" Trapped in a Sea of Sins.."



Former Mage



Former Heir of the Sarsk family

[Death has taken his title]


Former Mentor to Vaughn - The Librarian

[Nothing but a memory now..]





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Leon was the first child of the seventeenth generation of Sarsk. 


He was the golden heir of this generation being the first born above his siblings and cousins. Therefore, he inherited Sarsk's manor and Codex. 


Leon was an peculiar boy. He manipulated and changed the course of Sarsk magick single handedly. He was a genius. He had  invented his own magic. What that entailed, well.. you just had to find out. 






He'd inadvertently caused the Wichendor Trials. This later led to his undoing.

He'd found the last remnant of the bloodline as she'd came into her powers, but already she had been stronger than he and escaped. That night he'd found a broken boy, nearly dead in the corner of the girl's room.. This was Vaughn. Leon took the boy under his wing after saving his life and togther the two worked to vanguish the evil while Leon taught Vaughn to essentially by fault fall into his steps and even become his heir when the man never had children of his own. Leon had passed and Vaughn overtook the Sarsk manor and Codex.

The last Wichendor came and haunted both men for years before she found her opportunity to take down Leon. Hell itself had opened beneath him and the chains came up and wound themselves all around him and pulled him down, her smile the last he saw of the world he'd once knew.. 


a0d697623d119793b018735d0eb59b03.jpgThe fire burned his soul away.. He wouldn't know the Witch had captured a part of his essence and kept it, so he was sure all of him had been perished in all the time he spent in his cage.. Years..so many years went by..Time in Hell was nothing like time on the Middle ground.. Then... Something bonded to him.. Something claimed him for it's own and became him while he'd became it.. It was only after this process had ended, that he found freedom.. The chains fell.. the door opened.. and a light led him to the undergrounds of a abandoned train station.. He walked the dark, following some instinct until he found the steps that took him back above on the Middle grounds.. 

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  - Leon has just been reborn. However, he's a demon now and not much of his former self remains.. just a darkness. Upon retrieving what part of his soul the Witch has captured, only then will he regain his humanity back.


  • He retains none of his magic and only works through what he can achieve as a demon.


  • He appears as his youthful self once more, his chosen face because when you can look young again, why not? 


  • He has become what he had always hunted, but his goals are not for bad intentions, rather to obtain his humanity back, even if that's through nefarious or mischievous ways. 




- Before and after his humanity was returned, Leon was something of a man with an eccentric personality. Some have deemed him "off his rocker", more notoriously Vaughn since the younger man has known him most his life and therefore knows how volatile and odd the man can become. 

  • With his humanity back, he operates more alive once more to his former self, sticking to his appearance before his "death", but because he's not fully cured of the demon he'll fall between his older or younger visage depending his range of control at that moment.


  • His powers back, he's once more considered dangerous, more so than as a demon, but despite his rather loose and somewhat insane approaches, he's really not much the bad guy despite some internal struggles of darkness..

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Born 1874








No children


. . .



Hair: At current- Naturally dark and long


Eyes: Green


Skin: Somewhat sun kissed


Height: 6'4


 Body Build: Lean and muscular





[ Each of these characters have connection to Leon, but mostly stand alone with their own threads ]











The reversed werewolf


Born a wolf

Became a man through magic














The vampire with a hidden past


Even from himself..














Part time Mage


Part time Werewolf


Full time Librarian

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  • "Well, I'll simply know you as 'Vaughn the Gracious Host' and the beast as another entity entirely," Solomon said without lifting his eyes from his work. His sketches were messy but it was a simple guide for him to follow. More took shape as he went on and soon the vampire finally transferred to oil paint. Mixing colours so carefully, not to capture a photorealistic view of the library but to capture the mood. It seemed welcoming to a weary traveller. An understanding place for those that didn't fit within society.

    Solomon stopped the movement of his brush a moment, he had to look up and think. Solomon didn't know the year he was born, hell, when he was a man he couldn't read or write. Practical skills were all he had back in those days. "I'm some four hundred and fifty years, give or take," His eyes moved back to his progressing artwork. "I used to count my age by winters, though it's easy to loose track of time when you don't leave the house often,". Many vampires grow in power with age though it was difficult to tell just what skill set this particular one had. He acted very human so whatever deep power he had wa hidden well.

    A smile crossed his face, most people have questions for those that have survived so long. It's a difficult feat even for the most skilled supernatural folk. Humans don't take kindly to them, and why should they? Vampires threaten their lives. "You'll have questions I assume? Well, to cover one, you don't become a target if you don't kill people. Too many of my kin love the rush it gives them. That's why they're hunted,".

  • {Thanks for accepting- Nice characters. Let me know if you're intersting in writing sometime.}

  • "Sol's quicker, less formal. Less like I'm about to be scolded by my mother," the vampire said with a light huff of amusement. He couldn't remember much of his mother, just brief snippets that seemed like some sort of dream world. A completely different life lived. Carfully the vampire sat himself down, perched comfortably with his sketchbook on his lap open at a blank page. A pencil was soon retrieved from atop his ear mostly hidden by his dark locks.

