and personalities of his victims; further his corruption is more effective the more good the affected person was prior to conversion: White Dragon, a villain himself, gained vastly increased stamina and endurance, but was still easily dispatched. (Interestingly, his clothes reverted to normal once he was killed.) Conversely, Spider-Man, a hero in every respect, was corrupted into a spiteful and angry villain, despising every value he held dear (even his Uncle Ben's memory) and was no longer above killing. However, individuals can reverse the corruption when confronted with intense emotional turmoil. Spider-Man is able to break the hold his dark side has over him when he is on the verge of killing Betty Brant, as he remembers the love he once had for her upon getting close. Aunt May  after seeing Peter clearly suffering mentally feels guilty and undergoes an intense mind battle, breaking the corruption.

Mr. Negative's corrupting touch was ineffective against the Hood; Mr. Negative stated that this was because the Hood's soul belongs to a being  even darker than he is.

  • Inner Demons: Mr. Negative is often accompanied by several henchmen, known as his Inner Demons, wearing normal black-and-white business suits with Demon-style masks. They use high-tech electrified versions of swords, knuckles and various other oriental weaponry such as the gun staffs and Nunchaku. Mr. Negative has empowered them to be effectively immortal and possess enhanced strength, reflexes, and agility. They are able to regenerate from even the most lethal wounds within a matter of seconds; immediately recovering from impalement, gunshots to the head, and even getting torn apart or decapitated. It has been implied that the Inner Demons can be killed under the right circumstances: At one point, Anti-Venom claims to have killed some of them, possibly by suffocation, which he later notes to be an effective tactic against them. Mr. Negative also orders the murder of two Inner Demons who have failed him.


Ability to swap between a monochromatic and regular appearance. Mister Negative appears to be a proficient hand-to-hand fighter, having the reflex to dodge bullets from the Hood and throw his dagger with pinpoint accuracy.


In his negative state , Mr. Negative has shown level superhuman strength, demonstrated by his ability to easily lift large chunks of debris and send Spider-Man flying through small buildings with a thrust of his palm.







Demons- An organization terrorist group that serves him well when it comes to realizing his teachings.  




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  • Cold, heinous laughter filled the spacious and wondrous halls of Mount Olympus, causing many in residence to suddenly stop what they are doing and all jerk fearfully as they all turn as one to look in direction of the least known part of Olympus; the dungeons. Zeus thd mighty King of the Gods did something he never did, he paled as he sat on his magnificent black marble throne that was inlaid with gold, knowing first before everyone what that laughter entailed. The only occupant of the hidden dungeons was now somehow released, his third war child - his daughter Enyo, the most feared and destructive of all of his War children..

    Sentenced to be imprisoned by his own word after her impartiality between his war with Typhon, which nearly caused the Olympians to nearly lose their seats and perhaps ultimately... Their lives? Or at least in such away though they were immortal, they would no longer be the strong and powerful Gods they were, all because of Enyo's love of bloodshed who kept the war going on and on and on and on..

    Soft, light footsteps made their way from the depths of Olympus to the Main Hall where the Gods sat in a semi-circle around Zeus and Hera in the middle, watching they all turned as one to watch as those haunting footsteps came closer and closer and closer to the Hall, until she appeared in the doorway, standing with a smirk upon those cruel lips, wild chardonnay curls tumbled around her armor clad shoulders holding a pair of her favored daggers threateningly behind her back.

    Two rose from the circle around Zeus and Hera, both walking over to Enyo with smiles of greeting - her favorites; Ares and Eris. Upon seeing them Enyo's cruel smirk relaxed into a rarely seen smile, using her powers to make her daggers vanish the War Goddess steps the remaining way to her brother and sister and gives a brief hug to each. "My brother, my sister.. A pleasure!"

    Happily she smiled to them before searching about the Hall for her two other favorites; Hephaestus and Persephone, yet not finding them present, shaking her head disappointed Enyo lifted her cerulean steel hues to Zeus and narrowed her eyes even as she smirks. "Hello Father.... Tell me, have you missed me?"

    Before the King of the Gods could answer Enyo leaves the Hall, Ares and Eris following her out to the balcony that wrapped around the main Palace that served as one of the places the Olympians could watch the mortals below. Leaning her weight against the concrete railing she looks below summoning her powers to have the clouds replay mortal history that she had missed, lifting her head interested at mortal world, New York in particular. Waving her hand to have the clouds disperse she looks to her brother and sister and grins. "Seems I had missed so much... I suppose the mortals have forgotten us....."

    She trails off as a cruel grin forms giving threatening flashes of her pearly white teeth as she turns once again to look below at the mortal realm below them, her new plans only to be partially halted by Ares as he speaks finally. "Enyo... what are you thinking of my sister? I have plans.."

    Turning Enyo faces Ares and frowns to him, shaking her head with a sigh she pouts "Oh come now brother, I am free... And what has happened?  You keep your plans my brother, you know I prefer shedding the blood and the screams of the dying..  Do you think those pathetic mortals in this New York believe they are safe now?"

    Turning once again to the balcony she waves her hand to have the clouds focus on the rebuilding New York, and positioning herself to stand sideways to glance to her siblings and also to the scenes being shown on the clouds, she smirks.

    "You know, brother... She does have a point, keep planning but let her have some fun, I also may join in at some point as well." Finally Eris spoke up as she also leans against the balcony to watch, then looking too Ares.


    "Go Enyo.. Nothing too crazy, you are right of course.. Have your fun, soon we will remind the mortals about us.. Start in New York.."

