Name: Kyrell Giese
Nickname: Ky, Kyr, Relly, The Goose King (By Alex Lavoie)
Titles: King of the Witches, Concept of Fate, Creator of Mermaids.
Species: Witch-God
Home World: Asmiara
Home Land: Estyrar
Accent Sounds like: Russian
Sex: Male
Sexual Orientation: Omnisexual
Height: 6'5"
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue


Born during the dark ages of the witches, Kyrell came into this world just ten minutes before his twin sister Kieran. Their births was cause for extreme joy for their parents. They had been trying for countless years to have a child, and now they had two. It quickly became clear that they were not what their parents had hoped for. Both, Kyrell and his twin sister showed signs from an extremely young age that they were very gifted with magic--some might even say they were magical prodigies. If they had been born to parents higher ranking within the clan then they might have been overjoyed at just how talented their children appeared to be. But, as it were their parents were from one of the lesser houses of the Giese clan and feared how the higher members of the clan would react to their children talents.

These higher members might think that they were trying to upturn the status quo. They might even wonder how those as unremarkable as Kyrell's parents had children as gifted as Kyrell and his sister. Kyrell and his sister had to be the result of an outside influence. It was a thought that plagued their father's mind. Some part of him believed his children weren't actually his. Their parents thoughts weren't wrong. Kyrell and his sister were the result of an outside influence. Their father had been possessed by the void itself--the primordial darkness which their own creator had sprung from--had decided for one reason or another that he wished to sleep with their mother. Because their father had been possessed at the time of Kyrell and Kieran's concept both the void and the mortal that was possessed are their father.

However, no one knew this fact. If they had it might have changed things. Kyrell and Kieran's parents might have believed their children had been chosen for some great destiny instead of fearing their talents and what the possible repercussions would be if they were found out. They decided they would do everything in their power to keep truth behind their children's gift. They tried everything they could think of to suppress Kyrell's and Kieran's power, but nothing seemed to work.  One day, their father got a brilliant plan, or so he thought. He noticed that their powers work better together than apart, and believed that if one of them died that the other's powers would decrease a greatly. In fact, He figured that with one of them dead that the living one powers would decrease so much that he would be considered remarkable in comparison. He knew exactly how he could ensure that at least one of them would meet an untimely end.

There were woods not too far away that were controlled by a pack wolves--lycan or werewolves. Exactly what they were didn't matter to Kyrell's father. The only thing that matter was their reputation of extremely blood thirsty killers that attacked anything that isn't of their pack they find within their territory.  He took his seven years old children and 'lost' them in those woods. He hoped that by time he went 'searching' for them that the wolves would have taken care of at least one. It did not take long for their father's wish to be granted. The wolves within the woods caught the scent of Kyrell and Kieran right away, and moved in to prove that the stories about them were true. It did not matter that the ones they decided to attack were mere children.They showed them no mercy.

Kyrell tried to protect his sister, but it was all in vain. The exact moment of his sister's death is carved forever into his memories. It happened so suddenly. They were running after managing to escape from the wolves, trying to find their way out of the woods when Kyrell suddenly tripped over a raised root of a tree. His sister had not noticed, and by he time he pushed himself from the ground it was too late--one of the wolves have found her. It wasted no time grabbing her inside its mouth and closing its teeth down upon her body with a sickening crunch before tossing her body like a rag doll into a nearby tree. By the time this happened, the other wolves had arrived and they circled around Kyrell in order to kill him just as they did his sister, but they would find that they would try to bite off more than they could chew. As soon as they lunged at him, Kyrell lashed out with his powers and killed a large percentage of the wolves that surrounded him. The ones that managed to escape death took off running. They did not wish to press their luck.

Kyrell was tempted to run after them, and ensure that every last one of them died, but than he saw his sister laying upon the ground and his thoughts turned from her murderers to her. He rushed to her side. There was a part of him that knew she was dead, but he was unwilling to accept it. He begged and pleaded with her to get up, and his powers that had just lashed out to kill many of the wolves that had tried attacked him just moments before  responded to his pleas and rose her from the grave. He was overjoyed--expect it was not a perfect resuscitation. Her soul had not been restored to her body. She was nothing more than a walking corpse. When his father eventually returned with other members of the clan, Kyrell could be seen playing with his twin. At first, it appeared that his plan had failed, but it quickly became clear that it had failed in a completely different way.

