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  • If you are still writing Europa, I have a reponse for you. ^.^  Thank you for being patient with me. There was a lot that happen IRL but now I'm back at writing again. ^.^


    The Vampire wasn’t like the priest Europa would have resided with. There’s an edge in the way he moves. Something more predatory and like the grace of a big cat. An edge in what he looks: those eyes cold and unrelenting peering deeper into the soul in order to peel back layers and expose someone for what they truly were. But there’s warmth in his voice: he spoke softly and soothing. There’s a warmth in his soul: the kind that matches the sun when it kisses the skin. Laughter bellowed forth from deep in his chest. When it left his lips it was as light as a night breeze moving through the canopy of towering aspens.

    He dipped his head so that her fingers could explore his hair more. “Really? And here I thought everyone heard of vampires before.” An attentive gaze observed her reactions in depth, reading the way she snapped her hand back and grew far more serious. “I guess not.” He said after her. Arms stretched out in front of him as he interlaced his fingers together. Shoulders rounding as he sucked in air through his nose. “I haven’t seen a jabberwocky before either. They probably hunt for sport and to be cruel. Who knows. I can’t always understand the ways of man.”

    For a moment he looked beyond the fire into the forest. “One of my friends turned their attention elsewhere. You’re safe here with me. You are welcome to stick around as long as you like.” He offered a fanged smile to her, something that’s boyish and almost carefree.

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