the basics

✯ BIRTH NAME: Lestat de Lioncourt.
✯ ALIASES: Lestat de Valois, Sebastian Melmoth, Baron Van Kindergarten, Standford Wilde, Lestan Gregor, Lionel Potter, Sheridan Blackwood, Isaac Rummel.

  • lestat — Masculine. French. Les-DOT.
  • lioncourt — -.

✯ NICKNAMES: The Brat Prince | Monsieur le Rock Star | Damnedest Creature.
✯ SPECIES: Vampire.
✯ SEX | GENDER: Male (♂) | Identifies as male.
✯ AGE: Depends on storyline.
✯ DATE OF BIRTH: November 7, 1760.
✯ DATE OF TRANSFORMATION: Late winter of 1781 or early 1782, after his 21st birthday.
✯ CURRENT RESIDENCE: Nomadic, but has a number of properties spread out through the world.

appearance & health

✯ HAIR COLOUR: Sunlight in the hair…
✯ EYE COLOUR: And the blue sky fixed forever in your eyes.
✯ COMPLEXION: Deathly pale, like smooth marble.
✯ RIGHT/LEFT-HANDED: Right-handed.
✯ HEIGHT: 6'0". | 185.5cm.
✯ WEIGHT: 150 lbs. | 68 kg.
✯ BODY TYPE: Tall and slim. Is somewhat muscular, but not “beefy” due to malnutrition in his poverty-stricken mortal years.
✯ LOOKS: –.
✯ AGE APPEARANCE: Appears to be around 20/21 years old.
✯ SCARS: None.
✯ TATTOOS | PIERCINGS: None. | None.
✯ HEALTH | ALLERGIES: Lestat is immortal and undead, so he will never become sick unless he drinks dead blood, which could be counted as an allergen.
✯ MENTAL HEALTH: Questionable.
✯ SLEEPING HABITS: Lestat sleeps during the day. As a fledgling vampire, he would be forced into a “death slumber” as the sun began to rise. As he’s gotten older and more powerful, he is now much more resistant to this forced slumber but eventually succumbs to it around 10AM. He usually wakes up around 7PM.
✯ EATING HABITS: Lestat cannot digest mortal food or drink. The only thing he can process for sustenance is live blood, from either human or animal. He prefers human blood, straight from the source. He either takes a small amount from several people that won’t remember him, or if he’s feeling particularly predatory in nature, he hunts down heinous criminals, which he does in fact kill and dispose of.
✯ PERSONAL APPEARANCE/HYGIENE: Lestat is highly vain and cares about his appearance. He takes great care to groom himself, and abhors ‘messy eating’ when feeding. Very rarely is his face and mouth covered in blood - he has to be in a particularly savage mood for this display of vampiric behavior.
✯ BATHING FREQUENCY: Dirt and grime does not stick to a vampire’s skin in the way it does a human’s, so very rarely does Lestat actually need to bathe. However, he does enjoy the scent of various self-care essential oils so every now and then he will indulge. 
✯ TOOTH BRUSHING FREQUENCY: He doesn’t need to do this.
✯ HANDWASHING FREQUENCY: Nor does he need to do this, unless he’s happened to get blood on them.

