A modern-day maiden
born 9.5.1999 in Seattle, Washington
swore the oath as a vestal maiden and guardian to Athena
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lucy, lu-la
social media influence
4,228,637 subscribers

Looking into her past
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Not everyone has a perfect upbringing, Lucille being one of those people.
See, the women in the Athens family have one belief, and one belief only: To dedicate themselves to Athena in every aspect. Mind, spirituality, loyalty and body all belong to Athena. In exchange, the Athens women get immortality. They can live forever. However, being loyal in every regard to Athena is kind of difficult to do. While, it's obvious Athena just can't sense if you break your vows and have sex with someone, the oath is still broken, and you default back into being mortal. And she can definitely tell if you've had sex if you're pregnant.
Enter Lucille's mother here, Perse. Perse had been loyal to Athena for centuries, so it came at a great surprise when she was with child. Athena was quick to go dismiss Perse and her unborn child due to being the result of the broken oath, but Perse begged for a different outcome. Athena could have Perse's child, raise her as her own, if Perse would be allowed back into her fold. At first, the idea didn't strike Athena as pleasant.
But how could Athena say no to an old friend? Athena took the form of a human and raised Lucille as if Lucille was her own, training her in a subtle fashion. It wasn't until she was 16 that Lucille learned the truth of her life and was offered the choice of being one of Athena's maidens. Sworn in, Lucille started to live a double life of sorts. The life that meant fighting and working her ass off, for the sake of her Goddess and mother, and the life that her 'friends' knew of, the normal life that blew up on social media plat forms like Instagram and YouTube.
Valuing one on one interaction over group interaction, and of internalizing information and emotions, Lucille is an introvert. She has a hard time making friends due to this, despite her friendly personality, because, people are exhausting and while she is a great listener, she struggles to spew forth information without it being over bearing or annoying. 
Being a very emotional, yet reserved person, Lucille has a knack for picking up the emotions of others or sensing when something might be wrong with them. This has struck her as a caring person and makes it a little bit easier to open up to those that she may normally not. However, Lucille can get hurt when mislead or manipulated, making her cautious to empathize with others. However, due to this trait, she can be loyal and dedicated to those who she can feel for.
She likes to gather information by reading in between the lines and sense future possibilities. Her imagination and idealistic nature inspire 'big image' ideals. Understanding the world around her better is thanks to this, and happens to be a big motivator for her.
She is rather adaptive and flexible due to her random thinking patterns and tendency to keep her options open. Living for change, it's not a wonder that she doesn't like to stay in one place. Her spontaneous behavior can be attributed to this trait as well.
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dogs, birds and snakes
orange, yellow and blue
one on one attention
culture || art || history
cities or forests
play fighting, sparring
cats and spiders
red, green, purple
staying in one place for too long
exclusion or being ignored
large groups
math || science
deserts or oceans
drama, unneeded conflict
fc: Charly Jordan
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flexible fashion sense based on occasion and location
wears accessories, mascara and eyebrow product
5'6" with petite form
tan skin, beauty mark on right cheek
brown hair dyed blonde, goes down to back
diamond shaped face
fuller bottom lip, thinner upper lip
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