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  • (No problem. I hop characters myself, believe me! Too much inspiration can be a curse. Let's see- War of 1812. Two easy angles there- one, French, given the obvious regarding Canada, Quebec, and the former French territories to begin with. Two, India- the British Empire's occupation has not yet begun, but it's close on the horizon. The French, too, are in the region as well and will remain so into the future, obviously. I could see spinning an artifact that has similar properties to the fabled spear of destiny- enhancing military victories, guaranteeing success for a side, etc etc. That could come from the French side. If we went with the Indian side, I could reach into Hindu or Buddhist lore for something a bit more supernatural.)

  • (I've played the 2013 Tomb Raider but haven't gotten around to Rise yet, so what I know about Trinity is limited. [aka every Steam sale I am wooed by other things without fail, or so it seems.] I can think of an idea, actually. Monarch has an old naval installation- a historic one, we're talking War of 1812- that they've bought from the state and converted into a research facility. With all their digging, something nifty could come up. Whether it was there to begin with, or maybe stolen during wartime.)

  • Message from Lara Croft

    I delete almost all comments that aren't role play after I have replied to them.

    Would you see OOC (out of character) replies that are left undeleted, it is because they hold necessary, or good-to-know information.

    I do not delete role play comments that are in character. 

  • (Hi! No problem- I'm busy myself and never mind a wait. I never expect people to know much about Quantum Break, but honestly, people going in blind and seeing just what Monarch is and what the people leading it can do is a lot of fun. I'd love to plot! An easy way to draw Paul out of his "castle" is a temporal anomaly. If Monarch were to sweep in outside of their native (and totally controlled) Riverport, they'd come en masse like a military contractor might enter a warzone. It would definitely be suspicious.)

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