background & education

✯ PARENTS: Gabrielle de Lioncourt (mother); ‘The Marquis’ de Lioncourt (father).
✯ MOTHER’S HIGHEST LEVEL OF EDUCATION: Came from a wealthy Italian family. Had some sort of formal education before being married off to Lestat’s father.
✯ FATHER’S OCCUPATION: Le Marquis d'Auvergne 
✯ MOTHER’S OCCUPATION: Stay-at-home mother. La Marquise.
✯ OTHER FAMILY: Lestat was the youngest of three brothers, though his mother had five other children, all of which did not survive into their childhood due to a myriad of Gabrielle’s health problems and pregnancy complications. His eldest brother was Augustin. He had many relatives scattered around France and Italy whom he sent gifts to after he was turned.
✯ CLOSEST/FAVOURITE RELATIVE: His mother. Lestat has always had a curious relationship with his mother. Gabrielle is not the affectionate and maternal type, and never truly wanted children to begin with, but she and Lestat are something of kindred spirits. Before Lestat left for Paris, she provided him with the monetary means to do so. She knew she was going to die soon and did not want Lestat to remain living with his father, who was abusive to the both of them. Gabrielle knew Lestat felt as trapped as she did at the Auvergne castle, and wanted to die knowing her son was in Paris with Nicolas.
✯ LEAST FAVOURITE RELATIVE: His father, by far. The Marquis was a vile and ill-tempered old man, blind and half-mad when he finally reached New Orleans. Lestat does not mourn his death, though likely feels some degree of pity for the old wretch.
✯ PETS: While Lestat loves animals of all kinds, he favors dogs. Lestat grew up having several large mastiffs, and had a massive German Shepherd named Mojo in the early 1990s.
✯ PLACE OF BIRTH: The Auvergne region of France.
✯ DICTION | ACCENT: "When I write I drift into a vocabulary that would have been natural to me in the eighteenth century, into phrases shaped by the authors I’ve read. But in spite of my French accent, I talk like a cross between a flatboatman and detective Sam Spade, actually. So I hope you’ll bear with me when my style is inconsistent. When I blow the atmosphere of an eighteenth-century scene to smithereens now and then.“
✯ EDUCATION: Lestat got something of an education from a church in his village. He aspired to become one of the brothers there, but was forbidden to continue by his father and brothers - they found the idea of a noble family's son becoming a simple priest abhorrent. He was illiterate up until he became a vampire. His 'mimicry mastery' allowed him to learn written French and Italian. Eventually, during the French Revolution, Lestat moved to the United States and learned English from whatever locals would teach him.
✯ WORST CHILDHOOD MEMORY: Being taken to the place near the village where they burned people suspected of being a witch. When Lestat was little, the horror of it all struck him with hysterical crying and since his nurse couldn't calm him, they had to call in the Marquise and only when Gabrielle came was Lestat able to calm down.
✯ OCCUPATION: He really doesn’t need a job, he has an inexhaustible amount of money. That being said, he poses as a landlord in the modern day though he never takes his elderly tenant’s money. The rent checks he does cash, he uses specifically to upgrade the state of his apartments, especially if they are in need of a little TLC.
✯ CURRENT STATUS AND MONEY: Extremely wealthy. 

personality traits

✯ KEY WORDS: The damnedest creature.
✯ AT BEST: Kind, generous, affectionate, energetic. He might kiss you just for the hell of it. He’s not shy!
✯ AT WORST: An absolute nightmare to deal with, let’s put it that way.
✯ ZODIAC STRENGTHS: Resourceful, brave, passionate, stubborn, a true friend.
✯ ZODIAC WEAKNESSES: Distrusting, jealous, secretive, violent.
✯ ZODIAC PERSONALITY: Scorpio is the astrology sign of extremes and intensity. Scorpios are very deep, intense people, there is always more then meets the eye. They present a cool, detached and unemotional air to the world yet lying underneath is tremendous power, extreme strength, intense passion and a strong will and a persistent drive. Scorpios have a very penetrative mind, do not be surprised if they ask questions, they are trying to delve deeper and figure things out and survey the situation. They always want to know why, where and any other possible detail they can possibly know. Scorpio’s are very weary of the games that other people try to play and they are very aware of it. Scorpios tend to dominate and control anyone that lets them, or anyone that they find weak. The person that a Scorpio respects and holds close to them is treated with amazing kindness, loyalty and generosity. On the outside, a Scorpio has great secretiveness and mystery. This magnetically draws people to them. They are known to be controlling and too ambitious but only because they need control for this makes them feel safe. 
✯ SMOKE | DRINK | DRUGS: No. | No. | No.
✯ LIKES: Leather jackets, crushed velvet, 18th century lace, rock music, dark hair, playing the piano and violin, making bad decisions.
✯ DISLIKES: Criminals, 'messy eating', the phrase "I told you so" (probably).

vampire physiology & gifts
The origin story of the vampires is long and drawn out, but it began six thousand years ago, when Egypt was still known as Kemet. Due to a violent dispute over the proper care of the deceased, twins known as Maharet and Mekare were taken captive by the Pharaoh Enkil and his bride Akasha. The twins were able to escape with the help of Amel, a bloodthirsty demonic spirit. However, they were soon dragged back to Kemet where they were subjected to harsh public punishment and humiliation. Eventually, the villagers of Kemet plotted to kill Enkil and Akasha, and began stabbing the two of them. Amel saw what was happening and merged himself with Akasha's dying soul, forming her into the first vampire. Akasha drank from Enkil until he was at the brink of death, then fed her blood to him and turned him into the second vampire. With each new addition to the immortal "family", the newest fledglings became slightly weaker than the First Brood. In order to become a vampire, your sire must first bite and then drain you nearly to the brink of death. When you have reached this point, they will feed you back that same blood mixed with their own. Each time a new fledgling is made, part of Amel's spirit is transferred to them. Kill the Ones Who Must Be Kept, and you kill the entire flock of immortals.


