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Taken - Bay

Character Appearance

Livania wears an utter mess of an outfit, well, because she can't physically see and just throws on whatever she happens to find in her wardrobe at the time. She is on the shorter side at 5'3 with a slim yet surprisingly curvy build. Surprisingly she does have hair under that face-guard, and its just your typical brown colouration. Many tribal styled tattoos cover her body, the visible ones are on her feet, even the underside of her feet, her hands and fingers, stomach, torso, shoulders, neck and lower jaw.... there isn't much space left for anything else.

Character Personality

Livania is a quiet lady who enjoys a nice cup of tea while listening to the world around her, but she does come out of her shell when Bay is around. Loyal to a fault she makes a good friend, once you get past a... frosty reaction for the most part.

Character Likes

Livania likes a nice cup of tea, animals, the dead, for her they make for good conversation, speaking of which conversation is another thing she enjoys and after getting to know someone she is quite easy to engage in conversation.

Character Dislikes

Violence, needing aggression, idle threats, but the biggest thing that'll tick this lass off is if someone threatens her better half, all bets are off at that point.

Character History/Story

Livania is a Ritualist, form a far off land called Tyria. A war torn land that was either fighting itself, Dragons or some abomination that sought out to destroy everything for no real reason. Not her cup of tea. It was in fact one of the reasons she travelled through the mists, to leave. She was part of a reasonably sized family. Being the youngest she was keen to follow the family trait of magic and communing with the dead, throwing herself in to study. Like the womenfolk in her family she was quite gifted in this chosen art, this craft. Not the best by any stretch, but she was better than average. Safe to say no tale is complete without tragedy, and Livania isn't one to talk about this aspect of her life when she lost her sight and her family was wiped out in one fell swoop. It wasn't just her, quite a few people suffered death that night. This is why she hates pointless fighting so much. She was damaged after that night, physically and emotionally, but, due to family ties and tradition she has and still keeps their ashes with her, and the ashes of her three sisters on her person most of the time. It was this time that she left, alone, and ended up in a place she... didn't like that much , but one good thing came out of it, its where she met Bay, and then lost Bay, and then found her again. She's never going to let her go.

Character Inventory

Livania can normally be seen with a staff made of bone with a skull as the staff head. Apparently the skull speaks to her, but s far no one else has heard this. She calls it Adam, several urns strapped to a thin belt. At least three of these urns are filled with ashes of her sisters, and another us filled with random ashes that she uses for some spells and summons. She lastly for her major objects has a simple dagger... or is that a kitchen knife, no idea.

Character Abilites

Livania uses death as her weapon of choice, and the dead for that matter. Summoning spirits for defence, or simply advise. Three spirits always seem to be around, yet remain hidden to most, her sisters. Family bonds never die. The ashes she collects can be used for these summoning rituals as well as mild curses. Her many tattoos also tether her constantly to the spirit realm, and can be seen glowing from time to time as she uses differing spells such as lightning arcs and other offensive spells. However, she is still Human and ages, yes at a much slower rate due to her affinity with the dead, and tethering to the realm of the dead, but she can die as easily as any other Human would, so, she knows a few mild healing spells to offset this. They aren't the best, a simple novice priest could do better, but its better than nothing.

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Fantasy, Comedy

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