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Character Relationship Status

Married to Negan Morgan

Character Appearance

Height: 5’0” /___ Eyes: One blue, one green /___ Hair: Waist long, light blonde /___ Weight: 105 lbs /___ Accent: An odd combination of Irish and Russian /___

Character Personality

+Fandom+: The Walking Dead /___ +Canon or OC+: OC (Original Character) /___ +Ships With+: Negan /_________________________ Alexia is a savage little spider monkey… Raised in the backwoods of Montana on a massive property with her parents and three siblings: two step brothers and her twin sister. Lex is a ‘counrty girl’ through and through that knows her way around horses and all other domestic livestock. She is an avid hunter and fisher, something most often done with her Father. Alex’s Mother also made sure she knew her way around a kitchen and the young woman is quite the accomplished cook when asked to do so. Alex was your typical “wild child”, finding trouble just about everywhere. Her sister, Natalia, was often the one keeping them from too many shenanigans. The girls were very close despite their being complete opposites: Lex is bold, outspoken and fearless, while Nat was quiet, reserved and cautious. Alexia however is not reckless or careless. Her logical mind often weighs the pros and cons of every situation within seconds. Analytical and observant, she is not easily lied to. Alex has always had a dark side, emotional compassion difficult for her to understand from an early age. She is not entirely unfeeling, but has the adept ability to seemingly ‘switch off’ her emotions off when needed… Her Mother was from Dublin Ireland and had dual citizenship for both countries. Alexia’s Mother, whom she bares the similar namesake(Her Mother’s name is Alexis), was an ex Recon Marine. Lex’s Mother was a Scout Sniper. Alex’s Father, born in a small Village in Russia, was ex Spetnatz and an avid ‘prepper’. As a result, Alexia is highly trained in hand to hand, a bladed weapons expert, advanced survival training and firearms. She has vast knowledge of explosives and both civilian and heavy equipment mechanics as well. Despite her firearms expertise, her weapons of choice are a pair of Kukris. The blades gifted to her by her Father, Kevin, are 14” long and made of Damascus Steel with green dyed Oak hilts. Effective, quiet and you don’t have to worry about ammo. Alex speaks Russian, Irish Gaelic, French and American English.

Character Likes

Animals, honesty and loyalty

Character Dislikes

Liars and cheats

Character History/Story

+After the Outbreak+: Having lost contact with their Parents and Brothers at the Billings Montana Refugee Camp when it was overrun by Walkers, the two young women set out together. A few weeks later, sadly, her town sister, Nat, was torn apart by walkers. This incident occurred when Natalia slipped and fell out of the hunting hide they had found and decided to rest for the night in. Alexia’s twin was ripped apart in front of her. Having no other choice, she shot her sister in the head. Waiting the agonizing hours until the Walkers passed, Lex did not sleep. Once it was safe, Alex made her way down from the hide and tended to her siblings remains. Laying them to rest and giving Nat a proper Irish send off, not one word of English spoken. Even going as far as to give the poetic benediction in Latin. After Alex lost Nat, she became withdrawn and avoided any and all human contact. A few months later the, the woman had found her way to Georgia, hoping to find answers at the CDC. She did not. Several more weeks passed. Using her skills she learned growing up, Lex hunted and sheltered herself with little trouble. Finding the CDC a bust, the blonde continued on, unsure where to go, but not ready to lay down and give up. Squirreling into a copse of buildings looking for supplies, Lex was soon trapped by a herd of Walkers. Not one to panic, she simply moved up several floors, deciding to just wait them out. The woman’s cat like feet not betraying her in the slightest, despite the 40lb MOLL-E pack upon her back. On the fifth floor, the ceiling had begun to cave. Easing the heavy Marine Corps issued pack off of her, Alex quietly slid it through the hole to the passage way beyond. Unknowingly loosening the rubble in that action. As Alex shimmied through the hole, the rubble gave. Trying to dodge the falling concrete and metal by rushing through the hole, Lex’s leg was impaled by a four foot long piece of rebar. When the dust cleared, the woman, cussing quietly, examined the damage. Missing her femeral artery by less than an inch, the metal rod had also effectively nailed her to the floor. Despite the pain, Alex did not cry out. As luck would have it, of all people, Dwight later found her holed up and trapped in that damn building. After a tense discussion, he convinced her to let him help. It took almost an hour for him to saw through both sides of the rebar. Alex and Dwight carefully made their way out of the building despite the two foot chunk of rebar that was still through her leg. To their relief, the majority of the Walkers had long gone. Once back at the Saviors’ Compound, Negan, impressed with the little blonde ‘Tyrant’, made sure she received the medical care she needed. Negan, Simon and Dwight then discussed the woman being a potential asset to the community. Dwight going as far as to take personal responsibility for her, assuring Negan that she would be irreplaceable and it would be stupid not to bring her into the fold based on what he witnessed. Before Alex was fully healed, he offered her a position with his highest ranking soldiers. Lex agreed. She soon took Arat’s place as Negan’s most trusted ‘Guard’. Unquestioningly loyal, Alex knows all too well how the chain of command works. She feels an unsaid kinship or bond with Negan. The woman wholeheartedly understands why Negan does things the way he does and feels his ability as a leader is unparalleled. Negan’s ‘Firm but Fair’ approach to most things is one of Lex’s favorite things about the man

