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It was just a prank, HAN! Chapter II

(This is part two of my blog series detailing the Until Dawn story from Hannah's perspective.)

I wake suddenly, my head throbbing and my right leg hurting something fierce. I can’t remember ever feeling this much pain wash over me all at once. Simply wave after wave of uncomfortable physical sensation. I’m awake now, drinking in the feedback of all my senses. Aside from my own noisy breath there is nothing to be heard and the area around me is simply too dark to see much at all longer than five feet, and my imagination begins to supply horrors to fill the void. After a minute or two the sound of running water permeates the inky blanket. I am near a brook. But I can’t think about water, even though my throat is sore and all I want to do is quench my thirst. I’m afraid, most of all, afraid of tipping my head sideways and find out if she really is gone. After what seems like hours my head finally makes a sudden spin and I could confirm what I already knew.

Beth lay there, her eyes open in a locked state of terror. She was DEAD!

The world turned into a blur, and so did all the sounds. The taste. The smell. Everything was just gone. I paused trying to hold back the feelings rumbling inside me but I couldn’t. A lone tear traced down my cheek, and just like that, the floodgates opened. So many tears burst forth like water from a dam, spilling down my face. My chin trembled as if I was a small child. I breathed heavier than I ever had before. I was gasping for air that simply wasn’t there. My throat burned forming a silent scream. I crawled my way to her body, desperately clutching at her clothing, shaking her, as if that would awake her from her permanent slumber.

It wouldn’t. And it didn’t matter how long I lay there, hunched over her body, begging for her to come back. She was gone.

I took a look upwards, seeing from just where we’d fell.

I wondered when someone would come for me. How long I would stay here with my sister.

And I waited.

And I waited.

I had no clock to tell the time, but I must have been guarding her body for hours.

When would someone come for me?

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It was just a PRANK, Han!

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"It was just a prank, HAN!"


Those were the last words that Hannah heard from any of her friends as she ran into the woods, away from all of her 'friends', and straight into the cold, the pain, all things that paled in comparison to the breaking and tearing of her miserable heart. Just a prank. Toxic words so simple but, like acid, burnt a hole right trough her soul. In the blizzard there was no way to know which direction for Hannah to run as the usual landmarks were hidden behind the white that swirled so densely around her now, but she had no clear path even so, just running aimlessly out, away from all of the pain.

It was painfully cold and the soft crystals she would have found so bewitching from the other side of a pane glass, now amassed on her eyelashes in icy clumps whilst the snow that fell from the sky packed down the neck of her shirt and between the fabric that flapped at the front. She could feel her blood cool and her skin become ice. She cried out, but the wind robbed her of her voice and carried her cries of agony up and into the mountaintops. The world was being erased around her, and she'd be with it soon enough. She was broken now, shattered really, robbed of the tape and glue necessary to put her soul back together. Her heart, poorly stapled shut, was beating hard but without purpose in this dark winter wonderland.

She fell to the ground, sinking deep into the snow which seemed to suck her in, embracing her. She could feel her shoes fill with snow and her toes beginning to numb. She looked at the butterfly tattoo on her arm and felt the tug of her heartstrings again. It sat there, permanently marked on her skin, taunting her and reminding her of her shame, of her love for someone who, obviously, didn't feel as she did.

She wished that she could simply rip it off, tear it like soft fabric and watch it scatter in the winters wind along with her ability to feel, to hurt, to love.

She sunk deep into the snow, her entire body now beginning to ache. And that's when she heard another voice coming somewhere from within the woods. She couldn't yet see who it was, and could barely hear said voice through the thick snowy haze constantly raining down over her glasses, obstructing her view. She was in a blind world now, descending downwards.

"Hannah, Hannah?!" The voice again, more familiar. Hannah looked up, preparing to run should it be one of them. One of her friends.

"Hello?" Hannah asked the voice, eyes pinned into the heart of the blizzard, out of which her twin sister, Beth, appeared from underneath a few snow-covered branches, pushing her way over to her sister.

