" I'm a cold-hearted bitch, but I'm damn good at it..."





                 The youngest, and the last, in the line of Kanes, Eleanor is a Hunter. Some call the profession "Slayer", others refer to it as a "Monster Hunter". Whichever name you prefer to give them, the Kanes, for centuries, have been tracking and exterminating those supernatural beings that make the mistake of upsetting the natural order of life; killing innocents, exposing themselves to the Mundanes- atrocities one might consider morally obstruct and dangerous to the general peace of the populace. Hunters maintain that delicate balance between human survival and being prey.

There is a theory that for every poison existing in nature, there is a naturally occurring antidote. Where a poisonous plant grows, nearby is the antidote. Such is the case with Hunters. Where there are monsters in the darkness, there are those who slay them. They are there to protect the innocent, to stay in the shadows and be the unspoken heroes. It's a dirty, horrifying, unforgiving profession, but someone's gotta do it, right? The profession of being a Hunter covers a wide range of specific jobs, from anywhere to field work, such as Lenny's particular area of expertise, to weapons development, even research and exorcisms. There are things that go bump in the night, but Hunters are the ones who bump back.


      But as with all things, there are caveats. Since Eleanor's birth, the Kanes have been, for the better part, an elite group of  men dedicated to upholding the order between the Mundanes and the Supernatural. Humans trained in the occult, skilled in combat, and damn good at killing. Each generation acted in turn as an Elder to train the younger in their field. From century to century, they are equipped with a wide array of weaponry forged to give a human a fairly good advantage above the Supernatural, and the Kane mansion is rumored to have a library of the Occult that rivals those in the Hells. It is also rumored to hold a collection of artifacts to bring any museum of the paranormal to its knees in jealousy.





“Sometimes you deal with the devil not because you want to, but because if you don't, someone else will.” 

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 "One thing I've learned about vampires-they keep pulling new rabbits out of their cloaks. Big, fanged, carnivorous bunnies that'll eat your eyeballs if you're not paying attention.” 


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   A petite five-foot two, Lenny is often underestimated for her size, to the misfortune of those who have thought she's an easy target.

    She is agile, muscular, and highly toned from a lifetime of dedicated training, due mostly to the physical need of being able to keep up with those she finds herself up against on a regular basis. A human hardly ever has the upper hand against the supernatural, even under the best tutelage.

   Large, hazel eyes surrounded by a thick curtain of dark lashes are comparable to a doe. Innocent, yet fiery, they are complemented by soft features. Their deviously sweet appearance comes in quite handy when playing the card of ignorance, a favorite of the sharp Huntress...you lure in more flies with honey than vinegar, after all..

    A mane of thick hair is usually kept in tousled, sandy waves, often loose and tumbling down her back, just as often as she forgets to brush it.

  Most importantly, perhaps it is a genetic mutation, or some sort of curse on her family, the blood that runs through Lenny's veins is sugary sweet, a heady scent of honey that in more than one occasion, has nearly driven blood-drinkers to the brink of Ferality. A natural goal for someone afflicted with this type of nuance such as Lenny, is a fierce, determined search for both a cause and a cure. 

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“She was Hell on heels and used to getting her own way.” 








- Relationship Status: Single -



 - Orientation: Straight -



Romantic Interests: None -





" Maybe they know what I know that the true way to a man's heart is six inches of metal between his ribs. Sometimes four inches will do the job, but to be really sure, I like to have six.”

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“People are supposed to fear the unknown, but ignorance is bliss when knowledge is so damn frightening.”


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 Although it may not always be visible, Lenny is never without her silver Colt revolver, passed from generation to generation of Kanes, the family moniker engraved on the blessed barrel. The general consensus of the origins of the Colt have been agreed upon that the weapon was procured by Eleanor's great great great grandfather, given to him by a priest who had fashioned the revolver specifically for the purpose of hunting the Supernatural, as was apparent by the smithing from pure silver, and the ability to be loaded with everything from an average bullet, to wood-tipped, silver-tipped, and whatever else might come in handy against a creature with far greater strength than that of a mere human.





"Sometimes the monsters are real. Sometimes, those things that go bump in the night are truly the things of nightmares. And sometimes, the only way to win is to be the bigger monster."