Character Inventory

Two Damascus Steel Kukris, her wits, whatever she can find....

Character Abilites

Several that are appropriate for her Universe

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Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Violence, Realistic, Rated R, Gore, Action, Adventure

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  • Kevin shook his head and laughed a little. Proud and impress he was of his daughter. She had always had a quick wit about her that reminded him of her mother Alexis.

    "You have always been a little spit fire. Don't know if that's from me or your mom though."

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  • It was a rather difficult thing to remember. A slew of emotions flooded the two like a tsunami. Overwashing the past and calming as they opted to start anew. The two were never really good showing their inner most fears. Fingers crossed the second time around with marriage will work.

    "Come home." he purred,his tone barely a whisper above the hoarseness of fighting back the urge to show vulnerability. Swallowing thickly,his mind a muddled mess from finally having the explanation as well as closure was something they both needed. He was bothered that she left. Just like he was bothere when any of his wives tried to leave,only she was the more successful of the bunch.
    "Don't worry about it,let's just fuck off out of here. Second time's a charm right? I don't want there to be a third." He hinted subtly.

    Grabbing Lucille,his feel safe weaponry of choice,he slid his hand down to the small of her back as he led her toward the Sanctuary. Given the man's entitlement,it would be more empowering to have his best assets by his side rather than depleted at all.  His wives were what kept him grounded of anybody could believe it. Smug prick always did seem to get his way however,didn't he?
    Pressing his lips to her temple,he smirked smugly. "Yeah yeah. Love you too,Tyrant." Don't get all mushy,now-he thought.

  • Trying to make sense of this was worse than him and a rubiks cube. Also he's not fucking Japanese. That shit would take a year and not less than five seconds. He just wasn't that bright. Okay,he digresses,that went on much longer than he expected being deep in thought about.
    He felt his chest heave from frustration. What could he say and or do to make this ease her conscious? Fuck. Out of things to spew and common sense.

    The general consensus is that they both fucked up. Not all blame could be shifted to her,and not blame himself entirely,although he was aware he didn't make his life choices easy for anyone let alone the families he'd created. It was just hurtful. If she trusted him so much,why couldn't she talk to him about it? Oh fuck. Here come the water works. 

    Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

    "L-look. I'm.. I'm sorry.. Don't cry,please.." He murmured,softening his features more as he stepped toward her,closing the gap between the two. Only to grasp her fingers and pull her up against him. Fuck.
    "I didn't want you to leave. Not ever.. I don't think that was something I could fucking understand.. But you being out here,just doesn't make sense." He remarked. Implying that she should come back home,albiet him coming out and saying would've calmed them both down some,but he's a man,and  not very good with words.

    Well.. Negan typically does have a way with words,but it just doesn't make everyone else as happy as it does himself.