His daughter was clearly dead, but his son's talents were there for several of the higher members--including the clan leader--to see. He had brought them there under the pretense of needing help to find his children and witnessing his grief when he found at least one of them dead. However, these higher members did not react to Kyrell's abilities  in the manner that his parents had feared. The clan leader even made them an offer they couldn't refuse--even if they wished. He decided to adopt Kyrell. He, of course, would never inherit the clan. The clan leader already had an heir, but that didn't mean he couldn't help Kyrell learn how to use his power. Beside, someone with his level of abilities belonged among the higher members of the clan. He would not see his parents for many years. For the first time in his life, Kyrell was encouraged to use his powers. Not only that his adoptive family taught him their family motto--one that he still keeps to heart. This motto is family first.

However, life was not all sunshine and rainbows within his new home. There were many within the main estate that feared his power. The way he had raised his sister from the grave and kept her animated unnerved them. It was one thing to use the undead against one's enemy, but it is an entirely another thing to have one traipsing about like Kyrell was with his sister. He was treating her as if she was alive. Speaking with her. playing with her. Worse yet, his adoptive father and sister encouraged this behavior by engaging corpse as if she was alive. They tried to encourage his adoptive family to convince him to put his sister' corspe to rest, but it soon became clear they would have to do it themselves. Several of them  did just that, burning her body until nothing of her remained. This sent Kyrell into a rage, who vowed vengeance against all those responsible for destroying Kieran. It was a promise that everyone thought was coming from a grief stricken child, who finally had to face a death he should have years ago.

The attack within the woods came rushing back when he reached puberty. The wolves that had attacked him and his sister were the sort that if one survived the attack had not gone through puberty would not know if they had been changed into a wolf until after puberty. It  appeared that Kyrell had been. He tried to fight it, but each day fighting the change became more difficult until it seemed that he would lose the battle. It was here that the wolves that had attacked him that day appeared. They had come to take their newest pack member within their fold. Kyrell refused to go with them. He refused to be one of those filthy creatures--a fact that amused both the wolves and the witches. Both species agreed that if an infection was successful that nothing could be done to change it. He was becoming one of them, whether he liked it or not.

When they told Kyrell this he just looked at them and said "Magic is your will thrust upon the universe, and if your will is stronger than the will of the thing you wish to change, influence, or move then it has no choice but to bend to it. And by my will, I refuse to become a mangy mutt."With those words uttered, Kyrell successfully did what everyone said he wouldn't be able to do. He erased all traces of the infection from him, and he turned towards the wolves promising to track every last one of them down, and not just them every last member of the canine family that existed, because the only good dog was a dead one.

He would take the tests that every witch are required to take several months after the event with the wolves. There are two tests in all. The first being the test to determine a witches specialization, and the second is the leadership test. The witches believed that one's ability to lead can be determined by a test. Both tests were conducted in similar fashion. The witch taking the test was placed in an enchanted forest where they are forced to fight for survival against things and situations that can and will kill them if given the chance. The only difference is that during the leadership test that the witches are placed in this forest with several humans, and they must ensure that they survive as well. Humans were picked, because if the witch taking the leadership test failed to keep any alive it would be no great lose. Yes, both test could and do kill witches that take them, but a witch should not die during another witch's test.

Kyrell passed both his with flying colors. His first test showed that his specialization was death magic--necromancy. This did not surprise those around him. While the test was to determine exactly what a witch specialization was, most had a very good idea of the answer. It was the leadership test that confused them. They thought that he would be too mentally unstable to be a good leader, but try as they might they couldn't deny the results. Impressed with his tests result, the clan leader decided to marry Kyrell to his daughter and heir. It was arrangement that she wasn't happy with at first. It was not because she disliked Kyrell. She was very fond of him, but she did not see him in a romantic manner. However, the passage of time changed their feelings for each other--they feel in love. They were married for several years when two separate incident took both the clan leader's and Kyrell's wife lives. The clan leader's was taken upon the field of battle while Kyrell's wife was taken in the birthing chamber along with the baby girl she was trying to bring into the world.

