Keiji Inugami -  Akuma no ryōken- Heruhaundo



Species: Human?


Relationship Status: Single

Romantic Interest: Pansexual

Alignment: Good/ Chaotic

Location: Hokaido

Former Home: New Jersey


Employment: Otaku Zaibatzu



Keiji has lived with his father ever since his mother passed away, he had been through many troubles that had led him being isolated from the world. His mother passed away from natural causes, but that didn't stop Keiji from feeling like it was his fault. One day in high school he went up to the roof side to have alone time taking his shoes off and putting his glasses aside. To him, he had no meaning in life, so he jumped...but death wouldn't take him. The next day he would be in his own room laying in bed wondering how he got there. After that he decided to take in a new light and decided to change. He would start to open up to people he didn't know and try to get along with them and their differences. He went to college and got himself a job working as a clerk for a manga store. 

When he is free he usually goes to a mall to observe new electronics and foods. He admires devices like phones, tvs and cameras. The college that he is applied to involves electronics and technology. You could probably say that Keiji is a total geek. At the mention of electronics he would go in a full sprint and explain how it operates and what you should get. He has a one track mind but also a kind soul.



Things were going well for Keiji, or so it seemed, you see there is so much he could take, the thoughts of returning to that dark part in his memories of trying to remember what happened that day in high school makes him go in a deep state of sleep letting 'Keido' out of his cage. Keido is Keiji's dark personality that influences him into doing menacing things, to destroying property, hurting people or worse. When Keido is done Keiji has no recollection of what happens and becomes in a heat of panic standing in the center of his work. He would believe that someone has killed them or they died from natural causes and call the cops. No one has caught him in the act for Keido makes sure that he cleans up his 'mess' when he is finished.



Learning the truth/ The Shōkan

One night Keiji was taken by a man known as Dierick Clouse, surprised by the man  who had came all the way from the United States just to meet him in Hokkaido. He took him to a limo and began to talk about the Akuma no Ryoken. Then Dierick told Keiji something that he would never believe; Keiji Inugami was the Akuma no Ryoken. Those words haunted Keiji, he lashed out at Dierick telling him that he was lying. But Dierick did not back down, for he pulled out a shuriken and told Keiji to take it.

Keiji hesitated before finally taking the shuriken between his fingers and soon gasped when memories began to overflow in his mind. He remembered this shuriken, he remembered  this shuriken, he remember this shuriken pinning a mobster to the ground while a sword in hand he slit the man's throat in cold blood.  From the sudden realization Keiji dropped the shuriken as tears began to overflow covering his face.     He knew that his life will never be the same, and wanted to turn himself in to the police. But Dierick decided against it and offered another way.

With Dierick's gudiance Keiji went to a location where he would be able to tame the monster inside of him and began to work as a vigilante and taking a new mask and gave himself a name: Shōkan.


Keiji is kind, considerate, and gullible at times while keeping a smile on his face. When he is in college he mostly acts sophisticated and forgets about his surroundings. He is shy around others; mostly around girls. He keeps some people that he feels suspicious away from him in any chance he can get. He doesn't want to get too close fearing that one day he might lose them or get pushed aside.


Height- 5'8"

Eye color: Brown (left eye)  green/brown (right eye)

Weight: 140

Hair Color: Black

Face Claim: Xiah Junsu







The Mask of the Killer




Kenshi- The sword that the Akuma no Ryoken's favorite blade when ever he goes out and kills. He sees it as pleasure to cut down those who he finds guilty.


Twin Blades- Hand crafted, used whenever he goes to kill multiple people, made sure to cut through bone and flesh. even able to cut through metal.


Shuriken- custom made to always land its mark with a sensor that will turn around if necessary to hit from behind.


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Character Gender


Character Likes

Cats, dogs, anime, making friends, college, working as a store clerk,

Character Dislikes

Situations that seem stressful, when there isn't anything in the fridge (The horror!!!)

