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Character Age


Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

A pure blooded, royalty "born" demon with a shoulder-length wavy, pitch black hair, red eyes, and two blood-red horns on the side of her head. She always puts on a blood-red lipstick and a black one on Friday. Whenever she meets someone for work purposes, she always dons a high bun, an eye mask with decorative butterfly patterns, a choker adorned with a blood-red stone and a small rapier-like ornament in the middle, and a set of dress, preferably in the color of either, black, red, gold, or a mix between them. When she's off duty, she lowers her hair, removes the eye mask, and wears white and creme dresses with a matching set of accessories and shoes.

Character Personality

A charming demon girl that seems perfect when you first met her; but I assure you, she isn't. She's a believer in separating work and normal life - if she even has one. You can observe that she has two different personalities: on and off work. While on work, she's very diligent in doing her job and can maintain a composed attitude when problems arise. Even so, when it's off work, she's just your normal (can be a bit hot-headed at times), friendly demon girl that likes to offer people her cooking (when she succeeded). Oh, and, she's also very adventurous, so the best way to ask her out is by food. She hates people who break promises and lie to her, though, be careful with that. She sometimes acts out of impulses, although she tries her best to remain rational when on work mode. She's a free spirit whose feelings can only be tied down by someone she's comfortable with. If she could be described in one word, it would be a firework.


Character Likes

She's a fan of red and black roses, and the gold ones too, even if it's very, very rare. She's also very good with spices and hot food, saying that the Upperworld's food is far more merciful than in Netherworld (her origin). She's also a huge nerd of mysteries and horrors, although she conceals this perfectly well. She loves all kinds of felines, snakes, and dragons (and due to her past, she developed a strange obsession towards butterflies, especially blue morpho).


Character Dislikes

As someone who lives off of hotness, she hates frozen stuff (ice creams are okay though). She also HATES slimy things, and lizards are the bane of her existence.

Character History/Story

Emmelaine Carmellia Verrier (Laine Verrier in short) was "born" in the family of the Arnon Verrier the Great Rhetoric, one of the most influential demon royalty families in Netherworld, specifically in the Kingdom of Svellis. Excel in many things, she was chosen (out of 7 daughters of Duke Verrier) as the successor of her father, learning the ways to eventually become one of King Asmodeus' right-hand people, so she has a high standing social status in the Netherworld. Before coming here, she was appointed as the legal representative for one of the newly-founded nations in the Upperworld (human world) and act as one of the high officials, specifically in terms of giving neutral advices to the queen. She was married to a War General in the previous kingdom, but they eventually got divorced as she left the country. She just doesn't want any strings attached when she's not in the area (and it's too much hassle to be married to a human whose lifespan is shorter than hers).


One thing to note about her, being "born" in the Verrier Family isn't like a normal process by becoming a baby first. Duke Verrier chooses the most tainted human souls whose personality is akin to his and "adopted" them to become his children. Laine was the 3rd child, "born" out of her human life (long story short, she was the one who brought her human homeland into ruins). When she was still "adapting" as the child of a demon Duke, she managed to excel in many things. She also tainted a devout pastor, so tainted that he became one with the fire and become one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. This pastor then became her everything; loyal minion, servant, even lover, but then some things happened and the pastor disappeared.



She always tries to find him again, but she's also open to experiencing new loves. After all, with unlimited live and age, why should you worry about the consequences?

Character Inventory

She has a magic storage called "Cylone" in the form of a cylinder (with an undying blood-red rose growing inside of it) that she brought from the Netherworld. Using this, she could store a lot of things. The Cylone can also be used as a kind of phone that will project hologram as oppose of having a screen on it (allowing the user to type on air).

The most important things:

-An enchanted red hair ribbon that could turn into anything fabric-based (can be an emergency dress).

-A rapier, magically shrunk so she can wear on her choker.

-A gilded ring with a small magic stone, a promise ring from the pastor.


-Her official duty eye mask.

-A grimoire that she wrote, teaches about her red magic.

Character Abilites

She has three sets of main skills: interpersonal, sword fight, and magic. She's skillful in persuasion and controlling people without they acknowledging it. In sword fight, she holds a rapier that, if she deliberately chooses to pierce through your soul, will suck it inside and you will be her minion. That's a part of her red magic, which includes fire spells, necromancy, and alchemy (she likes to create homunculus from time to time). Even so, she's very slow adapting with the Upperworld's technology, so she could be clueless about it sometimes.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, One-liners

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

You can call me Mara, a female and I'm currently 26 yo. Like Laine, I also love red and roses and hates lizards. I've been obsessing over Blink-182's "I Miss You" and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus' "Your Guardian Angel" ever since I discovered them in middle school. My favorite genres are horror, interstellar scifi, and AI-Android scifi type of thing. I am very much into demons, androids, servants, and knights. I also love otomes and RPG very much; if you ever play a game and find the username "Maralaine", most of the time it is definitely me. I draw my own arts, preferring paper, pencil, and pen based.

(PS: The pastor is my friend's character, thus you see the name in my drawings)

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