Lucille Morgan - The Walking Dead Comic Series.

Negan: Former Husband.
"You're off your game. Ninjas... Don't use broadswords. " —Lucille to Negan.

Killed By

Cancer (Alive).
Jeremy: Zombified (Off-Panel).

Here's Negan - Comic Series: Part 1 through 5.

Virginia, not much is known about Lucille's life before the outbreak started other than she was married to the walking deads main antagonist, Negan and that she was diagnosed with cancer. Though it is clear Negan deeply cared for her, it was revealed in the comic series and even in the show that he was cheating on her. Lucille knew of his disloyalty, but stuck by him simply because it was clear she loved him more than he loved her. When she was diagnosed with cancer, Negan cuts ties with his mistress in an attempt to apologize to Lucille. Negan stayed with her from the beginning to the end of her treatments, but ultimately she succumbs to the disease and passes away. After she had passed on, she turned into a walker and despite his efforts, Negan is unable to put her down. A boy he had met in the hospital had been requested by Negan to do it for him and though he was hesitant, Jeremy agreed and put Lucille down with a fire extinguisher.

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Lucille Harper - The Walking Dead TV Series, AU

Name: Lucille Harper (Married Name: Morgan)
Gender: Female
Age: Early 50s
Ethnicity: Caucasian-American
Presummed Cause of Death: Cancer
Status: Alive (AU), Deceased (Canon)
Occupation: Former high-school chemistry teacher, Current leader of the Roanoke community.
A town where many came but never really stayed for long, a place where you could settle down and raise a family if you so chose to. Sometime in the 1960's a couple introduced their little girl into the world, Lucille (meaning light) who from an early age was that of a sweetheart, she hardly woke her parents up in the middle of the night and from a young age would even make herself breakfast if her father was at work and her mother was over tired from the previous days events, though she had no siblings Lucille was never selfish or bratty like most single children are, no she loved her parents and was brought up in a loving home where manners and morals were firmly set in place. Lucille loved children ever since she could remember and always told her mother she would be exactly like her when she had children of her own, she would babysit for the neighbors and overtime decided she wanted to be a teacher. When she was sixteen she was on top of her school work, making the most of her time in school and really buckling down so she could have the best education to make not only her parents but most importantly, herself proud of her accomplishments. As soon as she had graduated and was out on her own, Lucille began studying to become a teacher, she began working at an Elementary school as a second grade teacher and loved every single second of it, it fulfilled the need she had been longing to accomplish but that only lasted so long. When she was twenty after three years working with younger children, Lucille studied to become a Chemistry teacher, soon landing a job in Ocean Lake High-school, from there she delved into teaching and made a good group of friends, one being a fellow English teacher named Laura, a woman who was just as in love with teaching as she was. Laura and Lucille grew close and eventually became best friends. In her second year of teaching Lucille met Negan another teacher who taught gym.
The two hit it off straight away and began dating in secret as it was against the schools ethics code for teachers to date. Five years later and the two were engaged to be married with in the following few months, soon enough they tied the knot and worked well side by side as a couple and though Lucille was on top of her game in her department and heading for a promotion, Negan was sinking lower and lower and gaining more and more complaints from parents claiming he was abusing and insulting their children where he also gained a strong penchant for profanity and a crude sense of humor. Regardless of all this, Lucille stood beside her husband and picked him up when he was beaten down. Over time however, Negan's behavior began to irk Lucille and despite her efforts to sway his attitude toward his students, the once happy and in love pair soon began to drift apart. It was only five years into their marriage when Negan gradually became unfaithful towards her, constantly lying and even engaging in an affair with none other than Lucille's now former best friend Laura. Lucille knew Negan deeply cared for her and despite cheating on her and her obvious knowledge of it happening she stuck by him.
It was around her thirty third birthday Lucille collapsed after having yet another argument with Negan over his behavior toward his students, having phone calls from parents who were less than pleased with his continuous behavior. Negan rushed his wife to the hospital and it was from there, the two were informed she was in the late stages of cancer, upon learning of his wife's illness, Negan cuts ties with Laura in an attempt to apologize to Lucille and for a brief moment in time, the two seemed to be okay once again. Negan stayed beside his wife from the beginning to the end of her treatments. However it seemed as though she was only getting worse and within the next five years, Negan ultimately chose to leave his wife's side albeit reluctantly.