Transferable Vampirism: All vampires are able to create more of their kind through a blood exchange. The sire drains their victim to the brink of death. Their blood mixed with the sire's is fed back, transferring a part of Amel to the fledgling and triggering the change from mortal into immortal. Each new fledgling is slightly weaker than their master.
Gifts: With time, all vampires acquire fascinating new gifts from telekinesis to pyrokinesis, as well as the ability to even fly or kill targets simply by willing it to happen. This usually does not happen for several hundred years unless the vampire in question drinks from one older than them such as one of the Children of the Milennia.
Strength And Speed: Vampires can move faster than the human eye can perceive, and they are also incredibly strong, able to bend pennies over double without much effort. They are capable of breaking bones of mortals with their immense strength
Heightened Senses: All vampires are granted heightened senses upon being reborn. A new vampire may be mesmerized by the texture of a carpet, or the iridescence of shampoo. They can also smell, hear, and touch better. Though they sacrifice their ability to consume human food, they also are able to taste better and may detect chemicals in the blood when they feed.
Appearance: All vampires tend to be inhumanly beautiful. Their hair seems to writhe with motion and feels like silk to the touch. Skin becomes perfect and pale, and their nails take on a glossy appearance, making them like glass. The lateral incisors, canines, and premolars are lengthened slightly until they form a point, giving their fangs a slightly feline appearance.
Age: The older a vampire gets, the stronger they become, and the less pliable their skin becomes. They also become less susceptible to the effects of the sun. Some Children of the Milennia expose themselves to the sun on purpose in order to acquire tanned skin so they can fit in with mortals better.
The Mind Gift: A combined gift of telepathy and telekinesis. Vampires with this gift are able to communicate via their minds alone, though this bond is closed off between maker and fledgling. They are also able to move objects without touching them, and this includes manipulating the locks on doors.
The Spell Gift: The ability to cloud a mortal's mind to bend them to your will, though it has a variety of uses. Some vampires such as Lestat will use this "mind control" more to conceal their true nature, while some such as the vampire Armand use this gift while hunting to lure in people that 'wish to die'. Though, some features of vampirism (fangs, glassy nails) can be explained with mundane concepts such as cosmetic veneers and/or a nice manicure and clear nail lacquer.
The Fire Gift: Pyrokinesis, simply explained. Can be used to kill other, less powerful vampires.
The Cloud Gift: The ability to fly. One of the most difficult gifts to obtain, and the only people explicitly mentioned to have this gift are Akasha, Enkil, Lestat (who obtained it through repeatedly drinking from Akasha), and the Children of the Millennia (Khayman, Maharet, Mekare, Marius, Pandora, and Mael). However, most if not all of the few vampires that do have this gift rarely use it as it is unsettling and reminds them they are truly no longer human.
The Killing Gift: Typically only possessed by the eldest vampires, and arguably one of the rarest powers. The few vampires known to have this are Akasha, Marius, Lestat, Maharet, Mekare, Khayman, and Mael. The killing gift is simple in concept - you simply will somebody to die. How they die is unknown but a massive internal hemorrhage/fatal ruptures in the cardiovascular system is suggested.
All you can do is make your life have meaning, make it good.


L estat was born and raised in the Auvergne region of France, during the reign of King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. Despite his parent's aristocratic status of Marquis and Marquise, they lived in poverty, their wealth squandered. Lestat had seven other siblings aside from himself. He was the youngest of three sons, though his mother Gabrielle had four other boys and even a little girl, all of whom died in their infancy. Being the youngest, Lestat had no prospects. Anything left after the death of his father, such as land or currency would most likely be left to his eldest brother Augustin.