    "It will be fun, they think they know war... I will show them War! Come join me, it will almost be like old times.."

    One last hug to each of her two favorites present Enyo once again turns toward the balcony, then in a swift movement she leaps over it to fall through the clouds below, being transported to where she wished, to the mortal place called New York... It was dark when she arrived, the streets packed as always despite the hour, the War Goddess going unseen as she so wishes to be, a mere thought having her armor changing to clothing to resemble a mortals attire; black leather pants, a black tank top with a leather jacket over top, with high stiletto heels, and a golden necklace to complete her chosen attire.

    Once her clothing has changed Enyo allows herself to be seen by the mortals around her, not quite blending with the crowd but close enough, that at least she won't be out right spotted. Her first walk through she would explore New York, and then make her plans from there... War was coming once again to New York, and it was coming in a bloodier and much more dangerous wave...

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  • Another day would pass and Tessa would wake from more sinister dreams as she would get out of bed and scramble for her notes now, flipping through pages and just instinctively taking a knife and drawing bits of her blood from her finger tips to draw protective sigils about the doorways and windows of her room so far, pulling her chair around now and going through everything in a frenzy of panic. 

    Next, she would do the same for the doorway of Deirdre's bedroom and dared not wake her sleeping mentor now as she gripped her silver and emerald dragon ring tightly to her as she silently dashed to each window sil and using the same sigil now. From the living room, to the kitchen and office, Tessa made sure every doorway and window area was covered so that nothing could get in or at least not as quickly if they dare tried. 

    Deirdre would hear Tessa stumbling around and look at the time on her clock seeing 3:23 AM and raising a brow as she silently snuck out of the room and watched Tessa and seemed rather surprised Tessa did not notice the sorceress standing at her doorway while the young apprentice would use her ring as a light and froze now feeling someone watching her. The brunette slowly turned now to where Deirdre stood and was met with pale green eyes flickering with curiosity now. The ring's light would show a small injury around Tessa's right eye as she had fallen from her chair aind hit herself on the way down to the floor and the girl knew that's what most likely prompted her teacher to be awake with her now.

    "Hey... Teach..." Tessa gulped now and tried to give her best smile she could despite it seeming more awkward and frightened in nature now, "Sorry for waking you... Just uh... midnight walks... That's all." "Midnight walks all throughout the house with your chair from your room and your notes? Along with a small smell of blood and an injury?" Deirdre questioned softly as the sorceress snapped her fingers and brought light back to the house now to see the different sigils drawn. "Tessa... I know you are paranoid but please do not try and jump onto this sigil bandwagon again. If you are that paranoid, you could even crash in my room for the night where I know nothing will get in if it is super serious." 

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  • *When they took Drake into the isolation room, they set him up in iron chains. Then placed him inside a cryonic chamber like coffin. Changing the temp to negetive seven, to freeze Drake completely. The young viral man had closed his eyes, once his entire body had became completely frozen inside. The guards started to haul him out of the building and into the helliport, they all had waited for OSCORP chopper to get here.*

    *Upon hearing the sounds from outside the cryo chamber, of people talking. And then a helicoter blades thundering towards the port trying to land. Drake started to speak within his very mind, from inside the building and below the Infected cells. The monsters overheard his whispers from their own mind, and started to thrash about breaking the barriers that held them.*

    Guard 1: "Good to see you gentlemen," *The guard greets two buisness like men, who climbed out of the helicopter. They both studied the coffin in awe, looking through the small window showing Drake's face inside. Not to far from the Murfield building another chopped unrecognized by anyone, was sitting there. Mr. Negetive was waiting for the right time to strike. But as soon as the guard's had took the men inside the building, all hell broke loose. More then seventeen huge monster like hunter infected. Burst out of the huge doors and started to slaughter the entire military and security guards with their sharp teeth and claws.*

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  • Deirdre and Tessa would be retrieving groceries for the month and would do their best to get back to the sanctaury Deirdre had before the rain would begin. The weather station had reported a nasty storm heading their way and although it would not cause much damage, it could potentially flood different roads like the one Deirdre was on with her nice little white fenced abode. Tessa would be rather nervous herself as her heart beat like a wardrum daring the nervous energies to wage war. Something was coming, but Tessa herself felt that it wasn't exactly the storm coming and while Deirdre did not notice, Tessa could.

    This prompted the young apprentice to continue nudging Deirdre home as quickly as possible and hold onto her dragon ring tighter on her finger. Something told her to try and put up as much protection as possible and yet no matter how much she tried, it felt like it was only a matter of time now before trouble would show up to their door. 

    Deirdre wanted to ask, but she did not seem sure as to how until they would get home as the older sorceress spoke, "Tessa you don't need to worry about this storm. This isn't like a hurricane from Florida." She would try and do her best to reassure her young student as she figured her anxiety came from the storm that was coming as Tessa would quickly begin putting groceries away and frantically speak to try and push her fears out of her mind, "No no no it isn't the storm okay?? Something just tells me we just need to run and get away from here and fast." The dark-haired woman raised a brow and studied Tessa for a moment, "Is that so? Was this from another one of your dreams? Or something different?" "It wasn't a dream or anything, it's just this feeling of panic and the feeling like we're about to be in a world of hurt. I don't even know how well I'll do right now..." 

    "Whatever it is, I'm here with you and I'm not going to let anything go wrong." Deirdre tried to reassure Tessa now who simply glared at Deirdre, "You can't promise that. Don't you dare try because you don't know what's coming. I don't even know what's coming."


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