Losing touch with reality, being in and out of consciousness for the next five years, Lucille was none the wiser to the impending doom which came in the form the apocalypse, she had heard news reports but chopped it up to her illness making her hear things, ultimately she chose not to take them seriously, with Negan gone thinking his wife was dead, beaten to death with a fire extinguisher by a fellow hospital resident visiting his mother who had ultimately passed and turned, Lucille woke up. Disoriented and confused, she had pulled the tube that kept her breathing and fed, out from her mouth and began to pulled the wires from her body, stumbling into the machine's around her, she hadn't noticed the snarling coming from outside her room which had been blocked with a chair to stop anything or anyone getting in and harming her. Peering out the window, Lucille took several steps back after seeming the wreckage and carnage that had ultimately consumed the outside world, it couldn't be real there was no way. Grabbing the remote from the bedside table, she turned the TV on and flipped through the stations, nothing but static showed on every channel she flipped through, all except one, channel eleven which was showing repeats of the news reports.
"The end of the world has come, the dead are rising and attacking the living, please if there are any survivors we urge you to stay indoors and prepare yourselves, stay armed and stay alive. This is not a hoax, if you're able make your way to the border and evacuate the city. Be safe, and may god have mercy on the rest of you." This was repeated several times, Lucille sat on the edge of her bed, head in her hands until the banging at her door began, standing up, she armed herself with the pole of a broken machine, the door eventually gave way and about five or so patients and doctors all now rotting and disfigured were charging at her. With the little strength she had, Lucille began to fight for her life but it seemed nothing she did worked and they continued to come at her, swinging the end of the pole at one of them and bashing in their cranium, she watched as it slumped forward and fell to the ground though still crawled toward her, raising the pole above her head, she struck it again and watched as it became lifeless. With the other four still coming at her, she moved toward the bathroom while still aiming the end of the broken pole at their heads, one by one she managed to get a head shot and watched as they crumpled to the ground at her feet. Now cornered in the bathroom. she had forced herself to calm down, searching the bathroom for anything she could use, medical supplies, weapons anything to help her get out of the room. Finding a few bandages, aspirin, disinfectant, scissors and a broken piece of glass.
it wasn't a lot but it would do her until she got out of the hospital and outside. Once she was out in the open. Lucille had found the body of what seemed like a visitor in a car slumped over the wheel and strapped into the seat. As she went to reached over to undo the belt, she had jumped back when the thing began to stir. Lucille was quick to ram the broken glass into it's temple and watched as it ceased in movement once again, now undoing the belt and letting the body fall from the car seat, she checked the backseats to be sure no other dead thing was inside and got in, the car stalled the second she tried to start it, and again and one more time, thinking she wouldn't get the car working Lucille had slammed her fist down on the steering wheel and thankfully it roared to life, unfortunately that caught the attention of a small horde gathered near the entrance and were now coming toward her. Lucille revved the engine and floored it toward the opening, blood splattered across the windshield coupled with puss and torn pieces of flesh that had stuck to the windshield blades. Looking in the rear view mirror, she had noticed the opening of the hospital now flooded with the dead stumbling out and roaming around the parking lot.
Lucille drove as fast as she could toward the border and had taken in the destruction of the city around her, her heart broke as she thought of all the people who had perished and lost their ways, Negan being one to strike her mind and had her fighting back tears as she wondered what the hell had happened to her husband. Looking at the wedding ring on her finger, she had clenched her hands around the wheel and drove faster toward the check point. Once she had arrived the border was deserted, dead lay everywhere and now with no hope and no idea how to survive, Lucille for the first time since she woke was an absolute mess. She had decided to haul up in one of the outposts, barricading the door with a chair and sleeping on the floor. Her car was parked directly outside and she kept the keys in her back pocket, making sure she kept herself alert even in her unconscious state of mind, It was roughly two months and in the early hours of the morning when Lucille had heard it, movement from outside, she had gathered supplies she found in deserted cars, other little outposts in the surrounding area and taken down a stray wanderer or two. The nights were lonely and cold but Lucille managed and promised she would move on to find more survivors when she had more will power to move but for now she was safe, she had a radio nearby and had checked channels and stations to see if she could hear anyone calling out, while putting out a message herself however that hadn't been the case and slowly but surely she began to give up on ever finding another person alive again.