Kyrell was distraught over his wife's and child's death. He remained within the birthing chamber for several days simply cradling his daughter's body. Many believed with their passing he had lost the will to live and they would open the door to that room one die to find him dead. This did not come to pass. After several days of just sitting there, Kyrell placed his daughter within his wife's arms, kissed both them and exit the room to go about his life. The first thing he did after the funeral was done was assume the role of clan leader. No one protested his claim. It was here that he begun to fulfill those promises he made years ago. He first killed all the witches that he felt played a part in his sister's destruction. He killed both the witches that had burnt her body to a crisp as well as his own parents. He had learned the part they played in her death.

He then worked on  eliminating the canine species. His ordered every 'dog' upon his lands killed, and he would travel to other places killing various canine creatures; either where he found them or, he would bring them back to his lands and host a hunt. These were not the only beings that Kyrell ended up killing. He had no problem killing someone for countless reason--whether it was because they had done something to cross him, or just the mere fact that he enjoyed watching someone die. It was here that his fetish for murdering people during the act of sex became clear. A great number of those that found their way into his bed didn't leave alive.

After ruling the Giese clan for years, Kyrell eventually ascended to king. Witches could evolve into a  higher being. The evolution after witches was king or queen--depending on the gender of the witch. However, becoming king does not necessary make him king of the witches. Yes, it was a rare feat--something that only a select few managed to do, but more than one witch can ascend to this level at once. If these witches who had ascended at the same time were allies they both could claim the title of king or queen, and rule together. However, most of the time they were not allies and one witch would be given the honor of king or queen over the other. There was, also, the fact that even if a witch ascended to this level they were not always granted the title. It was a postion that the council tended to vote upon.

Kyrell was not the only witch whom had ascended to this level. A female witch ascended as well, and it was she whom their people granted the title of Queen and all the power that came with it. Whether or not, Kyrell would have managed to seize this position if he had been the only one to ascend to this level is unknown, but what is known during this Queen's rule he had the position of clan head stripped from him. It was decided that he was indeed too insane to rule. The title of Giese clan leader was given to the great grandnephew  of clan leader who adopted Kyrell. It would remain within his line until the days of Astrea. He went through his life, going through the motions, until the day Astrea decided to seize the title of queen by marching into the council chamber and killing each of the heads of the high council--including her own father.

"Sometimes, in order to save the body you must cut off the arm" this is what she told those whom protested against her actions. It was these words as well as something deeper within her that drew Kyrell to her and pledge his services to her. He did not expect her to accept his help. He knew what people thought of him. They believed him to be insane and he expected her to be no different. She shocked him that day by accepting his help. They ended becoming more than allies for a cause. They become lovers. More than that he found a friend. Two in fact. He became fond of Astrea's other lover. A witch whom had ascended to God level eons before Kyrell's birth by the name of Sindri. Both Kyrell and Sindri supported Astrea completely in her goals of uniting the clans underneath one banner and removing the corruption that had infected their people. It was a dream that she would never see reached.

Those whom opposed her came up with an assassination plan---one that Astrea became aware of. She made Kyrell promise to not bring her back from the dead when they succeed. She knew his abilities. Since he had risen his sister's body from the dead, he had learned how to put a soul  into a body.It was a promise he kept. Even, with Sindri--whom had became her husband by this time--begging him to bring her back long enough for him to transfer their unborn child to another. Kyrell knew that Astrea would forgive him for breaking his promise if it was for her child's sake, but Kyrell knew that if he brought her back that he wouldn't be able to let her go again. It was easier to refuse Sindri's request. This decision did not please Sindri, but unlike those whom had killed Astrea he did hold it against him. In fact, he told Kyrell he understood why he made that decision.

Sindri told those whom played a role in her death that they were fools whom did not know what they had done and that he was no longer going to advice them before retreating to his island. Kyrell responded to those whom killed Astrea and her unborn child in a very different way. He slaughtered them all and their entire families in what many consider the bloodiest massacre in history. He than reclaimed the title of clan head. He stopped any oppostion to his claim by saying he would kill not only those whom opposed him, but their entire families as well. What he had done to those whom played even the smallest part in Astrea's death was fresh within everyone's mind and this quickly silenced any opposition to him being head of the Giese clan.