Character Inventory

Keiji- Books, pencils, pens, a bookbag Keido- Knifes, shuriken, kunais, a pistol

Character Abilites

Split-personality acrobatics keen-intellect

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Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, Anime, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action

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  • (( Yes, an rp would be great ))

  • Very gives Keiji an odd look. This boy is rather odd to say the least, never had anyone complimented her cooking. Not even the good natured Aoba. Suppose that was royalty or just the way of the basilisk. She works on her own and never lets others into the kitchen. She didn't mind the hard work and long hours. At least she served a purpose she thought, felt needed rather than a waste of space. Has been watching over the young rulers since they were hatchlings.

    Now here is Keiji, offering to help her by doing the dishes. He enjoyed her food as well. Well then, she thought, taking a breath afterward then exhales with a small old chuckle. The basilisk appeared and sounded tired, but hardly looking the part. She waves a hand showing her appreciation and showing that she needed the help. Not about to turn that down and be stuck with everything. Help it is. She point in the direction of the large stone sink with the constant running water. It was oddly warm and it didn't appear to have a cold. Think, miniature water fall.

    "If you want to help then by all means get started over there." She adds, dropping her arm and arranging the plater. "When you're done, take this to the young princess." Of course she meant Aoba, by the sound of how Keiji had spoken of her, meant the boy was familiar with her. Wouldn't mind taking this to her room, at least that's what Vera was thinking. Nor would the basilisk mind having it brought to her by someone entirely different. Keiji should be a fresh and amusing surprise. "If you don't want to, just let me know. I'll see to it myself." She goes about Seiveril's serving after this.

  • Good Vera thought, but doesn't quite voice it. She just gives what looks like a smile and a small nod of her head. When she moved to the murks, twisting off the heads and de-shelling them. She tosses those prepped murks into a bowl that had chilled water. The ice already melting and the outside of the bowl building condensation. When she worked Keiji asked something. She was busy yes, but it didn't mean she would ignore him. For she answers that question just fine. "Describe this calamari to me child." Three more murks go into a bowl. By the time she is done there will be two dozen of those murks chilling before serving them as they always are.

    It won't be until he described them that she would remember something she's forgetting. And that's to see to the octus in the boiling pot in the back of the kitchen. Smaller than the typical cauldron of course. These octus are young and aren't as big as the adults. Cooking up an adult required something bigger than the cauldron or the pot she was currently using. The young ones are no bigger than an infant. As for the adults, they are as big as an elephant at times, if not bigger. Different to the squid or the octopus, octus are violet in color and their tentacles are adorned with spines. Instead of a spear like head, it is translucent and veils the creature. Once wrapped in this veil, it is invisible to the eye within clearer waters.

    The kicker to these octus' is their elders. This veil they posses serves as a skirt of sorts that warps around the waists of their lower half, hardly hiding their many tentacles. As for above, well, they are as the basilisks, human. Somewhat. Their human halves are rather peculiar. Black eyes, just as dark hair, never of a different color. The only thing that will change is their skin color. Ranging from pale purple to a much more bolder tone of purple. These are only the males, but the females are distinguishable. Their hues falls under a softer blue-green. Accented by a pearl essence in certain key areas upon their person.

    Should Keiji remind the old woman about the octus by describing the calamari, then she rushes towards the pot. Grabbing a fork like utensil from the hanger and sticks into the thick liquid. The octus is swollen yet succulent. "This will do." Using the same utensil she shifts the pot from over the fire and onto the side where it will cool. Slithering back to her previous station she looks at the remaining shelled musks. Over her shoulder she looks to Keiji. "You can have more of that if you like." She of course was nodding her head towards the eel bread. "Unless you find something that you like." She turns back to what she is doing.

  • Vera waves her hand when she's asked about the eel spread. "It's the same of both worlds I'm sure. At least that's what I've gathered from the king. It was his idea to add this to the menu. Now we have abled hands going to fetch these from the black waters of the top-side." She explains as she slithers over to the table. From a large metal basin she shoves her hand into the murky water. From it, she produces one of these eels. Without hesitation she slams it against the cutting board. Then with her other where she now wielded a meat cleaver, swings it and brings it down upon the eel.