That morning though, the one where she heard the sound of someone trying to break into her car, Lucille grabbed the hand gun she had found in a cabinet and had leaned up on her knees to see who was outside, a man maybe in his mid thirties was using a long thin piece of metal to pry open the lock on her car through a slot in the window, Lucille slowly eased the door open and without much warning had swung it open, holding the gun up and aiming it at the man who had held his hands up and stepped back. "Drop it, unless you like the taste of metal." Not as threatening as she wanted it to sound but what was worse was that her hands were shaking, she was scared, she didn't know what she was doing and the male caught on fairly quickly. A grin spread across his face and tightened his hold on the piece of metal he was holding. "You aren't gonna shoot me sweetheart, I doubt you even know how to use the thing." He said, stepping toward her as she slowly backed herself into the wall behind her. The male got into her personal space and was quick to dominate the woman who felt even sicker than she had in her life. It all escalated so quickly and from having her head bashed against the wall behind her, to being draped over the males shoulder and thrown to the ground inside the room, Lucille had pushed herself back to the furtherest wall, that didn't stop him from coming and within seconds he had torn her shirt from her, as much as she tried to fight him off, she was no match for him and he had managed to pull her jeans off her and down to her knees, her screams did little to phase him though to silence her, he had punched her twice, once in the face and the other in the throat to stop her from making any type of sound. Everything else was a blur, she didn't remember much of anything but what she had caught onto, was the sound of gunfire and the extra weight on top of her, pushing herself up and onto her elbows, she had noticed the new hole in the back of the mans head and another directly behind him, lowering his gun and stepping inside before holding his hand out to her. "I'm not here to hurt you, you're safe." His words barely registered to her but she didn't hesitate for a second, wrapping her shirt around her and pulling her jeans back up around her hips, she had taken the males hand who lifted her and quickly stripped himself of his jacket and wrapped it around her shoulders.
Outside it was barely dawn and three more people were outside scoping out the area, one leaned against a car holding a shotgun close to her chest. Lucille looked around at the others and realized they were a group of survivors. The male who had saved her from what was surely about to happen to her, had introduced himself as Derrick, his fellow companions consisted of his girlfriend Matilda, best friend Marcus and daughter Alicia. They had asked her a series of questions such as how long she had been out, how she survived, if she had other people and if she had been bitten or scratched. Over the duration of a few hours, Lucille answered every question they asked and even heard stories of their own. Derrick and Marcus had served in the army, had been at the gates when the city was being evacuated, Matilda and Alicia barely made it to them and had even had to sacrifice members of their group when the border was over run and abandoned. Over the last two months they gathered more survivors, found a gated community and hauled up there until they decided to loop back and see if any other survivors had made it to the border. Thankfully they had come across Lucille just in time and had deemed her worthy enough to take in and question once they realized she was indeed on her own.
Preparing to leave the area once they were sure they were safe, Derrick loaded Lucille into the van and had allowed Alicia to drive her car back to the compound. Lucille was filled in on how the community was run and had formed a bond with Derrick after he had helped her, the two seemed to become good friends over the next few months and within time Lucille was out doing runs for the community and bringing in new survivors, Derrick confided in Lucille how he didn't like being in charge, how it happened by accident and how he preferred to just be another member so he could be home with his girlfriend and child, Lucille felt for the poor guy and would reassure him she was there to help if need be, over time Marcus was the one to step in and take over however it was obvious he was just as useless as leading as what Lucille thought however she had to give him credit for stepping up and helping Derrick. Still it was hard to just sit back and watch the community being driven into the ground. It was around two years later when all hell broke lose, Marcus hadn't been prepared for the attack from a group who called themselves the wolves, W's carved into their foreheads and scavenging for supplies. It was also around this time that Marcus had gone against them while Derrick insisted they try and work alongside them, give them what they wanted and hoped they'd go away, that wasn't what happened however and it resulted in more than the fair share of deaths in the community including Marcus himself and Derrick's girlfriend and child.
