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Character Age

17 (though really depends on the RP)

Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status

Single, but has a crush

Character Appearance

Distinguishing Features:
-A birthmark on her left hip
-A burn scar on her right wrist from trying to save her father from the fire and his shirt was on fire a little, when the firefighters came and a tiny flame got on her arm
-(If you’re playing Billy) A stab wound from Billy on her left side, just above her hip
A stab wound from Stu on her right shoulder

Character Personality

In and outside of school:
Shy at first
-Caring (a bit too caring with some people)
-A lot like her father. (Expect all the killings)
Don't get on her dark side...it's not pretty

Night time and in nightmares:
-A lot like her father

Character Likes

-Horror movies
-Gore (Wonder why XD)
-Collecting things (she has some pretty good collections)

Character Dislikes

Some food
-People using her last name
When people stare at her because she thinks they know her secret or they are plotting to kill her. (IF YOU’RE PLAYING BILLY: Which is why when Billy stares at her she just has this feeling he’s Ghostface, but he obviously wasn’t staring to kill her. It’s because she’s his girlfriend and he’s admiring her) -Not being able to be there for the people she loves

Character History/Story

-She doesn't like anyone using her last name
-She use to be a cheerleader
-Is very close to her father even though he is a serial killer
-Her father is the only thing she has left and when the town murdered him, she was not a happy camper
-Once the whole "Springwood Slasher" thing died down and new people came into the town, she never brought up the history of it to her new friends.
-She’ll go all John Wick (listen it wasn’t made in the 80s, but shhh…idk anyone else that’s as scary as John Wick) if you hurt the ones she loves. A piece of paper isn’t safe around her
-(ONLY IF YOU’RE PLAYING GLEN) The new kids of Springwood found out about it and they heard different stories about "The Springwood Slasher" and none of them were right, so Lea was the one to state the truth and they were confused on how she knew so much.
ONLY IF YOU’RE PLAYING BILLY) -Lea didn’t want to leave her dad in Springwood, but she needed a fresh new start, a clean slate, so she moved to Woodsbro…in a house, and get this, on Elm St, at the age of 8. Her first day of school Billy was the first to say hi to her and everything. They’ve been best friends since. She grew a crush on him eventually, and it was quite obvious. She kept her last name from him still, but she did tell him one day, little did she know...the Krueger and Loomis family had MAJOR beef with each other, that lead Billy and Stu to try and kill her, but he really loved her, so he couldn't actually do it
-She also slowly started to figure out that Billy and Stu where Ghostface, but she tried to hide that from there, but Stu could tell she was hiding something and that is why he wanted to kill her because he thought that she would turn them in.
-Billy is a bit over-protective of her, even after he tried to kill her. He also cares about her a bit too much, that he doesn't care about himself sometimes. (Lea is the same way towards him)
-After Stu, Billy, and Lea got to the hosptial her and Billy have lost more blood then Stu (Lea lost more than Billy), but even when she was in the hospital she wanted to be with Billy. -She is 'unscarable' which is also why Billy wanted to 'kill' Lea, was to scare her a bit.
-She also found out that Billy just wanted to make Stu happy so he tried to kill her

Character Inventory

Necklace that her father gave her for her 3rd birthday. She wears it everyday
-A picture of her and her father from her 2nd birthday. She carries it everywhere.

Character Abilites


Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, No-Preference

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Romance, Violence, Rated R, 18+, Gore

About the Writer (OOC)

I keep my real name private for many reasons for these types of websites, but you can call me Elena! I love to read and draw! I have a lot of obsessions, to the point where I have one like every week.

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