It wasn't long after Astrea's death for those whom had opposed her to realized their mistake. They came to realize what many would call her centuries after her death that she was the greatest queen to have lived. They wished to claim some of her brilliance--believing if they did so they could help make her dream into a reality. They decided to do this by learning her specialization, which was spirit magic, and becoming just as talented as she was--if not more so within this field of magic. They came up with the genius plan of merging themselves with an animal. It was a plan that Kyrell knew wasn't going to work. They originally wanted to do it with the Falcon--Astrea's spirit animal. Kyrell knew just how badly it would fail. He tried to convince them just how bad this plan was, but they refused to heed his words. So, he decided to get everyone on the canine hating bandwagon by convincing them to use the wolf instead.

One would have thought that Kyrell's known hatred of anything within the canine family would have clued those whom were trying to do this spell just how bad the idea was the very moment he suggested the wolf, but they were so blinded by their vision they didn't see it, and the disaster that followed became known as the Great Betrayal.  Those witches whom had merged themselves with the the wolves became werewolves and ended up killing countless numbers of witches, wiped out many clans completely, and devastated the rest. Kyrell's plan to get other to hate the wolves worked. They declared war upon the wolves and become to work, as Kyrell had for centuries to wipe them out. They, also, worked on restoring the clan and they did it with the help of Kyrell, whom encouraged them to recreate the clans to better fit Astrea's vision. Those whom survived the horrors shared what had happened with those born after or those whom had been too young at the time to remember what had happened.

Kyrell found himself growing closer to Adelia--the patron goddess of the Giese clan. The two of them had encountered each other many times before, but their relationship had been nothing more than a casual friendship at the most. Things slowly begun to change as the feelings for each other grew into a more romantic one. They were eventually married, and they ended up having two children together---son's named Kieran and Keir. They were happy together until he met her--a human girl by the name of Ansley. No one thought anything about him taking Ansley as his lover. Witches were a society where could have as many lovers as they wished and no one would bat an eye, and Kyrell's bedroom habits was well known. They weren't even surprised that he kept her as a personal slave. She was human, after all, and among the Giese clan. humans were only suitable as slaves.

What was surprising, however, was that he eventually decided to make her his wife. Such a thing was virtually unheard of among the clans---especially the Giese. One did not marry a human. Some were outraged by this discussion. They became even more so when he decided to make Ansley his first wife over Adelia, and Adelia decided to divorce him over him. She retreated into her realm not long after their divorce was final and reemerged several weeks later with a new face and a new name. No one thought anything off it. Adelia often reinvented herself from time to time, and would walk around as this new identity before returning back to her original form. Those whom were outraged by Kyrell's decision to marry a human let alone his decision to replace a patron goddess, whom are considered the most esteem member of their society, with a mere human believed the reinvention of herself was proof of just how heartbroken she truly was.

They decided to punish them by cursing them with the wasting sickness. It was a horrible disease that doesn't kill the person it infects. It weakens their immune system allowing other diseases to finish the job. It, also, attacks the mind which causes the person to have extreme sensitivity to light and sound, and insanity. Ansley finally succumb to one of the diseases that decided to ravish her body four years after giving birth to her son Colden. Many believed that she had been the only one affected with the disease as Kyrell displayed no sign of it, but it soon became known that it was Kyrell's stubbornness that kept the wasting sickness at bay for some time. It reared its ugly head shortly after his oldest son Kieran passed his leadership test. Some believed it was Kieran doing, but anyone whom knew Kyrell's relationship with his children would know that impossible. His children were the most important thing within the world to him and they knew this. He made sure they knew this. He made sure he never made them feel as his own parents did. More than that he installed within them the family first motto that his adoptive family had installed into him. They loved him as much as he loved them.

It was around this time that Kyrell discovered he had a daughter named Everleigh with one of his lovers--a female witch by the name of Catalina Paxton. Catalina was head of the Paxton clan. More than that she was consider quite mentally unstable and whispers of her experiments could be heard everywhere. One of these whispers said that one of her test subjects had been her own daughter--a child she had with Kyrell. Upon hearing these rumors Kyrell sought her out to see if there were any truth to them. He discovered that there were and he was outrage, because to Kyrell the was no greater sin than hurting one's children in the manner that Catalina was hurting her daughter. He was going to kill Catalina for what she had done to their daughter, but Everleigh pleaded with him not to. Given the witches' belief in the victim having the right to decide how those whom had harmed them is punished he spared Catalina's life, but made it perfectly clear to her that if caught wind of her doing any more experiments upon any other children he would kill her.