Two more years had passed and with Derrick refusing to do anything but pick up a bottle and drink after the loss of his girlfriend, best friend and child and having to be put back in charge of the people he no longer really cared for, Lucille had done her best to keep them safe, they had lost a total of twenty people and now only consisted of ten including Derrick and Lucille, their walls had been torn down and overrun by a horde of the dead, Lucille by this time had advanced her knowledge in weaponry and combat thanks to learning over the years from fellow community members and Derrick himself, they were ready and prepared to fight but were no where near as experienced as what the wolves were and that ultimately became their downfall. The group had found a little block of houses and searched through the area, building walls and making a new home there. Lucille hated what Derrick had become and how mercilessly he had turned his back on his people and cut them out, she couldn't help but feel for the guy who was now a shell of himself and did what she could to help him regain his humanity. But it seemed everything she did was a waste of time, Derrick wasn't Derrick anymore he didn't care about his people and he was getting short with Lucille over the most minor things. It was when he snapped, when he started seeing people /his/ people as the dead that Lucille had to make a decision, it started out as him yelling and making a scene only to snap back into it and apologize, to him attacking another community member out of the blue, but it all came to a head when Lucille was meeting with a few of the members to lock Derrick up before he did anything stupid that it had all gone down, a scream emanated from outside the door, Lucille jumped up and threw it open before stopping and feeling her heart sink.
Derrick was covered in blood, Louis one of the community members and barely even fifteen now laid on the ground underneath him, his intestines in Derricks hand's and half wrapped around his throat. Derrick was staring at his blood covered hands and had turned to look at Lucille, getting up he began to apologize, stuttering through his words, he began to step toward Lucille but through teary eyes she had drawn her gun and aimed it at him. Stopping and holding his hands up, Derrick knew what was going to happen, he knew it was over and before she could say anything else he began screaming at her to shoot him. She could barely look at him when her finger pulled the trigger and the gunshot rang out through the silence, she didn't say anything else and instead turned to leave the immediate area, dropping the gun onto the ground and heading back into the room she had been in before. Both Louis and Derrick were buried in the backyard and Lucille did very little to visit them. Another attack seemed inevitable and when it came, the group left before it could get out of hand, this time they were prepared but they knew the area was far too small for them and they had to move onto a bigger community lot. More survivors and more mouths to feed it seemed like Lucille was in way over her head, since losing Derrick the group relied on Lucille and she was labelled the new group leader.
Lucille didn't really want this, she couldn't do it and she felt almost unequipped to deal with the leadership role but these people, /her/ people began relying on her to keep them safe. So instead of turning away from it, Lucille took to the new title and began leading her people the only way she knew how, she had militants train others in weaponry and combat, had more experienced people who had seen the world for what it was, scope out areas and gather as many supplies and weapons as they could, she even had them looking for a more permanent place to live as they were all grouping together in the small houses and they really needed to expand. It took a few more months before they came across a single man, wandering out by himself but knew how to protect himself if need be, he was clearly an expert in weaponry and even more trained in combat, there wasn't much to learn as he was more than standoffish and Lucille honestly didn't know if he would fit in with their group of if he would even take the offer when she had handed it to him, bringing him back Lucille had the opportunity to pry some information out of him and had been somewhat impressed by his knowledge on the world beyond fences and walls. He had been on his own after his people had been wiped out by the dead, lost his girlfriend and everything else he held near and dear to him, it was from there he had come across a group of men who had taken him in, people who called themselves the Saviors run by a man called Negan but had been separated from them during a run and just hadn't stopped moving from then on until he came across Lucille's people.