"Hannah, oh my god, you must be freezing! Here, take my coat." Beth said worriedly, rushing forth to cover Hannah with her own jacket. The downtrodden Hannah felt some ounce of warmth embrace her. Her sister had always been there for her, protecting her from the cruelty of the world.

From the cold, the pain, and the heartache.

"I'm such an idiot. I'm so DUMB!" She cried as Beth took her into her arms, dragging her to her feet.
That's when a blood curling scream tore through the snow like a great northern wind and the twins felt their eyes widen and pulse quicken, hearts thudding like a rock rattling in box. The scream came again, desperate, needing... and not entirely human. The blood drained from the twins faces.

"...Hannah?" Beth whispered, grasping hold of her sisters arm.

"...Beth?" Hannah would reply weakly, her eyes darting around the darkness, trying to see the source of the sound. That scream tore through the woods again. Closer this time. A lot closer. Something was AFTER them! They did as all would in that situation, they began to run, hearts pounding, their panicked breath like thunder, thighs burning and lungs on fire, both of them praying not to trip. But Hannah did, falling and tripping. "Hannah!" Beth gasped, backtracking in a flash to help her sister to her feet, but dropping her phone as she did so. No time to go pick it up the two darted forth blindly in the snowy blizzard, unable to see much of anything the two unfortunate twins found themselves standing on the edge of a cliff.

"Oh, Jesus Christ!" Hannah was panicking, cowering back, moving dangerously closer towards the edge as the creature came closer.

The twins take each others hands for comfort, minds racing to catch up to the realization that they just might not make it.

"No! No, shit no!"

"Get back!" Beth cries out, her voice dripping and oozing of fear, but was determined to keep the monster at bay as the thing moved towards her and her sister, pushing them closer and closer towards the edge of the cliff until finally Hannah's feet takes a step further than they ought to, and she falls down, and holding Beth's hand, her twin sister went down with her. "FUCK!" Beth swears as she is dragged down along with her sister.

However, luckily enough Beth managed to grab on to a little branch jutting out the snowy cliff. They dangled there, certain doom below them.

"Hold on! Hold on!" Beth urged her sister, grasping Hannah's icy fingers, not letting go as fire erupted from somewhere over the ledge, and a man peeked out over the edge soon after. He offered his hand, but Beth would have to let Hannah go in order for her to grab hold of it.

And that, that is something that she just could not do.

And so the branch finally gave way and Hannah and Beth Washington fell down into darkness, never to be seen again.

Memories is all that's left now.

And the past is beyond our control.


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Nightly Horror

His heart hammered inside his chest like it belonged to a rabbit running for its skin. The room spun around in a vortex of colours, shapes and sizes and Josh grasped his sheets tight, pulling at the fabric almost to it's breaking point. He was sweating now, his breaths fast and short. He could see it in front of him, a corpse devoid of skin and pitted by burrowing maggots. Josh couldn't turn away as he lay there in bed while his stomach heaved, ready to expel what little dinner was left in there. Without eyelids the milky blue orbs of the corpse stared directly into Josh's eyes while the lip-less mouth hung open. It sat there at the foot of his bed, staring at him, laughing as it soaked the sheets with it's blood. And poof, the lower abdomen burst open and putrid intestines spewed onto the bed in pinkish brown coils.

Suddenly Josh began talking. His words were crowded together and some were missing entirely. His sentences fragmented, missing some. He tried so hard to answer the corpse's questions, to try and tell her that he didn't want any of this, that he wasn't entirely to blame.

He could hear so much noise, his mind filling with accusations thrown at him from all directions. A cascade of tears fell down from his eyes as he piece by piece began loosing himself.

And then. Poof, the corpse was gone and the voices had been silenced. He sat there, soaked in sweat and tears, shaking like a leaf and crying, crying for help, for solace, for anyone at all to come and hold him. He checked his phone to see what time it is. His fingers shook as he took hold of his phone and swiped right, unlocking it.

It was 03:34 and he had one message. From Sam.

He smiled.

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