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Paragraph, Multi-Para, Novella

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Fantasy, Romance, Violence, Realistic, Rated R, 18+, Gore, Action, Adventure

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18+ Please. Nothing personal, but my writing contains violence, sex, drugs, gritty themes, etc etc. Para/novella style preferred. I write in third person and generally stick to a modern timeline, but I'm flexible.

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  • Great!! Shall we plot, let me know if you may have any ideas, then by the time you reply I’ll of had time to think of some ideas as well :)

  • Things took an interesting turn at that point.

    The vampire was trying to take the lead, but having no idea what he was actually up against made things all the more interesting and Logan grinned as he watched the two head for the exit. He was about to follow, but something catches his eyes, more specifically, three other men getting up from a table in the back and with eyes only for the vampire and Lenny, they began to follow them a little after they'd already left, one of them lighting a cig, as though to look like they were simply moving on from the bar scene, but logan knew better.

    " Hm.." He hummed to himself, thinking about what this could mean.

    Were they here for the vampire, too? Or were they here for Lenny?

    No better way to find out..

    Logan got up and walked for the exit, next, pushing the door open and looking to find those men already gone, but not too far because he could still smell them. His eyes caught sight of Lenny and the vampire further out at the parking lot where the undead bastard was leading her to his car. But, where had those other men gone and what were they up to? He cast another look to her and the vamp, but knowing she could handle them, he started to walked down the ramp and to the curve of the building to the side alley, disappearing..


    Meanwhile, in the events of Lenny taking on her prey, those men finally showed themselves, coming to circle her and the vampire.. whether he was alive or a corpse by this time.. 

  • Thanks for accepting, let me know if you’d like to write sometime.

  • He knows he hadn't exactly started this off well, but how can you really start anything off well with a woman on the hunt? Could have been worse.. Or rather it still could go worse..

    He watched her move to take the lead, grinning to himself all the while. He had no ill intentions and would prove that to the best of his ability for he had nothing against the Kane's. He stays right there at the bar and reaches to casually take the man's drink again, getting a protest this time, for which he growled at the man, a low guttural sound not human at all and the man got wide eyed and got up to move a few seats down away from Logan. 

    His eyes are only for her, smirking upon the tactic she goes for. 

    At this point, he's leaning a little forward without even realizing how caught up in this he was. He's always found hunter's interesting. As a wolf, he's faced the few, animal hunters and the supernatural sorts like her, but he hadn't held much a dislike of their type unlike those who were more often targeted. Logan's species was considered allies to humans thanks to the charm and who knows how many of his ancestors served any of them? He knows most served the Sarsks, but who knew how many went astray or were taken in by others? Either way, he already likes this Kane woman..

    Poor bastard wasn't even gonna know what hit him.. Logan wasn't tensed, wasn't worried for either of them. What would her next move be? Play around with him till she got him where she needed to take him out? He doesn't have to wonder much on what the guy did to get on her radar, but a part of him can't help but think this was leading to something else.. She was rather far from where he recalled the other Kane's lingered more.. Did she simply travel? Or was this just a mission leading up to some boss fight? Curious..

  • Great page!! Let me know if you’d be interested in writing.

  • But, predators didn't often mingle around other predators.

    Call this one odd, then.

    Either clever or just plain stupid..

    The smell of blood has his eyes drifting away from her to look at the man, again. Logan held all the senses he held as a wolf, so that made him a better predator as a human. Sneaky bastard just adding that extra "flavor" to his drink.. Logan can't help but briefly hum, amusedly, at that. Wonder where or who he'd gotten that off of..

    That was something she'd have to ask him. Logan has been around about two centuries thanks to the charm of magic that kept him immortal until death finally would someday get a hold of him and would break said charm, but in his time, he's crossed paths with at least two of her family members and again, not exactly under bad circumstances, probably why he was as interested in her as he was. Of course, he'd also heard passing word of her.

    Logan was rough and the look suited his out of whack personality, but in his opinion upon her, he thinks the doe eyed innocent look worked wonders for her. Must make the job easier when idiots fell for that facade and thought they had the upper hand until eventually realizing they were terribly wrong.. It's no wonder why she was still alive and kicking. Some just never learned...It just made him that much more excited to see her at work.

    He laughs. Then he shrugs.