At the age of twelve, Lestat began attending academic lessons at a nearby French monastery and was actually aspiring to become one of the brothers there, but he was prevented from completing this goal because his father and eldest brother forbid him to. Enamored by a troupe of Italian actors passing through the village, Lestat watches them perform a play involving two lovers - Lelio and Isabella. Lestat manages to gain the role of Lelio, and decides he will leave with the troupe. However, a few days after when he wakes up, he finds that the troupe is gone and his brothers are there waiting for him, and Augustin is infuriated with him.

Lestat returns once more to his family's castle in the Auvergne, and when he is twenty-one years old, the villagers come to him about wolves that have been terrorizing them and their livestock. He takes his two mastiffs and his mare out into the woods to try and kill the wolves. Lestat finds out that the pack has eight wolves. His dogs and mare die in the incident, and he manages to kill them all. It took him around two hours to return home, and his brother Augustin momentarily refused to believe he'd killed all eight wolves by himself.

Lestat remained by himself for what might have been two weeks before his mother Gabrielle finally came in to talk to him about what had happened. She understood his pain of being trapped at the castle, and after the next few days, visitors came by for Lestat to show their appreciation for his killing of the wolves. Gabrielle encouraged Lestat to go down and meet them, and was reunited with a childhood friend - the draper's eldest son Nicolas de Lenfent. Lestat was given a cloak and boots lined with fur from the wolf that tried to kill him, which Lestat had brought back with him.

Gabrielle urged Lestat to catch up with Nicki and begin a friendship with him again. About a week later, Lestat finally sought Nicki out at the inn, where they discussed things such as Lestat's killing of the wolves, Nicki's education in Paris, and philosophy. As spring approached, Lestat and Nicki spent a lot of their time together, and when the first Sunday of Lent came, Lestat's mother came to him once again. Gabrielle plead with Lestat to leave Auvergne with Nicki and go live in Paris. She knew her time of dying was coming soon and she wanted to die knowing that the only son she favoured was free from that hellhole of a castle and her abusive husband.

Gabrielle gave Lestat some of her wealth she had kept hidden away from the Marquis, and after he gave her his goodbye, he got his things, found Nicki, and from there they went to Paris. When they got there, they purchased a small apartment with wooden floors, plaster walls and ceiling, and a small fireplace. It was not glamorous, but they didn't care. They were away from their fathers and free in Paris to do what they wished. Nicolas pulled Lestat around Paris to small cafes with his old colleagues and played his violin on street corners to get money, while Lestat became an assistant to Renaud at a small theatre in Paris. Lestat had dropped his last name "de Lioncourt" while he was in Paris to hide where he was from and adopted a stage name, Lestat de Valois.

Eventually Lestat was allowed the place of a professional actor, and though he was blissful in his new occupation, he kept noticing a mysterious face in the audience, watching him. He confided to Nicki about this face, but unfortunately, due to his wording, Nicki did not exactly understand at first, until Lestat said the face knew about him killing the wolves back in Auvergne. "Wolfkiller" kept resounding in his head in that same voice, and when Lestat was not sure what else to say about the matter, Nicki took him to bed. And that was the night his life changed forever.




Ask for it, Wolfkiller, and you shall live forever.


T he night that Lestat confided to Nicki about the face watching him, Lestat and Nicki's apartment was broken into by a dark, hooded figure, whom Lestat instantly recognized as the man that had been watching him for the past few performances at the theater. Lestat was carried swiftly out of his and Nicki's apartment, kicking and screaming at the figure the entire time. He was taken to the top of another building where the figure bit him in an effort to force Lestat to stop fighting. From there, he was carried off to another distant tower where Magnus turned him into a vampire. However, Magnus explained the only two key points about Lestat's new immortal life, and then proceeded to tell Lestat he would be killing himself. Lestat was to spread his ashes so he could not reform into something even more grotesque than what he was, already. With this knowledge that Lestat would do as he told, Magnus threw himself into the pyre and burned himself to a cinder.

With little knowledge on what he now is, Lestat struggles to keep his new dark secret hidden from his friends and family. However, he was not completely without resources. Magnus had left his sole fledgling a nearly inexhaustible wealth, which Lestat was free to do what he wished with. Not long after Lestat is turned, he ends up turning both his dying mother and Nicolas into a vampire after panicked circumstances. Due to her already cold nature, Gabrielle ends up isolating herself from Lestat once more, and Lestat learns not long after that Nicolas may have committed suicide by throwing himself into a pyre just as Magnus did. Nicki's Stradivarius violin that Lestat sent him shortly after Lestat was turned is the only thing that Lestat has left of Nicki, aside from the cloak that Nicolas presented to him after he killed the wolves.