    "You're full of surprised Vaughn and I don't just mean this," Solomon motioned toward the curious portal he was viewing his acquaintance through. "I've not met one of your kind in a long time, let alone one that welcomed me back onto his patch of land," His icey blue eyes turned to his book as he began his base sketch. "Then again, I've rarely met any of my own kind that were such gracious hosts ether," It always seemed Solomon never particularly got along with other vampires. The first he met being his maker having left a bad taste in his mouth.

    "You're older than you look, aren't you?" Solomon inqured raising his gaze for just a moment. "You've got a way about you that is more refined. Not headstrong and cocky like many of our younger kin are. You don't live as long as us acting that way," perhaps it was a bold statement but Solomon had a certain way with people. He could sense those that were more his cup of tea. It was entirely possible Vaughn was merely wise beyond his years but Solomon had met very few quite like the werewolf.

  • Solomon dipped his head politely as the young lady left the two. The vampire might be lacking in fashion, direction and common sense but no one could say he wasn't polite- at least when he was sure he wasn't wolf food. "Well, if tomorrow isn't a trouble I'll come back to finish. When I have something on my mind, I can't rest until it's done," He had the work ethic, it was a shame it didn't carry over into something more practical to at least fund his beloved hobby.. or his electricity bill for that matter. With a gentle, kind smile he offered to shake Vaughn's hand before allowing the man to lead him to the door. Summer months meant short night, waisting time wasn't an option when the sun quite literally burns someone to death. Back into the night the curious vampire wandered, this time at least following the road to find his way home.


    It was around an hour after sunset Solomon returned to the library. This time only placing three knocks on the door and much less frantic. He figured it best to let his presence become known before picking a spot to set up, trying is best not to repeat the previous night. His clothes this time a little more presentable, less stains on this shirt and no cut in his jeans. Granted, it wasn't black suit and tie but it was at least a little better than the mess he'd turned up in before.

    The vampire didn't wait for an answer, he didn't plan on bothering anyone that didn't want to hear it. Artists were an aquired taste for many and most can't stand to listen to the man speak of the perfect lighting or scenery. This time however where he sat was quite visible to the building and not hidden away in the tree line, they knew why he was there and a little about the man now and he didn't feel the need to hide because of it.

    This time he had much more equipment in tow. A bag of paints and brushes, a larger thicker book designed for such paints and several mixing pallets. A building this grand deserved something better than his messy charcoal pieces. In part it was a way to return to the area again, something about Vaughn and his family of misfits drew the vampire in.

  • Solomon was genuinely surprised to see that sketch book back and took it quite happily with a pleased look on his face. Warmth growing not from the fire but the kindness of the people he'd met. Sure, he almost got eaten but he's met many a werewolf in his time, unless they were born into it they rarely could control themselves fully. He opened the pages to where he was last, an unfinished piece but it was still intact.

    "No, no, don't be. You'd think I'd know better than to wander into strange surroundings by now," He had a point. How did a vampire survive that long without thinking carefully about his actions? Perhaps it was luck, maybe even karma if such a thing existed. "I'm sorry I caused such a fuss. I promise I don't make a habit of getting rescued by young ladies from the clutches of giant wolves," he laughed sheepishly. "You make quite the enterance," Solomon smirked, reffering to the werewolf running in half clothed.

    The vampire quickly flipped through the pages. There was perhaps a little drool from the beast, a little water damage from hitting the forest floor but nothing major. The drawings within it had held up quite well. Angelic figures, buildings, scenery, faces drawn it much more detail than the rest of the sketchbook's contents. He wa damn good, though he'd never admit it. "Perhaps I can come back and finish the piece when it's a more.. convenient time for you,".

  • Solomon let out a gentle sigh of relief as the girl backed away, gently running his hand across his throat pleased to feel a warm hand and not the cold metal not against it. His brow furrowed lightly thinking he'd caused some offence calling the beast outside 'thing'. "I didn't mean any offence, I'm just a little shaken up," the vampire admitted. Once fully composed he straightened himself up, though it was hardly anything special considering his messy clothing. "I was sketching, this building is quite something," he said while glancing around the room.

    "I try find inspiration, I'll keep walking until ether I find it or the sun comes up; it doesn't tend to agree with me," Unless the girl had a sense for the supernatural as he did it was unlikely to guess from the man's appearence alone that he was one of the undead. There were no classic clues like in the movies; no red eyes, visible fangs or pasty white skin. Perhaps if there was an antique mirror or some reflective silverwear nearby his cover would be blown.

    "Do you know how long that th- Vaughn will be out there? I'd be happy to leave you in peace when I'm sure I'm not going to get torn to shreds," Solomon smiled sheepishly. "I don't suppose he would have neatly placed my sketchbook on the doorstep ether, would he?" seemed a shame to loose it, though it could be remade. It wasn't as if he didn't have countless unfinished works stacked high in his home. Though it was all very private to him. His main concern was someone coming acros it, had it survived.