He brought Everleigh home and begun to long process of healing her from the damage her mother's experiments had done upon her body. There was a part of him that didn't think she would live much longer, but he vowed to give her as much of a fighting chance as he could. Everleigh showed just how strong her will to live was---a fact that should have been clear due to the fact she should have surrender to death long before Kyrell had found her. He set her up within a private estate away from the Giese clan and he kept the fact she was his daughter hidden from the world. The only people he allowed to know the truth were his children, and he made them understand just how important it was for them not to tell anyone. He knew that just because she had an extremely strong will to live that did she couldn't use help in the healing process, and he believe both he and Catalina had too many enemies that would try to hinder her healing.

The years passed and the effects of the wasting sickness upon him was becoming clear. Eventually, he became so insane that his son Kieran kept him locked within his chambers, or at least tried to. Kyrell was quite good at breaking out his room and could be seen wandering about. Through, most of the time he could be found with Adelaide--Kieran's personal slave, whom he had taken an extremely likely too. It was, however, not the wasting sickness nor one of the diseases that can ravished the body due to the weaken immune system that killed him, but Ansley. She had not died from the wasting sickness as was believed. She had been taken in by Sindri, whom noticed the spark of life with her and decided to see if he could heal her of the wasting sickness by reverting her to a younger age. He reverted her back to a baby and raised her as his child. For years she believed that she was a witch, but eventually memories of her life before she was reverted came rushing back. She became terrified and it was because of these fears she sought Kyrell out to kill him.

She did not just kill him that night. She cursed him, locked his soul inside the void--inside an orb--to never come back unless she breaks the curse, and she made it so that only she could break it. Ansley's plan was a clever one. She knew that Kyrell had the ability to bring himself back from the dead, and there were others---including Kieran--that would also use their powers to bring him back. The only way to ensure that he never came back was to make it impossible to do so. It was why she made it so no one or anything expect for her could bring him back. However, her curse was not as perfect as she might have thought. It only focused on his soul and body.Someone caught wind of this fact, and decided that if he stole the orb from her that he could channel Kyrell's powers and use it as his own. He figured it should work since he wasn't trying to free Kyrell's soul and break Ansley curse. It worked exactly as he had hoped, but things quickly went sour for this man. Kyrell saw the opening that the man had created by calling his power forth and took it.

The man saw this as another opportunity and tried to consume Kyrell's soul. He figured that Ansley would forgive him for stealing the orb from her if he had successfully erased Kyrell from existence, but Kyrell proved stronger than the man and did to him what he tried to do to Kyrell. He consumed his soul, erased him from existence. After this was done, Kyrell took possession of the man's body. He changed its appearance to look exactly like what his original body had. Kyrell's soul is still technically sealed away in the void. The spell that the man,who stole the orb from Ansley, had cast just somehow transferred his prison from the orb to the body. Kyrell is unclear if the curse is actually broken and that if he wanted to bring his soul completely back into the world  he could, or if Ansley is the only one that can still call it back completely. If Ansley is the only one that can still call his soul back completely then she might be the only one that can destroy his new body completely, after all destroying the body would mean breaking the curse.

Shortly after Kyrell found that little loophole, he and Ansley had a confrontation. It was during this confrontation that Kyrell revealed the depths of his feelings for her and she begun to fall in love with him. Their relationship isn't a perfect one. They had many ups and down, and there were a few times he feared their relationship was coming to an end. They both have many scars--some they are unaware exist and others they do not wish to face. However, they both have become aware of these scars and are slowly coming to term with the idea they needed to face them. Kyrell slower than Ansley, but he knows when he is ready to face them completely that he has people at his side whom will be more than happy to face those demons with him.