Negan, the man she had been married to and shared a life with, a man she had known before this was more than likely the man surviving and running a group of his own. However the information shared was enough for her to almost be discouraged, he wasn't the man she loved anymore he had changed, turned into a malicious and almost psychopathic type of person who killed to prove a point. Lucille was so unsure of how to take this news but hoped the new comer would stay, revealing himself as Tig, Lucille had decided he would be a good asset to the team and was hoping he could shed more light on Negan. Over the next few months the two talked, he accompanied her on runs and in due time they had found a fairly big area that was hopefully enough for them to move in on, a place called Roanoke, somewhere that seemed like it was a suburban area filled with rich snooty people who thought they were better than anyone else. Raiding the area and killing anything that moved that was either dead or proved to be a threat, it took a few days for them to move everything in but with the new set of vans that lined the gates that were in somewhat good condition and more than enough people to help move, everything seemed to be looking up from there. Over the next year year Tig came and went from the community, he and Lucille grew close and she had found a new reason to give caring about someone a go, the community grew in supplies, weapons and people, they trained, repaired the cars, vans and even the walls surrounding the area along with the gates. In this time Negan had found his way to Roanoke having been tipped off by the new community goer.
Lucille didn't know how to feel when she had been in the same room as her now ex husband, she thought he was dead and seeing him alive and in the flesh only proved that this man was a hell of a lot stronger than he had ever been before, the two eventually began talking about how they had survived and how their communities came to be, hearing Negan's story only provoked curiosity in the older woman and almost had her feeling something of the old nature for him again, here's how it went: Thinking she was dead, he was unable to bring himself to put his wife down, this act of weakness would continue to haunt him and thus Negan strove to become a much stronger person. Sometime later, he acquired a baseball bat which he modified with barbed wire which he then named it "Lucille" in honor of his "late" wife. Years later he formed a group of survivors he named "the Saviors," one notable member being Simon, with whom Negan formed a firm loyalty, and thus Negan later appointed him as his right-hand man aka his second-in-command. Negan and his group discovered an abandoned factory where they managed to seize control and took residence inside, and which Negan established as his central headquarters as well as his personal home which he titled 'The Sanctuary'.
Over time Negan revealed he was married, and the two decided to bury their pasts, Simon burying his late wife and daughter, Negan doing the same for Lucille. Negan was devastated over the burial of Lucille and threw in his wedding ring and a picture of the two from their earlier years, Simon tossed in his own ring and a picture of him with his little girl and his wife Anne. Later, together the two paid a poignant tribute to the women they loved and from here, Negan decided to name his bat after his wife before apologizing for not giving her a proper burial and for naming a baseball bat after her wishing he could have done more. Lucille learns he is merciless for a reason, having lost people of his own and deciding weaknesses are what keeps you from growing, what makes you pathetic and what will inevitably be what gets you killed. Lucille did not agree wit his methods and though she keeps the peace with her ex, she decides to keep her and her people out of harms way and out of any line of fire that may draw attention to them.
However within the next eight years, Tig had become a loyal and well respected member of the group now being appointed Lucille's right hand man and second in command, keeping people in line when she couldn't. The leadership role is equal between the two and Lucille refuses to make final decisions without Tig's okay. In the time it has taken to get to the point they're at now, Lucille made the mistake of drunkenly sleeping with Negan's right hand man and it has only sparked a feud between both right hand men between the communities. Simon has recently found out his wife isn't exactly dead either and since finding out, the two have made it their mission to piss off the folk of Roanoke, Lucille and Tig specifically. It's been two years and the feud continues to boil on the brink of almost boiling over, Lucille is a completely different woman to the one she was and has since become a better woman for it as well. Still she avoids war and has joined forces with Rick and his people, even taking in Rosita, another woman who Negan cheated on her with, and her children whom she had fathered by Negan himself, thanks to Tig's encouragement and note that she wouldn't turn away children despite who they may belong to. Now they live in somewhat harmonious peace with the occasional issue flaring up every now and then, but she is sure as long as she can keep the peace between her community and any other that may come along, and as long as she has her right hand man by her side, there isn't anything she can't do and truthfully she is so much happier because of it.

