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Character Species

Gaian; Human

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Character Appearance

Kela is a young woman who has just entered adult-hood, keeping her youth while gaining apparent growth within her looks from the time she was gone. Due to her own decision, Kela had decided to cut her long hair after it had faded from its dusty-red, to now pastel-pink color. In addition to the change in hair, there is a white strip of hair on her bangs, signifying a mage’s overuse in Chava. Her bright-blue eyes are the most defining trait about her other than her hair, shining brighter than any star, matching her desires. While she may not look it while under clothes, Kela possesses a heavily toned and worked body, training her physicality past peak-human performance. The crazy thing is that she doesn’t look like a hulking beast, and just wields the appearance of a fit woman. Her measurements are: 37-23-40

Character Personality

Kela is a very outgoing and earnest girl who greatly desires an incredible adventure and is a hopeless romantic at heart. She is typically kind to others, sometimes to the point of naiveté. Kela genuinely wants to help those around her and is willing to risk her health to do so. Kela is a fair person who truly cares for not only her comrades but anyone she views as a person with their own wills, despite how deep or shallow her connection to them is. She wields difficulty when taking another life, believing it’s morally unethical to do so and avoids any possibility of doing so unless as a last resort. Kela often has outbursts of comedic moments where she is alongside her friends or just people in general, though, it’s hard to tell if this is simply because she is trying to be funny or she is just naturally entertaining. She is highly passionate whenever she is focused on achieving certain goals and being quite stubborn when confronted about them. Surprisingly, Kela is a quick learner, capable of adapting to her surroundings and picking up how to use cursed energy quickly. She exhibits a great deal of determination and will not give up once she has a goal to achieve; the best example of this was her relentless pursuit of becoming a Noble Guard. Kela is also somewhat insecure, particularly about her physique and whether or not people like her. because of it. After years of traveling the world, this issue barely bothers her anymore, due to the compliments and appreciation she receives from others. Kela is a hopeless romantic who quickly falls for charming looks, which have led her to many poor experiences with men. Kela is at times bratty and a nuisance when things don’t go her way, possibly causing a rift between her allies if the time comes. Kela is direct and very honest, taking everyone's words with sincerity and seriousness. Kela's most notable attribute is her ability to empathize with anyone, even the vilest of beings, often making her hesitate before delivering the final blow. Kela has a unique ideology regarding others, believing that those that have committed evil should be killed without mercy, but those that regret their actions should not be belittled after their death. Kela desired to become a Noble Guard after she had learned that her mother was one, wanting to become a great warrior like she was. Her flaws lie in her temper and impulsive nature. Kela sometimes fails to think things through, leading to her downfall. Kela's courage to protect the weak makes her face her enemy with respect and dignity, whether versus good people or evil beings.

Character Likes

Nature Feminine things Her mom/family Mochi and Tea Hara Guild Serīn & Yuno

Character Dislikes

Evil, Obnoxious, and Arrogant people Dark enclosed spaces Rodents and Roaches; creepy crawlies Loss of her friends/family/home Unable to meet her family’s standards

Character History/Story

Kela was born as the second daughter of Libitina, the current most-powerful land within Aīs. After giving birth, Kela's mother—Dalia Mythers, rested in a secluded residence, her body weakened after giving birth to her daughter. Dalia had stayed in bed for weeks, her body not recovering anytime soon. Due to this event, Dalia had to retire as a Noble Guard, now dedicating her life to her two children and husband. Unfortunately, House Libitina was assaulted by a Low-Grade Devil, tearing through the residence and slaughtering all within. The beast had reached Kela's crib, about to cleave the young girl in half, until Dalia had rushed in with a blade to intercept the attack. Blocking the strike, Dalia and the Devil both fought, the warrior severely weakened, taking a one-sided beating. Dalia was thrown to the side, battered and beaten, her body unable to keep up with the Devil. The beast rushed toward Kela again, attempting to pierce through the child. Blood splattered throughout the room as it attempted to, a small stream of drops steadily dripping onto Kela's cheeks, along with a flow of tears. Dalia had been pierced through her torso, the Devil leaving a massive hole in her body, its arm still stuck within. With a mighty battle cry, Dalia used this chance to cut the Demon's arm off and use every ounce of her magic to destroy the monster for good. Smoke and ashes had settled as the Devil had been turned into nothingness, and Dalia panted heavily on her knees, blood spewing from her mouth and open torso. Wanting to see her daughter again, Dalia had crawled toward Kela, as the young girl had been crying due to the previous events. Dalia quivered as she picked up Kela and slumped against a wall, quietly shushing and humming the baby in her arms. With a tearful smile, she reached toward Kela's head as her arm trembled, caressing the side of her face. "Live... Kela..! My dear daughter..." As her final breath was drawn, Dalia muttered, her body falling lifeless as she held her daughter in her arms. Kela's childhood was rough, as others often ridiculed her for her lack of innate magical skill. Even as a member of Royalty, Kela had shown little trace of magic compatibility, being seen as a defect, and blamed for her mother's death. Kela grew into a rebellious young girl, causing trouble for herself and others just to receive attention. Kela has always wanted to be a Noble Guard, as her mother was a brave warrior and was told that she had sacrificed herself to save Kela. Kela spent the majority of her time playing on the outskirts of the Royal Capital, traversing the forests and finding new unexplored locals. Learning about her inability to wield magic, Kela had not given up, continuing her efforts to become a Noble Guard. She had now dedicated herself to her physical attributes, training her body to become the strongest and powerful enough to join. Upon deciding to do so, Kela had come to the miraculous discovery that she possessed supernatural physical capabilities. Her strength was unmatched by grown adults, and would send ruffians to the emergency room. Through her teens, Kela had found interest in romance, wanting to find the ideal partner, similar to a story in a fairy tale. However, most men were not interested in Kela, primarily due to her awkward personality and built physique, thus, being a hopeless romantic. During her years of training, Kela attempted to participate within the Noble Guard entrance exam every year, in hope of becoming one. Each time however, she would be caught and promptly kicked out, not able to perform the test even once. Even then, these hiccups never stopped the young maiden, as Kela tried and tried again until she would achieve what her mother could do. Thus begins our story of a young girl who will be known as a beacon of hope for the world.

Character Inventory

Family Brooch: Kela wears her family crest around her neck in the shape of a necklace that has a symbol imbued within the stone.

Character Abilites

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Master Martial-Artist, Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant, Enhanced Senses, Extrasensory Perception, Magic Empowerment, Weapon Mastery, Non-Physical Interaction, Poison Resistance, Magic, Self-Soul Manipulation/Willpower Manipulation, Energy Manipulation/Projection, Chi Manipulation, Aura, Blessed, Darkness Nullification (Can nullify any evil within a being), Evil Banishment, Social Influencing, Fear Inducement, Acrobatics, Limited Flight, Reactive Power Level, Accelerated Development, Expert Marksman, Aura/Magic Constructions, Analytical Development, Information Analysis, Limited Attack Reflection, Limited Space-Time Manipulation (Via unleashing an attack that distorts space/time), Soul Manipulation (Can naturally perceive and damage the soul), Pain Tolerance, Transformation, Magic-Resistance Negation, Regeneration Negation, Adaptation, Quick Learner, Awakened Power, Bodily Weaponry, Supernatural Willpower, Damage Boost, Supernatural Luck, Reactive Evolution, Afterimage Creation, Limited Precognition

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Multi-Para, Novella, No-Preference

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Violence, Anime, 18+, Comedy, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

I just like to write. That’s it.

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