It was not long after this that Kyrell met the assassin by the name of Amelie. Kyrell had discovered Catalina had not ceased her experiments as he ordered not only that she had harmed Ansley--more mentally than physically, but Kyrell could not allow such an attack to be forgiven. He took Catalina to his torture chamber to play with her before he killed her. However, he was unaware that someone had hired Amelie to kill her until she appeared into his torture chamber to complete the job. They bonded over the idea of torturing Catalina, but Catalina ended up enraging Amelie to the point that she ended up killing her sooner than she intended. This did not matter. A friendship was formed that day. It was soon discovered that Amelie was had a connection to his world than her friendship with him. She was high priestess to the void, whom had taken the name Areli by the time this was discovered.

It was, also, discovered that Kyrell was the incarnation of one of the first witches--rather one of the six original concept-- the goddess Aine and their creator had created. He was fate, and it was discovered that the other six concepts had been reborn. This was first time that all six concepts had been reborn into the world and the same time, and they each were ascending to concept level. Kyrell had ascended to concept level long before this, but for some reason he refused to accept he had ascended passed king. Memories of their past lives were, also, emerging with these ascensions. Through, some of them had regained these memories faster and unlocked the knowledge on how to use their powers with them. It was around this time that Kyrell discovered his sister was still alive. She somehow managed to survive being burnt to a crisp, and went through the very long and painful process of healing herself.

She became known as the witch of the wilds--a nightmare legend among their people, whom is known to devour the souls of weary travelers that crosses her path. Ansley was, also, discovered to be the high priestess of one of the concepts. Nature to be exact, whom had been reborn as his son Kieran. She is the high priestess of winter. These are far from the only discoveries he had made. He learned many things about his children. His son's Kieran, Keir and Colden are not completely his. A demon by the name of Dasan took his form and impregnated both Adelia and Ansley. Due to Dasan's shape-shifting abilities if one looked at his son's genetics both Kyrell and Dasan would come up as their fathers. They were not the only children he discovered weren't actually his. It came to his attention that his daughter Everleigh wasn't his. She wasn't even Catalina. She was actually Catalina's twin sister's Dahlia's daughter.

However, he was aware that she was actually Dahlia's before it was brought to his attention that Everleigh wasn't actually his. It was, also, around this time he learned the truth around the experiments Catalina had forced Everleigh to endure. Before Everleigh had been born she had lost another baby, and she wished to make Everleigh stronger then death. This line of thinking showed that her actions was fueled by a desire to protect her family and for Kyrell that changed everything. He might not agree with her method, but he not as enraged by her actions as once had been. He didn't think anything about Everleigh not being his because both Catalina and Dahlia had gotten pregnant at the same time with what everyone believed were his children. The truth did not change his feelings for Everleigh. In his mind, she was one hundred percent completely his daughter.

Everleigh, on the other hand, was not happy with this news. She took great pride in being the daughter of Kyrell Giese and the fact that she was not made it feel as if her entire world was crashing down. However, Kyrell with the help of others whom cared a great deal about Everleigh that family was more than blood and that if she didn't like something all she had to do was change it. That was exactly what Everleigh did. She made it so genetically Kyrell was her father, but she did not erase the man whom was biological her father. She made it so she was like her brothers and both men revealed themselves as her father when one examined her DNA. This was not the only change she made to her own genetic code. She made it so one other revealed himself to be her father when they looked at her genetics and that these same genetics showed she biologically had three mothers.

This day was, also, the day that Everleigh's twin brother Hawthrone died. Kyrell knew the devastation over his son's death compared to nothing to what Everleigh was feeling. He knew from personal experiment just how painful it was to lose one's twin. Among witches' the bonds between twins are considered extremely strong. They are believed to be different sides of the same coin--a representation of the light and dark forces that makes up the universe. He vowed to do everything in his power to help her deal with this pain. He found the children he had with Catalina and is working on forming a relationship with them. The process is not an easy one, but Kyrell it is more than worth it. He had several other children--including a daughter with Amelie.

This did not please Ansley. It wasn't because she disliked Amelie or was upset that he had children with another. Ansley consider any children Kyrell had hers and loved them all the same. No, it was the fact she believed he had broken his promise to her that had her upset. He had promised both Amelie and he would get to know each other better, and learn about each others' worlds before they took their relationship to that level. It was a promise that Kyrell had not intended to break, but Amelie was extremely upset over her son's disappearance and Kyrell sought to comfort her in one of the only two ways he knew how. Ansley eventually forgave him for this as she came to learn he had not broken it on purpose, but it was that moment his mental scars became crystal clear to her. She vowed to help him heal those scar just as he vowed to help heal hers.