    She severs the head from the rest of the body. Doing quick work she cuts it in half. From one end to the other quickly and neatly. Dropping the cleaver she uses her fingers to pull out the insides, leaving the thin like bones intact. She presents it to the boy. "See? All there is to do is ground it up whole till there is nothing but mush. Raw, you spread it over the bread, or cook it however you feel most comfortable with. You spread it over the bread like so." She says as she scoops some of that already made spread and gets an even coat over a slice of bread. Doing so, she then offers it to him. "Going to have any then?"

    "If this isn't for you, then I suggest that you have some of the berries." She says with a snort like fashion. Mocking him for such a weak stomach, that is, if this were the case. If not then she will approve when he takes that bite of the eel bread. Before he can do anything with the slice, she's placed it upon a dish and leaves it there on the table for him to take or do with it whatever he likes. She on the other hand tends to what she was doing before. And that was getting meals ready on her own, as it should be. She peels off the shells off the murks, equivelant to the shrimp on earth. These however are blue and red, claws and spider like legs. They are a favorite of Aobas and it appears that this is the only thing she'll touch.

  • "Two souls in one body? Have I had the pleasure of meeting both of you?" Maleficent had noticed that the masked man standing before her now seemed somewhat different from the young man that had appeared in her throne room just a few hours before.

    She did not expect that man to be able to escape his dungeon cell and kill a fair amount of her guards. Exactly what was going on here? Did this other personality show itself whenever Keiji was in danger?

    "You seem different from when we first met. You are much more confident." Her eyes narrowed as he moved closer. "Stay where you are."

  • He haded heeded the warning about staying in his room. If anything he could have rung for service. Wandering the halls this late leaves room for the hungry. And that was the beasts that guarded the halls. However, Keiji should be thankful that Aoba called off their duty for the evening. For this day anyway. But whom should answer a calling Keiji is the cook that never sleeps. A haggard old basilisk with a hunched back. Her ash tinted colored tail not what it used to be, but alas gets her around just fine. Her hair was pinned back by a bird claw, but strands manage to veil over that tired face. She hisses a tone that draws Keiji's attention to where she is, by the cauldron. Ingredients were being added, as well as bird/human like limbs. Tossed into cauldron with a grunt of effort from her behalf. "You shouldn't be wandering outside your room boy." She said with a huff yet tired tone.

    "Every room comes equipped with a summons." She points to the corner where a mass of bells of all sorts and sizes hung. His was within the mess of them. "You can find the sash close to your door. No doubt they failed to tell you this, left you to find things out on your own. Perhaps let you wander out here so carelessly that you'd cross the beasts in your little venture out." She wipes her lip with the back of her hand as she reaches for the paddle like spoon to mix in what she'd just tossed in there. Vera nods with her winkled chin towards the large table just behind her. "I have breads and eel spread. If that's not to your liking, then I have an aray of fish." She smiles a crooked smile that reveals a row of mix matched of teeth. All sharp, but different sizes, some long and some short.

    "There is human. Well, equivelant to human anyway." She looks at him from head to toe, then to the chopped bits behind her on the table. Limbs, head, skin throughout. They were close to human, but lacked the eyes and tongue. Possibly much more, but they were close to one. She gives an absent shrug of her narrow thin shoulders as she tends then to the cauldron once more. Leaving it to Keiji to have his pick of what there was on the table. She on the other hand had a job to do.

  • Fortunately for the Akuma no Ryoken. He didn't know the depth of the basilisk's boredom towards him. Seiveril does however let him get back alone and without company. Surely both didn't want to be in either's presence. Just as well. He takes Aoba with him to explain a few things, nothing too detailed or anything. Just the basics.

    He also makes sure that he company towards that human or anyone else that happens into the realm are treated nothing more than guests. None of this absolute curiosity, one that anyone could say that such curiosity killed the cat.

  • With the feeling being mutual there would be no misunderstandings, good. And it would appear that he didn't want the basilisk's help, another good sign, but unformately it would appear that whatever brought the man here is now gone. Seiveril canted his head to the side as he watches, let out a drawn-out sigh. "It would seem that way." He would say right as he stated the obvious. With a lazy turn about, the basilisk starts making his way towards the darkness he had slithered out of. The hunter had his choices. Stay or come back eventually. Aoba was going to worry herself then nag him in the end, this much he knows for a fact and wasn't about to be interrogated by her. Feeling that he might be responsible for their guest being gone.