In 1789, when the French Revolution begins, Lestat's family has been killed in the French Revolution and his father is alive in New Orleans. Before he makes it to 18th-century America, he meets the vampire Marius de Romanus, who tells Lestat the story of how vampires came to be and how Marius was turned, himself. Lestat meets both Akasha and Enkil but is sent away from Marius' island after drinking Akasha's blood and enraging Enkil. When he arrives in New Orleans, Louisiana, he falls in love with a young plantation owner named Louis de Pointe du Lac, who reminds him of Nicolas.

Louis was suicidal, however, after the loss of his family, and so Lestat offered him the Dark Gift. Louis accepted Lestat's offer and became vampire by choice. After spending a little time with Lestat, he realizes he doesn't want to be a vampire and is convinced Lestat has condemned him to Hell, though Lestat has no belief in Hell or Heaven at the time. Eventually Louis becomes enamored with a young girl named Claudia, whom he found cowering next to her dead mother. Lestat uses Claudia as a method to keep Louis around, once again afraid of being left.

At first, the plan works wonderfully, but Claudia eventually grows tiresome and is mad at both her new vampire "parents" for cursing her to this form that will never grow old. She feels more resentment towards Lestat, knowing she was a ploy to try and trap Louis. She attempts to kill Lestat, and his unconscious form is left to rot in the swamps near New Orleans, though Claudia was unsuccessful in her attempts to kill him. He returns a few nights later after feeding off the swamp wildlife and tries to attack Claudia.

Lestat is set on fire and Louis and Claudia both flee to Europe, where Louis finds the Théâtre des Vampires and learns that The Vampire Armand is in charge, now. Armand knows Louis’ maker was Lestat, and is also aware that Claudia tried to kill him. Such actions are forbidden in vampire covens, and Claudia is eventually sentenced to death by the coven, even though Lestat didn’t want that to happen. Lestat is injured severely by Armand and it takes him two years to heal enough so he can return to America.




New Orleans was once again my hunting ground.


L estat buries himself in the ground and sleeps for almost a century before being awoken by music coming from his old house. It is the 1980s now and Lestat decides he shall take the band "Satan’s Night Out” under his wing and become a rockstar. He is warned by several other vampires to not go on with his first concert, and eventually there are several young vampires being killed off by Queen Akasha.

Lestat is taken by Akasha, who wants him to be her new King of the Damned, since she killed Enkil and took his strength within herself. He is terrified and does not want to continue on with what she is doing, while in the meantime, Louis, Gabrielle, Armand, Marius, and several other vampires gather to hear the tale of the red-haired twins Maharet and Mekare. When Lestat arrives to the others with Akasha, Mekare destroys Akasha and takes her power within herself, making her the new Queen of the Damned. She goes into hiding so nobody will try to harm and destroy her, and Lestat ceases to cause trouble, though this does not last long.

Lestat becomes tired of being a vampire and confides in his close friend David Talbot - the Superior General of the Talamasca. He decides he is going to try and commit suicide. Against David’s pleads, he goes into the Gobi desert and exposes himself to the sun, getting badly burnt. He makes it back to the Talamasca and now he is being approached periodically by a man named Raglan James, who wishes to switch bodies with Lestat. He agrees on a one-day trial basis, once again against the wishes of Louis and David. Raglan is a phony and now Lestat must get David’s help in returning to his own body. When Lestat gets his own body back, Raglan tries to trick Lestat into turning him by first stealing David’s 60-year-old body, leaving David in Raglan’s body that he used for luring in Lestat. He is found out swiftly and Lestat accidentally kills Raglan while he’s in David’s old body, trapping David in the new body. Lestat at first panics then realizes now David is young. He turns David into a vampire shortly after.



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Character Name

Lestat de Lioncourt

Character Age

250+ years

Character Species


Character Gender


Character Relationship Status


Character Appearance

Slight of build, blond hair, blue eyes, pale skin. Often wears white silk shirts with leather jackets and has a soft spot for violet shades.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para, One-liners

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, Rated R, 18+, Gore

About the Writer (OOC)

I'm 26 and have been roleplaying since I was 18.

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