Not long after Ansley forgiven him for having a child with Amelie, both Amelie and their daughter Liliah was taken from them. Enemies of Amelie came seeking her out to extract revenge upon her--killing both her and Liliah in the process. Kyrell found Liliah's dead body, but Amelie's was no where to be found. He had no idea what that meant. He feared the worse that she decided she despised his mere existence, and decided to kill their daughter to sever any connection he had with her. However, it soon became clear that was not the case. She had been killed just as their daughter had and she just happened to be reborn into a world whose time ran faster than his. She was having memories of another life and decided to seek them out. It was because of this that Kyrell discovered she was alive. They, more or less, picked up where they had left off.

Thanks to Everleigh, it was brought to their attention that their daughter might still be alive. They both vowed to find her and bring her home, and that is what they are currently doing. Their loved one have vowed to give them aid, and so far they have not found Liliah but Kyrell will not give up until she is home safe and sound. While he is looking for his daughter he is keeping an eye out for any other children he might have as well as ruling his people as their king and bringing about the changes he believes need to be made after the discover about the past had been made. It, also, came to his attention that Adelia had not reinvented herself, but instead had been abducted and another had assumed her identity. She had someone managed to escape and managed to make her way home--even if she was unaware at the time that was where she was heading. 

His hatred towards everything canine has decreased a great deal. Many attribute this change to the fact one of his grandson's is a wolf, but this did not stop him from being a tad upset to discover that his familiar was a dog of all things. Familiars are magic animals whom are bonded to a witch. They are an extension of that witch. Not every witch have a familiar and not every familiar has a witch, but to find one familiar is consider the greatest thing within the world. He believed he did not have one, and many believe his did not present herself until recently because the universe knew he would not accept her until now. In spite, being slight upset that his familiar was a canine he has accepted her as such, and he finds great enjoyment out of teasing her by claiming she is actually a cat. His grandson and familiar are not the only canines he have grown found of. He has adopted a dog that he has named Mayve, whom can often be found traveling with him.

Important People

Areli James
Rolan Giese (deceased)
Eldon Giese (adoptive father. Deceased)

Alyona Giese (deceased)

Kieran Isodara Giese
Eliana Giese (Adopted)
Astrea Morgan (Adopted)
Sindri Morgan (Adopted)
Bryecton Von (Brother-in-law)
Rayis Paxton
Cinaed Giese (Brother-in-Law)

Nieces and Nephews:
Aila Giese
Caelan Morgan (Adopted)
Sine Morgan (Adopted)
Catalina Paxton
Dahlia Paxton
Skylen Von (Nephew by marriage. Great Nephew by blood)

Rozaliya Giese (deceased)
Kieran Giese
Keir Giese-Vesela
Colden Giese
Everleigh Paxton
Hawthorne Giese (Deceased)
Gavriella Paxton
Khayri Damyanov
Laufeia Paxton-Giese
Casimir Paxton-Giese
Lanai Vesela-Giese (adopted)
Nergal Black (Adopted)
Sabriel Black (Adopted)
Liliah Zagurian-Giese (Deceased, but suspected alive)
Anya Morgan-Giese
Inanna Giese
Narya Paxton-Giese
Deyanira Paxton-Giese
Alaric Sinclair-Giese
Gabrielle Von
Spencer Von (Adopted)
Sereia Paxton (Daughter he created during his very first life)
Asriel Black (Adopted)
Davina Giese (Adopted)
Aiyana Lavoie (Daughter-in-law)
Aradia Giese-Vesela (Daughter-in-law)
Iejiel Demir (Son-in-law)

Kuval Lavoie-Giese
Dinah Lavoie-Giese
Kira Giese
Kian Giese
Dojan Keir Paxton-Von
Dalal Naiara Paxton-Von (Desceased)
Anastasiya Nekare (Adopted because she is stubborn enough to be a Giese)

