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Character Appearance

Lillian has a sharp and narrow facial structure. Her skin is very pale from lack of exposure to the sunlight, and smooth to the touch. She has long black hair that often is laid down her back in loose ringlets, or in more formal events, she ties it in a loose not at the nape of her neck. She would seem almost drained of color, if not for her very vibrant and wide green eyes. Lillian is quite short in statue, about 5'5 and fairly thin and boney. She looks as if she wouldn't much be able to pull a flower from the dirt. This has always been a significant insecurity of hers. It doesn't matter how many pastries she eats, the only part of her that seems to gain weight is her derriere.

Character Personality

Lillian at first comes across as a loud, undeniably stubborn, and a somewhat childish girl. She is not a team player, and has trouble connecting or relating to anyone long enough to make friends or alliances. She can come across as unpleasant, sarcastic, and knows just how to get underneath your skin with various empty threats in attempt to push people to there last limit. This is all done in the name of 'her own self amusement', but in reality is a safety mechanism in order to make sure people stay at arms length. However, passed her intolerable and hard exterior, Lillian is terrified and deeply disturbed individual from traumatic events long ago. Her untrusting nature and purely solo lifestyle are the result of that. She is very intelligent, a problem solver, brave in the face of danger, and can be caring in very subtle ways.

Character Likes

- Oleander - Birds & Toads - Thunderstorms - Sweets. Of All Kinds.

Character Dislikes

- Formal Events - Being told No - Most Humans

Character History/Story

On Lillians twentieth birthday, the towns priest ordered the execution of the Linton family and another neighboring family for suspicion of witchcraft. Even though they were in fact witches, they were innocent of any wrong doing despite the towns peoples beliefs. Weeks before the town became aware of their existence, Lillian became acquainted with a traveling warlock who called himself Alistair. The naive and hopeful Lillian ate up anything he had to say about magic and trusted him to help her accept it. However, he soon betrayed her after going behind her back and letting the priest know that witches were in the area. Lillian was the last in the brutal execution, but before she was pronounced dead, Lillian tied her soul to the town in a fit of rage so she may return to get her revenge. She laid in an undisturbed grave at the bottom of a river for thousands of years, until finally she awoke to enact the promise she made to herself.

Character Inventory

Dagger Sewing kit Ink pen Thick journal

Character Abilites

Aside from Dark Energy, Lillian is lightly educated in Telekinesis, however, if she uses this excessively it significantly drains her own energy and can take several days to recover from.

Writer's Writing Style (OOC)

Paragraph, Multi-Para

Writer's Favored Genres (OOC)

Fantasy, Romance, 18+, Gore, Comedy, Action, Adventure

About the Writer (OOC)

I am 22 years old with several years of rp experience! I'm trying to branch out to other platforms in hopes of finding some great rp partners who also value world building and character development as much as I do!

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