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  • Bitter? Oh hell yes. He hated that she left at all. One of the strongest wives he had,was her. One of those 'do-it-yourselfers' kind of woman and he admired that so much about her. He had no knowledge about anything that had happened. Lord knew if he did,then fuck.. She definitely wouldn't be out there. He wasn't that calculating. It was heartwrenching,hearing the full truth and nothing but-not that he expected anything less from her. The story struck a cord with his heartstrings,and clearing his throat to fight the urge to cry had him peering away from her,stiffening his back as he puffed up his chest. Needing to appear much bigger than how he felt. But that was the complete opposite.

    The rather tiny bump with the hand carved rock overhead was enough to spiral him into  mental breakdown. How she managed to look at that on the daily without offing herself was beyond him. And Dwight? Fucking Christ,was that grilled-cheese-looking motherfucker gonna get his just desserts.

    "I hate that you fucking left,and you know you fucking shouldn't have. I don't feel like you fuckin' trust me when you're out here and doing this shit all alone. When you know I'm right fuckin' there!" His tone booming as he pointed Lucille toward the Sanctuary. That foreboding fortress of Negan's solitude. Trying to hold his composure,grimaced expression as he paced,tapping Lucille on the ground more as he tried to think through the shit he was about to say. None of this was her fault, he felt there was a strong miscommunication but never to such a degree.

    What was he supposed to say? 'I miss you? Come back home,please? Can we try again?' yeah. Great start to a fucking mess that he felt he created. The well known demagoguge was already in an emotional pinch. The ambiance deeming much darker as the air felt thicker. Negan was seething,more about her choosing to be alone rather than doing this together as a the couple he felt they were. "Ho-... Why didn't you try to tell me?... Even if you were to make it back somehow.. I should've been the first person to know and I wasn't. All I knew was that you were fucking bailing and that was that." Opting to keep his tone hushed,rather than allowing it to attract anybody or anything for that matter.

    The guns didn't matter,nothing else mattered. She wouldn't have been the only wife to lose a child and although it was something he wasn't mentally prepared to handle,well-neither the fuck was she. Albiet alone of things. She had the CB,but nothing chimed through about that news. So when he had heard through the grapevine that she fucked off,he wasn't sure for how long or where. Or even why up until much later. One of the wives he held the most dear,couldn't even talk to him? That just didn't seem right.

  • It had been a very long time. They were both stuck in a position that should've bonded them tighter but rather instead,she ran off. It wasn't merely the wives that set her off. Losing their first born was enough to make him feel inferior as a husband,friend and leader, and he could only imagine what it did to her psyche. He didn't intend for her to leave. And at his age,he hated having to chase after women. Sometimes it grew exhausting,especially after the shit storms that followed between Harls and Rosita.
    He could feel her relustance. Yeah... How could anyone understand them?

    Tyrant,being the first of many wives set out in the god-forsaken apocalypse and now he felt she must've hated him on sight. He held nothing of ill will against the blonde. The heterochromia irises that had lured Negan in with ease,still managed to do just the same. He never understood it,but enjoyed it all too well.

    "Nothing.." He murmured huskily. "I didn't swing by because I needed a damn thing." The leader added,his tone still hoarse and quiet as he leaned up against the fence. Allowing Lucille to drop to his side as he tapped the end on the cold,hard ground. "Okay,so maybe that was a lie.. I need closure. Or maybe something more,I have no fuckin' clue.. You left me.. And I wanted to hate you for it, and I was nervous to come after you." Alright. First step,he thought.
    Typically he was good at talking things out with wives and friends alike,foes? not so much. He tended to make enemies out of everyone,not that it was anyone's else's fault.

    Talk,he thought.. Please talk. Averting his gaze briefly,before peering back up at the blonde beauty. The very same that could more than likely beat his ass to a pulp,and Lord only knew why she hadn't after all this time. Negan was still feeling the heartbreak. He always figured she'd be by his side,but not in this way. He never handled her leaving well. Others presume otherwise,but he had Saviors to lead,and showing weakness and vulnerability wasn't a fucking option for him.

  • "My Tyrant."

  • "My other 'crotch fruit' as you put it don't embarrass me. And who even taught you that term?"

  • \\Thanks for the invite 

  • "Must you embarrasse me?" Kevin smirked a little and patted his daughter on the head.

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