Bailey Deville-Giese

Mother of his children:
Eliana Giese
Adelia Giese
Catalina Paxton
Dahlia Paxton
Ansley Morgan-Giese
Aysel Sinclair
Everleigh Paxton
Ciara Black (Because he adopted her children)
Dimitri Vesela (Neither one of them are actually the mother. They had just adopted a child together and Kyrell likes to claim Dimitri is the mother)
Amelie Zagurian
Adelaide James
Liana Von-Giese

High priest:
Khayri Damyanov

High Priestess:
Nydia Reynolds

Personal Slave:
Avari Zabel



Face Portrayed by: Vinnie Woolston

                    Tristan Lavoie                                                                       Shai Aysea

                               Nahele Darzi                                                     Rioghnan Sullivan

                              Aila Giese                                                                    Iejiel Demir

                  Yevhen Cervenka                                                Desiree Bellamy-Lavoie              

                    Keir Giese-Vesela                                                              Kieran Giese   

                       Sindri Morgan                                                    Dojan Keir Paxton-Von

                          Areli James                                                   Narya Paxton-Giese      

                       Skylen Paxton                                                  Bryceton Von   

                                 Cadogan Nekare                                                     Kallai Lehrer

                                        Killian Kincaid                                        Lyova Zahariev  

                               Alaric Cole                                             Dekel Sarkozi

                          Yuriy Sarkozi                                                     Dojan Alloisi-Giese   


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This is a multi character account with Kyrell being the main, and as such Kyrell will be the only character I will role-play on the comment section of this account. Comment role-plays for the other characters will be done on their blogger pages. I will get each blogger page up as I complete them, but each character on my page is available for play even if there is no blogger page posted for them. They will just need to be done in private messages or inboxes. If you wish to play with another character beside Kyrell in private messages or inbox please specify which character you wish to play with because I will default to Kyrell unless another character is asked for. Thank you and happy playing.

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  • The new surroundings made her frown, creases marring her forehead as she took in the desert landscape. She flicked a glance towards Kyrell. "Does this seem even remotely familiar to you?" It didn't to her, had she ever even been to the desert? She didn't know that answer, it was possible perhaps but if so it was within one of the memories she still didn't have access to. Those midnight azure optics then swivelled to eye the strange humanoid creature with the head of a pig that appeared to be bleeding. So that's what was driving the vultures nuts...
  • She probably already knew the answer before she'd asked the question which was why she hadn't waited for the answer. Once he'd stepped through the portal she followed, almost wanting to hold her breath in the anticipation of what they might find on the other side. Even though she told herself firmly not to get her hopes up.

    The portal snapped shut behind them, opening out in their new destination. Like Kyrell she'd burn down hell itself to find Lili, so nothing was going to hold her back from that. She flicked her glance around, taking in the new location before peering through the glass to check which direction the thread was leading them in.
  • Care to discuss a plot with me?
  • It was true that nobody could see eye to eye on everything, not even family, yet they were close in spite of that or maybe because of that. She leaned in closer to peer at the thread he pointed out, giving a quick nod. "Looks good to me. Shall we?" She didn't really wait for an answer she just started off in the direction that the thread was leading. Knowing the thread likely led away from this place to somewhere else, she snapped open a portal for them.
  • Thank you for accepting my request.
  • Even she did not always see eye to eye with her family, there were many things they disagreed upon yet irregardless of that fact they were hers. It was true they came from very different worlds with very different beliefs, even she had, had to take the time to understand them. "Alright. Where do we start? Do we just pick a direction and start walking?"
  • Great, do you have any ideas for the two love?
  • Sounds great, shall we plot love?

  • It wouldn't have stopped her caring for the girl as her own, if she didn't think she'd be insane for doing so she'd claim his entire family was hers. Her fingers idly stroked along Shade's feathers as she fed the bird more bits of bread. "Apt analogy. Where to first then?" She could see threads that led her to Michael, their brothers. Her elder children, nieces and nephews and such. Hell she probably wouldn't be surprised if her threads of fate also led her to Bryceton, given they too shared a connection. Would her other familiar that she hadn't yet been reintroduced to also show up?

    She peered through the little piece of glass again trying to locate where their threads merged.
  • Hello, great page! Would you like to write?
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