    Returning proved that his suspicions were all correct. Aoba was slithering back and forth in the hall, then whips her head to look in Seiveril's direction. "...." He had nothing to say, but she did the speaking. She rushes towards him, looking up at him with a stern look in her expression. "For the first time in our lives we find something that has brought this underworld alive and you get rid of him?" Cannot say Seiveril was delighted with her words because he knitted his brows heavily at her. "I did no such thing. And I did not because of how you get. No matter what the situation might be." Whether she believed him or not, but it would make him the more upset if she chose not to. "And your choice for a guest will prove a bit less charming when you know a bit of truth from him." Was all he would say before slithering past her.

  • A mask. Seiveril wore none and he shared just as much as Keiji did. This, Akuma no Ryoken. "My concern is your arrival in my realm. So as much as you think it isn't, it is." He said without being curt. He spoke calmly and directly. The basilisk makes no sudden movements and he didn't need to see a face to know where hostility lay. Seiveril's tongue poked out like any common serpent and when it did, it takes a great many things. In this case, the pending hostility that could spring any moment from this person. This, hunter. While here Seiveril has many advantages, the land responds to his presence, instead of the other way around.

    Looking past him and to the area in the air he was feeling. Yes, the basilisk was able to see what he'd been doing and the obvious tear he'd been inspecting. "Is there no way for you to return to your world any sooner?" He questions when turning his eye to him. It didn't seem like the basilisk liked the man being here and just needed him to leave and be done with it. His presence here was an eye sore and bore. "If you can't take that point of entry again, then perhaps I can toss you through one of my own. It won't be where you want to be, but you'll be there nonetheless." Seiveril tilt his head in gesture, a rather cruel expression sinking on the surface. It wouldn't be that troubling really and everyone would be about their business. He could go back home and be hostile over there and the basilisk wouldn't have the need to put up with it.

    "What will it be?" He asks with a shrug of his shoulders. The quicker the better and that question was asked curtly this time. As he had refrained to do any of the sort from the beginning. He didn't see a threat, but a nuisance. To be honest, the previous boy had been a bit better than this tone. Seems this one has a bit of an attitude, thinking all are out to get him. Unfortunately, no one here knows him or would want to get to know him. With the exception of Aoba of course, but she didn't know about this fellow here, one that lurks within the guise of someone so kind and innocent looking. A flip of a switch and he's 'dangerous' apparently.  

  • From when he left the room Keiji had been shadowed. There was no place in Kobalt he'd be able to hide, not when he'd been a brief resident to the seventh underworld. There would always be someone on his heels, and when he had left his room his whereabouts had been reported. The hooded figure slid into the private chambers with word. Hissing whispers reaching Seiveril's ear. Opening his eyes the basilisk leaves said chambers and begins his trek to follow their guest.

    And when he finds him somewhat changed, this brings a few rousing questions to mind. Ones that would be asked in due time. Firstly, he'd follow their guest to the point of arrival for him. Yes, the bodies had been disposed of. But why return, was there a reason. Keiji had been told that this would be investigated, though he was never given a time when it would be done. It would seem however, now was that time.

    What is this, Seiveril thought as he watched Keiji push at something in front of him, something that the naked eye wasn't able to see. But the distortion was there when tampered with physically. Was this the point of entry that Keiji found himself here in Kobalt. If so, what caused this rift that had the man tumbling in so carelessly. Though now, it would seem that Seiveril himself was being careless. He'd let his presence be detected. He wouldn't hide after that, no. The basilisk slithered out into the light from the veil of darkness that coveted him. He looked upon the man who would be Keiji with suspicion in those dark eyes.

    "Why not tell me who you are first? You must be the reason why that other is here as well." Seiveril spoke as if he was understanding what was going on. He was trying to actually, delving into this carefully. Not so callously slipping into this without knowing the depths of the waters. He stayed his place, which was a good feet away from Keiji, or whomever this happens to be. Talk about a two headed snake. This one has two faces, but he was no snake.

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