Leman Russ, also known as the "Wolf King" and the "Great Wolf" during his lifetime, is the currently missing Primarch of the Space Wolves Chapter of Space Marines. He led the Space Wolves Space Marine Legion during the Great Crusade and the Horus Heresy and is famed in Imperial history for his hatred of psychic powers and sorcery, whose use in battle he viewed as dishonourable and unworthy of true warriors. After receiving a disturbing vision in 211.M31, Leman Russ disappeared with the warriors of his bodyguard, his destination and fate unknown.

Russ, along with his brother Primarchs Angron and Vulkan, were considered to be the greatest warriors one-on-one amongst the Primarchs. Known for his fierce and sometimes barbaric personality, Leman Russ considered himself the Emperor of Mankind's most loyal son and executioner. he viewed his role as unquestionably carrying out the punishments requited by the Master of Mankind. Among the forces of Chaos he was known as "the Brawler."

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Leman Russ, also known as the "Wolf King" and the "Great Wolf" during his lifetime, is the currently missing Primarch of the Space Wolves Chapter of Space Marines. He led the Space Wolves Space Marine Legion during the Great Crusade and the Horus Heresy and is famed in Imperial history for his hatred of psychic powers and sorcery, whose use in battle he viewed as dishonourable and unworthy of true warriors. After receiving a disturbing vision in 211.M31, Leman Russ disappeared with the warriors of his bodyguard, his destination and fate unknown.

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Leman Russ' primary weapon during the Horus Heresy was the Frostblade Mjalnar, an ancient weapon known as the Sword of Balenight. In battle to compliment his sword, Russ also wielded the Frost Axe Helwinter. For longer ranged engagements, Russ wielded the Combi-Bolter Scornspitter. For protection, Russ wore a singular suit of Artificer Armour known as the Armour Elavagar.

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  • She couldn't help but mirror her laughter and optimistic attitude. Rey found herself admiring Lucia. It wasn't very often that she came across a woman like her.

    Thinking back to what she wanted to ask, Rey paused and looked down at her feet. "Well....let's say, hypothetically...if you needed to kill someone, and you knew that killing this person would be the right thing to do, however..." she paused again, thinking of how to word it. "Say that person was a loved one of someone you know, someone you're close to, what would you do?" Rey asked, looking back at Lucia. Obviously she was asking this because of the conversation she just had with Russ. She knew exactly what his response would be, so she was looking for a second opinion.

    "I mean...how do you make that choice, knowing that either way someone will get hurt?"


  • Rey chuckled again, although this time her gaze softened and she shook her head in sympathy. "Oh dear...I take it back," she added with a light smile. "But I'm glad you seem to be doing better now, I don't think I saw you last night, so I wanted to say hi," she said, crossing one knee over the other. "Oh, and Russ sends his regards," she added with a smile that soon quickly faded as she found herself deep in thought once more.

    "Lucia...I know it's probably not the best time...but, could I ask for some advice?" Rey asked, her tone becoming more serious and solemn.

  • "Thank you," Rey said with a nod before walking down the hall and entering the appropriate room. She knocked on the door lightly before stepping in and closing it behind her. Lucia was a kind sight, but she did feel bad for her current condition. Rey had never been intoxicated before, but she imagined it was not very fun the day after.

    "You as well, and don't worry...your secret is safe with me," Rey said as she placed a finger over her lips and laughed. She sat down in the chair beside the bed and briefly glanced at the IV before looking straight at her.

    "Rough night? I hope it was at least fun while it lasted," she said, hoping to lighten Lucia's mood.


  • She laughed again and rolled her eyes playfully. "Thanks, but I think I'm good. I will! See you later," she said with one final smile and a wave before making her way down the hall.

    Although the heavy content of the day's conversations still weighed on her heart, Rey felt herself returning to higher spirits once more. She felt more energized, and prepared to tackle this mission properly when the time came. She just hoped that everything would turn out the way she wanted it to.

    It took her a little while, but eventually Rey found the Med bay. She stopped one of the workers passing by to ask them a question. "Excuse me, which room is Lucia in?"

  • "Oh!" Rey gasped and couldn't help but laugh a little bit herself. It was nice to share some humor with Russ after the very serious conversation they just had.

    "I'm glad she's mostly alright, if there's time I'd like to say hi to her, if that's okay?" she asked, taking a few steps back, but unsure if it would be alright or not considering that they were probably almost at Hoth.

  • The young Jedi didn't say much as he talked, but she kept her gaze low and nodded slowly in understanding. He had mentioned something like this before, but it seemed she needed a reminder. It was simply a difficult concept for her to grasp; their ways of living were so different.

    1794073735?profile=RESIZE_710xAfter a moment of reflection, Rey suddenly realized something. "Speaking of Lucia...that reminds me, I haven't seen her lately. Do you know where she is?"



  • Rey listened and turned her gaze slightly away in thought. Perhaps when this was over, she and the rest of the Resistance would be able to help Russ's faction just as they had done the same for the Rebels. But she didn't know if that was even possible or would make a difference. She felt terrible for Russ, to be permanently stuck in a life of war and endless violence. And now she had dragged him into even more chaos...

    "I'm sorry..." was all she could think to say after he finished explaining, but for the most part she was lost for words. Upon mentioning Kylo and Leia, Rey nodded slowly in understanding. "Yes, you're right. It's for the good of everyone."

  • "Mm..." Rey mumbled in agreement as she turned away slightly, thinking about what was to come. She didn't want to act through anger or revenge, but she had meant every word about Kylo. He was beyond redemption now, and only his death would free the Resistance from this terrible war.

    "I don't want to keep anything from her, but I think you're right," Rey said with a small sigh. "I just want this fight to be over and done with...I hate standing here and worrying about it. Have you ever felt that way?" she asked curiously.


  • "I understand...he's been given too many chances to redeeem himself, and has squandered all of them," Rey said quite coldly, her tone becoming quite venomous as she thought about Kylo. "I would never say this to Leia, but I don't believe he deserves to live, especially after what he did a couple days ago..."

    Taking a small moment to calm herself down, Rey sighed before looking up at the screen as Russ changed the image. Her mouth dropped in shock as she gazed upon the intimidating and devilish figure. He seemed like a complete and utter monster, incapable of feeling anything but anger.

    "That's horrible..." was all Rey could think to say after a time. Russ was right, they couldn't repeat the same mistake he made. They needed to make a stand. After listening to Russ talk about Leia, Rey couldn't help but agree. Even if Kylo was subdued and Leia had a blaster in her hand, deep down she knew she would never kill her only son, no matter how far gone he was.

    "No...you're right. If anyone is going to kill him, it has to be me. I have no sympathy for him anymore," Rey said venomously.


  • Rey breathed in and out deeply, lost in thought about what Russ had just said. "A part of me doesn't want to..." she said honestly; which was the part that felt sympathy for Leia and what had happened to her family. On the other hand, Kylo Ren was not the man he used to be. In a way, he wasn't even her son, he was someone completely different and unrecognizable as Ben Solo.

    Finally, Rey made up her mind as she turned to properly face him. "But if it means putting an end to this war, I will," she said, defiantly and honestly. She noticed the screen and looked at Angron. Somehow, she understood exactly what kind of person he was, and knew that his journey had been one of chaos and rage.

    "Is he still alive? Where is he now?" Rey asked out of curiousity.


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