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    "Fair enough. But this is a human being,Luci. Something like that should come into conversation. I've blamed myself enough,thinking you were dead,and I hate myself every day for what I've done to you. Nothing can change that. But this?? Me having a child with you,that I've never fucking even known about? Changes a shit load. You knew about Rosita. I have every right to know about my son,and you.. You of all fucking people,know that. I could have been a part of his life."

  • || Quick question... When did this happen?? o.O

    "Over time Negan revealed he was married to Simon"

    "Oh please. I just want some fuckin' information.
    Tell me the truth about Loki."

  • There was going to come a reckoning. A day when the world was going to be turned upside down, on its head. At first it was the dead walking among the living. It made one question the existence of God and the state of Heaven.  Was this God’s final divine punishment of man? Was this Hell on earth? Who was to say exactly. 


    Everyone thought the war was over. Negan was defeated and the only thing left was to rebuild and deal with the dead. Well things were going to change again.  The children of Negan, for which they were many of them.  What was to be done about them? Would they rise up to avenge their father? Rescue him? Or would they just forget about him? Though to be fair. Most of them were only..... human.  Lucky for Negan, a certain demon from another world took a keen interest in him. A demon that one could say was the demonic version of Negan, a female carbon copy to be exact. 


    This Demoness chose Negan as her mate. For the two of them were very, very, similar in their behavior and way of thinking. It was because of this that the demoness chose him and gave birth to twins of terror. Two girls that were chips off the perverbial block. Girls that acted very much like mommy and daddy.  The Morgan twins had come to this world after their mother dropped them off as it were. They were older now, not fully adults, more troublesome teenagers and that was just as dangerous. The twins had arrived to see their dear old daddy and were stunned to learn of his absence. 


    The Twins thought their dad was kidnapped again and held prisoner somewhere, like that time with the Dumpster chick or Rick the Prick. They came to their father’s recuse and busted him out and had a joyous celebration. Now they were back for their bi annual visit and were disappointed that daddy wasn’t around. 

    The people at the Sanctuary told them that Negan was still alive, but had left on some business and discovered the return of his ex wife, for whom he affectionately named his bat over. This prompted the girls to find out if this woman was indeed the beloved wife of their father and to also see what she was all about. 

    The twins blinked when they heard the word “Roanoke. “. It made them think of that island that people famously vanish from without a Trace and that season of AHS, which they still needed to watch. The twins had nothing better to do and they were curious about this woman named Lucille. The woman who knew their father before the world turned to shit.  Now they could find out what their father was like in the past and perhaps discover what made him who he was today. 


    The twins took off on their trek to Roanoke, making record time and killing every Zombie they saw. It was pretty easy for them and they twins were debating what to do when they got there. Skye decided to take charge this once and go first while Blaire would cover herself in a cloak and remained semi hidden. At the front gates to this Roanoke community, Skye would use a line from her father and actually used his voice, just the scare the shit out of whoever heard it. To make them think Negan was there for his “tribute” or a social call perhaps. 


    “ Oohhh Little Pig. Little Pig. Let Me In!”


    Now one look at her and it was impossible to tell what group she was with or who she even could be. Her outfit was like something from a circus carnival then anything else. She had a Metal baseball bat with spikes in it. Mother dearest did buy them medieval spike maces, which they loved!! But they decided to get some baseball bats, to be like daddy. Course wood with barb wire simply wouldn’t do. Not enough damage potential and they kept breaking the bats because they were too strong.  So mommy dearest had bats made from reinforced steel Titanium and had spikes in it for maxuim lethality. The new bats would go to serve the Twins well. 


    Skye was standing at the gate, holding the bat over her head and blowing out a large bubble of bubble gum.  





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"x Alright I'm free all week and will be replying to or starting threads with whoever is interested. Send me a message or feel free to spam my page here and I'll get to it tonight. I'm gonna be pulling all nighters to make up for my lack of time spen…"
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"× Me when I'm told I'm a favorite above someone who thinks they outrank me ×"
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"× Replies will come soon enough. I'm super busy at the moment and have no motivation to write. I will get them done before school tomorrow though. ×"
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"x I know I know I need to quit coming and going BUT I'm ovr people OOC and truth be told I think I'm gonna dive back into here, this account included. Plus the muse is mad I deleted her account in the first place so I'll give the needy bitch what sh…"
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