  • Solomon's eyes had shut as he had prepared for impact, only to instead feel himelf shoved back in a manner he didn't expect. He opened his eyes slightly to see his savior before him- well, maybe less of a saviour and more someone giving him an extra few moments of life as she held that knife to his throat. Granted, a cut throat wouldn't kill the vampire but if this young lady had the strength to cut right through a missing head would definately do the trick. "Wrong place, wrong time," Solomon managed to say while catching his breath.

    Solomon had a strangely calming aura to him, very unlike his other blood sucking bretheren. His icey blue eyes held a lot of hurt and betrayal but not an ounce of ill will toward anyone. He was quite possibly a truely gentle soul that had been dealt some rather harsh cards. None of this can be convayed until up close and personal and as it stood, a knife presed to his throat was pretty damn close. "Solomon- Sol. I don't want to cause any problems, I just didn't think I could outrun that thing further than here,". He didn't attempt to push the young woman away or flee, it wouldn't help his case after all and it was obvious she was not an ordinary human being. Unless she showed some real threatening behaviour he'd allow her to come to her own conclusions about him.

    Now in the light of the fireplace, one could make out the vampire's attire. Hardly the fashionable type he wore a flannel shirt with once white tshirt beneath now covered in dustings of charcoal, paints and ink stains. His jeans baring a fresh cut from stumbling through the woodland and boots that looked very weathered. The best way to describe the man would probably be 'DIY dad' without a tool belt.

  • Negotiations were obviously not working, Solomon had to think quickly or he'd see the end to his some four hundred and fifty year reign. Eyes not parting from the beast he went over the options in his head- there were very few. Turning and running blind would be useless; beasts know the woods better than any man and Solomon's home was too far to consistantly outrun the creature. Perhaps if he could make it to the library with some luck someone would be inside? Time was ticking.

    In a desperate attempt to give himself a few seconds of a head start Solomon threw his ssketchbook into the beast's face with a burst of white pages and half finished work. The vampire turned tail and bolted out of the woods toward the building he was entranced with not minutes before. His manyerisms didn't match that of a vampire but his speed surely did and it was mere seconds before he'd made it to the door.

    Desperately he hammered his fist into the door, quickly looking back and forth with sweat dripping from his brow. It seemed like a century had passed desperately trying to get the attention of some inhabitants and everything seemed to move in slow motion. The beast grew ever closer, it seemed as if his plan was a failure and Solomon could do little more than brace for impact.

    This was going to hurt.

  • With a basic shape sketched out he began the finer detail, or at least he would have had a scent caught his attention. Something big, something close. Solomon drew his gaze away from the building and his sketchbook, glancing around him and searching the undergrowth for a figure, perhaps an animal? No, no animal he's ever encountered smelled like this. The fine hairs on the back of his neck stood on end as he carefully and quietly rose to his feet to turn his back upon the library.

    Many vampires are fearless, cocky and over estimate their own power. Solomon was not one of these individuals. He knew well his own strength would not match some supernatural creature that towered over him. He also knew well that nothing was truely immortal; himself included. Should he get decapitated it would be a quick, unpleasant end to the vampire's long reign. Solomon wass cautious, slowly stepping back, suddenly the area did not seems so peaceful and serene.

    The creature stepped forth, bigger than any of it's kind he'd ever seen before, even if it approached him in a friendly manner the vampire would have been intimidated but he was not so lucky. In all honesty, he felt the same fear a human felt when prayed on by his kind. A hunter becoming the hunted, how cliche of a death it would be. Solomon didn't know if the beast spoke or understood his words but he thought to try regardless.

    "I've tresspassed, I appologize," Solomon said trying to main a cool and collected tone, though his body was stiff with fear. "I'm not your meal tonight, beast, I'd taste of ash in your maw," His negotiation skills were lacking for the situation, as if a creature that truely wanted him dead would even listen to such bargaining. "I mean you no harm,".

  • One would expect a vampire of his age to know better but it never seemed the case with Sol. Wandering aimlessly without a sense of direction. Once upon a time he could tell where he was going by the position of the sun but that was long ago, a lifetime even. Not that it mattered where he went, tresspassing wasn't a crime in his book and should any angry owner come out with a shotgun he could simply vanish into the night in classic vampire fashion. He craved the peace and quiet of the trees and nature. Nothing quite matched to how it was before he died and as the years passed the world grew more cramped and more noisy.

    Hardly an elegant type as he stepped over small shrubs all whilst carrying a sketch book and a few too many piecess of charcoal in his jean pockets. A bag would have been useful but Solomon is hardly the type to think ahead. He just needed to scout out a spot, some place particularly beautiful and inspiring. Some place new. When one lives as long as he, things often become boring to look at. That's when he stumbled upon the Library.

    Eyes lighting up, Solomon perched himself on a fallen tree and turned over several pages of sketches and charcoal pieces. Such an elegant building clutched by the forest around it, how inspiring! He began delicately running the charcoal across the paper, smudging into shape as he went. This sort of behaviour wasn't out of the ordinary for the vampire, in fact it was something he did most nights when not trying to entrance a victim to sate his thirst. It also wasn't out the ordinary for someone to come across him, crouched in odd places drawing. Many would see it as suspicious, especially at night like this.

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