    " Yeh, that's one of my special abilities." He grins, turning now to face away from the bar, arms resting along the bar top as he looked over the activity, easily ignoring this look she gives him. His gaze narrows upon the movement of the undead bastard and his.. friends? Of course, he doesn't stare, instead managing to focus elsewhere and seem distracted.

    " Hey, it ain't like that.. I've just known the Kane's to be.. rather adept in their work. I know that doesn't make things sound better, knowing that I know your bloodline.." He chuckled and looked at her, watching her for a moment.

    " Your window of opportunity is coming up.." Another charming smile.




  • Well, this was the place for all sinners alike to mingle and she coming here was like a predator coming to the waterhole where all the prey just may linger. Logan himself was currently drinking away some of his own personal issues and while that could have been done anywhere, ending up here just seemed the better deal. Besides, look at this.. He gets to meet another Kane..

    The familiar burn of the alcohol-- tasting better somehow when he wasn't paying for it-- he's broke. Well, he's got some money, but his accounts have been frozen, even the hidden ones thanks to Maya, goddamn that crazy bitch.. So that's why he's in a place like this. Free alcohol when he can manage off those not paying any attention, probably too drunken themselves to bother. 

    This man, beside her, wall tall and somewhat slender for his height, though under his leather jacket was broad shoulders and strong arms, a wide chest before his torso slimmed out. Built and yet, lanky, but then his true form, the wolven one was quite the same. What was a fauz hawk, was now growing out and flopping over his forehead, his features strong of their own, but his eyes troublesome, mischievous and quite intelligent for just a wolf wound with magic in his core. He smelt of liquor, of course, a hint of cigarette smoke, although outdone by the haze of the same smell already in the air of the bar and with a touchof something more unique, that way humans can pick out a persons scent much like an animal if they just focused enough on it. He had a bit of the biker look going on right now and in general, just an air of excitement and.. yeh, some trouble for sure.

    He also doesn't break the gaze, but smiles softly for a moment, eyes twinkling in a way that said he knew what she was reaching for.

    " Hm, never been much a runner. Doin' a terrible job right now, in fact." That meaning his attemtp in currently avoiding Maya, the crazy bitch mentioned before who most definitely was trying to get him back on her radar and coming to a place like this was just so damn typical.. Oh well. He gets to meet a Kane. One of the families notoriously allied of the damn mages that..what, cursed his kind? Whatever..something like that.. 

    " So, what's the grand plan? Assuming you have one.." He says a little teasingly, smiling again, waiting for the man beside him to get another glass full and forget it so Logan could snatch it again and guzzle it, though at that point, the man figures out something is up and looks over at Logan, who just ignores him, resting his head on his hand and looking at her like some..fan, or something, ever so fascinated with her. 


  • A man moved to take a seat beside her.

    She was on the prowl, he knew, could easily read her body language and that serious demeaner hidden behind the viel of a gal just looking for a good time. She was on the hunt and isn't that just the best moment to involve himself? Kane. Oh he knew the name. Has faced others further up her bloodline, but fortunately, perhaps just for him, that it hadn't been under bad circumstances. Logan was no werewolf, he did not lose control to the beast, well, if we are not factoring in his mental disorders that cause him to snap sometimes.. Simply a beast of magik, his own acenstors carrying their own legacy as the Guardians, therefore making the beasts not  exactly one of the monster that went bump in the night. Logan's volatile moments of rage were uniquely all his own..

    Blue eyes took her in, awaiting for her eyes to find his before he grinned and spoke,

    " My, I wondered when I'd cross your path.. Surprised it took so long, honestly.." His gaze drifted away from hers to land on her target, a man sitting at a table among others, the darkness dripping off him practically. Such a foul stentch, that. It kept him easily seperate from the others, merely mundane, that surrounded him. Fighter or runner? Logan wondered to himself.. He hoped a fighter, but runner's could be fun, too. His gaze once more went back for her, that grin persistant. 

    " He looks a bit like a runner.. That's what probably got you all this way out here, hm? " He reached for another man's drink when he wasn't paying attention and downed it before returning the empty glass. 

  • [WASSUPP!] 

  • Been a while stranger ;)

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As for Logan’s intentions, she is neither…"
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"Predators followed prey, and a place like these were always somewhere they flocked to, using the advantage of crowds to try and slip away. This one, the squirrelly man giving off that horrid stench, wasn’t any sort of big fish. Just a small ladder o…"
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"It didn’t matter where she was.
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