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Journal entry: 17

A tape recorder found in an apartment belonging to a 'Croft, Lara '

:Static noise:


"I don't think..." 

:Static noise:

"Okay. There we go." 

:Faint sigh followed by a thud:

"Croft. Lara. Journal entry number Seventeen. October seventeen, twenty seventeen" 

:Slight grunt followed by a faint snort:

"I'm still not sure... I still can't see the connections between Trinity and Abstergo Industries."

"I met with an Abstergo employee last night. Couldn't see her face, she was wearing a hood."

"She told me about dealings between Abstergo and Trinity. That I should keep an eye on Abstergo."

"Don't know if I can trust her. But I guess it's worth a shot." 

:Static noise:

"She gave me a list. A list of names. Some of the names are marked with a Templar cross."

"Just like the..." 

:Static noise: 

"... found, tied to Trinity. And the crusades. But I-" 

:Static noise:

"-can't see the connections. Abstergo may be a multinational corporate conglomerate,"

"But I don't see why they would deal with Trinity. Or maybe..." 

:Pause. Static noise. Faint typing on a keyboard:

"In early 2012, there was a scandal involvig Abstergo Industries' involvement in the"

"New Flouride incident. A drug with the aim of purifying water."

"The project backfired as the drug instead poisoned the water supplies."

"Ending up causing significant damage to the population in various settlements in China."

"As well as a town in the US, Prince George." 

:Static noise:

"Could be nothing but a conspiracy theory, but it could be worth investigating."

"The only other connection I could find was the symbol."

"Abstergo Industries' logo appears like a stylized version of the Allseeing eye."

"The famous symbol both Illuminati and Trinity have been hiding behind."

"The religious symbol of the Holy Trinity."

"The father, the son, and the holy spirit. But this does not necessarily..."

"Desmond Miles..." 

:Static noise:

"Who is Desmond Miles? I'll need to further investigate this." 

:Static noise. The sound of a door being opened:

"Lara Croft? We need to ha-" 

:Static noise. Click:

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Croft Manor

142, Abbingdon Road, Guildford, Surrey, England. -AL9 5NG.

Croft Manor* is the stately home for the Croft family and has been passed down from generation to generation.
After the death of Lord Richard Croft, the manor stood empty for years before Lara finally decided to visit the place of her childhood.

The only hint to the age of the manor is in the crypt. A grave where the intended was laid to rest in 1788. It's safe to say the manor was built at least a generation before that. The ground upon which the manor is built was granted to the Croft family, along with their title, by King Edward VI all the way back in 1547. Whether or not the manor is that old is up for debate.

The beautiful entrance to the large manor.

Lara in the main hall of the manor.

Lara entering the Study.

Lara exploring the master bedroom.

Lara exploring the crypt.

Lara finding her mother's old paintings.

Lara reading in a cleaned up Croft Manor.

*For more images of Croft Manor play the Rise Of The Tomb Raider: Blood Ties DLC, or watch a playthrough.

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